Brawling in the Winter Wonderland

The first of the PvP Brawl events was up this week and it was winter in Arathi Basin. Arathi is already one of my favourite battlegrounds, mostly because I can typhoon people off the cliffs at the Lumber Mill and also jump from there and displacer beast safely to the ground. With the brawl event, they turned the green grasslands of Arathi into a real winter wonderland with snowstorms and a covering of snow over everything.

I queued for a few of them last night with Naz, who is also a resto druid, and the two of us had so much fun. Restoration druids are already pretty hard to kill in battlegrounds, I have a lot of fun outlasting people trying to kill me through a combination of hotting myself, barkskin and bear form with frenzied regen,  so two resto druids teamed up were almost unstoppable.

We had the same strat each time; we both ran down to mines and capped that and then made our way up to stables and capped there. We found that we were able to hold the point really well and keep the alliance’s attention focused pretty much on us. In one of the matches we had 8 of their 15 people trying to kill just the two of us which left the rest of our team pretty much free to run around and 5 cap! That was definitely the best win I’ve had in there.


It was so gorgeous, all white and covered in snow. It really made it feel like a whole new battleground and was such a great change. I can’t wait to see the rest of the brawls that are coming up.



Slipping Achs in between the AP hunt

7.2 brought the never-ending AP hunt back into the game with a vengeance. I was really enjoying being level 54 on my resto artifact as I didn’t feel the need to actively hunt AP for a couple of months and it was glorious.

But with the rather significant AP black hole that our artifacts are, ¬†now 7.2 is live, I’m once again more focused on Z gathering up AP as much as possible. So it’s back to mythic dgn spam, lots of world quests and popping into the different levels of raids available. ¬†Luckily being able to increase our AK twice this week (26 & 27) has seen the amount of AP granted skyrocket. Even so it’s going to be a long grind. This table was linked into our guild’s discord today. Zagam over on Mal’Ganis has gone to a lot of effort mapping out dates and amounts in a great, if daunting, table.

I’ve decided my AP focus will be to reach the 4th golden trait which refreshes the duration of my hots on a target below 35% health and then I’ll start dropping more points into all mana regen traits before assessing what other traits I want to boost a bit. I managed to get to level 41 just before raid last night, so the golden trait is only 38m AP away.

In between all the questing and dungeons, I’ve been buying up PvP transmog sets. Doing the PvP world towers daily has slowly seen my Marks of Honor pile up so I popped down to Warspear to collect a couple of the Warlords sets and then over to Kun-Lai for some MoP sets.

Besides¬†all the individual set achievements, I also picked up the overall achievement for collecting 10 sets which gives the Stylist title. ¬†There’s a ton of sets that I’m only missing one or two pieces so I will probably be spending a lot of time in old raids on my Druid. I haven’t even looked at what my other toons have, I’m thinking the hunt for completing sets could keep me very busy for a quite a long while.


Overflowing.. I’m going to miss you

For me, the worst part of 7.2 is going to be the removal of the overflowing as a mythic dgn affix. A week with overflowing and sanguine as affixes is awesome for running mythic pluses as they are pretty much completely ignorable (yes, that is a word).

With both of them up this week, I was really happy as it meant mythic pluses should be much easier, even with tyrannical as the 3rd. I joined in with Twice,  Dys, Elum and Juls to go run a few mythic pluses tonight. We started with COS 11 which went up to Nelth 14, then Maw 17 (yay for maw) and then into Halls of Valor 18.

Eww, most of the time we normally avoid HOV but since we had boosted the key so high we decided to give it a go.. and yeah, no. The first boss was horrible so we made a group decision and went to do random battlegrounds instead.

It’s seriously the best feeling when you can heal through many people trying to kill you or the people you’re with. I think the rush from pvp healing is way better than even mythic plus healing. There is honestly nothing like healing someone sitting on almost no health to see them turn around and kill the person that was trying their best to kill them. But I find solo queuing just such a mess that it’s not something I do that often.

Juls went healing with me and it was so much fun with the whole group being on discord and shouting at each other. Monk healing looks amazing in pvp and no matter what I did I couldn’t get near his healing figures. I really need to level my monk to try it out.

The best bit was when we all went and picked up the buff from the vendor in the Underbelly and we could queue as Alliance! I got turned into a Night elf druid.. so pretty.

Along with getting the appearance of the Night Elf, I also got shadowmeld which came in really handy a few times to break combat to let me drink. Sometimes I do miss being a night elf druid. But not as much as I used to, I’m starting to really love my troll, it’s only taken 4 years!

We won enough of our matches that I finished the weekly bonus quest and went up 3 levels of honor which was awesome. PvP nights can be fun.


Warlord of Draenor

This post isn’t about me but about my friend’s achievement. I¬†played a small role in helping Hip get his Warlord of Draenor title and it’s such a big one¬†that I really wanted to rave about¬†his achievement a little ¬†ūüôā

The Warlord of Draenor title comes from killing 500 of each opposing race in either¬†¬† Ashran or world PvP in a Draenor zone. It works out to be a rather enormous 3500 kills needed for the achievement. ¬†We were on mumble a few days ago while Hip was pvping away and he was really happy there was a panda in his Ashran bg as they were his last race for the achievement and they were really rare compared to the other races so it was taking ages to finish up. ¬†He only had 80 out of the 500 kills to go and he’d be done.

I  have an 93 alliance panda on Barth so offered up her services as a target for extra panda kills so we popped out to Shadowmoon Valley to test out how it would go.

Zhii and Ret selfie

The only issue was the rez timer after multiple deaths becomes 2 minutes and immediately rezzing at spirit healer  gave me a 10min honorless target, so the time needed for 80kills was looking pretty long.

Luckily Twice has an alliance druid that he brought out to rez me over and over, all we had to do was work out how to get a level 26  baby toon into Shadowmoon Valley. Hip also has alliance toons, so he tracked down an warlock to come out and the 3 of us summoned Twice to us.

Hip killing Zhii - Twices ss

It was much faster with an immediate rezzer on hand but it still took a while as we had to be careful Hip didn’t kill me too many times in a row without a bit of break in between otherwise I’d end up with a 5min honorless target debuff. Blizz’s way of trying to discourage ganking I guess.The down time gave us plenty of times to play with all our toys.


Darkmoon Seesaw

Quite often we’d end up with people¬† watching the 3 of us. Twice and I were really lucky none of the Horde that came past decided to kill us as well.

It took a couple of days of the 3 of us popping down to SMV  and having a bit of a killing party for Hip to finally get his 500 Panda kills. On the last night,  once Hip got his 500th Panda kill,  Twice and I pretty much immediately logged off and went to bed as it was about 2am in the morning, super happy for Hip but also really glad not to have to watch the Panda death animation anymore lol.

Dead Zhii

When I logged in the next day, Hip told me that he had decided to wait for the next time Twice and I were also online so that he could turn in the quest and get his achievement with us there with him.

Warlord of Draenor



Guild PvP

It just happened that after I noticed how little pvp achievements I have, a¬†few guildies started making a lot of noise about doing ¬†pvp in normal battlegrounds, not just Ashran. I did enough Ashran to get exalted with Voljin’s spear so I haven’t felt¬†the need to go back in there.

The changes to not having to have a dedicated pvp set of gear makes it much easier to go into pvp now. Healing in battlegrounds is really fun, way more fast-paced¬† and dynamic compared to pve content, ¬†even with ¬†constantly being focused as a healer, it’s quite interesting. It’s also really satisfying to be able to keep people alive long enough to see them kill people who were doing their best to kill you ūüôā ¬†The best moment was when I was down to nearly 1% health from 2¬†very persistent warriors and Hip (who pvp’s on his pally) put his paladin bubble on me, which lasted long enough for me to heal to full and keep him¬†alive for him to take out both warriors. Best thing ever ūüôā

Given how little achievements I have, it’s going to take a very long while to actually start to see an improvement in my pvp ach points especially as a lot are based on 100 victories in each battleground etc, ¬†but I was able to collect 2 from one new battleground I haven’t actually been into. Since it came out last expansion, it really brings home just how little pvp I’ve done.

.Puddle JumperPvp

Hopefully my guildies will keep up their pvp streak as it’s way more fun with friends and with¬†skype to be able to easily say when and where you need help. Plus.. there is a ton of PvP transmog I haven’t collected yet so I need to keep winning for the new marks of honor to collect up new clothes.



Free Faction Changes for Barthilas

Blizzard has noticed that some realms are pretty unbalanced in terms of faction ratios. One of these realms is Barthilas and they’re trying something new to see how it will affect ratios and queue times; I think PvP queue times specifically. And that is offering free faction changes to us hordies on Barthilas for one week, starting today.

According to Mmo-champion,  Barthilas has roughly 18.6k players with a Level 90 character on the realm. Around 14.7k of those characters are Horde and 3.9k are Alliance, resulting in a population that is 21% Alliance and 79% Horde.  Looking at characters rather than players, there are ~41.7k Level 90 characters on Barthilas now, with 34.3k Horde and 7.4k Alliance, for a 17.8% Alliance and 82.2% Horde population.

One of the main reasons I’m not saving like mad to move my characters off a PvP realm now that I’m not raiding with my guild (which is the only reason I moved to a PvP server) is that there really isn’t that much ganking that occurs as a horde because of the faction imbalance. In fact the only time I usually get killed is on the timeless isle by my own bloody coin hungry faction players or as a lvl 60 in Hellfire Peninsula and tbh that is normally x-realm players that kill me there. I have no idea what it’s like for an alliance on Barth; I would assume they are getting killed as soon as they step outside their front doors. I wonder if this offer will have the desired effect of more people rolling their toons over to the blue and gold of the Alliance banners or if like me many are hesitant because quite frankly the faction imbalance is the only thing that makes a PvP realm bearable.

I am tossing up the idea of moving my druid alliance side though; I’m thinking come warlords I’d like to level a priest and a druid and it makes sense that my two geared, and not just in terms of purple items but in terms of big bags, novelty items, love of their names etc, are the two I play through to 100. I stepped into well of eternity on Zeirah the other day and with the automatic transformation that makes you a night elf, it was¬† a little nostalgic and hit me how much I miss the night elf form. Silly I know, but anyone who reads this will know I’ve not got great fondness for the troll form. And the advantages of moving the druid means I’d have a night elf druid and my priest can stay blood elf, the other race I love from a looks and lore perspective.

Despite the tentative yet growing idea of moving my druid Alliance, I’m wondering if Barthilas is the place to do it. With cross-realm abilities I could do everything with my Alliance friends without having to pay for a off-realm transfer and¬† with the ability to pass things through the neutral Auction house (frustrating and roundabout as that process is)¬† I’d still be able to access my other toons professions but offsetting it all is the idea that I might be ganked to high heaven and end up hating it more.

It’s something to think about. I do like the idea of taking Blizzard up on free offers; it might encourage them to do more lol but I’m not sure if I want to face life on a possibly still unbalanced PvP realm. I might log on and have a look at my character list of toons, there’s bound to be one of my toons sitting there on Barth that fancies a look at other side.

What do you guys think of the offer?

All’s fair on a PvP realm.. or is it?

I was fully aware when coming to a PvP realm that I’m going to see deaths at the hands of other players especially when I’m out and about questing on an undergeared toon and you know I’m fine with it. I’ve got used to checking over my shoulder and watching my screen for those sneaky Alliance members and am certainly not adverse to throwing a few spells at any red nameplate I see, and if I die so be it. Rez and attack another day.

But.. when I’m questing on a level 62 undergeared levelling toon in Hellfire Peninsula and I am repeatedly attacked by a level 90 toon who can kill me with one tick of a dot.. is that fair. And I’m not talking about a passing death, that I’ve experienced and annoying as it is, you rez, run back to your quest spot and continue with your levelling.¬† I’m talking about nearly 2 hours of hanging around in one zone wiping out low-level players repeatedly but then sitting on your mount, hovering in mid-air and refusing to land when a level 90 turns up in an attempt to put the fight back on a fair footing¬† (yes I went and got my main).

I don’t understand the mentality at all, what challenge comes from killing a player so low and undergeared compared to yourself? What sense of pride and satisfaction can you possibly obtain. Does it point to the sort of person you are IRL; a bully, a picker on those so weak there is no way in hell that they can fight back, a kicker of cats and just generally overall nasty person or is there a legitimate reason for doing this that I just can’t fathom.

This is not meant to be a whingy “omg I got killed on a¬† PvP realm” whinge. Had they been at an equivalent level I wouldn’t even be posting about it. It really is a “I seriously do not understand what fun they can get out of it” post. In 2 hours at 90 they could have been off exploring the world, doing a lfr, levelling cooking, enjoying flying around Outland seeing zones they haven’t seen in a long while, looking for where Alleria and Turalyon have got to… instead they spent nearly 2 hours exhibiting the worst kind of sportsmanship I have seen in a long while.


Barthilas update

I’ve been on Barthilas for 3 weeks and so¬† far it’s pretty good. Trade chat is always full of people looking for groups so it makes getting in on world boss kills really easily. The auction house is really well stocked too and things like gems and enchants are really reasonably priced, however transmog items are through the roof expensive. Even greens that are pretty common drops are priced really high. That is a big difference, on Aman’thul gems/flasks/enchants are stupidly priced and transmog is really cheap. I decided to move all my horde toons over but I’ll keep my alliance toons on A’t. One server for each faction keeps it nice and tidy on my log in screen.

On the PvP side, the druid hasn’t seen much of it however she¬† doesn’t need to venture into Pandaria much; she goes to her farm and kills Tigers in the valley for their meat and to the Isle for raiding but the rest of her time is spent exploring in the old world, so she’s probably not an accurate portrayal of what PvP realm might look like. She did have a quick glimpse of world PvP; though it was hardly a fair fight.¬† She was happily minding her business killing tigers in the valley when a level 89 hunter turned up. She kept a careful eye on him but decided after a few minutes he was probably harmless and continued on her tiger hunt. But then she turned her back and the hunter decided to attack without provocation so of course she had to defend herself and as he had 300k less health it wasn’t a very balanced fight and he feigned death.¬† However, being a vindictive druid, she held a bit of a grudge and killed him when he¬† stopped pretending he was dead. That might have been a bit mean but she felt a proper lesson was in order.

However, the PvP story for the undergeared toons is probably going to be a different story. They haven’t been over here long but on her first outing down in Krasarang Wild the priest was collecting feathers for the August Celestial people when she got a nasty zap off a monk throwing crackling green lightning at her; lucky she was able to disperse and jump off a cliff into the water but it took a while for her to recover.

I haven’t decided what to do with my belf warlock yet. I don’t play her so don’t really need to transfer her over but she does have maxed out engineering and mining. At the moment those are two professions I don’t really use and won’t miss having except that 5.4 is bringing engineering pets only so she will be useful again then. So I guess she’ll just stagnate where she until I decide if she can continue being horde and take her to Barth or she can have a life change and be a gnome and join the girls on A’t.

Murkimus or bust

When I realised that anyone could join in the arena tournament and for simply doing 50 matches you’d get a Murkimus pet I was really interested. But I don’t pvp much and I didn’t want to approach people on the forums looking for a team as most of the people I saw posting were in other countries and I was nervous about approaching complete strangers when there’s a time difference involved (more a fear of maths than of strangers really) in case I stuffed up the time conversion and wouldn’t¬† be able to attend or find myself committed to playing at some ungodly hour. So I dithered and wondered and kicked myself for not being more forward and the deadline passed.. or so I thought.

Then I saw a broadcast from a btag friend in the same country as me looking for a third for their pet arena team. I jumped at them and offered up my toon and they really kindly accepted me. And so Pet Plox was born; made up of Luxy,  Grimbeard and  me.

arena team 5

Luxy has done a much cooler photo, go and look at it here.

The actual arenas are really fun and fast. None of us are concerned if we lose as our goal is the pet but we’re not going in there and standing stationary either. Last night was our first time as a team¬† and so far we’re 13 matches (6 wins) into our 50. Its turning out to be really fun.

The tournament realm is pretty amazing. You’re given a full set of gear for your spec as well as 50k so you can buy more if you want. There are vendors selling all the 496 Tyrannical PvP gear. There are also vendors that give away gems and enchants. Pretty much everything you could ever wish for.

arena team 2 arena team 3

You also get to see all the amazing mounts.

arena team 4

Yay on this realm I can own Invincible. If only I could keep him.

I can’t wait to have my very own Murkimus.

Edited to add: The starting date for the matches that count towards the pet has been pushed back to the 6th August. So there is still time if you’re tossing up making a team.

The Pally/Priest duo all grown up

The multibox duo, the pally and priest, reached 90 yesterday. They stuck by each other for the past 10 levels and it was really quite fun playing both of them at once. The pally was my main character with the priest the tag along. I found questing pretty fast with two toons attacking at once and the priest had all her healing spells macroed to target the pally so it was pretty rare that we would die if I ran into too many mobs; one particular stretch of dread wastes challenged that and we died repeatedly until I controlled my impatience and cleared the whole area before taking on a quest guy.

pally and priest

All dressed up and hanging in the Shrine at long last

I didn’t feel comfortable going into 85+ dungeons with one essentially on follow and I didn’t want to split them up and play one solo so I’m in the interesting position of having two toons at 90 with a grand total of 8 justice points, 10 valor points and 0 honor points shared between them. My normal gearing route at 90 would include being decked out in dungeon gear and changing all my jps to hps and buying up 476 PvP gear, (5.4 will make this not as viable with the currency conversion changes)¬† as well as whatever crafted gear my various profession alts can make. But with the dearth of justice points on these two it’s probably going to be a long time before they are geared enough to dip a toe into healing heroic dungeons with any degree of success if I snag a group with a combo of an undergeared tank and pull happy dps let alone a lfr.

I’m pretty much going to concentrate on gearing up the pally from this point on. I already have a 90 priest geared for raiding, this one was made mostly so I have an enchanter/tailor horde side¬† (tbh I made another priest for purely vanity reasons; I love how the older priest tiers look on a belf). I haven’t played a pally healer before and I have envy of paladin healers – flashy golden light spells, pretty serious absorbs.

So back to the subject of gear and what routes are open to me; I can take them both over to the Isle of Thunder and start dailies over there for valor (the two of them together should be able to deal with the multitude of mobs easier than 1 undergeared toon) and the sunreavers give good ilvl rewards though the valor cost for the older factions are cheaper so  I can buy more, hmm quality or quantity?

Until I get enough gear to feel confident healing in heroic dungeons¬† the pally can go dps as she’s in the lucky position that unless I get into a run with another Paladin there is no competition on int/spirit plate. The pally might even have a go at healing in battlegrounds;¬† I find its usually a good place to learn to learn your healing spells; most ppl don’t expect to get healing in bgs so I’ve generally found that most people are pretty nice even if they die as you fumble to find the right spells (and if they’re not, I just ignore their health panel and direct my heals elsewhere).

But for now until I get gear I’m going to have fun finding some pretty cool transmog outfits for the Paladin; along the levelling way she’s been stockpiling shields for the many plate transmog sets she wants (after a ton of cloth wearer alts, this is my first high level plate wearer so the novelty is bound to take a while to wear off).


Suggestions for nice plate mogs welcome.