Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.l

How is it Tuesday again already?

Let’s see what did I get up to this week? This was a really quiet WoW week.

Mage got her flying disc! This one was really fun.

The quest scenario felt a lot quicker than the other classes, though it did have me porting around the world a little.

Z got her first boomy legendary!

Apart from that it’s been a lot of other games.

Old School Runescape. The questing is really fun but I think if I was to try to max out all the crafting it would drive me insane.

And there was a little bit of the below…


And that was my week in WoW (and elsewhere).  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I found out that warlocks can kill Viscidious in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj by using Demon Bolt (demonolgy spec) to freeze him. Demon Bolt is a Chaos spell and chaos is made up of all the schools of magic including frost.

So helpful since I’ve been running her through there for transmog a lot. She just finished getting the warlock set out of there this week so I’ll have to work out what other classes have frosty spells.

Last 2 classes hit 110!

Both the Rogue and the Warrior were pretty much levelled solely through invasions which meant both of them got to 110 very very undergeared (even in heirlooms) and with no relics in any of their weapon sockets. Nethershard portal farming down on the broken shore is a really handy way to gear up, the  really high chance of dauntless tokens dropping from the portal mobs as well as it only costing 400 nethershards for a 850 item means you can almost full 850 gear in a really short space of time.

11th campaign done! My warrior finished her class hall. Only the Rogue to go now.

I instantly fell in love with the new mount that is on the Blizz store and had to buy it straight away. I’m a huge fan of cat mounts and this one is simply gorgeous.  

And of course I couldn’t leave Twilight, the new cat pet in the store either.

This is the cutest pet to use the pet mirror on as you get the colour change effect too.

My mage found a quest in her order hall to go collect a magic hat toy that lets her pull a rabbit out of her hat.

So cute and it had the best quest to go with it where you had to go into the magic hat and find out what was happening to all the magical bunnies.

Cinder mentioned  that there was a toy for sale in Stormwind that I didn’t have, so I popped down to pick it up. Bom’bay’s Color-seein’ Sauce was part of the Battlefield barrens event back in MoP and now Alliance can buy it again in Stormwind.

Using the toy gives you a random colour effect (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Green) that lasts for 20secs and progressively gets darker until it expires.

Family Familiar is done!

The reward is the little corrupted Nightmare Treant pet. He’s actually pretty cute.

I feel like I’m starting to get through my to-do list for Legion so I’ll have to have a think about what else I want to get done before this expansion ends. There’s sure to be other grinds that are easier to do in the current expac rather than later.. any suggestions?

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?




Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.l

Holy Hell, it’s August. Which means Legion is a year old this month. Where has that time gone??

Raiding was a bit shit this week, we took ages to reclear sisters and then due to real life stealing raiders, we didn’t get to re-clearing Desolate, let alone working on a new boss. I’ve noticed in discord quite a few ‘taking a break’ messages so it’s going to be interesting to see if there’s enough people tomorrow. I don’t have the burning desire to get cutting edge this tier but I’d still like to get further than only 5/9 so I really don’t like the idea of roster issues hitting us so early.

More Mounts! Class mounts galore this week. Lock got both her concordance orange fire mount and saw the rare up on the broken shore and picked up her purple version. I think the purple’s my favourite but who can tell when they both look so good?        

Pally picked up her base colour of the class mount, there’s 4 for pally – generic gold for completing the quest and then a different for each spec.

It’s simply gorgeous and I love the golden footprints it makes but my favourite colourway is definitely the tank. one. Having said that though, she’ll be getting the holy one next as she’s only a few million away from concordance in that spec and at least 5 traits worth of AP away from the tank. Don’t even ask about Ret, I’ll be grinding AP for that one for months to come I’m sure.

Ms Monk also ran though the broken shore campaign and collected her mount as well. OMG the monk campaign was so long and drawn out, it had me flying all over Pandaria and then a long drawn out fight with the mount to prove I could fight well. I was pretty over the whole thing by the time I finally got it.

Rogue and Warrior still need to be levelled to 110, so they’re a few weeks away and Mage has only just started the quest line. But she has finished her class hall so that makes 10!

I’m going to have to think about what I’ll do once all the toons are leveled and mounts collected. I think next grind will be to get all the professions maxed out and then maybe it’ll be time to go explore some other games for a bit. It’s pretty much been a full year of focusing on Wow.

2nd last family familiar family is done! I only have 1 left in magic so it’s just a case of waiting for the right tamer to come up and I’ll be finished with family familiar.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

We got our 5th Mythic boss down! This fight was way way better than sisters. I really liked this one. I got to zip between the two realms, starting in the downstairs realm and healing with the 3 healers down there and then mid-way popped back upstairs to finish the fight with the healer up there.

Photo courtesy of Cinder.. I completely stole this from our discord.. thanks xx

Given the difficulty of Mistress Sassypants, I think we’ll be on the next boss for quite a while.

My demon hunter and warlock got their class mounts. The warlock quest line wasn’t that great compared to the others, it was basically an Auction house quest, asking me to gather up some random gems, potions and minerals. Then a wait until the next invasion was up to finish the quest as you need an item off the last boss of an invasion.

The mount though is really nice, and my lock got concordance a day ago so once the  minion that sells the concordance mount  is back from his mission, she can buy the orange colour from him. The really pretty purple version drops from a rare on broken shore, so I’ll need to watch for that to be up.

I really really didn’t like the demon hunter quest line at all. You basically get told to go attack your mount until it submits. The whole quest was attacking it, following it’s blood tracks around and attacking more. Yuck.

Fittingly, it’s a really ugly mount too.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Hmm what have I been up to this week?

I took my Druid and Shaman through their 15s for the week. I love the changes to the keystone letting it start higher. Z’s started at 14 this week which was a nice change from the last few weeks where she was getting an 11 out of the box and having to boost it a  number of time to get into the 15s. Easier affixs this week meant she zoomed through her 15 keystone.

My Shaman though was a whole other story. I was having a ridiculous time on the final boss in Maw of Souls 15 and managed to kill myself on an easily avoidable ability multiple times triggering a wipe each time. I was expecting a ton of abuse from the pugs and sure enough one gave it out to me; I didn’t really care what they said because it was nothing worse than what I was internally giving myself but the last comment they made really pulled me up. The person that had an issue with me, asked Dec if I was his wife (same guild so all I can assume is they figured that). Dec decided to answer in the affirmative, (yay for not disowning me completely over my derp attempts – I wouldn’t have blamed him for not wanting to know me lol) which immediately mollified the person and they toned right down. Interesting attitude, I’m pretty sure it’s completely based on some sexist notion of how females play wow since there was no indication that Dec and I were anything more than guildies.  I’m still not sure whether to be completely offended that they wrote my performance off based on my status as only a wife, or just freaking happy I got out of the embarrassing situation without the pages of whispers, berating my performance, I was expecting. I also really wished I had spoken up faster and said, Dec was my wife just to see the reaction.  Either way it was a rubbish boss that I do know how to do and just screwed up.. many times. Poor pugs, poor Dec.

I also took my lock through her first Mythic 10 for the achievement. I went along with Dec and Kublas which was really fun. Mythic plus with friends is way better than pugs.

I’m still way too amused by the ghostly souls that my artifact sucks out of dead bodies. I like to leave them for as long as possible before I have to turn them into purple balls.

My DK finished off her class mount and collected the three shades of dragon.

I really love the frost version. The blue and purple wings are just gorgeous and completely matches my current transmog.

I’m not entirely sold on the whole coffin and gravestone on the back of the dragon. I think it spoils what is a really nice dragon model and I can’t see how it really fits death knight lore, we’re undead but not vampires.

My monk picked up her last artifact weapon. The dps quest line was really easy but I’m really glad I stayed in tank spec for it. I think it would have been horrid without the tankiness of Brewmaster.

She also finished her order hall campaign. Only 3 order hall campaigns to go now.

More family familiar achievements! I only have 1 tamer left for 3 different classes so hopefully I’ll finish the last set off really quickly if the right combination of tamers come up.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This has been what is forever going to be known as Loot Week.

Zee got the final resto legendary!

So yay my spec is back to balance and I get to play around with trying to decide what legendaries I like the most. I swap a lot between Tree helm (it gives you a chance to proc tree form when you AoE heal), Selfish neck (the absorb from prydaz is amazing and counts to my overall healing but it’s solely for me), Yay trinket (Velen’s that boosts my heals and distributes overhealing to other players) and Revju Heaven shoulders (which refresh rejuvenation on full health players and are strong but won’t be as strong when I lose my NH tier set). I’m really learning to love Tree helm in mythic plus dgns.

My pally got a healing cape legendary that apparently isn’t that great but it’s a 100 ilvl upgrade and her first one, so I’m not complaining.

My shaman went along to a normal clear of ToS with Pit Crew and got Healing Legs which I completely forgot to take a photo of. I don’t think they’re too bad, not spectacular but Cinder says they are ok and as they’re the first healing specific (she has prydaz and spehuz) legendary, I think it’s a good thing.

I finished another family familiar achievement and only have 4 to go out of the 12. I got super lucky and had 2 pet tamers up that I needed 4 families each for.  I’m finding the best way is to just alt hop and get through all the families I can in one go on each tamer.

Z got the final Darkbrul arena she needed, so I only have the Murloc one in Azsuna and Black Rook Rumble to go and I’ll have the pretty new mount.

Last time I did Black Rook Rumble, I had Spanky and his partner Coffee there killing me quite successfully. I do not know how to protect myself against two hunters and all their pets.

The monk made 110 and is off on her adventures to finish the class hall and obtain her mount!

I also took her off to get her healing weapon because Monk healing looks really fun and with the dungeons she had to do with her class campaign, I’d prefer to be doing them as healer than tank.

Flying Fish!

Dec was full of helpful advice and kept telling me just to aim my fishing rod up, even going far enough to send me a diagram on how I should be fishing that particular pool.

I popped down to the DMF and  saw the rock concert and picked up a few achievements but I’m sure there’s a lot more so I’ll have to go back next month.

I found this guy getting really impatient waiting for the toilet.. but I think he’ll be waiting for a while.

The glowsticks I picked up were so much fun. I spent way too long drawing patterns and running around like an idiot watching them make trails after me.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I spent a bit of time playing on alts this week, finishing off both my Paladin and Warlock order hall campaign so I could start on the broken shore quest lines for their mount. I liked both of the stories but the Paladin finishing wasn’t that exciting as it’s basically the same ending as the Priest storyline since you go into the priest hall to help them out.

The warlock campaign was much more interesting but I did sort of rush through it so wasn’t really paying that much attention to the story. I got to fight lots of demons funny enough.


I’m loving being on my lock as affliction. The artifact ability lets you gather up souls from mobs you kill and when you activate the ability the souls fly into you as little purple orbs. It’s the best thing killing tons of mobs and collection a lot of souls all at once. So far the best fights have been Lei Shen and Kel’thuzad.

The artifact weapon also lets you see the souls of mobs (until you press the button then they turn into the orbs), it’s a bit of weird feeling to have ghostly images all around you.

I really haven’t been doing that much PvP lately, but did go and have a look at the new brawl that was up in Temple of Kotmogu. The change was that you could pass the ball between people but I ended up getting an achievement for hanging onto it for 90secs.

I went over to PTR to have a quick look at new changes and can’t wait to get this head item when it goes live. There’s no data in the appearance tab on where it comes from, though it ‘s probably been datamined somewhere. It comes in 2 other colour ways, rainbow flowers and black and red. I will be wearing this non stop on my druid if I can transmog it.

On Saturday Dec and I joined Cinder and Neuro and their guild for a normal run through ToS on my Druid. I had such a lot of fun with them, their guildies are super friendly and were really nice. I got to heal while Cinder went Ele, and it was so good to have fun in a raid again.

I love coming up to the cutscene to Kil’J in my different forms just so I can get good screenshots of me and the boys.

My Rogue got to finally finish her weapon. I absolutely loved getting to sneak through Stormwind sapping all the guards along the way. Now she has her weapon, she can get out and about and do some invasions to start leveling.

I went and collected my priest mount. I really liked the scenario, gettiing to go into a titan building was pretty awesome. The mount is quite pretty but it’s face reminds me of a squashed alpaca a bit. It should have had a much more graceful face. I don’t have my disc weapon yet so I couldn’t see the 3rd appearance, so that’s on my to-do list eventually.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

With the release of Tomb I’ve been spending a bit of time raiding this week. After the normal run on Wednesday, the next raid night was Sunday and we started heroic with the 2nd group which included my Druid. We cleared up to Kil’Jaden and then immediately turned around and changed groups, so my Shammy went back in and worked her way back through the raid and killed the Fallen Avatar too.

Kil’jaden on heroic will be all the mains again, so my Shammy gets a break for a bit. We’re going back in tonight even with it being the shutdown night to hopefully get him down before reset.

Outside of raid, it’s Midsummer Festival so a lot of flying around clicking fires to get tokens for the new pet and new toys. And it also meant a new transmog for Z!

The box of matches makes you run around on fire. 

Invasions helped my mage hit 110! So now she joins the Pally and Lock in needing to finish their class hall campaign for the achievement and then they can all start on their class mount quests.

I found a cool new chest of dress up clothes that I can make on my tailor. Somewhere along the line she picked up a pattern to make a clothes chest for Molten Core that you can set out and people can click on. The tool tip says only party members but when I put it down in Dalaran a random player could click it as well. You can get any of the transmogs that suit your armor type regardless of class so it looks awesome to keep clicking and get all the clothes to try on.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It was a long weekend again so that meant an extra day on WoW which is always welcomed. I discovered just how good the invasions are for alts and made sure I ran my warlock through as many as possible over the last few days and she got to 110 in possibly the quickest /played time of all my toons. She makes 8 at 110 now, so I’m well over half way to having them all at 110.

I absolutely love being able to send my alts AK 40 instantly. Look at the huge difference between level 1 and level 40 AK.

I’ve been using the AK 40 tomes to max out all my alts AK and most of them now have the full 35 traits after just 1 or 2 world quests. It’s so fast!

Now they all have the maximum amount of AP for their 35 traits I had to start running them through the Broken Shore quests to get the 2nd set of traits. Something went wrong with my BM hunter though and apparently her hand got empowered, not her bow.

I decided since I don’t like the druid class form that much, I may as well collect all the other class mounts so I should find one I really love and I’ve been spending a whole lot of time on alts running them through the Broken Shore campaign.

I did more mythic pluses on my Shaman and decided I really do like Shaman healing style a lot. There’s chatter about taking our alts through Mythic Nighthold this reset which would be awesome if I got to heal some mythic bosses on her. But.. since I still get a bit lost in what the hell I should be casting at times, a patch of water on the ground, or a totem to splash people or the gorgeous pattern making chain heal, me in Mythic NH could be a disaster.

I was doing the PvP world quest on my shaman when she saw a clickable dragon so immediately clicked and got an achievement! Then I could fly around and spam lightning on all the helpless players below me. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to get off it when the quest was over. The mount’s the same one as the one from the Stormheim paragon chests and I didn’t realise it was so gorgeous. The wings are the prettiest colour.

I decided I really should go back into the Mage tower and decided to give it a go a only a few hours before it was due to be pulled down and utterly surprised myself by starting to get through to the final stage. It was a bit of a learning curve where I had to learn each stage but by the time it was due to get pulled down I was always making it to the final stage but I found that I wasn’t handling the debuff on the final boss well enough. He puts a debuff on y ou, similar to the one in the Nightbane fight, where you deal damage in proportion to your health and I was getting it at full health so my minions would just explode when it expired. By the time I realised I should be dropping my health to at least 60% so they wouldn’t get one shot, I ran out of time to have more attempts. I’m hoping I’ll get the appearance when it’s up again.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

The new guild is only raiding 2 nights currently (3 on progression) so I’ve had heaps of time not in Nighthold which was actually really nice for a bit of a change. The new guild I’m in also wants everyone to have an alt to do split raids for Tomb, which meant that my Shaman’s back to being a Draenei.

I had completely forgotten just how gorgeous Draenei’s are! I ran her through Heroic NH with the guild on Sunday which was really fun. Then I ran her through a Vault of the Wardens 11 and was ready to just give up completely.

The new affix Grievous; puts a dot on a person that stacks each time they drop under 90% so people are constantly in need of healing. Even out of combat the dot doesn’t  go away until they’re back above 90% so people can still die to it out of combat. With the other two affix’s that we had this week (fortified especially) it was just really really horrible. There were a bunch of times I just couldn’t get everyone up to above 90% and had to pick which person I was going to be able to heal enough to keep alive. Amazingly we had an awesome pug group who kept going even after I told them I didn’t think I could heal it and we finished, even though the key depleted.  I’ll think twice about doing more than a 10 when Grievous is involved until I’ve fully got my head around my Shaman .

My Pally finally hit 110, only a few days after the May deadline I had for her. I haven’t finished her order hall campaign yet but she makes 7 tons to 110. I’ve been so slow leveling my toons since I’ve picked up the amount I’ve been raiding.

Z got to Prestige 3! It came with some little flag to hang off my back but I can’t really see myself using it that much. It’s only 1 level now until I get the first prestige mount so that has renewed my interest in PvP but a lot of the levels between prestige 2 and 3 only came from doing the PvP world quests so it’s been a bit slow getting there and unless I really pick arenas/battlegrounds back up, it’ll probably be  slow getting to 4 as well.

I caught up with Neuro who is also an Alliance night elf now! He and Naz joined the same guild together and still  raid  together which is awesome.  I love when we all run into each other in the order hall.

And Neuro surprised me with a pet! He picked up a 2nd one from the Treasure chest world quest  and thought I might like it. I haven’t seen it yet so it was really welcomed. He’s such a cute little puppy. I love that I can make him nearly the same size as my cat form with the pet biscuits.

One thing that hit me the other day, now that I’m a pretty white Night Elf stag, is that my Night Elf follower is the Horde brown stag. Both Broll and Thisalee turn brown in Stag form. I never noticed it when I was also Horde as it was just 2 brown stags running around but it’s really noticeable now that we’re both Night Elves and different colours. I wonder why he’s brown since he’s technically Alliance?

I also noticed that my Wisp form (when I’m dead) has a face! All these cool new things about being a Nelf!

I’ve found an awesome use for my swapblaster outside of just skipping trash with it in Eye of Azshara. My new guild has a demon hunter that likes to jump into places I’ve never thought about in Nighthold so I can swap places with them!

Look at the Druid decorations for the doorway!

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?