Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 40: Getting to know you.

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier!

This fortnight it’s all about getting to know the blogger (or their main toon) behind the screen.

There’s a list of questions, it’s a bit daunting how long it is but let’s dive in and see what there is.

1. How do you drink your tea?  I’m a massive fan of Earl Grey and I usually have it with no milk or no sugar so the flavour pops. But if I’m really feeling like a comfort drink, I’ll make a really stong cup  with sugar and milk.

2. Favourite Dessert? I love all desserts but if I have to pick one, Tiramisu.

3. Favourite Season and Why?  Autumn. The chill has come into the air making it perfect snuggle weather with woolly blankets and cosy scarves. Leaves are falling from the trees and windy days are amazing.

4. What cheers you up?  Videos of animals being silly. I  have a good friend that I send cute animal pics/vids to if he’s having a down day and he does the same for me. Never underestimate the power of cute baby animals.

5. Dogs or Cats?  In all my time, I’ve only ever owned one dog and multiple cats so I guess it’s cats all the way. My life is currently supervised by two gorgeous moggies. They take it in turns to fight over a spot on my lap when I’m playing WoW,  never mind how much of an inconvenience it is to me. The loser generally sits just to the side of my desk shooting dirty looks in my direction.

6. Dream Holiday?  I’ve always wanted to go on a week, or longer, horse riding trek, preferably somewhere mountainous.

7. How many kids do you want? I have 2 and that’s pretty perfect for me.

8. Favourite weather?  Sunny day, but not hot, around 22 deg with  mostly blue skies but a tiny bit of white wispy clouds in the sky is perfect.

9. Last Meal?  An amazing burger with chips. I’d make it my life mission try all the burgers I can. The last one I had was a macadamia, zucchini and brie burger. I’m not a vegetarian but it was amazing.

10. 24 hours anywhere, any year? I want to know how and why Stonehenge was actually built; 24 hours during construction should   answer my questions.

11. Ghostly adventures? Hmm I’d  go to a big castle and pretend it was mine… sort of like what I do in WoW with Stromgarde Keep

12. Family ancestry?  My family originally comes from Scotland and it’s somewhere I intend to go and visit but haven’t got there yet.

13. What scares you? Elevators… fun fact, my new job is on the 9th floor of a building  and I regularly have to go to offices in other buildings on the 20th and 24th floors.. facing my fears every day should make me a better person,  right??

14. What are you most grateful for? Working in the city I’m surrounded by extremes..  Stores selling the most overpriced luxuries and at the same time I see people sleeping on the streets. I’m so grateful I’m in a position to be able to afford to pay rent and bills and food with enough to spare for luxuries like wow.

15. Dream Job?  One that pays lots of money that I could do from home. More seriously though, I don’t know what would be my dream job because I havent found it yet.

16. Aliens, yes or no? Resounding yes. The universe is too large and too unexplored to believe  that life couldn’t have evolved somewhere else. As to them being little green humanoids that have mastered interstellar travel already, that I don’t know.

17. Favorite Sport. Sportsball? Eww no. If I’m going to watch sport it’d be something like ice skating.

18. How do you relax after a long day. Video games and Netflix. 2 monitors mean I can do both at once and sometimes with wine. Perfect night!

19. If you could meet anyone? Hmm I don’t know, there’s many people I’d like to meet but I’ve always wanted to be able to go back in time and find all the people who made new discoveries in cooking techniques. How did someone work out to separate the yolk and white in eggs and then beat the egg whites until they turned all stiff for meringues?

20. If you had to be a teacher, what would you teach? Medieval English history.

21. Describe your perfect day. Breakfast of waffles at my favourite cafe, slow walk home through the walking trails catching Pokemon and then uninterrupted WoW until bedtime.

22. Describe yourself in one sentence.  I try to be kind but sometimes I’m too impulsive and impatient for my own good.

23. Who makes you laugh the most.  Animals being derpy like this gorgeous baby magpie.

24. What superpower. Time travel.

25. Favourite animal.  Horses, meerkats and magpies, how can you choose just one?

Biggest accomplishment? Something I’m  happy about, as weird as it sounds, is learning to really enjoy living alone. I used to hate being on my own but I’ve come to actually like it. I get to choose all the things I want, downside is I also have to do all the boring house chores but I get to choose when I do it 🙂

Pics!! Mara started this bit with his pic and it was so great to see the blogger behind the screen so a few others of us decided to do so too.

This is me..


Z & Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 37: First Impressions of BFA in pictures

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! To celebrate exploring a brand new expansion our topic this time is to share the screenshots we’ve taken in BFA so far. We said 5, but to be honest sticking to just 5 is near impossible, so I’ve gone over a bit a lot.

I’ve been playing as both Horde and Alliance and both zones are just so gorgeous. I think I’ve got a small bias towards the scenery and zones in Kul Tiras over Zandalar, but pretty much every step I take no matter what zone I’m in is just simply gorgeous and picture worthy.

Zuldazar is a gorgeous ancient golden city full of tropical rainforest and waterfalls. I adore waterfalls in real life, so this city just feels like a tropical haven.

Deserted beaches in Nazmir are beautiful and spooky.

Moving from the tropics of Zandalar up into Kul Tiras makes me feel like I should be transmogging into winter clothes.

Next to waterfalls, rainbows are one of my favourite natural phenomena and Tiragarde Sound gives me both.

The skies are simply stunning in every zone.

This was the cutest reference to come across.

The details are so well done, the spoons in a little house in a fishing village are fish-shaped!

I’ve collected Honey Bee battle pets and I’ve seen Hunters with Bee pets, I’m really hoping there’s a Bee mount hiding somewhere in this expansion too.

This expansion really brings the children into the scene.

This was a gorgeous tea party to stumble across near the maze in Boralus. The human girl is holding an adorable patient cat in her arms.     

Even ducking underwater gives some gorgeous views.

This is one very beautiful expansion. There’s a lot of exploring yet to be done and I can already see my screenshot folder filling up after only a fortnight.


Z and Cinder’s shared blog challenge: How has World of Warcraft changed/impacted your life?

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post here and you can read all the submissions on our shared blog website here.

Today’s topic from Cinder is inspired by WoW’s 12th Anniversary; How has World of Warcraft changed/impacted your life? The short answer is immensely, but I’m not good at short answers, so you know there’s a much longer answer below.

When  Z logged into WoW the other day, she  got her 12th Anniversary Feat of Strength. Looking back through my FOS’s for this particular event, I’ve been online for each one for the past 6 years.  You can’t be immersed in something for 6 years without it having a major impact on you and WoW certainly has done that to me, in a mixed bag of positive and negative ways. I’m going to look at the ways through Cinder’s prompts for the topic; have you made amazing friends in game? Has it made you more/less understanding of people? Have you found love in game? Have you learned some new skills because of WoW? And the answers are yes, yes, yes and possibly not though I’m still working at mastering shapeshifting.

I certainly have made some amazing friends in the game, many of whom have transcended the barrier from online friend into real life friends. Cinder, obviously is a case in point. You haven’t been reading my blog closely enough if you haven’t picked up that.  And then there’s S (we’ll call her that for short).   She is the wife of a guildie that I met many years ago, back as alliance on Aman’thul and over time  has become one of my closest confidents as well as unofficial life coach and we talk pretty much on a daily basis. It always give me pause when I think that if I hadn’t met Merlin through WoW, I wouldn’t have met S and I can’t imagine what what my life would be like now. With the ridiculous size of this country and living a day’s drive apart, we’ve only met a few times in person but hopefully if I buckle down and keep saving, and we’re very lucky, come April, we’ll all snag some blizzcon tickets and we’ll go together, along with Merlin and Syl, another friend I met back in the same guild.

WoW’s dug it’s little fingers into my lovelife too. I’m so head over heals in love with this game, that I couldn’t imagine dating someone that doesn’t play WoW and understand my online world. I met my boyfriend though WoW and it’s great having a partner that loves WoW as much as I do because they actually can understand my love for this game and I think it helps understand me better too. Though we both adore the game, he’s  a much bigger lore buff than I am, so sometimes I think he just shakes his head at me, wondering how I can be so oblivious of the deeper aspects of WoW when I claim to love this game so much :).

WoW got me into blogging because I originally just wanted somewhere to share what I got up to. I started reading Navi‘s blog years ago and loved the idea that blogging would mean having my own little journal of WoW and now it’s another thing that I think I would miss if it wasn’t part of my life. A  pretty cool side effect of sticking my clumsy words out in the public eye is I’ve met a ton of other people who really like this game.  My social world is bigger because of WoW.

Has wow made me more understanding of people? I don’t know if understanding is the operative word but it has opened up the world for me and it lets me meet people that I would never have through any other way, which also lets me see different viewpoints and perspectives and sometimes makes me think about my world in a whole new way.

I mentioned the negative impact of WoW, and unfortunately it has had that at times over the past 6 years. Sometimes I have a love and hate relationship with this game and I have wished that I hadn’t found it at times.  I’ve brushed over it here and there before, but I really quickly spiralled into a pretty serious wow addiction, which affected my life offline. When you prefer to spend your time in an online world which is so fleeting and intangible there are always going to be consequences back in the physical world. I like to think I’ve found a bit more of a balance nowadays, but I’ll still really cognizant of the fact that I still probably would and could lose myself in Azeroth if I let myself.  But that’s only one part of the way WoW has impacted my life and I think the positives outweigh negative and  you can’t have light without shadow.

Happy 12th Birthday World of Warcraft, may there be many more to come!