Levelling in Style: Themed Transmogs

I’m really loving the themes of the zones I’m levelling through. My Priest is running around in Troll inhabited Jungles and my Druid is wading through Pirate thick shores so it made sense to me that each be dressed for the occasion.

Pirate Zee

Warp Raider’s Eyepatch,Leafsong Vest, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Saber Leggings, Bandit Boots

Troll Priestess Tala

Honorbound Artificer’s Guise,Faded Spriti-Wrencher Robe

I am having a lot of fun in the expansion so far!


Hoarding Marks of Honor

I have a small hording problem that’s recently come to light..


176 Marks of Honor! They were intended for my toons to buy PvP sets for transmog but I was absolutely paralyzed by the decision of who gets what set, so the marks kept mounting up as I refused to spend them. I decided in the end to just farm out the tokens to all 12 girls and let them pick up a new set each.








Death Knight

Demon Hunter




I also picked up a few appearance achievements as well.

I had the hardest time choosing which sets to get for each toon as some have absolutely gorgeous sets. I’ll need to keep doing all the world quests that give marks of honor as there’s still hundreds  of tokens worth of sets and weapons to collect yet.


2 sets of Druid Wings in 1 day

First off.. I got flying!

I didn’t think I was that excited about getting flying, but once people were getting the ach in guild, I realised I did really really want to fly and started to get really impatient watching the rep slowly climb up with each world quest. I can’t wait to go see all the places in the Broken Isles I haven’t been able to see before and leveling alts is going to be so much quicker now!


The 2nd set of wings comes from the Mythic tier set out of Blackrock Foundry in WoD. I ran through there today and luckily the shoulders which give the wings effect dropped!  I really really love the wings, they are seriously gorgeous, though I’m not so super keen on the shoulder’s themselves but I’ll live with them for the wings.

2 wings in one day isn’t too bad 🙂




Slipping Achs in between the AP hunt

7.2 brought the never-ending AP hunt back into the game with a vengeance. I was really enjoying being level 54 on my resto artifact as I didn’t feel the need to actively hunt AP for a couple of months and it was glorious.

But with the rather significant AP black hole that our artifacts are,  now 7.2 is live, I’m once again more focused on Z gathering up AP as much as possible. So it’s back to mythic dgn spam, lots of world quests and popping into the different levels of raids available.  Luckily being able to increase our AK twice this week (26 & 27) has seen the amount of AP granted skyrocket. Even so it’s going to be a long grind. This table was linked into our guild’s discord today. Zagam over on Mal’Ganis has gone to a lot of effort mapping out dates and amounts in a great, if daunting, table.

I’ve decided my AP focus will be to reach the 4th golden trait which refreshes the duration of my hots on a target below 35% health and then I’ll start dropping more points into all mana regen traits before assessing what other traits I want to boost a bit. I managed to get to level 41 just before raid last night, so the golden trait is only 38m AP away.

In between all the questing and dungeons, I’ve been buying up PvP transmog sets. Doing the PvP world towers daily has slowly seen my Marks of Honor pile up so I popped down to Warspear to collect a couple of the Warlords sets and then over to Kun-Lai for some MoP sets.

Besides all the individual set achievements, I also picked up the overall achievement for collecting 10 sets which gives the Stylist title.  There’s a ton of sets that I’m only missing one or two pieces so I will probably be spending a lot of time in old raids on my Druid. I haven’t even looked at what my other toons have, I’m thinking the hunt for completing sets could keep me very busy for a quite a long while.


Druid Order Hall Tier Racks Complete

Ever since I realised that the armor racks in the order halls could be completed and display the head and shoulders of Tier 1 though 10, I’ve been working on getting Zee’s sets completed. It did help having 2 100+ druids; if a piece didn’t drop I could go try again but it’s still taken quite a few weeks for the RNG to be in my favour and collect all the pieces for the 10 sets.

Tier 1 – Cenarion Raiment
Molton Core

Tier 2 – Stormrage Raiment
 Blackwing Lair,  Molton Core

Tier 2.5 Genesis Raiment
All pieces come from quests in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj

Tier 4 – Malorne Raiment
Gruuls Lair, Karazhan, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – Nordrassil Harness
Serpentshrine Cavern, The Eye

Tier 6 – Thunderheart Harness
Black Temple, Hyjal Summit

Tier 7 – Dreamwalker Battlegear

Tier 8 – Nightsong Battlegear
Ulduar, Vendor in Dalaran

Tier 9 – Runetotem’s Battlegear (H), Malfurion’s Battlegear (A)
Trial of the Crusader

Tier 10  Lasherweave Battlegear
Icecrown Citadel

Out of all the sets, my favourite is the Thunderheart set as a whole, though there are pieces I like from each set. I didn’t actually realise until writing this post that there were two different appearances for Tier 9 depending on which faction you are. I much prefer the Alliance Malfurion’s set over the Horde version. The top is a separate piece to the pants so I can see lots of transmogs for my alliance leatherwearers that use that top.

This was a really fun collection to complete, even if frustrating waiting for the right drops. I think now the Druid set is complete I might pick another class and start their collection.

Filling the order hall armor stands

One  of my favourite aspects of Skyrim is having my own house with armor stands that I can display my favourite armors on, so having this implemented in wow is actually so awesome. So far, Z’s customized her house in her order hall  with only 1 completed armor set and that lonely set is making me really want to go collect more pieces.



So with that I mind I actually looked at what’s needed to get the sets to show. I don’t physically need to have the pieces at the same time, so pieces I’ve collected in the past and sold/destroyed will count but because I don’t remember what I have collected in the past, I’m just going to keep all the pieces I collect from now on in void storage and maybe I’ll get lucky and complete sets on the stands before all the pieces drop (hopefully that makes sense).

There are some requirements that make it bit trickier – all the pieces have to be from the same spec set, so I know there’s a ton of old content tokens I’ve turned in and I haven’t worried about whether the piece I got was for feral/boomkin/resto etc because the appearance was all the same. So moving forward I’ll make sure all tokens are redeemed for resto tier.

The tier sets also have to come from the lowest level versions, so the tokens need to come from 10-man normal raid version. At least this part will make the transmog runs a bit faster.  And even though only shoulders and head shows on the stands, you have to collected ALL the pieces that go with that tier set.

Tier Sets..

Tier 1 – 8 pieces
Molten Core (waist and wrists are from trash)

Tier 2 – 8 pieces
Molten Core, Black Wing Lair

Tier 2.5 – 5 pieces
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) (quest rewards from dragons right after the first boss)

Tier 4 – 5 pieces
Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – 5 pieces
Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern

Tier 6 – 8 pieces
Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau

Tier 7 – 5 pieces 
Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum

Tier 8 – 5 pieces
Ulduar 10-man

Tier 9 – 5 pieces
Trial of the Champion (Vendor)

Tier 10 – 5 pieces 
Icecrown Citadel (Vendor)

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for ages to make one weekend a raid weekend where I take a toon and run through all the old raids in the game in order just to see them all. That idea would tie in really well with starting to fill up the armor stands.

Return of the Defias Set – 7.1

Twice mentioned that 7.1 brought an Outlaw Rouge specific quest to the Deadmines. The reward is a transmog set  of Blackened Defias Armor, which looks like the removed Defias Leather set that used to drop from there.  I was really interested in getting the transmog so we headed down to the Deadmines straight away. As part of the requirements to get the quest to show, you have to be a level  30 (or above) Outlaw Rogue and you need a Green Wing Macaw summoned with you.

We worked our way (without killing anything other than the bosses we needed to get the doors opened) through the dgn down to just opposite the ship at the end where there is a ghostly parrot.

defias-set-with-petOnce in front of the Parrot, an extra action button popped up. If you’re not an Outlaw Rogue or don’t have the pet out, the extra action button doesn’t show up.

Once I used the button to grapple up to a small cave above, Captain Bramblebeard gave me a quest to go collect 100 bandanas from mobs in the deadmines (the reason we didn’t kill any on the way through).


Once you collect all the bandanas, the quest reward is a 5 piece transmog set.

The set doesn’t include the helm but I think the Bladefang Hood (from a baleful token from Tanaan Jungle) suits it really well.


Now my rogue looks simply awesome for when she finally gets out and about to level up to 110.


Scarlet Crusade Transmog is back in the game

I was really disappointed when the Scarlet Crusade transmog that used to drop from the old 4 instances of what’s now Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Halls was removed when they were changed for MoP. I had managed to pick up only the Tabard  and Belt when the changes were implemented. I hung onto the pieces I had managed to collect given their extreme rarity and even when the transmog changes happened with the new patch, I tucked both items back in the bank and added them to the small list of transmog gear that wouldn’t be deleted or sold, even with account wide transmog now.

And it appears that the tabard will still be useful (to some anyway.. more about that later) as the addition of a new NPC down in Darkmoon Faire has really important ramifications for those that do have the Tabard.

Scarlet QM 2

There is now a Scarlet Crusade Quartermaster standing near the petting zoo in the Darkmoon Faire. Turns out if you equip the tabard and go down and talk to her you can buy a full set of the Scarlet Crusade gear for transmog.. but only if the tabard is equipped onto a mail or plate wearer. Unluckily for me the tabard I have is sitting on my mage, so no transmog for her.

Scarlet Crusdade Xmog

Scarlet QM

The tabard has been implemented back into the game at a very low drop from the Scarlet instances but I’m not sure if re-grinding the tabard is something I want to do. Luckily the belt I do have on my hunter so all my mail toons have learnt this appearance.

Given there is boa specific armor gear, I am a little puzzled why the transmog can’t be purchased by any toon with the correct tabard but only used by the right armor user. Similar to how the transmog gear from the garrison building can be purchased by any toon but only used by the right armor wearer.



Salvage Yard Trolling

My Shaman still had 100+ odd salvage boxes to open from before the pre-patch so I sat down and opened them all last night.

All was going really well until I found I had a soulbound axe that was really pretty  but  it was still saying I hadn’t collected the appearance.

On closer inspection it turns out it’s an Alliance only item. My poor Shaman is feeling really sad now that she can’t use her new axe and I’m quite confused as to how that came out of a horde salvage crate.

Alliance xmog - salvage yard

The Transmog Patch

Despite the class changes that have come in, Transmog is exactly what this patch is all about for me so far.

I’ve been pretty much collecting every piece of gear that has come my way lately and even bought my guild storage bank the full 7 tabs to help store all the boe’s that my various Barth toons collected. 4 tabs held each of the different armor types, 1 for weapons, 1 for offhands and 1 for general boe stuff so that my toons banks could be free to hold all the soulbound armor they had. So logging on yesterday morning, one of my first priorities was to send the boe’s out to the right armor type wearer so they could start learning and then selling all the soulbound learnt appearances.

Z pretty much met all the Fashionista achievements straight away once I logged on and off a few of my clothes hording toons but I did need about 4 shirts to finish the last one. I opted for the easy way and picked up the missing few from the shirt vendor in Dalaran.

Zee the Fabulous

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of cloth transmogs which is not surprising as the majority of my toons are cloth wearers and as I have very very little plate so over the coming months I might start changing up which toons run through old content to fill in the blank spots.

The only change that I don’t really like is the fact you can’t turn heads and cloaks off from the interface anymore.  The first thing I would do when making a toon is turn head and cloak off and for a new toon, now this means waiting until I can find a transmogrifier in a major town or being able to access mounts at level 20. I wasn’t too worried about that, figuring I can look like a clown for a few levels until I realised that even for my lvl 100s, when I start levelling in Legion, any upgrade will show until I can get to a transmogrifier. A small inconvenience but still an enough of a one that this happened..

Grand Expedition Yak

Now I can transmog anywhere I go.

 Warrior xmog 2 Casual Warlock Xmog Survival Hunter