Goodbye Warlords

and goodbye Draenor.

The end of an expansion is always bittersweet. I’m super excited about seeing new content but I also know I won’t see Draenor in the same way again. I might level more alts through it (and I will with a monk and rogue still sub-100)  but it’ll be a quest or two in each zone, not the total immersion the past few years have seen.

I actually really liked Warlords as an expansion. The zones were gorgeous and having a garrison gave me the feeling of having a home base. I loved being able to have a bodyguard with me, more for a companion then as a dps boost. I love pet classes for the constant company and a npc was one step better as they would chatter.

I can’t believe how fast the last few years have flown. Despite spending nearly every day in Draenor there’s still things I discover even now. Like the Hissing Crate in Grimrail Depot. When you click on it, snakes are released. No idea how many times I’ve run that dgn and I only saw that for the first time last week.

My screenshots folder contains hundreds of photos from the past couple of years, making narrowing down my favourites nearly impossible.

Moon over Talador Moon over Frostfire Ghost in the toilet WoWScrnShot_052615_173303 WoWScrnShot_060415_181228 Moon over Fangrila Moon over Garrison Zeera and Painter Statue

Now to start filling up my folder with photos from Legion.


Last Draenor Glory – Dungeon Hero this time

Following on from running as a guild group to get finish the two raid Glory Meta’s for Draenor;  5 of us spent an evening running through Draenor Dungeons to finish off the Dungeon Glory Meta.

All the ach’s are done on heroic so it really wasn’t too difficult at this stage in the expansion.

Finishing this set of achs, also meant I got a new mount, a Frostplains Battleboar. This poor little boar has the fate of being more stable fodder, putting me one mount closer to 250.

Frostplains Battleboar

I swear I must be the most ungrateful druid in the game because there has not been a single Draenor mount I actually like unreservedly (No, I lie – I like the Moose), but honestly the majority just don’t do it for me. Ungrateful I know but there it is.

I haven’t been looking so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I really hope the mounts in Legion are pretty; I absolutely loved all the drakes that came from Cata achs and quite liked all the cloud serpents from MOP but the Draenor ones just aren’t quite my taste.

Finishing off all the Draenor Glory ach’s was a great way to finish of the expansion.

I have Pepe


For the first time in a long time I saw 2 Drov Groups in the custom group  finder. The first one I joined just couldn’t get people to stay so I ended up leaving. I noticed the second one was getting fuller so I requested an invite and got in. The group filled really quickly and Drov died without any issues  and I got my achievement and new toy.

Pepe Ach

Z and Pepe

Z still has the christmas decorations up in her garrison. She’s now one of those people who never take their Christmas lights down from one Christmas to another.

Unfortunate Adventurers of Nagrand

Questing around in Nagrand I’ve come across some pretty unfortunate adventurers who met rather messy ends. There may be more than what I’ve found but so far I’ve seen:


Crushed Adventurer Fallen Adventurer Trampled Adventurer

Mangled Adventurer

The best toy

I was listening to an episode of Battletagged this morning on my run (I do all my podcast listening while running, makes the run go much faster as I get wrapped up in listening) and Cinder made mention that she thinks the best toy is the Blazing Wings you can get from doing the game down at Darkmoon Faire.

This immediately started me off thinking what I feel is the best toy in the game and for me the Soul Inhaler is far and away the best toy.

It has an awesome effect that when you use it on a corpse you can suck the soul out of them and they shrink. You also get cool purple warlock wings and a void shadow over your toon.

Soul Sucking Toy Hipthrust

It is a seriously awesome toy. What other toy lets you casually take advantage of a guildies death to be a demon kitty?

I have to say a  massive thank you to Klor who willingly came along and committed toonicide when I said I wanted some photos of the shrinking in action. Soul toy 1  Soul toy 2 Soul toy 3

This toy is dropped by Tor’goroth <The Soul-Gorger>  who lives on a small island in the far north of Frostfire Ridge.

What’s your best/favourite toy?


Posts delayed by actual playing

Despite my best intentions to post regularly, I have got well and truly sidetracked by 6.2 and have spent a considerable amount of time playing and not writing  lately. There is so much to see and do in 6.2 so I think I’ll spread out what I’ve been doing over a few blog posts. This one can be all about Tanaan Jungle.

I don’t know how to write this post without it sounding like  a constant stream of I got this new (toy, pet, treasure) as I have been running around like crazy gathering all up the new items. It’s a bit like an extended birthday celebration with new presents each day.  There are so many new toys added  as well as the new Tiny Terrors pets that are dotted around the zone. I was lucky enough to so far pick up 2 of the new pets that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. I also managed to get Toymaster for collecting 150 toys so I can turn into a clockwork gnome on command.


My favourite so far though is the Jewel of Hellfire which turns me into a member of the Burning Legion.

Jewel of Hellfire

Seeing everyone out and about in Tanaan and randomly grouping with people is a great thing. It definitely makes the world feel populated again. Working on the new reputations isn’t too bad at all, every now and again I go down and group up and kill a few of the kitties for the Saberclaw rep. Z can stand there and take one or two on by herself but it’s super slow, groups are much more fun. The only one I can see being a bit of a pain the further we go on is the Arrakoa, their daily needs me to collect crystals that only drop from treasures, rares and the occasional chest spawn. Now I’ve collected almost all the treasures that leaves rares as the only reliable method of getting these so it means a rarespawn hunt each day.

The daily objectives are quite fast and all apart from Throne are easy enough to solo. The only one I found a bit tough was the Temple of Sha’nar but I had that one as my daily from the table today after shutdown last night and it feels like it’s difficulty is now more on par with the other areas. There isn’t a mention of it in the recent hotfix notes though so not sure what’s going on there.

The daily objectives are fantastic for leveling up my bodyguards. I’ve been alternating between Aeda (squishy tank from hell) and Ishaal who I love to run around with. Both are into the 2nd stage of reputation. I’ve found that if one is dead, I can  reassign the other to the barracks and just keep going. Once both are leveled up, that only will leave only Tommok to befriend. I haven’t tried him yet but so far Ishaal is my definitely my favourite, he stays out of trouble and I love Arakkoas so it’s a win-win.

The phasing of the big 4 rares; Vengeance, Terrorfist, Deathtalon and Doomroller was a massive pain at the start with trying to get into a group when it was announced in chat and not being able to get an invite in time but I’ve noticed groups are getting much better at giving everyone assist when they form a group for it, so I’ve been pretty successful with getting into groups lately. I have been incredibly lucky and picked up 2 of the new mounts though if I’m truly honest it’s the medallions that I really am trying to get. So far I’ve picked up 2 medallions which give rep with all the factions in WoD which  helped me tip over into honoured with the Laughing Skull so I picked up their toy as well. The grind to exalted with them is probably going to take the rest of this expansion though so fingers crossed for more lucky medallion drops.

The baleful tokens that create 650 gear are not overly useful though for Z, I did like the way the tokens from the timeless isle were BoA as it meant all my alts would have had a lovely set of gear to don the minute they turned 100. There are a few BoA versions around – the bag that can drop for needed roles in dgns contains some and there are missions from the shipyard but I guess I’m going to actually have to bring my alts over if I want to gear them up. The shipyard looks interesting enough to bring some alts over for the initial quests though.Maybe I’ll finally get around to playing more of my alts.

Making Buddies

After getting Leo to Wingman status I decided why stop there? I may as well make friends with the rest of the bodyguards for the achievement Wingmen (getting max rep with all the 5 bodyguards). Z already has Leorajh, so the next in line was Vivianne.

Since Z is still running around Everbloom Wilds daily for Laughing Skull Rep I’m killing two birds with one stone by getting rep with the bodyguards as well. Vivianne was a lot faster to get to max level, having a week of extra reputation from the darkmoon carousal really helped. As luck would have it once she hit max rep she offered a quest  to get her ability (yay portal to garrison) and the quest mob I needed happened to be right next to where we were killing mobs so it was a nice and fast quest.


But as soon as we got all friendly I swapped her out for Aeda.


She is seriously pretty with her green warlock wings. The downside to her is that she tends to want to tank all the mobs and boy is she squishy.  Leo and Vivianne rarely got hurt and usually a quick rejuv was all that was needed,  but Aeda requires my constant attention so far. Hopefully I get rep with her quick and can move on. Quite a high maintenance friend.

 Aeda 1

They won’t fear you if you’re dead Aeda….

I also decided to get Z moving on those older reps so she’s been flitting around the world buddying up to the various factions. The Frenzyheart tribe up in Scholazar Basin are hiding a toy behind their quartermaster so I’ve set my hearthstone there (with the garrison hearth and portal to Ashran in the garrison I love having  another port around the place) and have been popping up doing dailies there; I think it’s about 12 days from Revered to Exalted if I  do them every day.

I managed to get Z from 27 to 31 reps quite quickly (still a long way to 50 though). Questing and running a couple of dungeons in Borean Tundra and Dragonblight gave me exalted with The hand of Vengeance, Warsong Offensive and Tanuka which was a surprise as I didn’t realise I was that close to all 3. I also was able to get Tranquillian rep up really fast as all you have to do is all the Ghostlands quests and at 100 it’s very fast.The best thing about Ghostlands quests is it has my favourite quest in the game where you return a locket to Sylvanas from her sister Alleria. Once Sylvanas gets the locket she summons banshees to sing the Lament of the Highborne. Even though I have the toy now that summons the banshees (still can’t thank Thor and Cinder enough for the best gift ever!) to sing on demand it was still great to see it.

I found that wearing a tabard from Darkspear Trolls in Warlords dgns was giving 24 rep per kill as opposed to 3 rep per kill in Vanilla dgns so I might have Z running a few more of them. I also have quite a few cata achs to go so I’ve been working on them with a Dragonmaw Clan tabard on for extra rep. I’m starting to realised how much Horde lore I have missed by not questing through older zones as Horde (90% of my horde toons were xfered from Ally at 90). I started doing a few of the Twilight Highlands quests and up pops Garona quite early into the zone. Garona TH

I’ll be interested to see her story unfold as prior to seeing her in the legendary quests I only really knew of her from reading about her, not actually seeing her toon out and about in the world.

So at the moment chasing achievements and questing for rep is keeping Z quite busy in the game and none of my alts have had a look in, apart from me checking their garrison missions for gold. It’s going to be nerfed in 6.2 so I’m utilising all their treasure hunters as much as I can at the moment.

A flying achievement

While I’m really glad flying is coming in 6.2 (to be accurate, the achievement that grants it), because well I’m lazy and I like the convenience of flying, I’m also a little saddened it came about after the horrible response on the forums. I’d like to think it’s come about because the developers read the measured calm words of people like Matthew Rossi  and not the frenzied posts that make me wonder why the hell people play this game anyway if all they do is want to skip content. Really the attitude of “I’d do this (insert activity of choice), if only flying” was getting up my nose. No, you bloody wouldn’t, if you really wanted to do something you’d do it regardless.

But anyway, right or wrong, flying is coming and yet still the complaints are there. The most common one I’ve seen is along the lines of there’s too many requirements needed to get flying. Basically I feel it boils down to; “but I wanted to skip content and now you’re making me do it?”. Honestly, why the heck do people play this game if they don’t want to do anything?

Requirement for flying achievement

Loremaster of Draenor

This is so much easier to do than the old world loremaster achievements. You basically get shepherded from major quest line to quest line, many are even marked on your map with an ! and you don’t have to do every quest in the zone, just the ones in the major quest lines. I hit loremaster and still found there were quite a few quests left over to do, unlike old world zones where you quite often were searching for the elusive last quests.

Securing Draenor

This is made much easier now by being able to buy up the missions from the Garrison Quartermaster for 200gr each. While it’s a bunch of killing at the various locations there are things you can loot in each area, or slaves to release or trees to burn which all add to your total progress and make that blue bar fill up. there are only a couple that are really better done in a group, The Pit and Shattrath City namely, but they can be soloed, just don’t pull the whole zone and you should be fine. And it could have been worse – the requirement could have included you to do all the achievements associated with each quest.

100 Treasures

100 is only half of the 200 required for the meta achievement so that’s hardly doing “all the content in order to fly” really, it’s half the content. There are a ton of addons that make doing this achievement easier, Tomtom adds waypoints to your map and Handynotes marks the treasures on your map. Or you can buy a treasure map, once you’ve done loremaster in each zone, that marks the spots, but Handynotes means you can do the two at once.

3 Reputations in Tanaan

Apparently these aren’t going to be the grindfest that is reputation currently so hopefully it’ll be a little more motivating. With the addition of an Ashran portal in your garrison, you really can free up your main hearthstone for ease of getting around the world so fingers crossed there will be an inn near the daily hub and your hearthstone can be set there, negating the need to jump on a flightpath or a ride.

So what is there to be done once you get flying?

If you read certain places you’d be inclined to think you may as well pack up the game until 6.3 because you’ve worked your way through the game and there’s nothing left to do but really you’ve just scratched the surface of the game in order to get flying.

Pet battles – you can fly to each tamer – given that 6.2 is going to introduce a ton of rewards to buy with pet charms , this will be handy .

Quests – Loremaster doesn’t mean you’ve finished all the quests so you can get out there and hunt them down.

Archeology – because apparently this wasn’t able to be done when you didn’t have a flying mount.

Brawlers Guild

Garrison Campaigns

Achievement Hunting

Follower Collecting

Stick Pepe on your head and go kill bosses looking cute/ridiculous depending on your perspective

Collect Toys

and of course you could always AFK in the air above your nominated capital city watching trade chat, rather than sitting on the ground doing the same.

Pretty much if none of the above appeals to you, I would definitely have to ask, why are you playing this game?

I am happy with an achievement, saves me a ton of gold (especially if alts are factored in) that I can spend on a new mount or a pet or a pretty dress.

Taking low level alts to Draenor for the Pet Tamers

I’ve always liked to leave alts around at various Pet tamers, usually the ones that give Pet Bags like the Deadwind Pass and Winterspring Tamers, as it saves me flying from tamer to tamer to do their dailies. I also have a little Gnome priest that has spent the better part of the last 2 years stationed in Stranglethorn Vale doing the pet battle daily, as one battle will get a level 1 pet to level 7 with little chance of the lvl 1 pet dying, so a nice fast fight for xp for pet and toon.

I haven’t dropped alts off at the tamers in Draenor as the Pet Charms the bags drop were soulbound so I only visited the tamers if I happened to be near one when out and about on Zeirah. However, I noticed the other day that the charms had become account bound and that got me thinking how I could drop alts in front of Draenor tamers to do the daily pet battles as they could do the daily, get a bit of xp for the quest and send the stones off to Zeirah who could turn them in at the garrison vendor for upgrade stones.

I didn’t want to move any 90+ alts that have opened up their garrison as I like being able to do their missions daily, they bring in a nice bit of gold and the xp missions are handy and as their minions get higher ilvls and open up the higher gear missions they do missions to give 645 gear for when they hit level 100. So that meant bringing alts that are sub-90 into Draenor. I decided to try moving my level 43 rogue, Zeira down to Spires of Arak to Vesharr. I chose this tamer as he’s in a town so I figured there should be little to aggro around him and possibly  a close-by mailbox. Turns out there isn’t a mailbox in that town but the flightpath to Axefall is right next to the tamer so I could make my back to Axefall and post the charms away.

The first step in getting my toon to Draenor was actually getting to the Timeless Isle in Pandaria first to use the portal into Gorgond. A friendly mage with a portal to the Shrine took care of that. Given how low level she was I asked my bf to let me borrow his level 100 toon to fly her over to the Timeless isle and escort her through Draenor.

Once on the isle I made my way to the underwater cave, just near Stinkbraid’s pirate ship.

Timeless Isle chair portal map

In the cave there is a circle of chairs surrounding a bonfire. Sitting in a chair and clicking the Bonfire teleports you to the north-east edge of Gorgond. Having a way to get non-90s to Draenor was a genius move on Blizzards behalf.

  Timeless Isle chair portalGorgond chair portal

Getting through Gorgond and down to Spires took a bit of patience and time. I did have it in mind to stealth my way through, but stealth broke instantly and her aggro radius was huge so mobs basically fell over each other to get to her from half the zone away, she definitely needed a bodyguard to avoid a massive corpse drag through the zones.

Flipping between screens to attack the mobs and then rez my little toon was a little slow (and frustrating) so my bf kindly offered to come play his toon himself and that made the rest of the trip down to Spires much faster. I would recommend if you want to take a very low-level into Draenor, see if you can find a friend who’s willing to devote a bit of time to helping you and try to make sure they’re on a class that can rez, it’ll save so much time compared to having to run back to your corpse.


Putting a low-level toon in front of Vesharr was so much fun I  decided to move a second toon down to Shadowmoon Valley to Ashlei. I  figured Canji, my level 90 Alliance hunter who I don’t have plans to level any time soon,would be perfect. The higher level toon made getting through Draenor a breeze compared to the rogue and she was more than able to solo her way down to Shadowmoon.

She was able to fly herself to the isle and then I chose a different path to take which skirted most of the mobs in Gorgond and at 90 her camouflage (stealth ability) didn’t break even in aggro range so I was able to walk pretty much the whole way down through Gorgond, through Talador into Zangarra and then ride down the Taanan Channel and into Shadowmoon. Much simpler and faster!

Cliff Path in Gorgond

Stealthing in Gorgond

Canji's path

I wouldn’t mind moving one more toon over to Nagrand but it’s a much further trip than Spires and Shadowmoon, so  I’ll leave that for another day.

Draenor Tamers and low level alt viability

Vesharr – Spires of Arak.

No aggro around the Tamer as well as access to a repairs/vendors and an inn for faster logout. There’s no mailbox but the flightpath to Axefall is right there (Make sure you pick up Axefall flightpath on the way through) and you can fly to Axefall, post your charms and fly back without drawing aggro.  Not sure how this would go for Alliance characters as I don’t know the Alliance town nearby but I’m guessing it would probably be fine.

Tarr the Terrible – Nagrand

This will probably be the next tamer I try to get an alt to. High in the north of Nagrand it’s a lot longer run than to Spires but once there it looks like there should be little mobs to aggro around the tamer and there is a mailbox and vendor in the immediate area. It also means easy access to the black market auction house to see what’s listed.

Ashlei – Shadowmoon Valley

Much easier for an Alliance alt. Ashlei is fairly close to Embaari Village which gives access to vendors/mailboxes and repairs. There is a mob that pats close by but I’m don’t think even a low alt would be in aggro range. No mailbox near by for Horde.

Gargra –Frostfire Ridge

Low chance to draw aggro however no access to any mailboxes so your charms are going to be a bit difficult to post away. Fine if you want to let them accumulate for a bit though.

Taralune – Talador

Should be ok for aggro once you’re there but I couldn’t find any close by mailboxes.

Cymre – Gorgond

I don’t think I’d try this one. I stopped past her on the way through with Canji and it looks like the mobs are super close. I think they’d aggro on a low level alt pretty easily and there are no mailboxes close by.

Mobs around Cymre


  I’ve been waiting rather impatiently all day for Graves to find his way to me, I do love getting new pets!

I had checked on Heros before I went to work this morning and when I came home but there was no notification of Graves’ arrival either time. Then tonight after raid, I logged back into Heros and there was a notification that I had received Graves as a reward for reaching level 20.

I logged back into wow but Graves still wasn’t showing up, but after I closed and restarted the launcher and wow I had mail from Breanni letting me know this little guy was found in Duskwood Cemetary and was looking for a home.

Graves 2

(He’s under the effect of size-increasing biscuits)

Graves 1  Graves

Shown next to a Goblin for actual size

He is actually really quite cute.  New pets are always exciting. I can’t wait to level him up and see what his abilities are like.