Wheee Night Elf!!

The faction change went really smoothly. I couldn’t get Zeera so I put a dumb symbol à  (alt + 0224) at the end but then realised I could have got Zeerah so I’ll consider doing a name change in a bit.

I remembered to copy my WTF folder and just dragged and dropped the files from Barthilas-Zeera to Frostmourne-Zeerà, and along with most of my addons having profiles saved, setting my new toon back up was really easy.

I did lose the Tell Me When settings I had for Troll Zee but they were easy enough to set up for Nelf Zee. Now I’m using Weak Aura’s more, I’ll get around to replacing the Tell Me When’s with WA, especially as I noticed my WA’s came across with no issues.

My Macro’s didn’t auto populate even with making sure I copied the old file across but I found a really helpful console command on Wowhead that stops the server constantly syncing temporarily which can help your macros to stick for whatever reason. You type

into your chat box and logout then locate your Macros file:

and copy it from your old character to your new character’s file and log back into the game and all your general as well as character specific macros should be showing. After that run the console command again but this time change the 0 to 1 and it resumes server syncing.

What I did forget is that you lose all the quests you have in your log so I didn’t go around and finish them up. There were quite a few that were halfway done, including the kill mythic Elisande  4 times one. I think this feature is really outdated now since there are incredibly few faction specific quests in Legion now. But it happened, so I’ll have to wander around the world and pick up my quests again. Hopefully any that were in progress might have the progress saved still /fingers crossed.

The first night of raiding as a trial with the Alliance guild went really smoothly. We cleared the first 8 bosses in Mythic and I got my Star Augur kill and Ach! I didn’t die and I didn’t get feared and I dropped my fel where it was meant to be and tranq’d properly so I was really happy.

Given they have been farming mythic for a couple of weeks, the average ilvl of the raiders are a bit higher so fights were a bit quicker than I was used to. My healing figures were the same as normal but I was lower on the healing charts than I’m used to; partly from the slightly higher ilvl of the other healers as well as being not super sure of their cd timing so I didn’t use mine as much as I could have if I had just thrown tranq out whenever I wanted to. I think it was ok for the first night though.

They had their main tank away so we only did the first 8 that night leaving Elis and Gul’dan to Sunday. Then it was a quick re-clear through heroic with half the raid on alts getting geared up for split runs in Tomb. I’ll need to bring my Shaman across to Alliance before Sunday because after they clear the last 2 mythic bosses, it’ll be another reclear of heroic for the other half of the raid to bring their alts.

They have a few trials as well as a core raider that hadn’t seen Gul’dan so I’m not sure how many will go in on Sunday as they don’t want to make the fight a re-prog with a lot of new people.

I have hardly explored the world as a Night Elf yet, I want to pop over to Stormwind and have a look around and go do the Alliance version of the Broken Shore and the new Anduin scenario I’ve heard about. I did try hearthing into my Garrison and while it brought up the Alliance loading screen it disconnected me. I might have to walk into it and set my heath that way.

It’s super early days but I’m loving seeing Zee as a Night Elf again, though looking at my friends list and seeing how many Horde friends I’d regularly go do mythic plus with, makes me wonder how I’ll do that now. I’m going to miss jumping into dgns easily with then so I’ll need to keep my priest up to-date or something so I can.

And.. how gorgeous is the Alliance version of the Sentinel Owl!!


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Omg my last post was last week’s random Tuesday one, this is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting since Legion went live. My motivation just slipped a little this week.

First up I got Velens! Making that my last Resto Druid legendary to collect and putting it fairly smack on 2 weeks since I got my shoulders, even though I feel like I’ve done a bit less this fortnight. I’d been running around the world collecting every world treasure chest I could but this time it came from opening the bags that you get for turning in Legionfall supplies. I had 500 from the mission board quest so turned them in and then opened all 5 bags in a row. On the 5th I heard the clink of something going to my bag and was trying to work out what that was as the order hall resources and nethershards don’t make a sound when you loot them when the picture for Velen’s came up. I’m pretty sure I screamed so loudly on discord.

And then sure enough after finally getting it, I’m not 100% sure I like it lol. I’ve got so used to Pyrdaz and it’s amazing shield and equipping Velens seriously messed with all my stats and I don’t have the pieces with the combination of right stats to put them back to how I like them. I guess once I get used to it and the difference in stats it’s given me I’ll like it. The on-use effect is 1.5min so I’m using it with I use the  artifact ability + flourish rotation rather than than holding it for tranq.

We did our heroic clear on Thursday and finished early enough that we had lots of time left over so managed to convince 15 other people to come along to Mythic Highmaul and BRF so we could kill the end bosses for the battleboar mount.

It’s really ugly, but it’s one more mount off my list!

I decided to go get my Pally her tanking weapon as I’ve been spending a bit of time on her levelling slowly. I didnt end up getting her leveled before May finished so I’ll try get her the last 4 levels needed in June. Levellign as tank is so much easier as she tends to stay alive a lot longer.

Apart from that it’s been a week of re-progging through Nighthold. Naz did an amazing job of finding new replacements for the key players but unfortunately due to needing to replace not only dps but some seriously key roles,  2 tanks and a healer, and having a hard time finding people at the same progression as us, what was easy raiding just became hard all over again and our reclear saw us not getting far through NH at all for the 3 nights we spent in there raiding. This was really not what anyone of us wanted.  So I made the difficult decision to transfer Zee to Frostmourne now rather than later as I really don’t see us getting Gul’dan down in the current incarnation of what our guild is now.

Dec is coming with me to the new guild I’m trialing with so that will be awesome as we both relearn playing ally. He started WoW as Ally on Aman’thul in Cata (just like I did) so it’ll be like going back to the start for both of us. Quite a few guildies transferred over tonight as well which is exciting as the list of alliance friends has just grown a heck of a lot.




Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

With only 2 nights of raiding this week, I feel like I’ve had heaps of time just to muck around in the game and relax. There’s been a real toy theme in all my screenshots this week. It started when I was over at Throne of Thunder and decided to wait for Nalak to come up before going in and seeing if Ji-kun and Horridon feel like passing over mounts and there ended up being a bit of a crowd gather to wait as well. One of the people waiting started to put down all his toys and it turned into  a little party for a bit. A solitary Alliance turned up and actually waited with the horde that were there, which I thought was rather brave of them, as I’ve been attacking most of them on sight lately. But when they put down toys too, I thought it would be nicer to leave them be.

I ran a few old cata raids with Toco and Dec for transmog and gave Toco his very own moonkin army. I really love the magic mirror which lets you take on your pets appearance. 2 magic mirrors along with the Moonkin Hatchling pet looked adorable.

I finally got around to unlocking the new traits on my Shaman’s weapon. I had been dumping so much AP into her weapon that she couldn’t use it so I went and completed the scenarios for both Ele and Resto. I really really loved the Ele quest line which had me reading books and working out a puzzle based on clues in the book. The resto one was the same one I had done on Z, so nothing exciting there.

Zee got concordance on her resto weapon, so now I don’t feel as compelled to grind out AP. The proc of extra intellect seems to occur a lot but doesn’t really feel that inspiring. It won’t be really changing the way I do anything but I’m glad I don’t have that 52nd trait hanging over my head. I’ll put all AP into my Boomy weapon next and then probably my feral and bear and then go back to putting anything else into Resto.. AP the gift that keeps on giving.

Playing my shaman a bit more, reminded me that she had 2 leatherworking toys she could make. The leather pet bed is just cute. When you put it down any pet that you have out climbs on it. Not of all the pets have lying down animations, some just stand on it, but the ones that do lie down are adorable.

I also went and bought the recipe for the leather love seat which lets you sit down with another person and you can snuggle up next to them.

And to have a bit of fun and get to know Frostmourne, I made a brand new human Pally. So much has changed since I last leveled a plate wearer, we can actually wear plate not mail now!

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Misanthropy 9/10M recruiting for Gul’dan..

Posted on OCE recruitment forums by my GM.. link here 

Hi everyone. Misanthropy will be server transferring to Frostmourne Allie after this tier. We are looking for a few players to come kill Guldan with us before the end of tier. We have so far gotten to the phase 3 transition.

We are happy for you to come to frostmourne with us or go back to your old guild as soon as Guldan is dead.

Mount will be free roll.

We require a tank ( Pref druid ) a healer ( Pref holy pally ) And Dps ( Pref melee )

If you are in a 3/10+ guild. Please contact me and we can go through logs and see if you’d be the right fit. As I said, this is for a short period only and you are welcome to go back to your main guild as soon as it’s over.

Raid times are wed sun mon 8:15pm-11:30pm Server.

Thank you all for your time and I hope to see some of you soon!

Battle tag is naz#1786



So I’ve decided that I’ll be going Ally for Tomb. One way or the other, whether we kill Gul’dan or not, my guild will be dead on Barthilas. I really hope we get Gul’dan down, we’ve all worked so damn hard to get as far as we have.

Over the past couple of days, we lost a few players through a variety of reasons, real life, burnout, impatience but we’ve rebuilt mostly, we’ve had a few well timed applications but as you can see from the above recruitment post.. not quite enough. Who knows what our raid team is going to look come Wednesday when we stand back in front of Gul’dan but every single one of us really hopes that we will kill this boss as a team while he’s still considered current content.  If we do it, amazing!

If not, I’ve already told my lovely GM Naz, there might be a temporary guild quit while I try to get a last minute Cutting Edge in. I could probably go now and have a much better shot, but I want to wait. It’s come back down to – I care a hell of a lot for the new friends I’ve made in my raid team and want to give us all the best shot at CE possible. If I do leave, it’ll be temporary because Zee’s going to be a brand new Night Elf again for Tomb of Sargeas. If our guild can rebuild on Frostmourne, yay! if we can’t and I have to guild hunt, I may as well do it as an Alliance.

If the recruitment post grabs you and you’re interested, I seriously encourage you to apply or even just add Naz for a chat.

Wish us luck friends.

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 17: Best Dressed

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This fortnight’s topic is all about our favourite transmog.

I love being able to transmog and spend a lot of time making up outfits for all my toons. It kills me a little bit that my favourite outfits are not on a leather class, I find leather sets a bit boring compared to the really gorgeous cloth and plate sets that are around, and the majority of my time is spent on a leather-wearer /sigh. Since the new appearance tab came in, a huge chunk of my time is now spent running all my toons through as many old raids as possible to gather up all the sets and then once that’s done, I’ll start on dungeons for even more pieces. There’s so many gorgeous transmog pieces I’m missing.

I usually make outfits out of random pieces I pick and choose so my toons are always dressed in random outfits rather than actual sets. I don’t have a favourite set, it changes almost daily, so my toons pretty much are always being dressed and re-dressed each day, depending on my mood,  but I do have a few sets that I like so much I save so I can always come back to them.

While I don’t really dress them according to class fantasy, I do find that I tend to stay away from outfits that really don’t suit a particular theme, like putting a druid-themed staff on my warlock or skulls on my paladin.



It actually drives me a little crazy that two of my favourite leather pieces I can’t use on Zee.  The pink/purple sandals of the insurgent don’t show up on a troll and the brown skirt is from the Kureni which is Alliance only.



Actually writing this post highlighted just how little nice mail and plate I have, so I need to get into some raids to be able to dress up my toons!

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I went away for part of this week to go see my Nan for her 90th birthday. It was really good to catch up with my family again, it’s been a really long time since we were all in the one place at the same time. It was a bit sad seeing my nan though, she’s got fairly bad dementia and there were quite a few times she didn’t remember who was who but even so it was so good to see her. In between family catch-ups I spent a bit of time going around places I haven’t seen in ages.

I decided at the last minute to take my laptop with me so I could play wow at night, but I didn’t really get up to much wow for the time I was away.

I finally got 250 mounts this week for the achievement. I was running through Firelands with Dec, who continues to be the good luck charm of mounts, because Ragnaros dropped the Pureblood Firehawk when we ran through for transmog last night. I was fully prepared to lose the roll, but then Dec let me know he already had it. Yay, all mine!

Getting the achievement to actually trigger was really annoying, The mount count wouldn’t update from 249  to 250 on Zee, so I went to my Paladin and it showed 250 of 250 but it still wouldn’t complete so I swapped to my Warlock and she manged to get it to trigger but I never actually saw the achievement come up.

The mount reward for 250 mounts is the Felfire Hawk. I really love this model and the green colour in particular.


   And this happened….

This is not Velens 😦 However, it does mean Velens is next.I hope, now I’m doubting myself and am worried there’s a sneaky legendary I’ve overlooked not getting yet. Naz and I both have been hoping we would get Velens as soon as possible and after he got the chest last week, we  both now only have Velens and the shoulders to go,  Now it will be interesting to see what one he gets next.  It’s pretty much been a 2 week gap between my last 3 legendaries, so hopefully this means Velens at the start of June. ARGH I really wanted velens/shoulder combo for Gul’dan.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Ballooning over Azeroth

The Balloon mini holiday is already over but due to being away interstate for a family catch-up, this post is delayed  but better late than never right?. Currently I’m sitting at the airport due to a 2hr delay on my flight back home, so what better time to post.

So far out of all the miniholidays that were added, this was my favourite one.  The event came out right before I went away, so I didn’t get to all of the balloon locations, but I did get around to all the ones in the Broken Isles and the one down in Uldum.

I loved that each had a different theme so you could do all of them and see a new thing at each zone. My favourite by far was the Suramar one as you got a bit of a history lesson and it was interactive at the same time with the panda tour guide asking everyone questions.

I can’t work out of the Highmountain one was bugged or intentional, but you went with Hemant Nesingawary who starts out all sad and miserable and part way through the flight he vanished from the balloon. I think we all thought he had jumped out due to being really sad but then right at the end he re-appeared saying we had cheered him up. So maybe he wasn’t meant to take himself away like that.

The downside was that you needed 3 to start the event so if you were queuing with a party you had to make sure that there wasn’t anyone else queued or only some of your group would get taken at a time.

This will be one holiday I’m looking forward to coming back so I can get up to the other balloon locations  on other continents I missed this time.


Shammying around

Thursday nights are our fun raid nights were we usually go run alts through Heroic Nighthold for fun. Up until now I’ve just been coming on Zee for AP and for fun with logs; either solo healing for really high heroic logs or taking boomy affinity and doing not a single heal for 99% parses for damage as a restoration druid. Naz and I both have a lot of fun when we do that and try to see who can be the best on the sever. It doesn’t look like a look of restos on our server do any dps, so Naz and I are always usually the top 2 druids on warcraft logs. It’s fun when you can outgear content and get to have a bit of fun with it. AP and titanforging keep the raids current on all difficulties though.

But this week I decided to take my Shammy. I was sitting at work yesterday, thinking about my alts (much more fun than thinking about spreadsheets) and I realised rather than levelling a holy priest for split runs, a restoration shaman would be much more useful. There was quite a few fights in NH on progression where a shaman would have been amazing and on the fights were we could 5 heal, we have our ele shaman go healer, but on fights that we need to 4 heal and don’t have the room to bring another healer on board and  swapping a druid for a shaman temporarily would have been helpful. There’s probably going to be similar situations in Tomb and I’d prefer to swap to a diff healer class for a specific fight if needed. I’m not really sure if this is really a viable idea, I haven’t had as much experience on my shammy as my other healing alts and not sure how hard it would be to maintain 2 toons at a current raid standard given I’ve really just stuck to Zee this entire expac so far, but hey can only try right?

So with that in mind, I talked to Naz about my plan and he was happy to go with it so I brought my tiny little 840 shaman into Heroic Nighthold for fun. I had a ton of bonus rolls stored up, so I was hoping to get lucky on rolls. I originally decided to go as dps but after looking at how atrocious I was doing, I swapped to resto as it meant I could do something a little helpful, even it meant I was mostly healing myself.

Even with that in mind, I spent most of the first bosses like this.

At 2mil health some of the abilities just couldn’t be avoided.

I was incredibly lucky and Botanist handed over Prydaz for her first legendary, which I was incredibly grateful for, it’s a strong legendary and the shield helped me to start living longer.

I wasn’t going to roll on too much gear as I knew I was taking a really undergeared toon in there but Naz made me roll on each boss, refusing to hand the loot out until I did. I felt so bad and kept hoping I wouldn’t win as other people had their alts in there too and I had a seriously low roll streak going on but I ended up getting a ton of gear as most of the people that won mail said it was a tiny or sideways upgrade and a massive one for me, so she walked out with a lot of 890 gear, and 3 tier pieces. I did feel guilty a lot about the amount of gear I was getting but it will help get her into mythic dgns a lot faster. Relics are the hardest item to get, her resto weapon now has all the first 34 traits but not a single relic in it. Dgn spam incoming.

I’m actually really excited to get a different class of healer up and running, though it’s such a different class to anything I’ve played before so it might not be that viable. Guess we’ll have to wait and see as I get more familiar on the class. I do love being a Goblin on her though, she’s such a little cutie. And after 7 years of leather, new transmog options yay!






Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This was a transmog and ach week. I actually feel a bit guilty that I’ve been doing so much old content and not really that much AP grinding. I ran Z through a couple of 10 mythic plus right on reset and that was it. I shouldn’t feel guilty about doing what I want to do but I really do. I did manage to hit level 50 on my main weapon so 2 more levels to go to Concordance.

We turned the Saturday afternoon guild AP run into an achievement run and picked up all but 2 of the achievements from EN and NH for the mount.

I also spent a lot of time in the Warsong Gulch PvP brawl. Warsong Gulch is my favourite battleground and the changes made it actually more fun than the normal version. You could cap the flag even if the other team had yours and you had to be the first team to cap 10 flags. I spent a lot of time carrying the flag trying to get the ach for capping 3 times and not dying in the match. I met the requirements plenty of times but didn’t get the ach so I”m not sure what was wrong. I did pick up another achievement for killing 100 flagcarriers which was pretty fun. I was quing with 4 other people and we were having a really good winning streak for quite a long while.

I did a bit of levelling on my Monk through Azsuna and noticed the mages in the academy get really upset if you accidentally hit them with your wand fire. I hadnt seen it before so spent ages attacking all the NPCs to see what they would say.

The rest of the week was spent alternating between a lot of alts running as many old raids for transmog sets as I could fit in.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Mythic Elisande down! 9/10M Squee

We killed Mythic Elisande last night on our 3rd prog night, making her even faster than Star Augur. It did help that there were a few changes to her health and mechanics the 2nd night we were on her. Clipping a ring went from being an definite death to something that might not kill you if you had enough health and we were quick to top that person back up.  

I was dreading this fight at the start but it ended up not being too bad at all. The changes to the mythic version felt almost minimal, especially compared to the changes Star had. However dps had a few extra things to look out for – killing the adds at the right time and interrupting a lot more; you’d notice pretty quickly if interrupts didn’t happen as damage would skyrocket. Dodging the 2nd set of rings wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and it turned into a smooth little dance; we’d run either to the right or left of the blue slow time orb into the gap and then spin around to face to boss again and pick the gap as the rings spun back out. As spanning singularity targeted a random ranged/heals, we needed to go stand on the edge of the wall right before singularity came out to make sure it dropped there and out of of the way. That was actually a much easier change to just having it drop anywhere as we didn’t need to move around it during the fight.

I really wanted to take spring blossoms on this fight as we were pretty much stacked on top of each other for most of the fight and the talent would have been awesome, but I found a 2min tranq lined up better for me with the Delphuric beams in P2 and P3. There was one refresh of the haste buff,  that speeds up my cooldown timers, I missed  a few times because it expired not long after a ring came out and sometimes I was too far away depending on the path I took to dodge back through the incoming rings.  I think if I made sure I refreshed my haste buff each time, I could probably have gone to spring blossoms as the remaining CD on tranq when the beams came out in p3 was only about 20 secs or so.

I am incredibly glad that we were able to 4 heal this fight because when I was researching it, a lot of guides were still suggesting that you could take 3 heals. It annoys me no end the lack of consistency between fights, because when fights are tuned so tight around a dps check, it can be easier to drop a healer to skip a damaging mechanic and bring in an extra dps. Obviously the easier answer is to make sure your healers can dps as well as a dedicated dpser but I don’t think there’s anyone in our healing team that could pull equivalent dps numbers; I know I couldn’t. And while I’m super excited to be standing in front of Gul’dan now, because of the mechanics being so punishing to ranged dps, we’re in the same predicament now of sitting one of the ranged for an extra melee. We’ll all eventually get the kills we’re missing and it’s part of mythic raiding to be pulling in the classes/roles you need but it’s still a little frustrating. It would be nice to be able to take the same amount of roles from start to finish.

Gul’dan’s fight looks freaking chaotic and insane but we have about 6 weeks until Tomb comes out, so we have a fairly good shot at getting him down in time. We spent the rest of last night, after Elisande, on him and were starting to get a bit of a grip on P1. It was originally a 16 min fight but the recent changes that were made to him too, have brought it down to around an 11 min fight. Learning the different phases is going to be quite the journey. I am so freaking excited about this!

Today is exactly 2 months since I joined Misanthropy. If you had told me 2 months ago that I would be progressing on Mythic Gul’dan while it was still current, I wouldn’t have believed you. And the best part.. not only is the raiding great, I really like the guild too, I’m so lucky to have found awesome people to be doing this with.

Fingers crossed for us.