Night’s Vigilance: 10 Dungeons Tint

I was looking over my resto artifact appearance and realised there’s quite a few of the tints I’m missing. Some I’m really unlikely to get, the really high Prestige levels particularly, but some I’d like to work on while Legion’s still around.

My favourite appearance is the Mage tower Owl, Night’s Vigilance, and I had only unlocked the base colour.  The easiest of the 3 tints would definitely be the complete 10 different legion dungeons so that’s what I decided to work on first. I figured I should be fairly close as I’ve been doing quite a few dungeons lately so I started queuing specifically for the ones I knew I hadn’t been in for quite a while. Luckily the tint unlocked after only running through Neltharian’s and Violet Hold!

I really love the pale gold of this tint and I finally found a nice transmog to go with the Genesis shirt out of AQ40.

The last 2 tints for my owl is a dark blue from killing heroic KJ and a pale purple from winning 10 rated BGs. Given I haven’t stepped foot into a BG or a raid for a few months now I’m not sure if either will be easy to obtain.




Shiny Paladin Horses

Jumping around toons today to see where their professions are sitting at, I noticed that the Artifact on the holy spec of  my Paladin had hit concordance so I was able to buy the concordance reward mount! I have no idea how long I had the AP for that and didn’t notice.

With the huge increases to the amount of AP you can get from world quests, it only took 2 quests and I could buy the Prot and Ret horses as well.

3 new horses in one day is awesome! I have quite a few other toons that have concordance mounts or pets, so I’ll have to get questing on them as well.



Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 30: 2018 Bucket List

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.  

A brand new year stretching out in front of me, full of possibilities and what-nots.

Rather obviously I haven’t been playing WoW as much in the last few months, and I actually think I rather like that. I’m not locked into a rigid raiding schedule so I can indulge in a Netflix binge and not have to tear myself away (currently loving Pretty Little Liars) and I have been trying out a ton of new games which has been awesome. But.. I do miss WoW too, and the few times I’ve logged on lately I’ve stood around feeling a bit lost as to what to do. For a really long time WoW=raiding so if I’m not raiding I really can’t think of what I should be doing in WoW.

The bucket list for this year might keep me on track a little. I’m guessing we might see a new expansion come out this year which might derail my plans but there’s a ton of Legion specific things I’d like to get through before embarking into a new world.

Zee’s 2018 To-Do List

1. Get all professions to 800. I already have a couple there but I’m still missing:

Leather working
First Aid
Jewel crafting

2. Prestige 4 for the mount.

I don’t have high hopes of getting much further than getting to the mount, though more levels past 4 would be nice.

3. Deadmines and Wailing Caverns pet battles

I haven’t even started these ones and I think there’s another new one. I’d like to get at least the 2 original pet dungeons done this year.

4. 70 exalted reps

Z needs 9 more reps to get to 70 and I still haven’t touched the reps  for the insane title or most of the BC reps so  there’s plenty to chose from.This is rather ambitious and I’m not sure if I’ll actually get there but I’ll see.

5. Get a horde character all the way through the Suramar questlines.

This one will probably be dependent on hearing more about the requirements to get Nighborne elfs for Horde. Z was the only one that had fully finished the questline but now she’s Alliance, I’ll need to see if the achievement will be account or faction specific.

6. Lucid Nightmare

Absolutely no idea how to get this mount, though I know it was a lot tricky if I remember my twitter feed correctly. It doesn’t look like the Dreamweavers are giving me a white unicorn anytime soon, so I really should get my butt into gear and try to get a black one

8. Deaths of Chromie

Another new feature I haven’t tried out. I’m not putting a level on this to complete, simply going over and trying will be fine!

9. Collect the last couple of Artifact weapons.

I think the only 2 ones I’ve got left is the disc weapon for Priest and both dps weapons for Warrior.


And that pretty much wraps up what I really want to get through this year and also what I need to do to make Legion feel complete for myself.

What’s on your list?


Rock Drakes!! Our new babies

One of the new Aberration specific dino is the Rock Drake, a feathery gliding beauty and all three of us have been working towards getting some to join our dino family and as an awesome New Years present we managed to get a couple to start off with.

The only way to get a Rock Drake is to make your way down to the deepest, mostly radioactive, biome and steal eggs to hatch your own. The way down is pretty scary; the environment is radioactive, so you need to wear hazard suits, which slowly degrade while exposed to radiation. I was so worried my suit would break I ended up making quite a few to take. It’s also a juggling act between avoiding Seekers (they look like hairless bats) who are attracted to the light that your shoulder dinos put out and stronger in it and Nameless who swarm all over you when the light is turned out.

Dec found a guide that showed a quick way to jump Spinos down a big cliff, avoiding part of the walk, so you can skip meeting a lot of the dinos you’d normally find on the way down but the jump required you free fall a long way, aiming to land on a tiny bit of land next to an insta-death radioactive lake. I initially balked at the idea and ended up going into a single player map and practiced multiple times at jumping off with spawned in dinos to try to avoid losing the real ones. Outside of occasional roll backs when things go really wrong, Dec hates the idea of using admin commands or cheats on our servers, trying to keep it as close to official servers as possible, so I tend to use the single player version as a testing ground as I can spawn in items/dinos rather than lose the real ones that take a while to find and tame.

We decided to give it a go over the weekend and made it down relatively safely. Despite all my practice, I hit a cliff edge on the first try and bounced away from the land straight into the death lake..Dec had agreed to make a server back up just in case, so we had another go and I landed perfectly.  From there it was still quite a walk down however working our way down to the deepest level was a lot easier than I was expecting. I forgot to take any photos because I was constantly rushing in case my hazmat suit broke and I died to the radiation. I actually ended up only needing the one suit, so next time I’ll take my time and screenshot away. The deepest level is all pink and purple and gorgeous.

Our plan was to just grab the first easy to reach eggs we could find, regardless of level, as adult Rock Drakes can glide, climb walls and turn invisible which will make getting subsequent eggs way easier. I was really hoping we’d find 3 eggs on the first go, so we’d all have one straight away but we ended up only finding 2 eggs close to each other in easy to grab range.

We needed a ton of airconditioners to hatch the eggs, which look rather like purple pinecones more than eggs.

Rock Drakes are just so gorgeous (warning: screenshot spam ahead). They come in a ton of different colour ways, so no surprises I want to go collect enough eggs to have them all.

First baby boy came out in  gold and blue colours.

The second baby was a girl and is a greeny/blue colour.  It’s actually hard taking accurate colour screenshots in Aberration. Most of the time the map is semi-night, so I have a dino on my shoulder throwing out light, or I bump the gamma up in game to make it lighter – both of which make taking screenshots tricky.


On official severs they’d take about 3 (real) days to grow, but with our boosted rates, it only took about 9 hours from baby to adult. It still felt like ages though, I was so impatient to see them grown up.

Look at how gorgeous (and huge) their arm feathers are!

By the way, how gorgeous is the hazard suit. I’ve taken to wearing it pretty much constantly just because I love how it looks, especially when dyed in my favourite colours. Luckily it doesn’t degrade if you’re not in radiation or the hallucinogenic mushroom patches because it takes a ton of resources to repair.

Gliding is pretty awesome after being grounded for so long.  They move super fast too; being able to glide around the map should make it a bit faster to get around.

She looks so cheeky!

We’re going to need to add a few extensions to the base to include larger  platforms to store them all on.

I’m utterly in love with these drakes so much.  I can’t wait to go back down and get more. Luckily the saddle seats 2 people, so at least the three of us can go together at the same time.

The close of 2017

A couple of years ago, I made the end of year tradition to wrap up the year with a Monthly screenshot re-cap and this year Cinder and I turned it into a part of our final for 2017 blog challenge post. Pop over here to see the rest of the entries.

The end part of this year has been notable for me branching out into other games, rather than just being dedicated only to Wow.  However, despite the breaks I still took lots of WoW screenshots and as always, narrowing the year’s worth down into 1 per month is always tricky. But here goes:















Like always, I’m excited for the next year. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. Hopefully it will be a safe and happy year for everyone 🙂

Have a very Happy New Year!



Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 29: Return to the 2017 Bucket List

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.  

Way way back at the start of the year, our first blog challenge was to write down our 2017 Bucket List and then we’d come back and re-visit this list.

It’s revisiting time! Let’s see how I got through my WoW to-do list, especially as there hasn’t been much WoW lately.

1. All classes to 110. Complete!

It was really fun levelling all the classes in the one expansion and getting to see the different playstyles while going through the same content. There were a few that were incredibly easy to level – DK and Demon Hunter especially. The Demon hunter in particular was probably the fastest to level as well. While I wouldn’t want to main either classes, they gave me the most enjoyable time levelling.

2.  Finish the quest line for each of the Sharptalon pets and transform them into Mounts. Complete!

The quest lines were really cute, even if they seemed to take ages. 4 new mounts and 4 pets at the end was more than worth the quest grind.

3. Get Z her last 2 reputations for The Beloved title. Complete!

The new factions helped to get Zee this achievement. I still need to go grind the reps for the Insane title though.

4. Finish the Fishing Legendary. Nope!

At the start of the bucket list, Z hadn’t even started the quest chain.. and at the end – still hadn’t started. Maybe 2018?

5. Get the Family Familiar achievement. Complete!

This took ages at the end to finish as one of the last tamers I needed wouldn’t show up. I much prefer the Argus version where I can stand at the one pet and battle as much as I like.

I’m actually pretty happy with how I went in WoW this year. Even though my play time has dropped off quite a bit in the last part of the year, as I’ve found other games, I still got through what I really wanted to do.

Let’s see what 2018 brings.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games each week.

Eek! Can you believe this is the 2nd last Random Tuesday for the year (though given my sporadic posting lately, it might be the last!)

The first and most exciting news is that Dec and I got a new tribemate to play with us in Ark. Scramms, one of my friends from work, plays WoW and I was waffling on  about Ark taking me away from WoW at the moment, so he decided to come join us and see what the fuss is all about. Luckily he likes the game and decided to stay and play with us (another Ark convert!?!).

Aberration is still awesome to play around in. We’ve been taming dinos to take over the heavy work of collecting raw materials to be able to build our base and slowly exploring. I think the map is going to be around the same size as the Island map (it’s meant to be a mutated Island, so makes sense), so there’s a lot of ground to cover and no flying dinos to make it easier/safer/faster.

We’ve leveled enough to start unlocking some of the new items and they are so fun. There’s a wing suit that lets you glide.. though I tend to crash headfirst into the ground a lot.

Zip lines that you can zoom down,

and even better,  one of the new dinos – a dog-like Ravager, can use them so you can stay mounted and cross along both the zip-lines and the natural vines that are around the place. Being able to stay mounted and tightrope walk is so fun. Don’t ask how many times I’ve managed to misclick and fall off though.

We also found our way into the 2nd biome which is so different from the Mushroom forest our base is in. Even though it looks really pretty, it’s radioactive and full of really strong little cat-like dinos that transform into stronger  versions of themselves. We had a long battle with constantly spawning little devils until we gave up and retreated.

We did find the cutest animal just inside the blue biome. Tiny baby goats called Shinehorns that you can carry around on your shoulder.

Their light stops the cat-dinos from transforming so we’ll be taking a bunch back with us when we go back into the blue biome. Apparently there’s 2 other biomes past the blue one, so lots and lots of exploring ahead.

The cutest goat and a Ravager, so ugly it’s cute.

WoW still hasn’t managed to call me back yet, which worries me a little, I hope that I get my WoW mojo back soon but I’ve found more reasons to keep me from logging back on outside of Ark time. Crafting has slowly slid back into my life and I’ve picked up a piece of Christmas stitching that has been waiting for me for way way too many Christmases.  This might be the year I finish?

And I’ve finally given into my longtime fascination with Warhammer models and picked up a set to try the painting out, and maybe eventually the game. No judging, it’s a long way from being finished.

Omg the models are so so so tiny in real life, I don’t know how I’m going to paint some of the parts to it. Bad (new) painting skills aside, it’s really fun so far.

And that was my week. How was yours?




Ark: Aberrations. First day in pictures

Ark bought out it’s new DLC,  Aberrations today and I am super excited about getting to play in a new world. One thing that is universal across all the different DLC’s is that all the maps are gorgeous and this one is already showing itself as a stunner.

    We made a new server and decided instead of transferring our leveled toons over, we’d start again with fresh characters for now and explore the map as we level. It’ll be a bit slower as we’re all little again but it should be fun.

One thing that is really refreshing and a big change from WoW, is just how easy it was to not learn too much in advance. I didn’t see any of the massive datamining that you see in the lead up to a WoW expac so most of the new dinos/items are still a surprise. Having said that, I do have a bit of a vague idea of the overarching lore behind this map. Apparently it’s the result of one of the 3 obelisks that support the world breaking, and the ensuing chaos that the power (radiation?) running free has caused on the Ark.

Because it’s an official DLC, it should have more of the lore boxes that tell the story bit by bit dotted around for me to find, so I can’t wait to piece the puzzle of this place together.

Being only little, we didn’t stray too far from the easier starting area for the first night though there were lots of deaths as we tourist’ed around a bit at the start. Almost all the familiar dinos are slightly different with glowy markings their Island counterparts don’t have.

I’m utterly in-love with the mushrooms and already have way way too many screenshots of them. Their glow fades in and out and they seem to release little glowy spores at times.

I can’t wait to dive in over the weekend and do quite a bit of levelling and exploring.

Wyverns! Dragons of Ark

Each map for Ark has some map-specific dinos and for Scorched Earth, it’s Wyverns. Huge and dangerous dragons, and ever since I saw one flying over the desert, I’ve wanted one.  Unlike other dinos, Wyverns can’t be tamed (or bred), the only way to get one is to steal it from the nest in their spawning grounds, which immediately aggros all the other Wyverns into the area. They’re faster than all other flying mounts and with the fire, lightening and poison breath, they’re also super deadly.

We ended up popping back to the Island and taming another Giga to make killing off the waves of Wyverns easier and then we were able to find a few high level eggs to take and hatch. Though, we did learn the hard way not to take eggs across servers, as they reset their data to Level 1 on hatching. Luckily we had collected a few high-level eggs but I was really disappointed when I realised one had dropped all the way down to a level 1 hatchling.

We didn’t have air-conditioners on S.E to auto-regulate the temperature, so we had to do it the manual way, and heat the eggs with tons of torches to get them hot enough to hatch.

You have to feed them on Wyvern Milk when they are growing, which comes from knocking out female wyverns and collecting it from their inventory. I utterly love that the milk comes in little bottles!

These guys are so cute (in an utterly ugly way) when they’re little. Their heads are much too big for their bodies, but then they start growing,

and growing,

and they are huge when fully grown.

These guys are so fast! I thought they’d be similar to Quetzal’s which are huge sooo slow birds from the Island, but these dragons are super zoomy. I’m looking forward to being able to fly around this huge map a little quicker.

The ones we first hatched are Fire Wyverns so they have the flame breath which looks awesome.

Chilling in the fridge waiting for the next hatching weekend is a poison and a lightning egg, I can’t wait to see them grow up.

So much Ark, so little Blog

Eek, I have a blog I’ve been neglecting badly. There’s been so much Ark playing going on that I really haven’t taken much of a break to write about it.

We’ve been busy progressing slowly through the last ground cave on The Island which is a death filled pit of super strong dinos you need to face on foot as no dino fits through the entrance and building up our dino army to have a go at the end bosses of Ark.

Gorgeous but deadly cave

But.. we decided one of the weekends not too far back to take a bit of a break and go have a look at the Scorched Earth map for a little change. And… the quick look turned into a couple of weeks so far, because a change is as a good as a holiday and there’s so much to do; building up a base and exploring the caves that we just haven’t really got back to the Island.

Dec’s hosting the Scorched Earth server on his PC, while I have The Island on mine so it means we can have both up at once and hop back and forth between the two if we want to pick up supplies from our well stocked Island map. Each map is so gorgeous that I honestly have a hard time picking which one I like the most but Scorched Earth wins out over the Island just a little.

Sand dunes for days in the deep desert.

Stunning electrical storms

I’m pretty sure when we get to Ragnarok I’ll say the same thing. In lore though, Scorched Earth follows on from the Island as the original Ark inhabitants who were on the Island map found a way off there and onto S.E. The little explorer notes dotted around the maps pick up the tale of them working their way through the desert and finding more about the purpose of the Arks and the role the 3 obelisks play. I’ll talk about that more another day when I’ve found all the notes because I’m trying not to spoil it too much by reading ahead and instead I’m letting the notes fill in the lore for me.

A new map means a new base and I love our desert home. It started super small but we really needed more room so a few extensions went on.

I talked Dec into letting me try out a building mod called Structures + which is amazing because it lets you pick items back up when you’ve placed them instead of just destroying them and you having to make more. I tend to misclick a lot when I’m building so being able to pick up a badly placed walls means a lot less going to have to dig up sand and wood to make new building pieces and it’s way quicker if you don’t like a design, you can just pick up all the pieces and replace them.

Scorched Earth has 3 caves and we’ve worked out way through 2 of them so far.

Just enough space left on the shelf for the last cave artifact!

I brought my beloved Baryonyx over to help go through the caves and it was so fun. The desert caves are super gorgeous inside.

Ooh a hint to what the Obelisk’s are for.

The 3rd cave can only be done on foot as the entrance is very small so I was really nervous going in there but we got through it to the end but then on the way out I misjudged a jump and fell to my death and then Dec died as he was left alone to try to get out through the respawns and we lost all our gear as there was no way we were able to make it back through to collect our items before they despawned. We’ll need to build armor and weapons back up a bit and then go back for a 2nd try.

One of the strats for that cave is to take a baby dino to the cave and get it inside while it’s still very little and then raise it up in the cave. I’m not sure how I feel about that as it means the dino will then be trapped forever and die unless we go back and feed it regularly. I think I might just take some building materials and build bridges over the jump I messed up. I am however considering that idea for the snow cave on the Island because that is one hell of a hard cave.

Scorched Earth has Wyverns! I want one so much, I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to fly through the Air on a dragon (well.. ignoring that I do it in WoW all the time lol). You can’t tame a Wyvern, only steal their eggs and raise a baby dragon for yourself.

There are 3 different types of Wyverns; Fire (they breath flames as attack), Poison (they spit acid) and Lightning (they shoot bolts of lightning). Our Giga is pretty much the only thing strong enough to take on a Wyvern so of course we brought him over and our method for finding an egg is to lure the Wvyerns out, one by one, from the Lava pit they live in and pick them off so the coast is clear for us to go look for eggs.

So far we’ve found 1 high level egg, so we snuck it back over to the Island where we have power and fridges to keep the egg from spoiling and hopefully over the course of this week we’ll find another decent level egg and then the weekend will be baby dragon raising. Fingers crossed!

Sssh, don’t judge me by the contents of my backpack, just look at that gorgeous egg!

Ok, massive Ark digest over. Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully I haven’t bored you too senseless 🙂

Enjoy your games!