Finally! 6/9M

There were a lot and a lot and a lot of wipes on this boss. In the last week most of our wipes have all been sub 5%  so it was actually a relief when this boss died.

If I’m really honest I was sort of hoping this would mean an early night and more time to play Ark but we went straight onto the Maiden fight.. and I have 0 idea of that fight on Mythic.

Time to watch some videos.


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 25: Who do you cheat on wow with?

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.  

Well if you read my blog lately you’ll see I’m definitely having a bit on the side with Ark, pretty much to the full exclusion of WoW.

From hunted to hunter. I have a T-Rex!

For 8 years WoW has pretty much been my only game but every now and again I find I get caught up in other games. Usually it’s really short lived because I tend to have mostly mmos on my game list and with the very nature of MMOs (grindy, designed to keep you logging in daily) playing more than one MMO is a difficult and I usually decide if I’m going to put the effort into a game, it may as well be WoW.

My favourite  MMOs are Wildstar, GW2 and  SW:ToR . I have max level toons on each of them but I really hardly ever go to see them anymore.




Skyrim is one of my favourite games ever and as single player it means I can just go do my own thing when I want some alone time. The amount of horses I’ve bought and then lost in this game is astronomical.

And then every now and again a game I think I’m just going to dip my toes into ends up grabbing me hard and I really want to spend a lot of time playing in that universe for a bit.

At times when I’ve gone off and played another game for a while, I usually find myself wondering why I put so much time into WoW to the exclusion of other games. Especially when WoW can be such a frustrating game at times. Currently, changes to spell animations, an entire expansion built around RNG , and development decisions I just don’t understand that never seem to get addressed are actually making me really disillusioned with the game at the moment. I know in my head it’ll be temporary but at the moment it’s enough to make me find playing other games seem like a breath of fresh air until the feelings of discontent go away. WoW is a winning model, and because one small subscriber doesn’t like aspects, it doesn’t mean the game is flawed.

It’s actually really awesome that there are so many games out there to be able to spend my free time in different worlds whenever I feel like it.


More Dinos!

I think I might be at that point in the expansion where other games are more interesting. I know it’s getting harder and harder to tear myself away from Ark when it’s raid time and currently that’s the only thing that is keeping me logging into WoW.

Ark is really interesting in that there’s  no real end goal, it’s completely up to you what you do and where you go, so there’s a lot of exploring to be done.

A little secret here, I’m scared  deep water in real life, and that fear is actually coming across into the game a little. I get really jumpy when we go out on our raft and if I’m steering we tend to hug the coast even though the danger isn’t any less.

These two look so happy in my spyglass, they were trying to get close enough to eat me though. Not friendly dinos at all!

T-rex through the mists was really eerie and slightly annoying as I had a dino taming just behind that rock when the Rex wandered up the beach. I couldn’t stay there and he found my unconscious dino and ate it.

We have a Bronto! I need to take a photo with a tribe member in it to show the scale because this boy is enormous.

Exploring is way more fun and faster when you can fly.

Or when you take your flying friend on a water adventure!

I’m still blown away by how gorgeous some of the scenery is. 


7.3 Druid Casting animations, do I really have to hold my arms out this long??

7.3 brought new Druid animations and the changes are a mixed bag of really pretty and downright ugly.

Wild growth looks gorgeous now. Pulling the roots up out of the ground is pretty cool and the leaves that come around your body afterwards are beautiful.

But the changes to the after-cast/combat idle are just so disgusting that I honestly can’t stand looking at my druid in combat, especially on long fights.

Now when you cast a spell on a night elf druid your arms go out to the  side and stay there for 5 seconds out of combat and constantly during combat until it ends.

It even lasts long enough that you can cast a spell and then sit to eat and you’re still in the after cast pose. Watching my druid over the course of a 8 min fight or so constantly waving her arms out to the side is just ugly and annoying.

To be honest between the stupid animations, useless tier 20 and being the only class not able to use their class mount on Argus, I’m quite over Blizzards idea of Druid fantasy at the moment.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Twas the night before Argus….

It was a week of collecting artifacts. Zee finally got her gorgeous Owl from the Mage Tower.

This took me ages to get partly because I refused to go in and try it for a long while because I kept screwing up the final 2 stages.  Once I got my healing rotation for the 2nd last stage under control, it took me a bit to work out I wasn’t handling the debuff at the end well so it took a few more attempts to work out how low I had to hold my health so I wouldn’t kill my minions but high enough that I didn’t die from the fel stomps the boss put on me. The last time it was up I ended up getting the final boss to just above 30% and I realised I was so close to being able to complete, so I was really impatient for it to come up again this week.

The owl is actually the only challenge skin I really love (I don’t think there’s any other staff like it in the game) so I really don’t know if I’ll go back in on alts and learn how to do it again.

Look at his little grumpy owl face!! I need to find a transmog that goes with it but this is the best I’ve been able to come up with that matches the colours. I think the dress is a little too blue and not aqua enough though.

I collected the final two weapons for my mage. The scenarios were quite fun but out of the 3 specs I really like Frost the best to play even though I think Fire is the better damage spec at the moment.

My Warrior got her class mount… with a hell of a lot of swearing  during the final scenario. I figured it would be like the other 11, aka rather easy and more of a story but I was wrong. It was a trial of combat where I had to defeat 4 difficult adds (1 at a time) and for my ungeared, underplayed alt it was so hard.  If I had any idea how difficult it was going to be I would have taken food and flasks in but I wandered in blindly and once I finally got the first guy down, there was no way I was leaving and having to re-do him. The 2nd and 3rd weren’t too hard but the 4th took a while. Finally done though and this makes the final class mount collected.

I went in to the treasure master cave with around 15k nethershards on my Warlock, determined to spend all of them in an attempt to get the Pilfered Sweeper and ended up getting it first go!

Then I decided to spend the rest of them trying to get an unstable arcanocrystal trinket and ended up getting a warforged socketed one first go! I was tossing up going and doing some old raids for mounts seeing she was having incredible luck but decided it was probably just Broken Shore luck.

Raid has been going steadily, we’re progressing on mythic Mistress and starting to regularly get her to 3rd phase so hopefully it won’t be too much longer on her. There’s been a lot of wipes so far as we learn the fight. I really like that we can wipe over and over and no-one has really lost their shit at anyone else, as long as we don’t burn out before she dies it should be good. In the meantime we’ve all been playing with our toys in raid which is fun.

And how awesome is our Ret Pally’s transmog? I thought for a bit he was wearing a coin illusion but this is his regular transmog appearance.

And it’s Argus when we wake up tomorrow…. I didn’t think I was excited but actually I am..    

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?

Punching Dinosaurs and Eating Berries: Zee in Ark

Another new game to try and this time it’s Ark. The story is apparently you’ve been dropped onto a island inhabited by dinosaurs and your goal is to survive.  I’ve only tried one survival game before, The Forest, a horror zombie/survival game which didn’t grab me at all so even though I’ve wanted to try Ark for ages I had been hesitating.  Now is a great time to try it though as the game is just about to release from beta onto live and a few of my friends are playing.

I started up on a fairly unpopulated (other people can kill you) with Dec and started to get to know the game. Literally in the first 5 minutes of being in game I managed to punch a friendly dinosaur which stopped being friendly real quick… a mad dash away (thank goodness shift + w is default for sprint) towards some cliffs got me out of trouble.

You start out with nothing, needing to gather fibre for rough clothes and berries to eat. Pickaxes and hammers are easy to craft and they allow wood, stone and thatch to be gathered to make more tools and really basic dwellings. As  you level you gain access to more and more advanced patterns for tools and clothes and house parts.

You can tame dinosaurs to help protect you and eventually ride too!!

Not all dinosaurs are friendly though and it’s way too easy as a new player to not know which ones will attack on sight so I’ve had quite a few deaths already at the teeth and claws of random dinos   The game doesn’t pause when you log out and your body is visible to other players and dinosaurs with the risk you can log back on to find yourself dead. Oh did I mention you drop everything when you die with 20mins to collect it before it despawns.

The higher level you are, the better the structures you can make. Wood, rock and metal offer some protection but you start with thatch. I logged in tonight to find a wandering dino had ripped into my starter straw house and killed my toon. Eek time to start gathering again. I levelled enough  to get to wood stage so maybe I’ll be safer tonight.

Luckily we haven’t  come across too many other people but I freaked out at the first person I stumbled  across and ran away as fast as I could.. it helped they ran away too. Maybe another newbie.

Visually the game is stunning. The graphics are gorgeous  and I can see my screenshot folder filling up really fast.

Levelling and getting access to new items to craft is really interesting and there’s so much I want to make and ofc get my own dinosaur one day.

The downsides.. it’s a little gory. You have to kill for food and for materials and the only way to tell if you are close to killing an animal is by the amount of blood on it. I tried turning the blood setting off but it made it difficult to tell when I should give up and run away or keep going to get my meat and hides

As fate would have it Ark and Argus go live on the same day. Given how fun Ark is I really wish we had a few more weeks to Argus release because I know I want to go explore the new wow world but I also really want to play in my dino paradise a bit more too.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Ever have those days where you get grumpy over something silly and then it just snowballs and you keep making yourself grumpier and grumpier until even you are sick of yourself? That was me this evening /sigh. Let’s talk about some fun stuff instead.

I’ve been eavesdropping on the Treasure-master conversations as I run all my toons through the treasure master world quest in a vain attempt to get the robot toy.

The chats between him and the little goblin are really funny.

Overheard conversation 1.

Overheard conversation 2



My Rogue got her class mount!

The final scenario/quest was by far my favourite of all. I thought it was going to be awful after hearing some stories of the quest but it was really fun. I had to go to The Exodar, Stormwind, Darnassus and Ironforge and take out a target in each city so it was more of the sneaky spy stuff.  

How annoying is the NPC that lets you into the secret entrance to the Rogue order hall  lately? He’s meant to be standing behind his counter minding his own business but lately he thinks I’m some trespasser and comes out to harass me when I walk in.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours? Tell me all the fun stuff you’ve been up to, because I’ve been really quiet in Wow.

Runescapades: Zee in the world of Runescape

WoW has definately quietened down a little lately so I’ve been spending a bit more time trying out new games, and Old School Runescape is really grabbing me. It’s a really old game, but in my true fashion of coming really late to games, I’m only just finding it now.

At the start I hated the graphics but they’re really growing on me now and I adore my little toon. Along the way I’ve picked up a few cute items of clothing

I wanted a black witches hat since I saw a person wearing it and I found vendor selling it so I snaffled it up. I found that if you kill npcs you have a chance of them dropping their clothing. Its meant a lot of npcs deaths at my hands if I like what they’re in just in case.

The quests are really fun and there’s a ton of flavor conversations and events that randomly happen.

I’ve been kidnapped by an evil cat a few times and taken to various scenarios. Completely didn’t take screeshots though 😦

It’s actually quite a complex game in ways,. Quite a few of the quests are real puzzles.

I am however, absolutely horrible at navigating my way around and will head off in what I think is the correct direction, only to get half way across the map and realise I’ve gone in completely the wrong direction.

You can play the game as free to play, however the bulk of the content is locked behind members, which is like having a subscription in WoW, however there’s no buying the game time with real money. I’ll have to start learning how to make coins in a hurry as I’ve nearly finished the free to play quests and I want to see more.

Fashion Contest: Azeroth Style

I wasn’t actually going to take part in this event as I initially thought being judged by other players and having to collect enough tokens for BC dungeon sets I already had most of the items for wouldn’t be my idea of fun.. but boy was I wrong!

Kublas kept asking if I had done any attempts yet and telling me how fun it was, and easy to collect tokens because even if you lost you received 15 tokens and as you only needed 60 for a set, it wouldn’t matter even if you didn’t win so I decided to give it a whirl.

The first attempt I had no idea what was going on, but it wasn’t too hard to work out. Talk to the transmogrifier and choose an outfit based on the theme and then wait for your moment to go up on the stage and shine. There’s a barber’s chair too but that was a little too much effort and I kept my girls in their same hairstyles as when they entered.

You only get 2 minutes to pull together an outfit to match the theme and I found it much easier on my warlock and rogue as I have the most amount of appearances. The themes were so fun.

Champions of the light

Tabard time

I ended up getting this theme two times in a row on my rogue. I was really lucky she happened to have a tabard in her bags as she was the only one of my toons that did. I’ll definitely be carrying a shirt and a tabard if I do this again as there were a few outfits that I would have added a shirt if I had one.

Dark and Deadly


I utterly cheated on this one and kept my DK in the outfit she was already in before she went in.

This was actually a really fun way to pass the afternoon and I ended up saving a lot of the sets I made so I can wear them at other times. If I think about it, I might work my way through my toons and save a few themed sets for them for quicker turn arounds… and I  really really need to go get more accessories for my mail and plate wearers, I’m  lacking fancy headwear on both those types.

I hope that they expand this event in coming patches, there’s a lot of dungeon sets that could be incorporated as rewards or the addition of transmoggable accessories such as top hats or monocles.



Tier 20: does it even exist for resto druids?

Usually a new raid is really exciting because it brings upgrades but I’m pretty much over halfway through mythic Tomb of Sargeras and I’m still wearing Nighthold tier. It’s not from lack of drops.. I’ve got the full 6 set including 2 pieces of mythic and the rest heroic warforged but I just don’t know when to change into it.

Tier 19 was awesome for restos, the 2 piece gave us 4000 mastery for 7 seconds after a wild growth and 4 piece gave the chance of an extra rejuv to randomly proc on a person. Both handy bonuses. Tier 20 on the other hand.. the 2 set gives a chance for a direct heal’s cd to be shorter based on the health of the person you’re using it on (up to 40% reduction based on less health). The cd is usually 30 secs and the most I’ve been able to get it reduced to is 20sec. To get the full 40% reduction a person pretty much needs to be under 10% health which in raid situation with 3 other healers spamming on low health targets, you’ll be lucky to see this regularly. To try to get the max cd reduction means it’s also a case of deciding if you’ll hold off using the spell in case another player drops a bit lower than your intended target. On it’s own the 2 piece is actually very weak.

The 4 piece bonus boosts the healing of your Efflorence ground effect spell by 200% when you use Swiftmend,  Very nice sounding bonus but so dependent on the fight being stacked with minimal movement for periods of hopefully at least 10 secs, or longer so you don’t have to move efflo each time.

I’ve been looking at warcraft logs a lot to see how many people are moving away from Tier 19 and I can’t find any druids who are healing really well who are actually wearing T20. First full page of druids for each fight is pretty much showing everyone still in NH gear. The few times I’ve tried swapping into 4 pce ToS gear my healing just seems a lot lower than when I’m in Tier 19. You’d think Sisters on Mythic would be great as the mythic version is very much a stand still/stacking fight, people very rarely move around during the times when the floor is changing colour so Efflo can at least stay down in one place for as long as possible but it doesn’t seem to really boost HPS at all.

It really feels like something went wrong in the design process when you have pretty much a whole class skipping a tier in favour of staying the previous one and it doesn’t help that our tier bonus really changes the way your play druid, moving the emphasis away from your hots and onto a ground effect. It’s really bad in 5mans where there’s too much movement and too little time people stay in your ground effect to actually even waste time and mana dropping it. It really feels that whoever designed the tier just doesn’t really have a good handle on the Druid play style.

I’m really hoping it’s not going to be a case that I go from Tier 19 straight into Tier 21:

Ysera’s gift is the passive that heals me for 3% of my maximum health for 5sec, if I’m at full health it goes to a random injured player instead. It’s a fairly mindless bonus but at least it’s back to hots which is a Druids bread and butter fantasy.

I keep waiting for either a buff to Tier 20 or a nerf to Tier 19 to make us move away from it, but there’s been utter silence on it. Rather like the silence surrounding Druid’s discussion over our messed up class ‘form’.