Moving onto M Elisande

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged (it’s only been 5 days, but you know.. Forever).

We started Mythic Elisande last night. The raid team got Star down last week but there was a healer change at the last-minute on the 3rd night of progression, going with a priest/pally/druid combo rather than pally/druid/druid. We got it to 1% with me in there on the 2nd night of prog so it wasn’t a healing issue but we had a new pally come in and the priest had been sitting out the other nights so there was quite a bit of healing team shake up. At least he died and we’ve only got 2 bosses to go now and 7 weeks to do it!

I was the most worried about the rings on Elisande because in mythic, once they come in, they swirl outwards again and you have 2 sets to dodge. I spent a lot of time watching kill videos over the weekend and found that most of the people I was watching play with their camera in a really top down view. It’s not how I usually play, (though on Star I needed to a bit), but top down really does make seeing the gaps in the rings much easier and dodging them didn’t end up being too much of an issue. By the end of the night we were getting consistently into the 2nd phase so hopefully it won’t take too long for us to learn that bit and start getting into 3.

Starting this fight is just shades of Star fight and the crappy camera view all over again as we stack hard up against the wall to bait the first Spanning Singularity pool of goo out of the way.

I did manage to pick up  tier legs from our last run through heroic (thank goodness for so many druids in our raid as our tank didn’t need the ones he looted) so I could  equip my ‘selfish’ legendary chest without losing my 4 set bonus.  Ekowraith buffs both my passive (mostly self) healing and the damage reduction that comes from Guardian Affinity by 75% which is helpful for learning the fight but does nothing for boosting my healing, so it will get swapped back to a proper legendary as we get closer to phase 3 and a potential kill.

I spend a lot of time looking at logs and so many of the druids ranking above me on fights are running the Aman’thul shoulders/Velen’s trinket combo. After looting my 8th resto legendary on the weekend, that just leaves Aman’thuls and Velen’s to drop for me.  It’s rather ironic that the last 2 are the only 2 I really want, especially the healing trinket.  Naz (the other resto I heal with) also doesn’t have it so we console each other each time we see yet another alt in the guild loot it, even my bloody priest alt has Velens! It was just on 2 weeks between looting my 7th and 8th, so I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before these last 2 turn up, so I can test them out and see if they are as good as they appear together.

The other perk of when I get the last 2 resto legendaries mean that I can turn my loot spec to boomy for the first time in nearly 8 months and I can also start taking my priest alt along to our heroic farm nights/weekend older raid AP runs.  I do everything on Z I can to keep her legendary chance ticking along, which means I won’t get on an alt if I don’t have to.  Same goes for AP, once I hit Concordance of the Legion, it’s all going to get pumped into my boomy weapon and/or I can take the time to play more on another toon.  Blizz have done a really good job of making alts a really tough decision to play in this expansion.

Having said that though, I did spend time on my priest over the last few days and got her enough order hall resources to finally let her equip her second legendary and pick up a bit more gear (invasions + nethershards =win). She’s still going to need a bit more work before Tomb as her ilvl is sitting around 882 which is going to be too low if I do want to use her for alt/split runs.

More raiding tonight so we’ll see how our second night of prog goes.



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I finally discovered how great the Sentinel Owl glyph looks. I was talking to Neuro about the new druid class mount and he was telling me how much he liked the Sentinel Owl glyph (which is currently incompatible with the new class ‘mount’ [ranty post coming if the PTR version doesn’t change]) and I said I’d never tried it because I loved my Troll bat form so much, but I decided to give it a try and OMG I’m in love. He has a grumpy little face which is growing on me but the utterly best part is that I can perch in Owl form. Owls are the new pigeons in Azeroth.


I reached Prestige level 2. Once I dinged level 2, I got a short quest chain to go see Sylvanas and had a heap of horde npcs all standing around admiring me which was pretty cool.  I love the artifact appearance it unlocked but my favourite colour version comes from unlocking Prestige 6. I don’t see me getting to 6 anytime soon because it felt like it took a really long time to get to 2 even with doing the PvP world quests daily, lots of arenas and battlegrounds.


This week has been an amazing week for mount drops. It started when Dec and I were running old raids on the weekend to collect transmog sets and Invincible dropped. Then we joined up with Maz to run through Dragon Soul and the Blazing Drake dropped, and then we popped into Stratholme last night where the Deathcharger’s reins dropped. I can’t believe in one lockout 3 different mounts dropped! Dec won 2 of the 3 so I really think he should be buying a lottery ticket or something. All the content is soloable which I’ve done so many times on my own and never seen anything.. I can’t work out if it’s because having Dec along is a good luck token or not 🙂

I’ve just about collected most of the PvP set appearances on Z now. I’m really glad that a couple of the BC sets can be exchanged for raid tokens though, as it means I don’t have to use quite as many Marks of Honor. Once I get all the clothes sets for Z, I’ll have to decide if I want to start saving for the weapon appearances or get transmog sets on another class.

We’re still progressing on M Star Augur. Our best couple attempts were last night where we had a heartbreaking 2.3% wipe, followed immediately by a 1.2% wipe. We’re extending the lockout from now until Gul’dan is dead (or Tomb releases) so I really hope we kill this guy Wednesday because it is fast becoming my least favourite fight. It’s not helped that I am actually pretty crap on this one, especially since I have particular talent at boxing myself in with Fel goo so I end up taking more damage than I should and dying.

I finally found Charlie! He’s a reference to this video/series. Funny enough, a friend actually linked me the Charlie videos not long before Legion went live and I really loved them. When Legion went live, it turned out that there was a  Charlie reference was in the game. I didn’t go looking for it then but with flying I thought I should stop being lazy and go see it for myself. When you kill the 2 Devious Sunrunners that are standing over Charlie’s corpse, it spawns a chest with a Sunrunner’s Kidney inside. Poor Charlie.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



I have a cool horsey

I was running through a ton of old raids with Dec today as we’re both on the hunt for transmog to finish off our appearance sets, and we worked our way up to ICC. I was telling him how much I liked Invincible and that it’s one of the few mounts I really want and he assured me that today would be the day it dropped. And guess what..

He was right!

I was basically screaming on discord because I knew he had Invincible already so it was going to be all mine. He was going to wait until his roll timed out for it to hit my bags but gave up tormenting me and clicked pass about half way through.

I couldn’t wait to get outside and learn it so I could have my very own Invincible.

I have loved this mount so much ever since it was part of the mounts I had access to, way back in 2013, when Luxy, Arv and I were playing  on the Tournament Realm. I was determined I was going to get one of my own and now I finally do!

Funny enough I posted here about my top 3 favourite things in the game, and I now finally have all 3. That is a pretty awesome thing to be able to say 🙂

I’m not sure what mount I’ll go hunting for next, so far I’ve been lucky enough to get the Fiery Warhorse and now Invincible, both of which were on the very top of my wish list. It’s going to be a close toss-up between Ashes of Alar from TK or the Swift Zulian Panther from Zul’Gurub.

What a great day!


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 15: Why I’m obsessed with WoW

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This topic comes because we really want to see positive stories about WoW and hear all our friends chatter about why they love this game!

I was super excited about this topic but found writing it to be a tricky one because the short answer on what I love about WoW is “everything” and the long answer is well.. long. There’s not one single reason that’s kept this as my main game for years now, it’s a whole ton of reasons that together make me love this game, more than any other I’ve played. And I’ve tried to love other rpgs (mmo’s or otherwise) as much, I have max level toons on GW2, Wildstar, SW:ToR, Skryim, ESO.. but still nothing grabs me as much as WoW does.

So.. why do I love WoW?

My Druid!

I’m really lucky  to have found the class and role that just suits me so much. It’s actually hard to imagine enjoying this game as much if I had to change to a different toon. I just truly love my Druid so much and absolutely adore just getting to be a Druid with all my forms and spells. I actually wonder if I’d be as obsessed with WoW if I didn’t like my Druid so much. I play a lot of alts so I’m sure I’d like the game for all the other reasons that are coming below, but if I’d love it as much.. I don’t know.

All the things to do

In the middle of this gorgeous world, there’s just so much to do that I can’t ever get bored. Pet battles, PvP, raids, old dgns for more pretty clothes, making an alt to go re-do a specific zone because I remembered a quest that was really fun and I wanted to see the dialogue again, or even just dropping into seal form and going for a swim to see if there are any hidden caves that I’ve never seen means I’m really rarely left wondering just what I could be doing.

The world itself

WoW is really pretty, but if I’m honest there are games out there that have really gorgeous graphics which sometimes put WoW’s ones to shame but the style just seems to resonate with me and I’m constantly screenshotting my way through the game.


The lore

This might actually be one of the biggest reasons why I’m so immersed in WoW, I know it’s what keeps me connected to the world so much.  I swear I’m better at knowing the origins of Azeroth than I probably am about RL history.

The background history of Azeroth absolutely fascinates me, especially when you start to realize just how connected everything is. When I first started playing it seemed like there was a huge mess of stand alone stories from the Titans, to all the different races and  all the different wars that went on across so many years. Then as I learnt more and realised that everything in Azeroth is connected, the world suddenly just got amazing and real for me. And the stories; they became a phenomenal part of the world. There’s been tons of times I’ve been thinking about a particular lore figure and I can go re-trace them through different quests they’re mentioned in, or go run old dungeons that refer to them so I can see all the tidbits of information that is scattered throughout the game.


I can’t write a post without mentioning how special other wow players are. I had a friend a long time ago mention that I seem to pick up friends in Azeroth really quickly and I’m incredibly lucky that I do. Knowing that no matter what time I log on, there’ll be someone on my friends list to say hi to is really awesome. Friends come and go, some stay longer than others and some have made that leap into RL friends that I hope I’ll still be in contact with long after this game is just a memory. Knowing that there are lots of people  connected because of a gorgeous virtual world is pretty amazing.

Soo that’s me trying to explain why I spend a heck of a lot of time in WoW. If you made it all this way, Well Done! Let me know why you love WoW too.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This has been a really fun week in WoW. It’s Easter time in Azeroth so the first thing I did today was run down to Razor Hill and camp out on top of eggs so I could get the new Noblegarden bunny. Soo cute

Clicking on the eggs also turned me into a pink bunny!

Collecting the bunny pet led to turning into bunnies which somehow then led into the most ridiculous fun I’ve had in wow in a long while. Dec, Naz and I all met up in Orgrimmar and we started to play with the Dragon toys you get from Lunar Festival. I haven’t had anyone to test out all the pieces with before but Dec had them, so we used a reflecting prism to get Naz into a body and it skyrocketed.

We started to get people watching us walk around Org and Zuma was so funny taking selfies of us (and being all adorable in his pink dress and flowers), so we ended up pulling him into the party with us and getting him into a body part too. Then we took the show on the road and ended up in Dalaran. We had so many people come and join us, including more guildies and it was hilarious when the appearance timer would run out and we’d have to juggle body parts to make sure the people who didn’t have the toy stayed together in the right body part.

Seriously one of the best group toys there is.

And I found one of the best perks of flying is that you can get up on top of the Alliance’s tower in Dalaran and you can join with them in their little lounge area, and if you’re really careful you can go right down the stairs near to their portal area. Dec, Rix and I camped out there in between queuing for areanas and Rix and I tried to set up a Horde camp where they’d see it, but there were no Alliance around. Most disappointing 😦

I went back to HFC to see how far we could get for transmog/mounts and ended up clearing through the whole place. We were able to kill the first two bosses with just 2 people and then steadily pulled in friends and guildies as we went up through them. I really thought I had done some mythic with Deadline in there but I guess not as I got the achievement for every boss.

My priest got her weapon traits unlocked, I really need to get around to doing so much more on her, especially if she’s going to be needed for split runs. I’m really considering moving her to my second account so I can multi-box her and Zee at the same time and get everything done so much faster.

I was looking through achievements Z didn’t have and found one that gave a pet as a reward. In Stonelight Grotto in Highmountain, there’s a snail race and if you go slow the other snails down to let Zoom win, you get him as a reward. Apparently you can slow them with your body by making yourself bigger, but that didn’t really work for me. What did work was bringing out a Fragment of Desire pet and it luckily cast a stun on the other snails and Zoom could rush through.


And that was my week in WoW!


Kosumoth the procrastinator

I’ve known that Kosumoth can drop either a pet or a mount once you’ve unlocked him as a world quest for ages, but I’ve been putting off going and actually doing it. Now that I’m so close to 250 mounts, I decided it was definitely time I got around to collecting this one.

There’s a bit involved in getting Kosumoth open as a world quest. First you have to go talk to Drak’thul on the Broken Shore enough times until he gets grumpy and only tells you to go away, then you go pick up a relic from a near by cave. The guides said that you had to kill yourself as the cave entrance is covered by rocks, but when I went there I could just walk in. You take the relic back to Drak’thul and he tells you a bit about the whispering he’s hearing and then it’s back to him telling you to go away.

Orb clicking time. I swear without the co-ords and in same cases, pictures of the cave entrances, there’s no way I would have ever stumbled across all the spots. How do people find these?

Thanks Wowhead 🙂

Once I found the way into the caves, some of them were really pretty and in a few of them, the orb was really well hidden. Dec came along to a few of the caves with me, and for a couple of the orbs I would have been searching for ages if he didn’t helpfully mark them for me. The underwater ship one was a maze, I was swimming around there for ages until I found it had a couple of levels. After trying to jam myself through a tiny crack in part of the ship, I decided I must be heading in the wrong direction and tried to head back to the main part, only to find I popped out in an underwater cave where the orb was.


One you’ve clicked all the orbs in the right order, you go back to Drak’thul and talk to him again and then Kosumoth is available as a world quest.

Luckily the reward this week was for the mount so I could grab it straight away.

It’s a pretty cool mount and will be great for underwater, but one thing it doesn’t give you is water breathing..




2 sets of Druid Wings in 1 day

First off.. I got flying!

I didn’t think I was that excited about getting flying, but once people were getting the ach in guild, I realised I did really really want to fly and started to get really impatient watching the rep slowly climb up with each world quest. I can’t wait to go see all the places in the Broken Isles I haven’t been able to see before and leveling alts is going to be so much quicker now!


The 2nd set of wings comes from the Mythic tier set out of Blackrock Foundry in WoD. I ran through there today and luckily the shoulders which give the wings effect dropped!  I really really love the wings, they are seriously gorgeous, though I’m not so super keen on the shoulder’s themselves but I’ll live with them for the wings.

2 wings in one day isn’t too bad 🙂




Riddler’s Mind-Worm

A few days ago my twitter feed blew up with people talking about the new mount that was obtainable after finding and reading a series of pages that were hidden around the world. After raid on Thursday I went with Dec from my guild,  to collect it for myself.

I am so seriously impressed by the people from the WoW Secret Finding Discord who managed to work out how to find this mount, because without the guide, there’s no way I would have managed to have worked out the incredibly vague clues, let alone even have seen the pages out in the world in the first place.

The Clues


Clue 1

Clue 2

Clue 3

Clue 4

Clue 5

I realised I missed a pic of the 6th Clue from Well of Eternity dgn.

Clue 7

Clue 8

Clue 8 leads you to Westfall where you can find:

This mount puts me at 246/250.. now to find another 4 for the next mount collecting achievement.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I didn’t want to end what was otherwise a good week on a bad post note, so yay for the 2nd week running Tuesday is a 2 post day! (I was slow writing so it actually published Wednesday.. oh well)

There has been a lot of PvP this week. I’m finding a ton of my guildies and friends are happy to come along for a match or two so I’ve just been queuing a lot. Tonight’s matches I went with Maz and Dec for a couple and then Toco and Dec for a few more and we did amazing, winning over half of the matches we went in! I even capped the flag twice in Warsong Gulch. I think a druid healer is actually really good for flag carrying, with my mobility and heals and bear form (OMG bear form love!). I might have to try to do that a bit more often.

I also spent some of my timewalking coins and bought the Burning Crusade mount. It’s so pretty, I love the colours of it a lot.

Despite the ridiculous randomness of the invasions, I got to the last one today and got the achievement for doing all 4 zones.They were quite fun and the Azsuna one, which was my last one, was so short compared to the other 3.

I picked up a new pet today. I was out in Shadowmoon valley in Draenor, collecting a book for an achievement and the Demidos mob was up. I had the worst time trying to kill him at level 100 but he fell over so easily now and obligingly dropped his pet first go.

With timewalking dgns up this week, I wanted to run my Pally through and no way was I sitting around for DPS queues so she trotted off and collected her holy artifact weapon. With raiding so much now, fitting in a toon a month isn’t so easy so April & May will be pally month for leveling.

I’ve still been using all the potions of inky blackness from the Darkmoon Faire. I popped down before it closed and bought up a month’s supply.          

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



When online friends aren’t really friends

I logged onto my priest today to find I didn’t have a guild and a lovely letter in the post from the GM saying that some raider in that guild had an issue with me and to avoid dramas in his roster he’d removed me from the guild.. and here’s the kicker –  my priest was only  in that guild because that was where all my ‘friends’ from Deadline went after it disbanded and I took my alt there so I could keep in contact.

As they were the only contact I had with that guild, I’m left assuming that one of my friends wasn’t really a friend and had such an issue with me they couldn’t stand seeing my priest log on even infrequently as she did.  That leaves a really sick feeling in my stomach and I’m left wondering exactly what I did that was so horrible that someone has been upset enough to go the guild GM and said me having an alt in their guild is so shit they can’t’ continue in that guild unless my alt is removed.. that’s all I can assume giving the comment about avoiding roster drama. It wasn’t even like I did content with them anyway, she was a freaking alt I had there to keep a semblance of contact with people I had thought were friends and it makes me feel sick that one of them had such an issue with me and I didn’t know.

So you know, I’ve filled this blog with posts about what I get up to with ‘friends’ in the game, and I’ve always been happy that I can fairly easily feel at home with other people really quickly, maybe I’ve been wrong all this time and perhaps I should just start to act like random people on WoW aren’t friends.