Being a crappy warlock

You know sometimes I wish logs didn’t exist. Logically I know that you could view them as helpful tools to measure your performance and given this game is one that involves a lot of people all trying to achieve a common goal, knowing if you’re performing as well or better can be a really good thing when it comes to assessing your ability and your worth to other groups. But you know, sometimes they just suck and really sap the fun from playing.

Since moving Z factions away from my friends, all my harder mythic pluses have been done in pugs and quite frankly being a healer in a pug mythic 15s is just something my personality doesn’t like. People being stupid and standing in stuff or not interrupting or just generally not really having a strong understanding of what they’re doing just makes healing miserable at times. So I’ve been avoiding my Druid outside of her single 15 for the week and raid and instead I’ve playing anything but Druid.

In the last few weeks I’ve come across just how much fun Lock is to play as dps and been spending a lot of time trying to learn not just a new class but a whole new role. Holy crap I’ve found I really must not ever really pay attention to dps mechanics because there’s so many new things to concentrate on in dgns that I’ve never paid attention to before, or I have to handle in a whole new way. Playing dps is sort of like being in a whole new game in a way.

Being a pretty blood elf with really gorgeous transmog and a pretty cool tanky pet all add up to her actually being way more fun to play around on especially if I compare to what it’s like when I go do stuff on my Druid as dps. Running through old content and even world quests is just a case of dotting everything in sight and draining their life and watching everything die in a purple swoosh is just so much fun. It hasn’t got old yet, and turning all my dead enemies into little purple balls just makes me laugh each time. Though I feel guilty when I see their ghostly shades standing around looking lost,  that is right up until they get popped into purple balls and fly through the air towards me lol.

So far I’ve managed to get my lock’s ilvl up to 905 so she does a better damage, compared to where she was a few weeks ago, mainly spamming as many mythic plus as I could cram her into and hoping for drops. The world bosses down on the broken shore have been really generous too, dropping around 4 900 ilvl pieces which bumped her up heaps. Over the weekend I took her into a friends normal ToS run and Normal and Heroic NHs and ToVs. I was feeling pretty happy with how she was going but then I  got linked her logs for ToS and holy crap I utterly suck at Lock. A couple of green parses on bosses  and the rest were Grey. Grey!

I could look at those logs as being motivational right.. time to study them and work out how I’m screwing up my rotation so much. As my friend said, if you’re pulling grey as an aff lock, you pretty much really don’t have a clue how to play it. And I really don’t apparently. So I should and could look at it as motivational right?  Study logs more, read guides more, get a better understanding of exactly what my rotation is, how my talents interact etc. But sometimes if I’m honest, logs are just downright de-motivating.  I guess that’s what single player games are for, where your performance doesn’t matter. /sigh.

How do you feel about logs?


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

We got our 5th Mythic boss down! This fight was way way better than sisters. I really liked this one. I got to zip between the two realms, starting in the downstairs realm and healing with the 3 healers down there and then mid-way popped back upstairs to finish the fight with the healer up there.

Photo courtesy of Cinder.. I completely stole this from our discord.. thanks xx

Given the difficulty of Mistress Sassypants, I think we’ll be on the next boss for quite a while.

My demon hunter and warlock got their class mounts. The warlock quest line wasn’t that great compared to the others, it was basically an Auction house quest, asking me to gather up some random gems, potions and minerals. Then a wait until the next invasion was up to finish the quest as you need an item off the last boss of an invasion.

The mount though is really nice, and my lock got concordance a day ago so once the  minion that sells the concordance mount  is back from his mission, she can buy the orange colour from him. The really pretty purple version drops from a rare on broken shore, so I’ll need to watch for that to be up.

I really really didn’t like the demon hunter quest line at all. You basically get told to go attack your mount until it submits. The whole quest was attacking it, following it’s blood tracks around and attacking more. Yuck.

Fittingly, it’s a really ugly mount too.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Hoarding Marks of Honor

I have a small hording problem that’s recently come to light..


176 Marks of Honor! They were intended for my toons to buy PvP sets for transmog but I was absolutely paralyzed by the decision of who gets what set, so the marks kept mounting up as I refused to spend them. I decided in the end to just farm out the tokens to all 12 girls and let them pick up a new set each.








Death Knight

Demon Hunter




I also picked up a few appearance achievements as well.

I had the hardest time choosing which sets to get for each toon as some have absolutely gorgeous sets. I’ll need to keep doing all the world quests that give marks of honor as there’s still hundreds  of tokens worth of sets and weapons to collect yet.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Hmm what have I been up to this week?

I took my Druid and Shaman through their 15s for the week. I love the changes to the keystone letting it start higher. Z’s started at 14 this week which was a nice change from the last few weeks where she was getting an 11 out of the box and having to boost it a  number of time to get into the 15s. Easier affixs this week meant she zoomed through her 15 keystone.

My Shaman though was a whole other story. I was having a ridiculous time on the final boss in Maw of Souls 15 and managed to kill myself on an easily avoidable ability multiple times triggering a wipe each time. I was expecting a ton of abuse from the pugs and sure enough one gave it out to me; I didn’t really care what they said because it was nothing worse than what I was internally giving myself but the last comment they made really pulled me up. The person that had an issue with me, asked Dec if I was his wife (same guild so all I can assume is they figured that). Dec decided to answer in the affirmative, (yay for not disowning me completely over my derp attempts – I wouldn’t have blamed him for not wanting to know me lol) which immediately mollified the person and they toned right down. Interesting attitude, I’m pretty sure it’s completely based on some sexist notion of how females play wow since there was no indication that Dec and I were anything more than guildies.  I’m still not sure whether to be completely offended that they wrote my performance off based on my status as only a wife, or just freaking happy I got out of the embarrassing situation without the pages of whispers, berating my performance, I was expecting. I also really wished I had spoken up faster and said, Dec was my wife just to see the reaction.  Either way it was a rubbish boss that I do know how to do and just screwed up.. many times. Poor pugs, poor Dec.

I also took my lock through her first Mythic 10 for the achievement. I went along with Dec and Kublas which was really fun. Mythic plus with friends is way better than pugs.

I’m still way too amused by the ghostly souls that my artifact sucks out of dead bodies. I like to leave them for as long as possible before I have to turn them into purple balls.

My DK finished off her class mount and collected the three shades of dragon.

I really love the frost version. The blue and purple wings are just gorgeous and completely matches my current transmog.

I’m not entirely sold on the whole coffin and gravestone on the back of the dragon. I think it spoils what is a really nice dragon model and I can’t see how it really fits death knight lore, we’re undead but not vampires.

My monk picked up her last artifact weapon. The dps quest line was really easy but I’m really glad I stayed in tank spec for it. I think it would have been horrid without the tankiness of Brewmaster.

She also finished her order hall campaign. Only 3 order hall campaigns to go now.

More family familiar achievements! I only have 1 tamer left for 3 different classes so hopefully I’ll finish the last set off really quickly if the right combination of tamers come up.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?



Mythic Sisters

We killed our 4th mythic boss last night and unsurprisingly I was dead on the kill. This was seriously the worst boss I’ve come across in a long while. I honestly just sucked at the dodging the glaive mechanic that made up what seriously felt like 90% of the fight. To make it even worse the colours of this fight were just atrocious. When it was the dark phase the glaives blended into the floor and when it was the bright phase my entire screen felt like it was just blinding white and I couldn’t see anything.

Dark Phase

Light phase

I ended up turning on the different colorblind settings to see if I could tweak the colours of the floor a bit but it didn’t really make a huge difference. /sigh I’m just bad in general at this one.   This is one boss I am really glad is dead and if we weren’t 5 healing I would be the first to put my hand up to sit out.

Secrets of the Tomb

After Saturday’s normal run, Cinder, Dec and I stayed in the Tomb of Sargareas to have a bit of an explore and see all the rooms that we normally don’t go into.

Cinder had mentioned to me earlier that there were runes around the Tomb that when clicked would let you turn into Gul’dan. I hadn’t seen them before so Cinder took me through the instance to find them. Even though we had cleared the whole instance there were still quite a few rooms that had mobs in them so it was lucky we went in as the trilogy of tank, dps and heals. Even so there were still a few deaths when we all took turns triggering the polymorph adds in different places.

There are 5 different runes scattered through the raid. The first two I clicked on turned me into Gul’dan but didn’t do anything else.


The third showed me a cutscene of Gul’dan surrounded by orcs and Gul’dan killing one, but no dialogue.

I was hoping the 4th would show me another cutscene but it didn’t.

While searching for the 5th rune we came across a small room that held the biggest biggest puzzle of all. On either side of a doorway were a pair of ancient switches that could be clicked on.

When lit up, we could hear a grinding sound but couldn’t find any changes that the switches made, so we started to scour the area looking for a reason for those switches. I happened to have the map open while in the same room as the switches and saw that behind one of the doors that could not be opened was another room.

Dec used his spectral sight and it showed quite a few mobs behind the walls and door, but their location didn’t quite line up with the room according to the map, which was another mystery. Once we realized there was a whole other room  hidden behind this door, we started to go room by room looking for a way to get that door open.

While clearing out the chapel where the spirits were still in service, we found the 5th Gul’dan rune.

Clicking on this one gave another vision, this one showing the death of Gul’dan and his steps to his final resting place. His staff and armor still there to see.

As soon as the vision faded, I raced back to the hidden room to see if  clicking on the door or switches while in Gul’dan’s form made a difference, which it didn’t. So we set off back through the rest of the instance to see if we had missed something.

Looking so closely through the tomb, we found a few interesting details. The neutral mobs that were left in the raid cycled colour from purple to white and back again. We aggro’d a couple and dragged them into the Sister’s room and found their colours matched the colours of the floor as the moon was still phasing across the floor. Interestingly enough, the  mobs that are always hostile don’t cycle colours.

Overlooking the Sister’s room, standing on a balcony is a NPC called Fan’verg the Vicious. I was able to get close to her while in the Gul’dan illusion as that turned all mobs neutral to me. Without the the illusion we weren’t able to get close to her, having triggered a protective trap right in front of her.  Wowhead has comments that this NPC could be a tribute to Fanny Vergne who’s a 3D artist at Blizzard.

The scenery  in this raid is absolutely gorgeous. On the way to Desolate Host there is a wall with stained glass images  and the statues that are broken have ghostly images of what they looked like while intact.

Cinder pointed out that from far away this statue looks beautiful, until you get closer and realize that her eyes have been gouged out.

We worked our way from the very top of the raid right to bottom but no  matter where we looked, there were just no other switches or hidden rooms so it’s remaining an utter mystery for now.     

Maybe that door will open when Mythic Kil’jaden has finally been defeated.





Black Temple the Time Walking Way

My guild went into Black Temple last night as a group to run through it.It was a fun way to spend a Friday night. I even dressed Zee up in clothes from the era.  I didn’t plan too far ahead so actually had no idea what bits and pieces I had in my appearance tab were pre-Black Temple so I threw on a PvP set I love and the staff from Nightbane in Kara. Maybe not chronologically correct but at least from that expansion.. it’s the thought that counts right?

I’d heard heaps of comments about crappy lock outs and fights that were pretty hard but it was hot-fixed before we went in there so we didn’t have to worry about the lockout bit, though I wasn’t sure what the fights were going to be like. Post hot-fix the fights seemed to be a little under tuned to be honest. I was sort of expecting it to be rather current raid like in difficulty and it really wasn’t. We did have 3-4 healers for just under 20 people but really most of time it was the trash mobs that hit harder than the actual bosses.

I really liked the Reliquary of the Lost fight, that seemed to have the tuning fairly on point and it was great to see the three different debuffs in action. The middle face, Essence of Desire, had a debuff that dealt damage back to anyone that damaged her so it was rather funny seeing people open up on her and then take the corresponding damage back. To counteract this, the debuff allowed healing to be increased by 100% but the trade off was a mana drain over time. I loved this mechanic a lot, it was a bit of a juggling act managing mana and putting out heals to cover people taking the damage from doing their dps.  Shade of Akama though in comparison, was so ridiculous for healers. There was so little damage going out, every person pretty much remained at full heal throughout the whole boss fight. Was it like that back in the day I wonder?

Illidan himself was really interesting and it actually took a few goes to figure out the mechanics. And the fight went long enough that I could see the full 3 phases that you really miss going back in there at higher levels. It wasn’t until seeing his full fight that I realised just how many of the mechanics in the Nighthold Gul’dan fight are inspired by the Illidan fight. Makes sense really but was cool to see in action.

While it’s a nice idea to go see the older content without it being completely trivial when running through at max level, the current incarnation is a little boring because even with the scaling of items down, we still seem too overpowered. Compared with more modern fights which have pretty interesting mechanics, most of the fights were just stand still tank and spanks.

I did pick up a few items I didn’t have for transmog and seeing them pop up to 900 was cool but even at that ilvl they headed to the vendor so I don’t really need to think about going in there for gear.  Reading a few blogs I can see the thought about why do it more than once floating around and to be honest I don’t think I would need to take my main through more than once but there has been new gear added for the 4 classes that weren’t around in BC to allow them specific transmog sets reminiscent of the BC era. If your account has the Warglaives of Azzinoth achievement and you defeat Illidan you can also unlock an account wide ach to give your demon hunters a new artifact appearance.

It was fun and if it only rolls around once every few months, it’s probably something I would consider going along. Not being as difficult as I was expecting was a little disappointing but the trade off would be making it more challenging and then no one really wanting to invest the time learning fights and mechanics that you only see for a brief period every few months. Not an easy balance to achieve.  Overall I think it was probably pretty well done. I wonder if we’ll see more Time walking Raids in months to come.



New BC Timewalking Toys!

I took my lock through the BC timewalking dgns that are up at the moment and went down to turn the quest in and noticed there are 2 new toys that the vendor has for sale. Luckily my Lock had enough tokens and was able to buy them both in one go.


I really liked the sound of the soul sucking critter eater toy!  I tried it out first on a critter battle pet and it didn’t work so I had to go try it out on a real critter. There was an unsuspecting fel goo pile on the broken sure that turned out to be critter type so it got to be my first victim.

The animation is really cool, putting a little skull above your head and then a portal appears where the critter was.

Clicking it took me right to the entrance of the Black Temple. This is going to be so handy for getting to BT for transmog runs.

The second toy was a bit of pain to see in action.

I tried throwing it to a random person who obviously wasn’t expecting a stray fel orb to come out of the sky to them and made no effort to catch it so it splatted on the ground.

Then I tried throwing it to Dec but either I’m a terrible shot or he’s a terrible catch because it still completely missed and splatted into the ground. I was expecting it to go to the person I had targeted but that wasn’t the case apparently.

More practice required.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This has been what is forever going to be known as Loot Week.

Zee got the final resto legendary!

So yay my spec is back to balance and I get to play around with trying to decide what legendaries I like the most. I swap a lot between Tree helm (it gives you a chance to proc tree form when you AoE heal), Selfish neck (the absorb from prydaz is amazing and counts to my overall healing but it’s solely for me), Yay trinket (Velen’s that boosts my heals and distributes overhealing to other players) and Revju Heaven shoulders (which refresh rejuvenation on full health players and are strong but won’t be as strong when I lose my NH tier set). I’m really learning to love Tree helm in mythic plus dgns.

My pally got a healing cape legendary that apparently isn’t that great but it’s a 100 ilvl upgrade and her first one, so I’m not complaining.

My shaman went along to a normal clear of ToS with Pit Crew and got Healing Legs which I completely forgot to take a photo of. I don’t think they’re too bad, not spectacular but Cinder says they are ok and as they’re the first healing specific (she has prydaz and spehuz) legendary, I think it’s a good thing.

I finished another family familiar achievement and only have 4 to go out of the 12. I got super lucky and had 2 pet tamers up that I needed 4 families each for.  I’m finding the best way is to just alt hop and get through all the families I can in one go on each tamer.

Z got the final Darkbrul arena she needed, so I only have the Murloc one in Azsuna and Black Rook Rumble to go and I’ll have the pretty new mount.

Last time I did Black Rook Rumble, I had Spanky and his partner Coffee there killing me quite successfully. I do not know how to protect myself against two hunters and all their pets.

The monk made 110 and is off on her adventures to finish the class hall and obtain her mount!

I also took her off to get her healing weapon because Monk healing looks really fun and with the dungeons she had to do with her class campaign, I’d prefer to be doing them as healer than tank.

Flying Fish!

Dec was full of helpful advice and kept telling me just to aim my fishing rod up, even going far enough to send me a diagram on how I should be fishing that particular pool.

I popped down to the DMF and  saw the rock concert and picked up a few achievements but I’m sure there’s a lot more so I’ll have to go back next month.

I found this guy getting really impatient waiting for the toilet.. but I think he’ll be waiting for a while.

The glowsticks I picked up were so much fun. I spent way too long drawing patterns and running around like an idiot watching them make trails after me.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



When the guild doesn’t fit

I’ve learnt a big lesson in the last five weeks about what’s it’s like if you’re just in a guild that doesn’t suit. In the past month I’ve gone from a mental space where I loved healing and logging on to heal with my guildies to hating my my druid, hating myself and hating my healing  in a really short space of time.  And the most ridiculous part is that I pretty much did all that to myself without much outside input.

I really wasn’t enjoying my time healing in the new guild. A week into my trial the healing lead had a quick whispered conversation that he felt my numbers were a bit low and that they’d be watching them when  we moved off farm and into progression again. Instead of taking a deep breath and remembering that they were an established team on farm and the fights were still prog for me, I started hyper focusing on numbers and self-doubt and wow did I get miserable fast.

Once we started heroic not much really got better, our split runs had me healing with 5-6 healers for around 27 people. Which was just pure overhealing hell and I would be staring at full health bars wondering where the hell to put my hots because it was just just pure overheal. There were some really strange decisions made too, like on the last heroic kill of K’J we were happily 5 healing with no issues when all of a sudden the main spec feral druid went resto, and we 6 healed the boss for 25 people. I still don’t know what prompted that decision but we went from slightly overhealing to full overhealling. I was just really glad my healng still stayed  above the other druid’s even with so many of us.

Nothing was said to me outside of that one conversation, but I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough. The guild itself didn’t feel that friendly either but let’s be honest here for a second, I don’t think I helped the situation, the second I felt like I wasn’t good enough I shut down and didn’t want to approach anyone in the guild because in mind they were just thinking of me as that weaker healer. No one else really made any effort to get to know me or say hi or anything so I felt completely out of my depth.

We started mythics and nothing was said about their intentions with me, though I figured it wouldn’t be great. Apparently the officers had already mentioned to Dec and Fitme (also from misanth) that they would pass their trial but they weren’t sure about me. This probably should have been a conversation they had directly with me, but wasn’t. So I sat the first 3 bosses on the first 2 nights and then as they started on Sisters, I got an invite as they were going to 5 heal it.  I really wasn’t prepared for the fight, I hadn’t looked at it as I figured I wasn’t being brought in with this guild, so I was going in blind, which was pretty dumb of me but it was what it was. And that night was the last straw for me.  All the healers were in one party so we could talk in party chat which was fantastic but the copuple of times I asked questions in party chat or put in my thoughts on the talents the healing lead wanted met to take… completely ignored.

As luck would have it, Cinder’s guild had just lost their resto druid right about when I started opening up to Cinder and letting her know just how much I was hating the way I was playing so she suggested I think about coming to them (eek another server transfer)and taking their druid’s spot. I really wavered for a bit because the main reason I came to Frostmourne was to go to a bigger realm where there were lots of guilds and Saurfang is a much smaller realm. But they needed a resto, I already knew friends there and I couldn’t really see a guild on Frostmourne that had desperate need of a Resto and Cinder did. I spoke to Dec and he amazingly said he’d be coming with me if I went; he really patiently listened to me go back and forth about the good points and bad and just kept saying to do whatever I wanted. So, we went and joined Cinder and Neuro in their guild on Saurfang.

The guild seems quite nice and I like the people so far though the raid leading is quite a bit different to what I’m used to. There’s a lot more talking rather than just going and pulling on the bosses. Last night I think we had almost as long discussing pulls than we actually had doing pulls but the first night we cleared heroic and the first 2 mythic bosses and then last night we cleared the 3rd and started work on the 4th so it’s not a super slow pace which is awesome.

The healing team is actually really lovely and really chatty and Cinder keeps saying the healing lead is just awesome and patient and willing to go through logs with her whenever needed and from what I’ve seen so far he really is great. They added me instantly to all the healing channels on discord and in-game chat and there was heaps of communication there.

The really good bit is that Cinder have them trained to take Screenshots of their kills, so yay I have a kill photo for Demonic Inquisition.

My healing figures are pretty much exactly the same as they were in the previous guild but this time I’m not lower than everyone else, all of us healers in this guild are fairly close in figures which is a much nicer feeling.

I even had time in raid last night to get around to taking some nice screenshots, when I’m not running through the place in a ball of misery, I can actually appreciate my surroundings!

Just before the room with Sisters in it, there’s a place on the stairway where you can step sideways and fall through the floor. You fall for a really long way before you finally die. It’s really gorgeous looking around at all the stars and you pass a couple of the spacehips on the way. Dec and I managed to get Cinder to stand in just the right spot and she got to go on a trip! I jumped in after her so she wasn’t space travelling alone and took some photos on the way. 

I’m incredibly lucky I have a friend like Cinder who knows what’s it like to manage to spiral yourself into a black well of self-doubt and Dec who listened and told me to go do whatever I needed and he’d tag along. Thanks guys.