Daily Tamers

The Longest Day Checklist ( this is a printable pdf version – Tamer checklist )

Eastern Kingdoms (Alliance) or Kalimdor (Horde) note though: both Winterspring and Deadwind pass must be done by both factions.

Eastern Kingdoms – Alliance

        Elwynn Forest: Julia Stevens

         Westfall: Old MacDonald

        Cape of Stranglethorn: Bill Buckler

        Hinterlands: David Kosse

        Eastern Plaguelands: Deiza Plaguehorn

        Searing Gorge: Kortas Darkhammer

        Swamp of Sorrows: Everessa

         Burning Steppes: Durin Darkhammer

        Deadwind Pass: Grand Master Lydia Accoste (Horde must do this tamer)

         Redridge Mountains: Lindsay

        Duskwood: Eric Davidson

        Northern Stranglethorn: Steven Lisbane

Kalimdor (Horde)

        Winterspring: Grand Master Trixxy

         Mount Hyjal: Brok

         Durotar: Zunta

        Northern Barrens: Dagra the Fierce

        Desolace: Merda Stronghoof

        Dustwallow Marsh: Grazzle the Great

        Stonetalon Mountains: Zonya the Sadist

        Southern Barrens: Cassandra Kaboom

         Thousand Needles: Kela Grimtotem

         Felwood: Zoltan

        Feralas: Traitor Gluk

         Moonglade: Elena Flutterfly

         Ashenvale: Analynn

         Winterspring: Stone Cold Trixxy

Outland (Both factions)

        Hellfire Peninsula: Nicki Tinytech

         Zangarmarsh: Ras’an

        Shattrath: Morulu The Elder

         Nagrand: Narrok

        Shadowmoon Valley: Grand Master Antari

Northrend (Both factions)

        Howling Fjord: Beegle Blastfuse

         Dragonblight: Okrut Dragonwaste

        Icecrown: Grand Master Payne

         Crystalsong Forest: Nearly Headless Jacob

        Zul’drak: Gutretch

Cataclysm (Both factions)

        Deepholm: Bordin Steadyfist

        Twilight Highlands: Goz Banefury

        Uldum: Grand Master Obalis

Panderia (Both factions)

        Jade Forest: Grand Master Hyuna, Whispering Pandaren Spirit

         Beasts of Fable: Book I, Book II, Book III,

         Townlong Steppes: Burning Pandaren Spirit, Grand Master Zusshi

        Krasarang Wilds: Grand Master Mo’ruk

        Dread Wastes: Grand Master Shu, Flowing Pandaren Spirit

        Valley of the Four Winds: Grand Master Nishi

        Vale of Eternal Blossoms: Thundering Pandaren Spirit, Grand Master Aki

         Kun’Lai Summit: Grand Master Yon


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