Pretty Pretty

FF14 has a new patch coming out tomorrow so all the servers are down for pre-patch maintenance. I figured it was a good time to have a look through some of the pics I’ve been taking in the game. I’m screenshotting away everywhere and I’m still blown away by how pretty this game is.

I absolutely love the detail in the clothes and accessories in the game. One really cool thing is when you equip rings and necklaces they actually show on your character.

I’m having trouble choosing my favourite outfits, both my Mage and Bard have really different styles. I’m really quickly running out of inventory space because I’m trying to keep every piece of clothing I collect.

When you emote /hug, your characters arms go out and make a hugging motion, which is awesome if you’re standing close because you can really cuddle!  

You can collect pets in the game; they’re called Minions which I think is hilarous. I love my little owl that I got from a dungeon reward, he rests on my shoulder when he’s not out and about flying around my head.

It’s screenshot heaven when a world boss is up and the zone is packed with other people because everyone has minions and mounts that are so fancy. You can dress up your chocobo mount with different armor and if you feed it different foods, you can change its feathers colour

Some of the casting animations actually has my Bard actually playing an instrument.  I’m loving my Bard so much which is surprising since I hardly ever play a dps role in WoW.

And look, they have the Frequent Flyer achivement I blogged about wanting to see here.

Such a pretty game!