Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I finally discovered how great the Sentinel Owl glyph looks. I was talking to Neuro about the new druid class mount and he was telling me how much he liked the Sentinel Owl glyph (which is currently incompatible with the new class ‘mount’ [ranty post coming if the PTR version doesn’t change]) and I said I’d never tried it because I loved my Troll bat form so much, but I decided to give it a try and OMG I’m in love. He has a grumpy little face which is growing on me but the utterly best part is that I can perch in Owl form. Owls are the new pigeons in Azeroth.


I reached Prestige level 2. Once I dinged level 2, I got a short quest chain to go see Sylvanas and had a heap of horde npcs all standing around admiring me which was pretty cool.  I love the artifact appearance it unlocked but my favourite colour version comes from unlocking Prestige 6. I don’t see me getting to 6 anytime soon because it felt like it took a really long time to get to 2 even with doing the PvP world quests daily, lots of arenas and battlegrounds.


This week has been an amazing week for mount drops. It started when Dec and I were running old raids on the weekend to collect transmog sets and Invincible dropped. Then we joined up with Maz to run through Dragon Soul and the Blazing Drake dropped, and then we popped into Stratholme last night where the Deathcharger’s reins dropped. I can’t believe in one lockout 3 different mounts dropped! Dec won 2 of the 3 so I really think he should be buying a lottery ticket or something. All the content is soloable which I’ve done so many times on my own and never seen anything.. I can’t work out if it’s because having Dec along is a good luck token or not 🙂

I’ve just about collected most of the PvP set appearances on Z now. I’m really glad that a couple of the BC sets can be exchanged for raid tokens though, as it means I don’t have to use quite as many Marks of Honor. Once I get all the clothes sets for Z, I’ll have to decide if I want to start saving for the weapon appearances or get transmog sets on another class.

We’re still progressing on M Star Augur. Our best couple attempts were last night where we had a heartbreaking 2.3% wipe, followed immediately by a 1.2% wipe. We’re extending the lockout from now until Gul’dan is dead (or Tomb releases) so I really hope we kill this guy Wednesday because it is fast becoming my least favourite fight. It’s not helped that I am actually pretty crap on this one, especially since I have particular talent at boxing myself in with Fel goo so I end up taking more damage than I should and dying.

I finally found Charlie! He’s a reference to this video/series. Funny enough, a friend actually linked me the Charlie videos not long before Legion went live and I really loved them. When Legion went live, it turned out that there was a  Charlie reference was in the game. I didn’t go looking for it then but with flying I thought I should stop being lazy and go see it for myself. When you kill the 2 Devious Sunrunners that are standing over Charlie’s corpse, it spawns a chest with a Sunrunner’s Kidney inside. Poor Charlie.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?




Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It was a long weekend and I had no plans so it meant a lot of time on WoW. I hardly did anything on Z outside of raiding this week, though there was a lot of raiding. I think I ended up in Nighthold for 6 out of the 7 nights this week. There was the 4 nights of guild raiding, then pugging into a normal for fun and AP, and then I jumped into Toco’s guild alt run at Gul’dan as an extra healer, and then my new guild did a normal run and took some seriously undergeared alts so they really needed an extra healer. It ended up as a heck of a lot of Nighthold. Thank goodness it’s a pretty raid.

I left getting a mythic 15 dgn done right until the last-minute before reset but really nicely, Dys and some of my Deadline guildies pulled a run together to help out this evening and we did boosted  a key through Court of Stars, Eye of Azshara and then into  Darkheart Thicket 15 so I’ll have the cache tomorrow morning. It was really awesome running with them again. Even though I made the choice to change guilds, I really do miss a lot of my old guildies so I had a lot of fun being back on discord with them.

Besides all the Nighthold, there was a lot of time on alts.   First up I finished levelling my Shaman, so she makes number 6 to max level and I’m working on finishing up her campaign.

Shaman’s have the best order hall, it’s really gorgeous and there’s so many toys you can buy from the vendor as well as the pet from the pet battle. I found a cool Shaman puzzle game in the class hall and finishing it gave me a lava toy and that was the last toy I needed to get to 300 toys. (In full disclosure I completely cheated and found a youtube guide on how to click the totems in the right order to complete the 5 rounds for the puzzle).


I’ve also had a lot of time on my priest this week as I’m starting to gear her up as a viable raiding alt. The gear isn’t the biggest issue, it’s getting enough AP to get her weapon up to at least 35. She’s actually not that far from hitting 35 on her holy weapon now (I haven’t dropped any AP into shadow/disc weapons so far) but because gathering AP takes a while, I’m back to running world quests and dungeons. She ran her first mythic plus on the weekend and  I’m always trying to hit friends up to come and run dgns with me as I much prefer running them with friends.

It was fun to go run a few dgns with Toco and Wolfz. We all met when I joined their guild in Warlords for mythic raiding when Deadline was on a break. Their guild died a few months ago so they both went to Jubei-Thos to raid elsewhere. Thank goodness for bnet and cross realm as I could keep in contact with Toco. Toco and I both play healers so it’s fairly rare we get to go do dgns together. Cafa’s hiding at the back but he’s still in their orignal guild on Barthilas.  I really like how WoW can feel like such a small world at times.

Now the Druid tier sets are complete, I decided to start on the priest  and managed to get all the pieces for the incarnate tier as her first full set. I’m lucky I have a backup level 92 priest besides my max level one as she can help run old raids for the missing pieces.


I was really impressed to see that the developers have finally added a port back down from the Lich Kings room in ICC. I run it fairly regularly so was really surprised to see the addition when I popped up there this week. It’s probably been there for a while but I’ve manged to miss it until now.

Once you port down, there’s a portal to Dalaran as well as one to back up the top.

Z got a quest from her last Kirin Tor cache to go talk to random npcs around Dalaran. Once I talked to them they turned hostile and some into demons. I had to kill them all and as quest reward,  I got Khadgar as floating head pet to follow me around!

When you talk to him, he’ll give you a random answer. I really like having Khadgar floating around over my shoulder, he’s quite adorable.

And the most exciting part of my week was getting to be a guest on Reins of Azeroth. Reins is run by my most amazing friends, Cinder and Spazz, and Sirius  who does the awesome art for their show.  They were talking all things blogging on their episode and had me come along to chatter too. That’s so sweet of them.

Look at the gorgeous art Sirius did! My troll looks awesome! Sirius was talking about liking drawing the leaves on her dress and they look so good. I really like my troll!! Thanks Lovely ❤

Obviously I adore Cinder to pieces, being my best friend, but I really enjoy chatting to Spazz and Sirius too. I got to meet both of them in November  last year when they were down for Pax and we all went out to dinner. It was an awesome night full of wow chatter!  It’s a long episode because the 3 of us sure can talk but I had a lot of fun recording with them.

Huge thanks for having me guys!

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?