Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This was a transmog and ach week. I actually feel a bit guilty that I’ve been doing so much old content and not really that much AP grinding. I ran Z through a couple of 10 mythic plus right on reset and that was it. I shouldn’t feel guilty about doing what I want to do but I really do. I did manage to hit level 50 on my main weapon so 2 more levels to go to Concordance.

We turned the Saturday afternoon guild AP run into an achievement run and picked up all but 2 of the achievements from EN and NH for the mount.

I also spent a lot of time in the Warsong Gulch PvP brawl. Warsong Gulch is my favourite battleground and the changes made it actually more fun than the normal version. You could cap the flag even if the other team had yours and you had to be the first team to cap 10 flags. I spent a lot of time carrying the flag trying to get the ach for capping 3 times and not dying in the match. I met the requirements plenty of times but didn’t get the ach so I”m not sure what was wrong. I did pick up another achievement for killing 100 flagcarriers which was pretty fun. I was quing with 4 other people and we were having a really good winning streak for quite a long while.

I did a bit of levelling on my Monk through Azsuna and noticed the mages in the academy get really upset if you accidentally hit them with your wand fire. I hadnt seen it before so spent ages attacking all the NPCs to see what they would say.

The rest of the week was spent alternating between a lot of alts running as many old raids for transmog sets as I could fit in.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?