Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It’s really been a week of alts this week. I finished off my Demon Hunter campaign, which was really awesome and gave me the achievement for finishing 5 order halls.

February was DH month, and March is turning out to be Shaman month. She’s halfway through 108 atm so she should hopefully hit 110 by the end of the weekend. I really wasn’t enjoying enhancement so I went and collected her other 2 artifacts for Restoration and Elemental. Running around questing as Ele is a lot more fun at the moment, though I miss my ghost wolves that Enhancement could summon to help attack. 

The Shaman order hall is quite pretty and not quite as much of a maze as I thought at the start.

I’ve found a couple of Shaman only quests out in the world now. I don’t remember seeing Druid only quests on Z so I wonder if I just did them without realising or if class quests are  a Shaman only thing.

In an absolute coincidence I got to go see Thunderaan the Windlord two times this week, which was pretty cool as I’d never actually seen him before. Twice had been working on the Thunderfury legendary quest line on his Demon Hunter and he needed an alchemist to transmute arcanite bars. I took my hunter down to Gadgetzan to learn the recipe to make them then I went over to Silithus to see him summon Thunderaan and get his Thunderfury and ach.

Yes, I completely cut the head off the Windlord in this photo.

Then, my Shaman campaign started talking about needing Thunderaan’s help with the burning legion and sent me to track him down after some evil mortal had defeated him.. So I trotted off to the Vortex Pinnacle and up he popped. This time I got his head in the photo.  Lucky he didn’t seem to recognise my alt’s hand in his downfall the previous day and there were no hard feelings.

I seem to have hit the end of the campaign quests now until I reach 110. I always expect there to be a quest continuance at 108 but so far there hasn’t been on any alt.

I looked at my collections tab and realised I’m 10 away from 250 mounts and 10 away from collecting 300 toys. Since toys are way easier to collect than mounts I decided to make that a bit of a focus and go find the easier to collect toys I didn’t have.  I had enough pet tokens in various alt’s bags to combine for Z to go get Narcissa’s Mirror which lets you turn a companion pet into a mini you.

I actually think it’s a little creepy in a cute sort of way to have a mini me following me around. I’m not actually sure how much I’ll use this toy. I ended the week at 296 toys so I’ll have to do a bit more searching to find another 4 easier ones to get. Easier as in, probably profession based toys compared to having to kill a rare over and over hoping it’ll drop a toy. I was pretty lucky that the archeology quest this week also gave a toy as the reward as I haven’t done it before.

I finally gathered up enough AP so that Z’s resto weapon is all maxed out until 7.2 so there’s no mad rush to have to gather AP. Now I need to decide which of the 3 weapons to put any collected AP into. I’m thinking I’ll probably dump it all into the boomy one until it hits 54 as well.  

And that was pretty much my week in WoW.



Finding all my alts for the Love Dgn

It’s so good that the level to queue for the Love is in the air festival dungeon has been dropped to 16. It’s opened up a whole new set of toons for me to take through for more chances at the super rare Rocket mount.

I’m rather impatient though so I’ve decided to keep it to mostly tanks/heals for the fast queues, though tonight I was super lucky and one of the people I met through doing the EN raids with the Saurfang guild was bored and on a tank toon so came along with me for a few dgns.. super appreciated. Hopefully I can return the favour and queue some of his alts.

So I started going through the realms I have toons on and holy crap I have a lot of alts. All in various different stages of of levelling. Maybe finishing some of them off should be a priority of mine. I worked out I have:


Healers Tanks
Illari 20 Druid Eleara 110 Dk
Zeirah 23 Druid Livanthia 62 DK
Ivari 43 Paladin Meerah 100 Warrior
Zeirah 102 Druid Bellmara 83 DK
Falu 92 Priest Zhii 98 Monk
Zeera 110 Druid
Talarial 110 Priest
Trisella 33 Priest
Zalai 75 Monk

What’s not on the list is all the realms that have just dps toons, apparently I have a fondness for hunters because I have about 4 of them, all under 60 dotted around US realms.

I was considering getting my 100+ toons their healing or tanking weapons and that would open up a couple more but to be honest 14 toons is probably overkill as it is ;p

The next two weeks will be alt fortnight it appears.

New Blood Elf Models.. Just Wow

The new blood elf models have been released on the ptr and they are absolutely stunning. I’m so glad I’m levelling my blood elf paladin as an alt now.

Current Model

Loading Screen Old Belf

New Model

Loading Screen New Belf

Up Close

new belf model up close

I’ve been playing my pally a bit lately, currently she’s 96 and has been levelling as ret. The changes they made to ret have made her really quite fun to play and it’s brought my interest in wow back which is a good thing. I have plans to re-learn how to play holy once she reaches level 100 and hopefully play her as a main alt a bit. Pallies look like they are in a really good spot at the moment; I’ve been finding the only class that can regularly outheal me on a druid is a paladin, so I’d really like to play one and just see how great they are.. oh them and a disc priest…. they still seem really op with their absorbs.

As my priest is a blood elf, I’ll probably want to be playing her a lot too when the new models come in.

Playing on the Priest

My guild has started an alt run for  going into Seige of Orgrimmar on the weekends and this week I went along on my priest. We worked our way through the first 8 bosses without too much trouble but on Malkorok we got a bit stuck. It was a combination of factors that was holding us up but I noticed on that fight my healing  seemed a lot lower than it had been. I had read somewhere that disc was quite viable on that fight but seeing we were having trouble and since 2 out of the 3 healers  were disc I decided to go and change my shadow spec to holy during a break.  My healing as holy on that fight looked way better but it didn’t make too much of a difference to the outcome of the fight  as during the break we lost the 3rd healer and couldn’t replace them. We had a few attempts at 2 healing but there wasn’t really enough healing going out though we did get him to 16% on our best attempt.

One thing I really noticed going from disc to holy is that holy is so much more mana intensive and while I regemmed/reforged into mastery as opposed to the crit I was using for disc my spirit was too low and I kept going out of mana really fast. It’s a bit tricky because I want to keep the 2 healing specs for now but I don’t really have enough gear to have 2 distinct sets.  I do have some  duplicate raid finder items and when I swapped my priest out for my druid during last night’s  normal run on paragon’s  I was lucky enough to pick up 2 leg tier tokens so I have some pieces that are dedicated for each set.

I wanted to make a transmog that was different for each spec’s gear so it’s easy to see which set of gear I’m in but each set had to be something that coordinated with the shared pieces. I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. I’m not 100% sold on how the gloves or boots  match  but they can stay for now and hopefully she’ll pick up a few more pieces this week.

Priest Holy Priest Disc                        Holy                                                      Disc

  • Hero’s Circlet of Faith                Hero’s Circlet of Faith     
  • Hero’s Mantle of Faith               Hero’s Mantle of Faith
  • Elegant Robes                              Robes of Prophecy
  • Brightcloth Gloves                      Brightcloth Gloves
  • Sash of Mortal Desire                 Derevka’s Gleaming Girdle
  • Skydancer Boots                          Skydancer Boots
  • Hellscream’s War Staff               Hellscream’s  War Staff

I really like playing this toon and have been spending a lot of time on her lately. Luckily disc is still fairly effective as a dps spec though killing mobs on the Timeless Isle takes ages compared to shadow. I can also see quite a few trips into some of the older raids for  transmog runs in her future as my Night Elf priest has a pretty extensive transmog wardrobe and there’s quite a few pieces I’d like this priest to have.


No matter how hard I try to tell myself that I don’t really need another 90 geared up to raid on, every time my guild advertises for people for alt runs in either SoO normal or flex I get the urge to have an  alt that has an ilvl high enough to go and raid with. I can’t help it, running around the world completing loremaster or dropping into old dungeons or ineffectual attempts at finishing levelling blacksmithing  (I need how many cobalt bars!) just doesn’t hold my attention long enough to take away the wish for being able to have another 90 ready for raiding.

But what I don’t have that I really need for sticking with the gearing up is patience and that’s hampering my attempts. My priest has the worst luck when it comes to lfr. I know there are good lfrs out there but it seems when I zone in I come in to a group that is bickering or half the raid has already left and we wait for ages until the remaining half leave including me.  So needless to say the gearing up is going really slowly. She did run flex with Navi’s  Frostwolves  guild run last night which was great , but I have to say I make so many mistakes on her, I’m so used to a bigger health pool with my druid and having a ton of movement increases like displacer beast and dash that I misjudge what my priest can  do and  I tend to stand for a second too long in things thinking I can get away with it. And I really can’t, embarrassing to say but my priest died a few times to really dumb stuff last night.

But making up for all that is  simply how much fun she is to play. A  priest was my second toon I ever made so playing a priest is feels familiar and after getting a bit annoyed with trying to manage her mana as holy  with low spirit gear I changed her to disc and suddenly she’s really fun. No more ooming and as well as my standard heals I get to stand back and smite the heck out of the boss and people still get healed. I love it. It helps too that she is a gorgeous blood elf. I still haven’t reconciled myself to being a troll on my druid, I like pretty toons and currently troll ladies aren’t that pretty. I took the priest through Naxx the other day in the hope that the Halo helm piece would drop from Kel’Thuzad and it did. This is definitely my favourite priest tier armor item in the whole game. Combine it with Archangel wings and she looks so pretty.

naxx halo

Well I guess she’ll get there in the end and we still have a bit of time before Warlords is live so I’m sure to have her geared up enough to hold her own in a normal raid, one day.

Alt Love

I was reading repgrind’s post on levelling alts and it got me inspired to play a different toon for a bit of downtime fun the other night. Most of my time lately has been spent on the raiding 90s doing dailies and going into the lfrs which, since the reduction of lesser charms from 90 to 50  has meant I spend a lot less time doing dailies and I’m steering clear of the new lfrs for a while.  I know I should be in there for the gear but quite frankly after a few terrible runs, I just can’t be bothered to go in there, gear or not, it’s too painful atm. So I have quite of bit of more free time which I have been filling in with a spot of pet collecting.

So to that end, I was looking at my  loading screen and trying to decide who I’d like to play  a bit more. I do have a  warlock at 87 that would be great to level just for the green fire. A quick confession though, I only levelled the warlock for transmog purposes; warlock gear looks amazing but I don’t really like playing a lock though I can’t put my finger on why; their spell animations look great, having a pet with you all the times makes you a lot less squishy not to mention I love having a voidwalker floating along  with me, I even found a lock and lord2purple and gold transmog that just matches him perfectly.  But still, I just don’t like being on her for that long; me and locks don’t mix that well outside of finding pretty dresses for her. So once I stopped thinking about green fire and green dresses that would match and started thinking about how far from the green fire quest she actually is, she wasn’t that high on my list after all.

I have a mage, shaman and hunter at 90. The mage, while she was my first toon and I’ll always love her, got dismissed immediately. Squishy mage with limited healing on the Isle of Thunder where every mob wants to jump on my head, no thank you. To all the mages out there that don’t find them squishy I do apologise, but for me, my mage is a pain in the butt on her own.  I like the shaman and in particular I like her more because she has a great transmog at the moment so I spend half my time  when I’m playing her admiring her shiny armor, but she just didn’t appeal to me that night. So that left the hunter to take  for a run.

WoWScrnShot_042713_221350I figured I’d go introduce her to the Isle of Thunder as she’s never been there but  before I could start the dailies though  I had to do all the scenarios to unlock the Isle  and she breezed through them all. I keep thinking she has hardly any ability to self-heal so she’s difficult to quest with but by the time I got 2 quests into the Isle I realised that I was doing what I do on the priest and druid easier and faster. In fact, I was able to take on the final quest guy, who the druid has to wait for help with, on her own. I was in love and kept thinking wow if only I was more familiar with her imagine what I can do especially when she actually has gear (she still has a number of blues on). She even got to go and take part in killing 2 rares that were up and got a key to go on a treasure run and two tomes of free valor.  I got through the dailies and bought a shiny new necklace and changed a heap of justice points to honor and bought a 476  helm to replace her 436 one and made the shaman use up some of the leather she’s been hording to make a few crafted pieces.  And then I thought about all the things I wanted to do with her.

  • go farm dinomancers for the dinomancy tome so I can have a dinosaur pet if I want.
  • remember to go to outland for a sporebat, I love hunters that have a sporebat in their stable for the spell haste buff just in case you happen to be in a run without that buff.
  • maybe start the Cloud Serpent dailies so I can get to exalted and learn the patterns for the jewelled panthers in case I ever want to make them.
  • continue the eternal hunt for a hunter transmog I actually like.
  • find a mount, hunter pet and companion pet trio that match each other, who said matching has to be limited to outfits only?

So who’s your favourite alt at the moment?