New shoes and a pressie

“What are you doing?”

“I’m killing mobs for pieces of wood, I need 500 and each mob drops 1 piece so I have a lot to kill”

“Why do you want 500 pieces of wood”

“To buy invisible shoes”

The look I received at this point was priceless. A combination of admiration for my dedication mixed with disbelief at my sheer stupidity. Invisible shoes? Why didn’t I just take off the shoes I have if I didn’t want to wear shoes.

However, I persisted and finally the priest got her shoes. The whole reason I wanted them was for this specific transmog. Any boot in the game hides the flare of the pants and I didn’t like the look of slippers with it.

crimson transmog2

The only problem is I think a barefoot monk would be more appropriate. Wonder if I have time to grind out another 500 pieces before 5.4 drops and takes away the shoes forever.

I also received a really cool pet from Arvash the other day. He sent me a Gusting Grimoire as a thank you for making another pet team with him and Luxy.

Gusting Grimore

While I’m super excited and thrilled to receive the gift, I felt a tiny bit guilty because you see I’m not that great at pvp. When I get into the arenas and I have people hell-bent on attacking me I tend to lose my head and completely forget how to play a boomy and  end up spamming a lot of moonfire and little else, if my team is lucky I might remember I have cyclone, so I’m sure I’m possibly a hinderance rather than a help. But I love my book pet and I’ll have to have a hunt around and see if I can find a gift for Arv in return.