Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games this week.

Wowsers it’s been way too long since I’ve written a random Tuesday post.

Let’s see, all my games times have been cut down a bit because I took a good look at myself and realised that a year ago, I ran a half marathon (20km/13.1miles) and now I’m struggling to run even a kilometre. So I’m back to getting up early before work and heading out on a run; at the moment it’s a very slow, short run but hopefully if I stick to it long enough I’ll be back to being able to get  in a 5km run in the mornings. The running in the mornings has meant I’m super tired by night and instead of playing as late as I usually do, I’ve been in bed hours before. RIP game time.

Having said that though, there’s still been gaming going on.

I realised while running through The Dreamgrove yesterday that I’ve filled in all the appearances in the little pond for my Resto Weapon. My favourite is still the Owl; I really need to see what I have to do to unlock the other tints before Legion ends.

I’m finding as much as I hate the resto druid spell changes, I’m loving the boomy spell changes. Celestial Alignment is gorgeous, putting a blue starry pool below my feet that trails behind me when I run.

Ok.. Argus players – tell me how those greater invasions work. I turned up to one tonight (it had globes of blood around you had to kill as stage 1) and I was the only one there despite going into the portal right behind 2 other people. I decided to bum around and kill off the 8 globes while waiting for other people and ended up getting all 8 done and it went to the next stage. A mage turned up not long after and together we filled the stage 2 bar and got up to the 3rd stage, still only the 2 of us. We decided to kill the end boss together, we were taking about 20% off his health each time before we’d both be dead so it was a slow process but we ended up 2 manning it. So lucky that when you die, the end boss’ health doesn’t reset.  So tell me, all those other ppl clicking the portal before me – where did they go? Why did no one turn up in the one I was in? In all the others I’ve done there were people and it was fast and easy.

As always, there’s also been a lot of Ark time. Best thing in Ark this week was clearing Swamp cave, the 2nd hardest land cave. Yay for my beautiful Baryonyx’s as they could just squeeze into the cave and made it a lot easier to get through.

Max level wild dinos in the game are 150, but in the Swamp cave they can spawn up to level 400,  so it’s pretty challenging. Add to that, the cave is full of poisonous gas so you have to wear oxygen tanks and masks at all times or you die to the gas, and one of the mobs in the cave spits acid at you that instantly destroys all your gear if it hits you, including your oxygen tank. First time through we took 10 sets of gear each and luckily only ended up needing 3.

The loot in the cave is amazing though and now we make a point of clearing it each day. Nerve-wracking each time we go in, but worth it for the best quality saddles and armor patterns that come out of the loot boxes.

To make it even more spooky, Megalania’s are little lizards that hang from the ceiling, and we had a  moment when we spotted one on the ceiling ahead of us, and then looked up and behind us to realise we had passed under about 4 others. Thankfully they don’t seem to aggro onto the Baryonyx’s but I’m still a lot more careful to check the ceiling as well as the floor for mobs. 

The Artifact shelf is starting to fill up now. Only 3 Artifacts to go and they’re all from really hard caves. Snow Cave where you can’t take dinos and 2 underwater caves. We haven’t started taming the dinos we need for the underwater ones so they’ll be a while away yet.

And that was my week.  How was yours?




Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It feels like it’s been  a relatively quiet week in WoW. I don’t think I’ve got up to much out of the ordinary. Z’s sitting at trait 53 so there was quite a few mythic pluses done over the week to gather up more artifact power. She only has 2 mil to go and then I can stop the serious grind for a bit and just gather AP as it comes my way. I only did a 15 this week, I didn’t really feel like pushing higher keys and a 15 does give good loot. Maybe next week I’ll try for a higher key.

I ran some old raids and picked up a few achs. AQ 40 gave me the last bit of rep for Brood of Nozdormu, so now only 9 reps to go! I also got a new transmog out of there and only have Tier 2 to go and my order hall racks will be full.


I also ran through some old WoD raids with Twice and Kublas and picked up two new titles and a few extra achs.

I’ve been working on my Demon Hunter’s campaign and I  was super excited to see a Vikings reference in the quests for it. Lucky I’m only doing it now because a few months ago I had no idea of the series and I wouldn’t have got the references at all. Funny enough I was actually watching one of the new episodes while doing the quest!

A couple of weeks ago I want into SOO with Kublas  and he tamed Thok, so over the weekend we went back so I could also grab him for my own. He’s so adorable as a mini dino. I want to find a blue flashy transmog to match him.  thok-pet

On one of my pugs into Heroic EN this week (I really do like that raid), the hidden appearance for bear dropped! Now I have all the hidden skins for the 4 Druid specs so I’m pretty lucky.  I really like the hidden appearance for bear, in its little cage of bones.hidden-bear-1

The hatching of the Hippogrpyhs was on so I popped down with Toco as we were both on druids and had the easy port into Feralas! I got my hippogryph baby and picked up the item that made it last the extra days. It was really awesome having it travel around with me and so  super cute how it sat on my back in cat form.

And ever since I’ve started paying attention to the Star Augur scenery I’m still seriously blown away by how gorgeous it is.

This week I’ll have to try to get some better screenshots and ones of the void infested planet as well.

And that was my week in WoW. Let’s see what next week brings.

How was your week in WoW?

Druid Transmog – Water Lily Inspired

I’ve been having a bit of trouble finding transmog outfits that I really like on a Troll and so instead of transmogging into a new outfit each week like she did as a vain Night Elf, my druid’s been wearing the same dress for quite a while now as it’s one of the few I like on her Trollish frame.

I love the purple and gold of the water lilys in the Vale ponds and this outfit captures their colours really well I think. However, the best thing about this transmog is her coordinating toe nail polish.

transmog 1

A new Druid – Tauren style

When Navimie first mentioned that her guild was moving servers, I said I’d love to come and make a toon to help level it up, expecting the guild to start again at level 1. But now the transfer has gone through their guild has remained at level 25 which is great, but I decided to still impose myself on them and continue to make another toon to pop in their guild. I mean it’s not like I don’t have some obsession with alt making and I’m glad I did, the people in the guild are really friendly and welcoming.

When my main Druid faction changed I was torn between making her a  Troll or a Tauren in terms of which race I wanted to play. Trolls look sort of ugly from the knees down but their shape-shifting forms are lovely; whereas Taurens are pretty cute but they are cows after all. I just couldn’t decide easily. It ended up coming down to a decision based on their racials; Troll racial is Berserking which is  a handy racial for a class that relies on dots and hots; the extra haste is like a mini-bloodlust on your spells every 3 minutes. Tauren racial is Cultivation;  being able to herb in bird form 75% faster was really tempting, but since she was transferring solely to raid I went with the more raid beneficial ability and I made a Troll.
This time I decided to indulge myself by making a Tauren druid (you can’t ever have enough druids right!).

Tauren druid

The Tauren starting area is really pretty, full of rolling plains and blue-glass lakes surrounded by imposing cliffs. The presence of so many Tauren burial grounds is a bit creepy though.

tauren 1

I’m tossing up whether I want to make this toon’s levelling experience a bit of a personal challenge.  A few of the ideas I’ve considered:

1. Actually do all the zone before I move onto another. I tend to do just as many quests as I need to do to be able to level up high enough to skip to the next area. By staying in the zone and doing all the quests I should see more of the story of that zone.

2. Don’t actually spend any money short of repairs during levelling. So no going to the AH to buy gear to transmog into just because I don’t like how mismatched my gear is. I’d be interested to see how much gold I could make questing if I’m not off spending it as fast as I make it.

They’re not super great or well thought out ideas and certainly not on the same level as the Ironman challenges out there but they’re floating around in my head;  I’ll keep thinking about it as I go along.

I guess being a Tauren also means time to learn a bit more of the lore that goes along with them. This is my new faction leader.. he’s quite colourful isn’t he.


Dark Animus and druid healing thoughts

This is quite possibly my favourite fight that I’ve seen in TOT yet. I love it for both the mechanics and the scenery. You walk into a big room with 3 different sized adds arranged around the edge of the room (I call them robots)  and an anima orb hanging in the centre of the room. You’re free to wander all over the room as it doesn’t start the fight, which is great for getting into position.


WoWScrnShot_042513_201050Once the fight is started, the orb explodes and powers up the little robots. The first phase is really about add management. The little robots cannot be held near any other little ones, including the stationary damaged ones, as their damage gets seriously buffed. So to that end everyone, including healers, has to hit one of the little robots and gain aggro and hold them until one by one they are taunted away. The reason for this is each time one dies they release their anima or energy which will then empower the bigger adds and you want to be able to control which big add is empowered.

WoWScrnShot_042213_204706My little robot

During the fight people are matter swapped , which means their locations are swapped, this can make for some tricky times as their little add will chase them through the room to their new location, so the other people need to be aware of the add coming though and adjusting their positions so their adds don’t get their attacks buffed. Matter swap also damages the people who are swapped when it is dispelled. We found that waiting until the timer was at 5 resulted in healable damage levels.

Once you have killed enough adds to have released enough anima the boss engages. During this time he will put an anima font on one person. This does  aoe damage and has a really large radius, the targeted person has to move right out of the group.This was the biggest source of wipes at the start until we worked out how large the radius seems to be. There is also an anima ring put on the tanks, they need to get out of that, in our group there are allocated dps to help with that so I have no idea what they were doing, just be aware it does result in large tank damage.

As the fight goes on, the boss’ anima levels increase, when he gets to 75, he starts to cast Interrupting Jolt every  20 seconds until he is killed. Interrupting Jolt does large raid wide damage and you also need to stop casting during it.


Healing Thoughts.

There is a lot of movement in this first bit so trying to judge where everyone will be standing is difficult to judge for mushroom placement. So I started by putting mushrooms on the location where I would be tanking my little add and pre-charged them. Then I could use them on myself if my add was hitting me too hard or if someone else’s add came to close after a matter swap.

Once I used my mushrooms, I relaid them in the centre of the room where the boss was going to be tanked so that I would have time to charge them up again.

Once a person got matter swap on them, I would rejuvenate them and put lifebloom on them before they were dispelled. .  The rejuvenation  and lifebloom  mean they had  hots rolling on them when they were swapped and seemed to smooth out some of the damage. I made sure that I always had a 3 stack lifebloom rolling on someone and with the glyph just moved it around a lot, this saved me having to take time out to use 3 global cooldown’s (gcd’s) to get it back on.

I also took incarnation for this fight. When the boss hit around 68 anima, I popped tree, placed lifebloom on everyone and was able to stop casting and still have hots rolling on people, which made it faster to get everyone’s health up after.It would last just long enough for me to do that again right before the next Interrupting Jolt and then I would use tranquility to heal up the damage after it.

Sometime during this phase I used the  mushrooms I had charged up but I didn’t lay them again as I didn’t think I would be overhealing enough to charge them up.


  • Nature’s swiftness – macroed to healing touch provides a mana free instant healing touch every minute, which if it crits is a large instant heal.
  • Incarnation  – I like the ability to lifebloom everyone prior to an interrupting jolt.
  • Nature’s vigil


  • Regrowth  – guaranteed to  crit.
  • Wild growth – hits an extra person for only a 2 sec increase in cd
  • Lifebloom – You can swap the current stacks of lifebloom to another person without losing the stacks. It saved a lot of gcd’s being used.