Returning to Skyrim after months of Elder Scrolls Online

I’ve had a bug to buy a new house in Elder Scrolls Online lately so over the Easter holiday weekend just past, I gave in and bought a lovely little Nord race themed house. I spent a good weekend crafting up all the Nord themed furniture and decorations I could make.

Immersing myself in Nord zones and crafting Nord items sparked a craving to go back and play a bit of the actual Skyrim game. I decided to start a fresh game as it’s been a year or two since I last played.

ESO is set 1000 years before Skyrim so while the story itself doesn’t overlap, the lore does. Wandering around getting back into the swing of the Skyrim, I found that multitudes of the history books scattered around refer to the events and timeline of ESO, events I’ve just played through!

It didn’t take too long of playing before I started to remember how rich this game is. The story and quests are really engaging and there is just so much to the game. So many quests, crafting, exploring, and house buying/building and decorating!

I think I’ll put a bit of time back into this game and remind myself where my love for ESO was sparked.


A bit (lot!) more decorating.. just don’t ask me how much I’ve spent!

After my last post about decorating, I really got bit by the home-making bug and I decided the slow route of as I learnt the patterns was, well just too slow.

My ESO gold had mounted up fairly significantly during all the questing, so I decided why not go for a bit of splurge and went on a shopping spree for my little house.

I settled on a mostly Redguard theme which is vibrant reds and golds and opulent desert themes and started out visting guild traders to see what was on sale.

ESO doesn’t have one joint Auction house like WoW. but instead each guild (if they have a trader) can offer their items to the public though NPC traders spread around the world.

I have a long way to go yet but I’m starting to be quite happy with how it’s turning out. Lighting in ESO doesn’t seem to be the brightest so I really need to invest in a lot more candles and lamps as it’s rather dark inside.

I’m utterly in love with this sideboard and knickknacks. Not a big fan of the lights on the railing behind though, they’re bigger than I was expecting. I think I’ll move them outside later when I find a better lighting solution for inside.

The kitchen is looking a little more kitchen-like; the solitary apple has been joined by hanging beets and kebabs. Don’t laugh too much, it’ll get there eventually!

Downstairs has had a major makeover. I decided to make the awkward little chambers into their own distinct rooms through adding in some extra walls and drapes.

The bedroom hasn’t changed too much so far, though it’s missing a few homely touches to make it feel more like a bedroom.

I’ve set aside this room to be a bathroom. (The  wooden tub gives it away right??)

There’s a gorgeous bath you get from the crown store that I’ve got my eye on. I want a super luxurious spa room my toons can go to and make me jealous (I don’t have a house with a bath, only a shower and I’d love one).

My play time has become really limited again as I’ve started work again. Yay!! I was only out of work for 2 weeks but it felt like it was forever so I’m very glad the forced holiday is over. The new job is less than a block from my old job but slightly longer hours so I’m still adjusting to the difference.

And on that note.. I’m off to bed.

More housing adventures soon.

Decorating my House… slowly

I’m still having the best time decorating my house in ESO. I’m doing it very slowly as I’m making the pieces myself when I pick up a new furnishing pattern that I have the materials and skill for.

The house itself is so gorgeous. The outside is set in a  frozen wonderland of snow and glittery chilly rivers

When you go through the front door, you enter into the main floor space with a cozy fireplace. I’ve added small touches like a rug and a cabinet to start storing some of the smaller pieces I’ve collected and crafted. Every month or so there are free statues to collect for your house and they’re starting to mount up. I’m planning to make a long shelf to store them all in one place but for now I’ve got them dotted around the house.


You can go up into the tower and look out over the grounds. I’m not sure what the fire is meant to be at the top of the tower but it is quite pretty.

There’s a downstairs part which I’m starting to decorate as different themed rooms. Eventually I’ll find a pattern for curtains or a nice room divider and then I can make each alcove into seperate rooms. I’m in love with the bedroom I’ve made. I think I’d be happy sleeping in it for real!

I’ve set aside a space for a kitchen but I don’t have very many kitcheny pieces yet.. the apple is about it at the moment.

Having a space to decorate, and being able to make the pieces myself is utterly awesome. Everytime I loot a new pattern or furnishing I get really excited. I can also buy patterns or pre-made furniture from other players off the guild stores but to be honest, making it myself is a big part of the fun at the moment.

I can’t decide yet on what style I want to make my house. All the architecture styles for the different races in Tamriel are represented in the 1000s of patterns you can find and all the different styles are really distinct. Because I don’t have that many patterns yet, I’ve just been making whatever appeals to me but eventually I’ll sit down and decide on which particular style I like the most. At the moment I’m leaning towards either Redguard or High Elf but we’ll see what I eventually settle on. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures when the house is finally finished.



Quest and Flavour Text in ESO

I’m utterly lovely questing through ESO mostly due to the quest text and voice acting each quest has. Some of the lines are really awesome and delivered in just the right way to tickle my funny bone.

I love the word ‘lollygagging’. Having a grumpy, pompous elf use it at me was great.

Cadwell is voiced by John Cleese. I know him best from Monty Python. Anything and everything that he says in-game is perfect! ‘Knickers in a twist’ is such a great phrase when he says it.

The flavour text on objects can be really funny too. The Khajiit are the playable cat race in Tamerial; finding someone has taken the time to make rules for kicking them seems a bit harsh.

The world is full of books you can click on and read. A lot of them are lore stories or give insights into people or cities in the world, but then some of them are just a little bit naughty.

I love the below story, the double talk and risqué topic was great to sit and read. I’ve not been having any luck finding Volume 1 or 3 though which is sad. I’d love to know more.