Best dressed Zee

Dragonray was running a transmog comp a few weeks ago so I took a small ESO break to pop over to WoW and play dress ups.

I wanted to do mostly Druid Tier outfits but given Trolls have ugly feet, I used my Nelf Druid as model for all outfits. There were 3 tiers I didn’t really like for Druid so Lich King was Mage tier and MoP and BFA are Priest items.

I ended up being the winner by default, as no one else felt like playing dress ups. A far cry from previous transmog comps Dragon has run. I felt guilty for accepting the prize seeing there was no way for me to lose but dragon insisted rules are rules and so I now own a very cute Whomper pet, named after the giver 🙂

Thank you Dragon xoxo





Kul’Tiran Up the Dance Floor

I’m an absolute sucker for achievements and a new expansion is so exciting because of the sheer number of new ach’s to collect.

I was questing out in Drustvar doing a really naughty quest for Nathanos, turning an ally guard into an undead lady to steal intelligence from her, when I decided to take a quick break and look at the achievements I could collect in the Alliance lands. There was a cool sounding one to go /dance on the dance floor of Norwington Estate in Tiragarde Sound with another player.

I convinced my friend Hip that this getting this achievement would be the most fun he would have all day and he wandered over to be my dance partner. I didn’t want to let a little thing like being the wrong faction to get in the way so we were super quick about running onto the dance floor and gate crashing the party before the locals knew what was happening.

The sneaky thing about this achievement is there’s actually two dance floors in the estate, so there were a few deaths while we realised we weren’t getting the achievement up at the dance floor at the top of the main hall and had to hightail it down the hill to the lower house.

Best fun in the game!

Glory of the Cataclysmic Hero (only 2 expansions late!)

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately running Z around  finishing older achievements when I noticed I only had Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls left for Glory of the Cataclysmic Hero.

The achievement itself is fairly simple; your aim is to have the boss kill 10 of his own adds with his own AOE ability. The boss casts Quake throughout the fight and each time Quake hits a player and damages them, an add spawns. At 66% and 33% he casts his AOE ability so you basically get 5 adds to spawn, push him to 66% health, wait for him to kill them and start the cycle again for the next 5 and going to 33%.

The only difficulty I was having soloing this ach is that he spawns 1 add per person hit by quake and the adds despawn after 2 mins, so the timing of getting all 5 to spawn and still be up for  him to cast his AOE was really tight and there were a few attempts where I’d have an add despawn right before the AOE went off. Super frustrating.

I ended up asking Navi to come along and be an extra body to be hit by Quake to spawn the adds twice as fast and take away any issues with timers and despawning. She really kindly agreed to come be the equivalent of a punching bag for the boss and the ach became really easy.

Glory of the Cata Hero

Navi, Z and Romogg Bonecrusher

It ended up being a naked run to make sure we took damage from quake and so he wasn’t damaged too much to  push him through the phases too fast.

And the best part of finishing off the achievement is the Volcanic Stone Drake as the reward. He’s a pretty cute mount and I love his colours.

Volcanic Stone Drake

Volcanic Stone Drake 1

As a side bonus, in the same dungeon I  also got exalted with Dragonmaw Clan which puts Z at 42/50 for the next reputation achievement.

Dragonmaw Clan Rep

Big big thanks to Navi for helping out on the achievement xx


Snarlys and Chucks all round

I got a lovely whisper from Kamalia from Kamalia et alia a short while ago letting me know that she happened to have a double up of Snarly but no Chuck. So we arranged to meet and trade over our spare pets.


Luckily the trade gave us both all four pets and completed the set of pets from the Outland daily fishing quest.  I will not miss treking out to Shattrath to do the daily fishing quest, though I’m sure to replace it with another.

A big thank you to you Kamalia, I’m glad we both completed our sets 🙂