BFA – Horde Levelling

The decision on who to level first was won out by the Priest. I surprised myself because I always level my Druid and even though I was 90% set on Priest I figured I’d change my mind at the last-minute. I’m so glad I didn’t though because the Horde story line was simply fantastic to play though. I can’t imagine the Alliance side could be as good but I’ll be going over there soon enough to see.

I had a quick poke around the beta but only from ally side so starting out as Horde was all new.  Running through Stormwind on a stealthy rescue mission to go find Saurfang was nerve-wracking as I kept scrambling to keep up in the stealth field.  Saurfang was not interested in coming anywhere with us so we rescued the Zandalari prisoners from the next cell instead.

Jaina turned up to stop our escape and was scary stalker mage chasing us through the streets. I’d love to know how she knows  where to be at just the right time, seeing the future isn’t a mage skill? Luckily our pyromaniac troll prophet got her off our back by setting fires all over Stormwind and we escaped to Zandalar.

I started on Vol’dun which is one big sandy desert which actually reminded me lots of the desert in Ark.

I fell instantly in love with the little Vulpera people and their alpacas…  please let these be a mount and a pet.. I want an alpaca family!

I was questing with warmode on and wasn’t seeing any alliance which was great as I’m a huge chicken in PvP and didn’t really want my levelling experience interrupted but I also wanted the extra xp because I wasn’t sure there’d be enough xp through questing alone. I shouldn’t have worried because doing all the quests in Vol’dun got me to 114 before I had to move on to Naz’mir.

Naz’mir is one big, misty swamp full of voodoo blood trolls. It was a really good intro to the darker side of trolls. There’s a lot of Old God interaction and references in this zone.

My absolute favourite Loa is Bwonsamdi, the Loa of death. He seems quite jovial and a bit of a joker but a few times in the quests he gave glimpses of his darker meaner side. This could be one scary guy if he wanted to be. He’s at all the rez points when you die and his flavour text is awesome, and often class themed.

He’s asked my priest if she wants to swap faith and my hunter if she failed at feigning death. The best I’ve heard though is him asking a warlock if they forgot to soulstone.

I saved Zanzuldar for last and it was a good choice as the zone story brought in lots of the NPCs and Loa’s I had met in the other zones. The story was amazing and I actually hit 120 still with 2 storylines to go so I didn’t have to worry about not having enough xp to level just from questing.

Zanzuldar is a full tropical rainforest full of dinosaurs.      There’s a public transport dinosaur which walks up and down Zanzuldar which you can hop a ride on. It’s slow but nice to wander along for a bit. 

The final scenario was riveting and left me hanging to see where the story goes. I cannot wait for the patches to roll out. I think we’re going to see some real twists in the future.

Overall I adored questing because the stories were so engaging and really captured my interest, and the details in the zones were so intricate and added to the atmosphere.

The zones are wild and rugged which seems to be the way that Blizz views the Horde; no pretty manicured towns for us.

Now my priest is 120, it’s time to look at gearing up enough to make the world quests easier and to dip my toe into mythic dungeons. I’m still not sure at all which class I want to play or which side to play on, so I’ll be levelling my Druid soon so I can compare between the 2  of them at max level.



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It’s really been a week of alts this week. I finished off my Demon Hunter campaign, which was really awesome and gave me the achievement for finishing 5 order halls.

February was DH month, and March is turning out to be Shaman month. She’s halfway through 108 atm so she should hopefully hit 110 by the end of the weekend. I really wasn’t enjoying enhancement so I went and collected her other 2 artifacts for Restoration and Elemental. Running around questing as Ele is a lot more fun at the moment, though I miss my ghost wolves that Enhancement could summon to help attack. 

The Shaman order hall is quite pretty and not quite as much of a maze as I thought at the start.

I’ve found a couple of Shaman only quests out in the world now. I don’t remember seeing Druid only quests on Z so I wonder if I just did them without realising or if class quests are  a Shaman only thing.

In an absolute coincidence I got to go see Thunderaan the Windlord two times this week, which was pretty cool as I’d never actually seen him before. Twice had been working on the Thunderfury legendary quest line on his Demon Hunter and he needed an alchemist to transmute arcanite bars. I took my hunter down to Gadgetzan to learn the recipe to make them then I went over to Silithus to see him summon Thunderaan and get his Thunderfury and ach.

Yes, I completely cut the head off the Windlord in this photo.

Then, my Shaman campaign started talking about needing Thunderaan’s help with the burning legion and sent me to track him down after some evil mortal had defeated him.. So I trotted off to the Vortex Pinnacle and up he popped. This time I got his head in the photo.  Lucky he didn’t seem to recognise my alt’s hand in his downfall the previous day and there were no hard feelings.

I seem to have hit the end of the campaign quests now until I reach 110. I always expect there to be a quest continuance at 108 but so far there hasn’t been on any alt.

I looked at my collections tab and realised I’m 10 away from 250 mounts and 10 away from collecting 300 toys. Since toys are way easier to collect than mounts I decided to make that a bit of a focus and go find the easier to collect toys I didn’t have.  I had enough pet tokens in various alt’s bags to combine for Z to go get Narcissa’s Mirror which lets you turn a companion pet into a mini you.

I actually think it’s a little creepy in a cute sort of way to have a mini me following me around. I’m not actually sure how much I’ll use this toy. I ended the week at 296 toys so I’ll have to do a bit more searching to find another 4 easier ones to get. Easier as in, probably profession based toys compared to having to kill a rare over and over hoping it’ll drop a toy. I was pretty lucky that the archeology quest this week also gave a toy as the reward as I haven’t done it before.

I finally gathered up enough AP so that Z’s resto weapon is all maxed out until 7.2 so there’s no mad rush to have to gather AP. Now I need to decide which of the 3 weapons to put any collected AP into. I’m thinking I’ll probably dump it all into the boomy one until it hits 54 as well.  

And that was pretty much my week in WoW.


My first week in Legion

Syrco, put up a post about her first week in wow and asked how everyone was finding Legion, so I thought I’d answer here rather than in a comment.

The first week has absolutely flown by. I’ve been 110 on Zee for long enough to start getting into end content and oh wow, there is so much to do.

Through just questing in the zones, I hit friendly with all the factions which opened up world quests in every zone.  I’ve finished all the quests for each zone for the meta apart from Suramar, I’m still questing down there in between world quests and dungeons. After exploring through all  the zones I still can’t pick a favourite, all the zones are simply stunning and each has parts I absolutely love.

Suramar zone in general is gorgeous and Suramar City really quickly hit the top of my prettiest places in wow list. The only downside is I have to be masked to be in there without drawing aggro from everyone, otherwise I probably would never leave. I’m going to do a full post on how beautiful the city is later, once I’ve fully explored it and poked my nose into every corner of the place.

WoWScrnShot_090316_180133 WoWScrnShot_090316_180702

I’ve been having the worst luck with Zee’s gear and she got stuck with green questing shoulders and a pendant, holding her ilvl at 808 for ages. We made a guild group as Allucia and I were still under 810, so we walked into heroics with  Klor, Money and Twice to get around having to be 810 to queue.  I upgraded quite a few pieces (still not shoulders) and we were able to start queuing heroics. Currently I’m sitting at 817, so if I can dump the green shoulders my ilvl should jump up quite a bit. We’ve been asked to be at 825 minimum by the 20th for raiding, so fingers crossed Z’s dismal luck will break and I’ll change the shoulders. If all else fails I might try to round up a full guild group of leather wearers and chain dgns with them, one of us should be bound to get shoulders to drop.

Towards the end of Warlords I changed Zee’s professions from JC and Inscription to Inscription and Herbing. I had the idea that herbing would be more useful as I could feed my alchemist herbs to make Zee’s pots and flasks.. not realising that gem slots on gear were no longer rare and now Zee has gear full of gem sockets and no gems.

I could buy them but I really hate buying things I can make, so my DK, who has JC/Mining, came into Legion and opened up her class hall so she can get out and about and start mining to get the ore for gems. I’m not sure if it will actually help me in the short term as she’ll need to be leveled a bit to get access to patterns and professions quests, and spending  time on her is time not spent on Z getting more and more artifact power, but we’ll see how it goes. I may have to not be cheap and just buy the gems I need for the first few months.


I also decided to bring my alchemist over, so she went and opened up her class hall and got her artifact weapon. I was so excited to see one of the artifcats was Alleria Windrunner’s weapon , so she immediately chose that one and all the related quests hint about Alleria coming back.


Alleria’s back story is one that I’m super interested in, so I really can’t wait to see how the hunter story progresses.  I spoke to a pally friend, who’s as into lore as I am, about Alleria and she mentioned she had come across something that mentions Turalyon has sent a message.. So I really want to bring my Paladin across to open up that bit of lore. But again, alts are probably going to have to work around Zee for the first few months.

I was really curious about the unexplored island at the south of Suramar so wandered down and found it’s the Tomb of Sargeras.

The whole island is full of demons with ridiculously huge health pools, so I skirted round the edges and picked up the flight path and went back to questing in less scary places.

I keep having to pinch myself to get over how amazing this game is. I’m not the only one, Cinder posted a Legion love post as well. I’m sure this content will keep me occupied and immersed for a really long time and coming relatively soon is the new Karazhan dgn which I am ridiculously excited to see.




level 100

Despite the queues on Barth (and pretty much everywhere really) Z hit level 100 in a pretty reasonable fashion. I had decided at the start of the expansion that I would quest my way to 100 and finish each zone in turn so I could see all the stories as I went. I rushed to 90 in MOP and it wasn’t until I went back and did loremaster months later that I got a good understanding of the zones and the npcs I had been seeing every day for months.

Hordies start in Frostfire Ridge which is quite orc heavy, it was pretty cool to see the little nomadic tribes the Orcs lived in and Frostfire Ridge is quite a pretty zone even if it is mostly just snow.

Frostfire Ridge

The quests were quite interesting, it was pretty cool to see Thrall meet his father, Durotan and his mother Draka, who is absolutely beautiful.


I decided to skip a lot of the bonus objectives after Frostfire as I didn’t want to outlevel the zones so that’s something I’ll have to go back and finish off. My favourite zone was definitely Spires of Arak. Before questing in there my impression of Arakkoa were of noisy screeching birds from Outland but the story line in this zone gave a really good insight into them and they have such  personality.

Nagrand was the last quest zone and I hit 100 about half way through but I decided to make sure I finished the quests in there. The final ending to the zone was really amazing but since there are people haven’t finished the quest yet, I’m don’t want to spoil it by revealing too much. I thought the ending though was really well done and gave really good closure to the ending of MoP. If you’ve read War Crimes, it was a great follow-up to that story.

Exploring around the top of Nagrand I came across a really beautiful Lagoon. It has a stacking debuff that is put on  you so beware if you spend too much time there, but its worth going up there for a look.

nagrand lagoon 2

Horde don’t get to quest in Shadowmoon Valley which is a real shame as this is a beautiful zone. I popped over there to find the battlepet tamer to battle and spent quite a bit of time exploring. I have plans to level an alliance alt through Draenor so that I can see the other perspective and I’m really looking forward to seeing the quests in this zone.

Shadowmoon Valley

Once you have cleared all the quests in a zone you can buy a map from Ashran that shows you all the treasures in the zone that you may have missed. Even with the icons marked on your map some can be really tricky to find with jumping puzzles to be completed.

Cinder found a really good short story,  Hellscream,  on wowhead that fills in the missing time between the end of MoP/War Crimes and where we are now. I’d definitely recommend having a quick read of it.

So now Z’s 100,  the decisions over what to do next loom. Gear, garrisons, pets, followers, there is so much to keep occupied and that’s without even thinking about alts.

Thinking to Warlords

Now we have a date it makes things feel incredibly more concrete and November seems both far away and much closer than I would like all in one go.

While I’m super excited about Warlords coming I feel like there is so much I want to do in WoW before it releases yet paradoxically, I don’t actually feel like playing enough to start churning through my to-do list. Before you think I’m on the bandwagon of negativity about wow that is around a bit, I’ll assure you I’m not. I think I’ve just been so caught up in real life stuff that anything else is sort of going by the way side. So lets talk about that for a bit.. skip down a bit if you just want wow chatter.

I finally finished my bachelors with very good marks to find that just having that piece of paper isn’t really enough to help me get into a job.. well not into the job I want. Ultimately, and we’re talking a long way out like a 10 year plan or so,  I’d like to be a researcher/policy advisor in the government. Everyone in the industry I’ve talked to has said its doable, I just need to get in at the bottom and work my way along.. sounds reasonable. But getting in at the bottom is pretty damn tricky. Factor in that I took a fair while off work to be the carer of 2 juniors and then 3 years of study means  my qualifications, while pretty solid, are also pretty out of date. Added to the fact that government jobs are highly sought after and I’m just not standing out on paper enough to get a recruiters interest.

So given all that I made the decision to continue with uni and do a honours year in politics (part time though because I really want to be back in work so I get 2 years to finish it in, without having to attend uni face to face that much) I figured that my marks are really high, I’m super interested in the subject and if I want to be a researcher some day, a whole year of just research and then a 15 000 word thesis is probably going to be useful.

I also managed to pick up a part time job as an administrator for a transport company. It’s 3 days a week (going to be 4 shortly) , which means I can still study around it and I’m getting some recent experience which should be good.

But it’s also meaning I’m doing a bit of soul searching and navel gazing, not all of it positive. It does make me wonder why I busted my butt through 3 years of study to basically end up with a part time job that you don’t need a degree for, then I waver and think I’m pretty lucky to get anything given that all I have is a piece of paper and practical qualifications nearly 10 years old.   What if this is all I can amount to, is the darkest thoughts that go through my head when I’m staring at the ceiling at 3am some nights.  My experiences over the past few months has at least given me the direction I want to take for my thesis. In all my classes the ones I’ve been most interested and motivated in are the ones concerning social welfare policies, so my thesis will be on long term unemployment.. and yep it’s going to need a bit more thinking on what part of that I want to look at, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

But I’m still not out of the habit of spending all my time either job seeking, emailing companies or writing essays so when I do finally get time to sit down I tend to automatically start looking for jobs and getting on wow is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing though I do keep mulling over the fact that each day I don’t log on is one day closer to Warlords and I’m still not through my list of things to do. So maybe I need to back off and realise that a survival job is better than no job and just go with it for a few months,

On the plus side though I do love the job. I am kept amazingly busy which makes the day fly, I get to talk to clients all day long, my goodness my phone and email never stop – I never would have thought a bus company would be so busy, so so many schools wanting a bus to take their students on excursions or people wanting to charter a bus to run up to a winery for the weekend. So I talk to the clients, schedule their transport needs, make sure the buses are where they are meant to be etc  I have the cutest desk and printer and computer and what’s pretty cool  –   I get to wear a suit to work every day ( I love dressing up in suits and have missed it for so long.. I have all the suits I wore before the munchkins came along, good suits never go out of style!) but… but it drives me crazy because I’m sure I should be doing better than what I am. (boy, does that sound too whingy?)

So now onto the wow chatter because I did promise it way up there at the start (anyone make it this far with me?)

WoW Chatter

I am such a list maker and then I don’t follow them through so I keep thinking of all the things I want to do before Warlords hits then I try to rein myself in and keep it manageable.

This is what I had on my list I put under the goals tab ages ago.

  • Farm the dinosaur bones for the Bone White Raptor Mount
  • Do Pandaria archeology Achs
  • Clean out toon and guild banks

So now that I actually have a time line to work towards how am I going with that:

– the dino bones – probably not going to happen. I’m thinking I should just come back at 100 and burn through it all then

– Pandaria Archeology – actually this is nearly done. I was doing nothing but archeology for ages for 2 reasons – the ach’s and to try to get the crawling claw. I have now managed to get 2 of almost every pandaria rare boa which is great for alts I might level but I still haven’t seen the claw in my journal.. in fact I’m onto my second scarab rare toy from Tol’vir so that has made my enthusiasm wane a little

– clean out toon and guild banks – definitely not going to happen. I decided with the changes Blizz are making to storage this will be something that happens after Warlords hits.

So what else do I want to add to the list:

– try to get some more Pandaria ach’s done. At the moment the one I’m working on is looking for all the rares and treasures hidden around Pandaria.

– I would like my dk to be lvl 90. She is still at 82 and I would like to take one more toon through Pandaria before it just becomes one more zone to level through on my way to 100.

– I want to get the Sha’tari skyguard to exalted on my mage, she’s not far off and that would be one less old world reputation to grind

I think I should try to keep it at that small amount of goals and just see how I end up going.

Opps I think I burnt out on those pet battles a tad

I tend to get a little wrapped up in something that takes my interest and pursue it to death for a while, sort of new toy mentality. My new toy for the moment is Pet battles, or more specifically beating the Grand Masters of  each continent.  I’ve  been battling pretty steadily for a day or two trying to get to the point where I’ve beaten the Panderia Grand Master and have opened all the pet dailies available.. all in preparation of this achievement –The Longest Day – coming in 5.3.

A few days ago I hit my head against Bloodknight Antari, the Outland Grand Master and went to collect and level a team specifically for him. I ended up catching a Wild Crimson Hatchling, Garden Frog and Flayer Youngling and levelling all of them to 24/25 to finally get past him, though it took a few attempts.

frog flayer crimson

outland tamerdefeating Outland GM

The next stumbling block was Okrut Dragonwaste in Northrend, his first pet would burn though 2 of my pets, so off to find , tame and level  a Rapana Whelk, Malayan Quillrat and Malayan Quillrat Pup and finally  he went down.


whelk quillrat

And that let me finally face off against the Northrend Grand Master Payne (aptly named btw).. who OMG has purple epic pets.. is this what I’ll be facing in the future.. purple pets?

Northrend GM

I found  a fairly decent combination of two pets that worked. My Dragonbone Hatchling negated his hard-hitting, self-healing bear easily and the Garden Frog could put a decent dent in Bloom his flower pet, but nothing  I had could bring his mechanical pet all the way down.


All the forums mentioned the Fel Flame as being a good elemental but the only one I had was level 19 and poor quality. The Isle of Thunder has two different types of level 25  elemental pets that I can tame so I though I’d try there first.. 45 minutes later and after engaging what felt like every single battle pet on the isle,  no rare elementals.

/sigh. off to Shadowmoon Valley to look for a rare Fel Flame, still no luck. However, I did have a flawless pet stone that would let me upgrade the Fel Flame I had, which took him back down to 18. (I tossed up upgrading the Level 23 Elemental I had , but you know, the forums are saying Fel Flame so who I am to disagree).

fel flame

That meant I now have a team of 2 25’s and an 18. There is no way the Fel Flame is ready to take on Northrend, so I thought I’d go and start levelling the Flame up and I hit a wall. It wasn’t particularly late in the evening but I found myself staring at screen in absolute blankness, unable to muster up the enthusiasm to do another  battle or  to even go jump on a different toon and do something, anything else.  All I could think was  once I get past Northrend  I’ll be levelling a new team for Cata and then again for Panderia.

I think I just need to slow down a little on the pet battles, after all I’m in an expansion where every second NPC  is telling me to slow down and take my time, maybe I should heed them and intersperse pet battles with other things to  make pet battling fun again rather than a race to get it done before 5.3, after all it will still be there even after the patch goes live.

And then this morning I read a post by Matty on Happiness, and this bit “Dopamine levels are our happy buttons. They are killed with desperate repetition.” really resonated with me.. definitely time to stop focusing solely on the repetition of battling, catching, levelling and go do something else before I can’t stand the sight of a pet for a while..

hmm I’m sure I hear some neglected Goblins who haven’t yet left the Lost Isles calling me.


RAF and new 80s

A while ago I decided to do recruit-a-friend with myself. Recruit-a-friend or RAF is where you can send an invite to the game to a person and if they make an account and you party and quest or dungeon with a toon on that account both toons receive triple experience (until both toons are level 80) and then as an extra perk – if that person pays for two months game time you receive an in-game mount.

As I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I’m a serious altoholic and I decided I’d like a new druid. Mainly for raiding, I’m most comfortable raiding on a druid and as my raid team raids on Friday and Saturday nights I can’t do anything earlier in the week on her in case I get locked to a raid I need to do with my guild later in the week. So I had been toying with the idea of making a 2nd druid. Then in what seemed like fate, the battlechest came on sale about the same time I learnt about RAF so I decided it would be a great idea to try with fairly minimal expense and a possibly a quick way to get a new toon.

I don’t have great computer skills so while I knew there are multiboxing programs out there that would make life easier by me being able to control both toons by one keybinding, I decided to take the easy way out and have one toon perpetually on follow while the other toon did all the killing. To go along with the druid on her levelling journey I made a warrior as it’s a a class I haven’t tried before. I fully expected to have the warrior passively following along while the druid did all the killing but boy was  I was wrong. After a few levels I switched them around to see how the warrior was going and it was so much easier to get mobs down on a warrior than a balance druid. It honestly felt like two swipes of her sword and mobs would die at her feet. I was hooked and so the boomy became the follower.


After 1 day and 17 hours,  the warrior and druid reached 80.  And then as part of the RAF bonus, for every 2 levels that the new account toon receives they can grant a level to a toon on the original  account. Which means I could instantly have a level 39 toon (you would think it would grant a level 40 toon, but no)  or make a new toon and level it to 41 and boost it to 80. So that’s exactly what I did, and 8 hours later I had a brand new level 80 priest. A word to the wise here, if you do this have some level 80 gear on hand, I had a brand new level 80 priest fully equipped in level 40 armor.

The triple experience only lasts for 3 months, after that time it operates like a normal account. I still have nearly 2 months of RAF bonus left so  I may possibly play around with levelling a few more toons quicker, I do have a level 12 rogue I’ve been meaning to level for months or finally getting my Death Knight who has been stalled at 72 to 80.

My original plan was to have the account for 3 months and then let the subscription slide because by that time I would have used RAF to get my new druid to 80, however now I’m tossing up keeping the two accounts after the 3 months is up because the ability to have two toons questing at once is great. I’m imagining being able to do the  daily quests  on both my raiding toons at the same time!  Another bonus of the two accounts is being able to have one of my max level toons run a smaller one. I’ve capped my Paladin at level 80 so I can start to gear her up to complete Herald of the Titans and by moving her to the 2nd account, I can have one of my bigger toons take her through raids and dungeons to get the gear without having to beg my guild mates for a run through.

Beware though, the RAF bug is quite addictive, 2 more people in my guild gave it a try when they saw my toons flying up the levels. We only need one more person to get a 2nd account and we can complete most guild raid achievements requiring 8 people with only 4 of us.