A lot of Noblegarden luck

I haven’t had a great deal of time to spend in wow lately, real life and trying to get my head around a research thesis which I just can’t seem to find inspiration for has kept me out of Azeroth more than I’d like. But a friend texted me today to see if I had collected enough eggs to buy the new Noblegarden pet and as I hadn’t logged in since the event started I decided I’d make a little time and log in tonight.

I’ve never hunted for eggs as a hordie before and even though wowhead suggested that Falconwing Square is the best place to collect eggs in, I was able to get to Razor Hill faster so thought I’d try there. I was pretty lucky in that the place was almost deserted and I could collect eggs in druid flight form (yes I did feel a bit guilty but the convenience outweighed the guilt) so I did a few laps until my free bag spaces were full of eggs and started unwrapping them to get the chocolate currency inside. It was going to take me 100 choccys to get the pet and 500 more for the mount. Seeing it was so deserted and the eggs were piling up really fast I thought I’d see how far I could get into the 600 needed before my patience and time I could justify ran out.

I couldn’t believe my luck though, as I was clicking on the 97th egg to unwrap it, I looted the mount!  So I was able to get the mount, pet and a pretty easter themed outfit (shame it’s not transmogable) in record time, meaning I can go back to struggling to find an original research angle and not miss out on wow events. If ever this was the time I needed wow luck, I got it. Thanks Blizz xx

 Noblegarden 2015aNoblegarden 2015

Obsidian Nightwing

As an added perk to the RAF account, as if triple experience isn’t enough, once the new account pays for 2 months game time, the veteran account is granted an Obsidian Nightwing 2 seater flying mount.

I went to my battle net account today and saw that I was eligible to claim my mount, once I did so and logged into the game I had mail waiting for me, with my Nightwing attached. RAF Text

Collecting the mount gave me this achievment:


I immediately rushed outside to try it out;  I can be a black flying panther now.

Raf Mount






Raf Mount Flying

This mount is account bound despite it saying otherwise when I was claiming it.

I still have one month of RAF account time remaining, so now I just have to decide what I want to do with it. The two blood elf toons I’m playing over on a RP/PvP realm are sitting at level 22 so I might spend a bit more time levelling them up. They have only just left the starting area so haven’t really started to experience either the RP or PvP side of the realm yet.