Obsidian Nightwing

As an added perk to the RAF account, as if triple experience isn’t enough, once the new account pays for 2 months game time, the veteran account is granted an Obsidian Nightwing 2 seater flying mount.

I went to my battle net account today and saw that I was eligible to claim my mount, once I did so and logged into the game I had mail waiting for me, with my Nightwing attached. RAF Text

Collecting the mount gave me this achievment:


I immediately rushed outside to try it out;  I can be a black flying panther now.

Raf Mount






Raf Mount Flying

This mount is account bound despite it saying otherwise when I was claiming it.

I still have one month of RAF account time remaining, so now I just have to decide what I want to do with it. The two blood elf toons I’m playing over on a RP/PvP realm are sitting at level 22 so I might spend a bit more time levelling them up. They have only just left the starting area so haven’t really started to experience either the RP or PvP side of the realm yet.