I tried to love you

I really really did try to love my little Priest  and make her my new main class. There’s so much to love about a Priest. Golden flashy wings, sparkly fairy spells and a gorgeous race to dress up in pretty dresses. They look perfect in every way. It’s just there isn’t a spark between us. Which actually makes me sad in  way.

I can’t put my finger on why I havent gelled with my priest. A Holy Priest is hands down the most beautiful healer in the game.

I really thought I’d love my Priest so much. She has the most gorgeous transmogs and spell animations and her healing toolkit is phenomenal. Guardian angel wings is amazing, especially talented into a 1min cd and her big direct heals are lovely but after playing as a Priest non stop since BFA went live, it still feels clunky to me.

When I found myself hesitating to queue for dgns and turning down raid invites, I wondered what was wrong but I shrugged it off thinking I was just tired from the first couple of weeks in a  new job and getting used to the daily commute to the city. Then I started to level Zee and dgns felt natural and zipping around the world as a kitty was really fun so I found more excuses to run away to play with her. Healing my first sets of mythics as a Druid really made me realise just how much I missed healing with  her.

I don’t think my Druid is a stronger healer but I feel way more confident on my Druid and there’s a whole lot more to her that just makes me smile playing her. I absolutely adore getting to stealth around , especially if I feel like taking shortcuts through mob heavy areas and don’t want to get in combat. Stag form is so cute, no matter which faction I’m on both models look great.

Along with deciding that I really want to be playing a Druid way more, it pretty much went hand in hand with not wanting to be maining an Alliance at the moment. So Zee packed up her bags and went back to being a Horde girl. It meant a bit of a name change, but it’s close enough to what it was so I don’t mind the ending. She’s still Zee to me.

I love seeing her gorgeous Troll face again. If Trolls didn’t have the incredibly ugly feet, they would be my perfect toon.

I missed my pretty little painted Cat too. Troll cats are so cute.

Look at her little paws!

Having a 120 on Horde already, meant all the flight paths and ready for War achievement were already in place so it wasn’t a huge step back though I had to go back and quest to reopen Kul Tiras.

I really do want to see the rest of the Ally story and open up Kul Tiran Druids, so I’ll level my other Ally Druid to see the Alliance story and have a pretty Night Elf again.

I think I finally answered the questionof what class and what faction I want to be.