Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

A few weeks ago, Hip and I realised we didn’t have all the toys from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb in Tanaan Jungle so we decided to group up and kill them every night together until we had all 3 toys each.

After a week or so of us trotting off to the Jungle daily, Twice and Aglea began to join us for our nightly killing of the Toy People (as they got renamed) and as luck would have it, both of them collected all 3 toys before Hip and I had got ours.

It was making the pair of us a bit cross with the RNG as both of us got stuck on the toy from Gondar, even ending up with duplicates of the others before he dropped the ones we needed.

Learning all 3 toys gave me Iron Armada which comes from collecting the 3 toys from the Tanaan Rares and 2 from Winter Veil.

Iron Armada ach

Now we’ve collected the toys, we’ve started popping over to Nagrand to kill Pugg,  Guk and Rukdug for the 3 pets they drop. Hopefully the RNG won’t be too bad for us on this set of nightly rare kills.

Posts delayed by actual playing

Despite my best intentions to post regularly, I have got well and truly sidetracked by 6.2 and have spent a considerable amount of time playing and not writing  lately. There is so much to see and do in 6.2 so I think I’ll spread out what I’ve been doing over a few blog posts. This one can be all about Tanaan Jungle.

I don’t know how to write this post without it sounding like  a constant stream of I got this new (toy, pet, treasure) as I have been running around like crazy gathering all up the new items. It’s a bit like an extended birthday celebration with new presents each day.  There are so many new toys added  as well as the new Tiny Terrors pets that are dotted around the zone. I was lucky enough to so far pick up 2 of the new pets that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. I also managed to get Toymaster for collecting 150 toys so I can turn into a clockwork gnome on command.


My favourite so far though is the Jewel of Hellfire which turns me into a member of the Burning Legion.

Jewel of Hellfire

Seeing everyone out and about in Tanaan and randomly grouping with people is a great thing. It definitely makes the world feel populated again. Working on the new reputations isn’t too bad at all, every now and again I go down and group up and kill a few of the kitties for the Saberclaw rep. Z can stand there and take one or two on by herself but it’s super slow, groups are much more fun. The only one I can see being a bit of a pain the further we go on is the Arrakoa, their daily needs me to collect crystals that only drop from treasures, rares and the occasional chest spawn. Now I’ve collected almost all the treasures that leaves rares as the only reliable method of getting these so it means a rarespawn hunt each day.

The daily objectives are quite fast and all apart from Throne are easy enough to solo. The only one I found a bit tough was the Temple of Sha’nar but I had that one as my daily from the table today after shutdown last night and it feels like it’s difficulty is now more on par with the other areas. There isn’t a mention of it in the recent hotfix notes though so not sure what’s going on there.

The daily objectives are fantastic for leveling up my bodyguards. I’ve been alternating between Aeda (squishy tank from hell) and Ishaal who I love to run around with. Both are into the 2nd stage of reputation. I’ve found that if one is dead, I can  reassign the other to the barracks and just keep going. Once both are leveled up, that only will leave only Tommok to befriend. I haven’t tried him yet but so far Ishaal is my definitely my favourite, he stays out of trouble and I love Arakkoas so it’s a win-win.

The phasing of the big 4 rares; Vengeance, Terrorfist, Deathtalon and Doomroller was a massive pain at the start with trying to get into a group when it was announced in chat and not being able to get an invite in time but I’ve noticed groups are getting much better at giving everyone assist when they form a group for it, so I’ve been pretty successful with getting into groups lately. I have been incredibly lucky and picked up 2 of the new mounts though if I’m truly honest it’s the medallions that I really am trying to get. So far I’ve picked up 2 medallions which give rep with all the factions in WoD which  helped me tip over into honoured with the Laughing Skull so I picked up their toy as well. The grind to exalted with them is probably going to take the rest of this expansion though so fingers crossed for more lucky medallion drops.

The baleful tokens that create 650 gear are not overly useful though for Z, I did like the way the tokens from the timeless isle were BoA as it meant all my alts would have had a lovely set of gear to don the minute they turned 100. There are a few BoA versions around – the bag that can drop for needed roles in dgns contains some and there are missions from the shipyard but I guess I’m going to actually have to bring my alts over if I want to gear them up. The shipyard looks interesting enough to bring some alts over for the initial quests though.Maybe I’ll finally get around to playing more of my alts.

A lot of Noblegarden luck

I haven’t had a great deal of time to spend in wow lately, real life and trying to get my head around a research thesis which I just can’t seem to find inspiration for has kept me out of Azeroth more than I’d like. But a friend texted me today to see if I had collected enough eggs to buy the new Noblegarden pet and as I hadn’t logged in since the event started I decided I’d make a little time and log in tonight.

I’ve never hunted for eggs as a hordie before and even though wowhead suggested that Falconwing Square is the best place to collect eggs in, I was able to get to Razor Hill faster so thought I’d try there. I was pretty lucky in that the place was almost deserted and I could collect eggs in druid flight form (yes I did feel a bit guilty but the convenience outweighed the guilt) so I did a few laps until my free bag spaces were full of eggs and started unwrapping them to get the chocolate currency inside. It was going to take me 100 choccys to get the pet and 500 more for the mount. Seeing it was so deserted and the eggs were piling up really fast I thought I’d see how far I could get into the 600 needed before my patience and time I could justify ran out.

I couldn’t believe my luck though, as I was clicking on the 97th egg to unwrap it, I looted the mount!  So I was able to get the mount, pet and a pretty easter themed outfit (shame it’s not transmogable) in record time, meaning I can go back to struggling to find an original research angle and not miss out on wow events. If ever this was the time I needed wow luck, I got it. Thanks Blizz xx

 Noblegarden 2015aNoblegarden 2015

Too many Chucks and not enough Snarlys

My mage has been doing the Shattrath daily fishing quests to try to get the four little pets that come from the quest reward. So far I have 3 of the 4; Chuck, Toothy and Muckbreath but no Snarly.

Tonight while doing the daily I managed to collect another Chuck. So I was wondering if anyone out there had a double up of Snarly and wanted to trade him for a Chuck?

If so let me know and maybe we could trade?

New shoes and a pressie

“What are you doing?”

“I’m killing mobs for pieces of wood, I need 500 and each mob drops 1 piece so I have a lot to kill”

“Why do you want 500 pieces of wood”

“To buy invisible shoes”

The look I received at this point was priceless. A combination of admiration for my dedication mixed with disbelief at my sheer stupidity. Invisible shoes? Why didn’t I just take off the shoes I have if I didn’t want to wear shoes.

However, I persisted and finally the priest got her shoes. The whole reason I wanted them was for this specific transmog. Any boot in the game hides the flare of the pants and I didn’t like the look of slippers with it.

crimson transmog2

The only problem is I think a barefoot monk would be more appropriate. Wonder if I have time to grind out another 500 pieces before 5.4 drops and takes away the shoes forever.

I also received a really cool pet from Arvash the other day. He sent me a Gusting Grimoire as a thank you for making another pet team with him and Luxy.

Gusting Grimore

While I’m super excited and thrilled to receive the gift, I felt a tiny bit guilty because you see I’m not that great at pvp. When I get into the arenas and I have people hell-bent on attacking me I tend to lose my head and completely forget how to play a boomy and  end up spamming a lot of moonfire and little else, if my team is lucky I might remember I have cyclone, so I’m sure I’m possibly a hinderance rather than a help. But I love my book pet and I’ll have to have a hunt around and see if I can find a gift for Arv in return.

I got the digging bug

I had a bit of a wait for a lfr que so I decided to spend the time levelling up my druid’s Archeology skill. I have Archeology on my mage but I don’t spend much time on her anymore and I figured it would be a good way to pass lfr que times. So I’m going to be spending time in the old world zones looking for Fossil digs. Why Fossil? Because they have the chance to contain two pets; the Fossilized Hatchling and the Pterrordax Hatchling. I’m spending my time in Kalimdor as that seems to have the highest chance to get fossil digsites as there are only 3 different types of digsites; Night Elf, Fossil and a few Troll. Eastern Kingdoms includes Dwarf digsites. I’ll probably level to 600 without actually leaving Kalimdor.

The first  thing I noticed is that levelling archeology is much easier now. Since MOP went live  there were a few changes to archeology; an increase in the  number of times you can dig in a place to 6 which saves a ton of flying and  you also get between 5 and 9 pieces per solve. And I just discovered that you get a skill up each time you dig a piece up rather than each time you do a solve that I remember. This makes levelling way faster than it used to be.

digging 1 digging 2 digging 3

It’s getting addictive, each time I think ok had enough, I then immediately think just one more site.

So in a few hours of digging this afternoon, this is what I’ve unearthed.

  • Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown – BOA int/cloth robe
  • Highborne Soul Mirror
  • Fossilized Hatchling
  • Drums of War (not actually solved yet, I need a few more troll pieces)
  • 13 Grey items – total vendor value 190g

One of the  grey items is the Chest of Tiny Glass Animals; the name just seems so evocative. It’s included in the achievement Tragedy in Three Acts. I wish it was a rare and would let you open it to display little glass animals similar size to companion pets.

There are five pets in total  that you can get through Archeology:

  1. Fossilized Hatchling – Fossil
  2. Pterrordax Hatchling -Fossil
  3. Voodoo Figurine – Troll
  4. Clockwork Gnome – Dwarf
  5. Crawling Claw– Tol’vir

Pet Parade

I think it’s starting to get out that I really like collecting pets and its started to rain pets lately.  I received two a few weeks ago and have been meaning to show them off here. The  third I got tonight so I thought I should do a proper thank you for them.

Eighteen, the shadow priest from my raid group picked up the pygmy direhorn from Horridon a while back and then decided to give it to me which I was so surprised about. I tried to convince him to sell it on the AH  but it seems he had tried that and wasn’t having too much luck. I tried not to sound too over the top excited in raid chat when he said he had  posted it to me tonight but oh this pet is gorgeous. He runs around you in a big circle if you’ve stood in one place for too long. Btw,  Eighteen would like you all to note the fact he is 7ft tall with wavy hair and bulging muscles :).


Snoo gave us a matching set of Blossoming Ancients; these little guys are seriously cute.  I like anything Druidish and they definately suit. They roar a lot and drop flowers at random times and if you look really closely at them they have little gnome faces. They change their foliage with each season and I can’t wait for winter because the frosty little trees look the cutest I think. They are in their spring outfit in the photo.


My alliance guildie, Merlin gave me a  Coilfang Stalker  which is great because that means I don’t have to try to get though Lady Vashj, the end boss in Serpentshrine Cavern anymore. This pet is part of the Raiding with Leashes II achievement. I’ve been taking my hunter in there and despite that boss being able to be soloed I still have a lot of trouble with her and haven’t been able to get past her on my own. I think Merlin took pity on me after one too many exclamations in guild chat.

coilfang stalker

The hard part will be deciding which pet to level up next; all 3 of them have really interesting abilities and are really cute.

A big thank you to my friends who help enable me in my pet collecting obsession :).

More adventures of the Tiny Tamer

Living in Deadwind Pass battling Lydia and experiencing the afterlife courtesy of a pitchfork wielding ghost every day can only sap the spirit for so long before inflicting lifelong nightmares so my tiny Tamer Trisella decided to hell with it before she turned into a quivering wreck at the mere sight of a farm implement and packed up and went on a world adventure.

Stopping briefly in Stormwind to sell off the junk Lydia had been foisting on her each day in lieu of useful things like Battle stones (though not without gold value, thank you Lydia) and changing into an attire more becoming to a world tourer ( I don’t think it is appropriate to travel naked), Trisella was ready to go explore. Having heard stories of a semi-deserted beach at the end of the world with an ex-pirate turned Pet Tamer who was willing to pet battle for fun, Trisella decided to make that her first stop.

With the removal of automatically learned flight paths, Trisella had a long journey ahead of her since public Gryphon transport could only take her  to Duskwood; then it was onto the armored bear. Travelling by foot, paw actually, did give some  great opportunities for sightseeing.

exploerer 2  explorerer

Finally arriving at her destination, Trisella settled in for  a few weeks relaxing on the beach enjoying the sunshine and lack of angry undead inhabitants armed with pitchforks.

exploerer 3

Ahh the joys of professional pet taming.

New level 90 and 25


The warlock finally dinged 90. Though her last 3 levels came mostly from pet battles, a couple of dungeons and about 5 quests in the dread wastes. I changed her spec from destruction to demonology and found I really enjoyed the changes, she’s much more fun to play now.  It’s funny how a simple spec change can completely change the feel and enjoyment of a class. I have no idea how demonology compares dps wise to the other two specs but as I don’t have plans to raid on her it doesn’t  really matter.

Do you like her choice of headdress? I almost never show headwear but getting my safari hat has had to bring a halt to that. I cannot count the number of times I’ve entered a dungeon or raid wearing that hat on a number of toons since getting it, so I’ve had to start showing my head piece on every toon. So I’m on the hunt for very unobtrusive head pieces for my main gear so I can see at a glance if I’m trying to kill a boss while sporting a stylish safari hat.

larry 25I also found this amazing guide by Feckless Leader on how to level a battle pet to 25 in 9 battles against Tamers. Following this was really fun and it got my Pandaran Monk from 1 to 25 in one day.

These are the tamers I battled:

  • Stranglethorn Vale
  • Swamp of sorrows
  • Deadwind pass
  • Hellfire Peninsula
  • Shattrath
  • Winterspring
  • Kun-lai
  • Eternal Vale
  • Valley of the Four Winds
  • Jade Forest (Hyuna)

I changed the order of the fights he suggested a little. I slipped a Winterspring in there mainly because I have a toon sitting in Winterspring so wanted  to do that quest. I also used Hyuna instead of the Pandaran water spirit because it was late and I was closer to Hyuna and I hadn’t seen the water spirit fight before. Also it took me 10 battles instead of 9 because I forgot to put my safari hat on until the very last fight, despite wearing it at inappropriate times, I forgot it when I needed it…Either way it was a very quick way to level a pet up.

warlock and larry

More pet battling

I keep telling myself I have so much I want to do when I’m not raiding; those Goblins are still sitting on the Lost Isles and are starting to despair of ever getting off and I have so many toons sitting above 85 that just need a little push to get that bit closer to 90 but despite reminding myself of all the things I could be doing, I keep coming back to pet battling.

So needless to say I spent most of Friday and Saturday night playing with my pets  and had a bit of an achievement streak.

pet ach 4  pet ach 1pet ach 2

pet ach 3

I got the Tamer title which looks great with my safari hat; I really need to see if I can come up with a decent safari transmog for my mage as she is the one who ports around the world battling and chasing pets each day.

tamer zira

Don’t worry Goblins, I won’t forget you.. though you would be more attractive if there were pets on that Island you are on…