Lucid Nightmare

Today was a public holiday so I had a bit of spare time and decided to put it to use collecting the clues for the Lucid Nightmare mount. The puzzle to solve for the mount is so much easier now some super clever people have worked it all out so I followed this guide.

I never did manage to connect 5 brains in the bejewelled style challenge in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj, which apparently is an instant complete of the game,  however there also seems to be a point system because the game flashed purple  after about 15-20mins of making matches and I could and I got the next clue and move on.

The final challenge was a maze where you had to run through endless identical rooms and find coloured orbs and match them to the same coloured altars. I’d heard horror stories about the final maze taking hours and how you needed to map the rooms and leave the orbs and altars alone until you had made a complete map of the instance so you had landmarks to follow.

I dutifully started map making for about 45mins until I realised I was terrible at making maps and the random teleport that happened a few times threw my map out completely. I decided to stop map making altogether and just picked up the next orb I came to and proceeded to take the right side door in every room and around another 45 mins later I had matched all the orbs with the altars and was done. I did try backtracking with one of the orbs because I knew the matching alter wasn’t too far behind me but I must have hit a teleport room because I didn’t end up finding my way back, so I decided just to keep heading forward every time I found an orb and it worked. Best feeling seeing the last altar and knowing the maze was completed.

I really like the idle animations it has, especially when it raises a hoof and poses.

This was a pretty fun challenge. I’m still in awe of how people can work this out though, the clues were so tricky.  

Wonder what puzzles are in BFA.