A Violet Spellwing for me!

I honestly have amazing WoW friends.

Since I started playing WoW again, one of my friends from my old Deadline guild, Kublas has been talking about getting me in one on of his heroic Antorus runs so I could get the Argus quest mount before it goes away in BFA.

He and quite a few of my friends from Deadline are still raiding together and are going well; up to Mythic Argus so heroic is on farm for them now but I didn’t expect to pulled in, my little priest in his guild is only absolutely tiny at only 918 ilvl  with no experience in Antorous.  But  Kub’s guild pulled me in tonight and utterly carried me so I got the achievement for ahead of the curve and the really really pretty Violet Spellwing.

What an awesome surprise! I really am lucky with lovely friends in WoW.