Brawling in the Winter Wonderland

The first of the PvP Brawl events was up this week and it was winter in Arathi Basin. Arathi is already one of my favourite battlegrounds, mostly because I can typhoon people off the cliffs at the Lumber Mill and also jump from there and displacer beast safely to the ground. With the brawl event, they turned the green grasslands of Arathi into a real winter wonderland with snowstorms and a covering of snow over everything.

I queued for a few of them last night with Naz, who is also a resto druid, and the two of us had so much fun. Restoration druids are already pretty hard to kill in battlegrounds, I have a lot of fun outlasting people trying to kill me through a combination of hotting myself, barkskin and bear form with frenzied regen,  so two resto druids teamed up were almost unstoppable.

We had the same strat each time; we both ran down to mines and capped that and then made our way up to stables and capped there. We found that we were able to hold the point really well and keep the alliance’s attention focused pretty much on us. In one of the matches we had 8 of their 15 people trying to kill just the two of us which left the rest of our team pretty much free to run around and 5 cap! That was definitely the best win I’ve had in there.


It was so gorgeous, all white and covered in snow. It really made it feel like a whole new battleground and was such a great change. I can’t wait to see the rest of the brawls that are coming up.