Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in games this week.

Wowsers it’s been way too long since I’ve written a random Tuesday post.

Let’s see, all my games times have been cut down a bit because I took a good look at myself and realised that a year ago, I ran a half marathon (20km/13.1miles) and now I’m struggling to run even a kilometre. So I’m back to getting up early before work and heading out on a run; at the moment it’s a very slow, short run but hopefully if I stick to it long enough I’ll be back to being able to get  in a 5km run in the mornings. The running in the mornings has meant I’m super tired by night and instead of playing as late as I usually do, I’ve been in bed hours before. RIP game time.

Having said that though, there’s still been gaming going on.

I realised while running through The Dreamgrove yesterday that I’ve filled in all the appearances in the little pond for my Resto Weapon. My favourite is still the Owl; I really need to see what I have to do to unlock the other tints before Legion ends.

I’m finding as much as I hate the resto druid spell changes, I’m loving the boomy spell changes. Celestial Alignment is gorgeous, putting a blue starry pool below my feet that trails behind me when I run.

Ok.. Argus players – tell me how those greater invasions work. I turned up to one tonight (it had globes of blood around you had to kill as stage 1) and I was the only one there despite going into the portal right behind 2 other people. I decided to bum around and kill off the 8 globes while waiting for other people and ended up getting all 8 done and it went to the next stage. A mage turned up not long after and together we filled the stage 2 bar and got up to the 3rd stage, still only the 2 of us. We decided to kill the end boss together, we were taking about 20% off his health each time before we’d both be dead so it was a slow process but we ended up 2 manning it. So lucky that when you die, the end boss’ health doesn’t reset.  So tell me, all those other ppl clicking the portal before me – where did they go? Why did no one turn up in the one I was in? In all the others I’ve done there were people and it was fast and easy.

As always, there’s also been a lot of Ark time. Best thing in Ark this week was clearing Swamp cave, the 2nd hardest land cave. Yay for my beautiful Baryonyx’s as they could just squeeze into the cave and made it a lot easier to get through.

Max level wild dinos in the game are 150, but in the Swamp cave they can spawn up to level 400,  so it’s pretty challenging. Add to that, the cave is full of poisonous gas so you have to wear oxygen tanks and masks at all times or you die to the gas, and one of the mobs in the cave spits acid at you that instantly destroys all your gear if it hits you, including your oxygen tank. First time through we took 10 sets of gear each and luckily only ended up needing 3.

The loot in the cave is amazing though and now we make a point of clearing it each day. Nerve-wracking each time we go in, but worth it for the best quality saddles and armor patterns that come out of the loot boxes.

To make it even more spooky, Megalania’s are little lizards that hang from the ceiling, and we had a  moment when we spotted one on the ceiling ahead of us, and then looked up and behind us to realise we had passed under about 4 others. Thankfully they don’t seem to aggro onto the Baryonyx’s but I’m still a lot more careful to check the ceiling as well as the floor for mobs. 

The Artifact shelf is starting to fill up now. Only 3 Artifacts to go and they’re all from really hard caves. Snow Cave where you can’t take dinos and 2 underwater caves. We haven’t started taming the dinos we need for the underwater ones so they’ll be a while away yet.

And that was my week.  How was yours?




Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in my games each week.

In WoW, I was running around Argus and one of the rares I killed dropped an Egg. I was quite happy to see this as I’ve heard they have mounts in them and I wanted to see what I’d get.

It was a Fel Glow Mana Ray. I’ll never say no to a free mount and I love that he looks like he has a cranky fel face on his back. That should help scare mobs away, if only I could fly him around in Argus hey.

On the Ark front, the baby pony survived!

As big as mum now!

Over the weekend Dec and I were talking about how full the server was getting. Ark limits the people that are allowed on each server to 70 but even though that number seems small it doesn’t take long for that many players to really make their mark. When we started on Scorched Earth it was almost empty and really fun to play on as there was no lag and lots of free space  Over the last few weeks more and more people were joining. The developers only released 2 oceanic servers per map and they are in peak demand. With so many people competing for dino tames and building structures which causes lots of server lag and increasing rubber banding (where you’re doing an action and you’re suddenly snapped back to the location you were a few seconds ago) the server wasn’t quite as fun.

One of the big things in PvE servers that is really annoying is that you can’t build within a certain radius from other players structures so a form of territory marking called pillering emerges as more people play on a server and they put essentially pillars down around their base and as much land as they can which limits the space available to build and just is rather frustrating and also really ugly as you can’t fly 2 spaces without seeing a landscape littered with pillers. PvP servers are much better for that as you can easily destroy other people’s structures as well as your interaction with wild dinos is a lot better as you can pick them up with your own dinos but PvP maps aren’t my thing as you can also be destroyed as easily as your structures.

So I spent a day researching how to set up my own Ark server and then went and made one. Unlike WoW, unofficial Ark servers are supported by the developers,  have thier own place on the official ark forums and you can even access them from the actual Ark launcher.

such original server naming right!

I was ridiculously happy with myself for figuring out how to do this because it meant I had to go work out port forwarding and static IP addresses and learn making batch files and scripts and all things that might be commonplace to some but was a huge learning curve for me and amazingly it finally came together and I have my own unspoiled unpopulated gorgeous server.

Dec and I spent ages just wandering around (and dying to dinos as we were in tourist mode and didn’t make weapons or  armor) just unable to get over how gorgeous the map is without other people. I feel like pinching myself when I think of all the gorgeous locations for bases I won’t have to compete with other people for and all the dinos are mine (and Decs I guess) so I can choose to tame the ones who’s colours I love the most.

My own server brings a few concerns though too, I need to remember to back up regularly and as I’m hosting it on my own PC, there’s no support if the server crashes or gets corrupted, I’ll have to either work it out or start again. But we’ll see as we go along, for now having the entire Island to ourselves with unlimited building possibilities  and no lag is too good to refuse.

I’m going to build all over this map!

The way Ark is intended to be played, is you advance through the maps, ascending at the end of each one by fighting the 3 bosses each map has. To do that you need to tame and breed strong dinos and then you can go to the next map and start again. That’s the new plan for our private Ark, stay on the Island map – breed up a few generations of strong dinos and then hopefully defeat the end bosses and move onto the next map. That should keep me busy for a few months.

And that was my gaming week.  How was yours?



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Whee it’s the night before Tomb releases! Who’s excited?

This week has been a week of mostly current content. I decided that I wanted all the class mounts as soon as possible so have been prioritising alts doing emissaries for order hall resources so I can constantly send their minions away on missions to get their quality upgraded and for the armor tokens ready for the quest that needs you to do a legionfall mission from your mission table. Thank goodness for the app because I can check in every few hours to keep their missions ticking over.

The AP is mounting up really quickly with all the world quests so I’ve went to get my Pally and Lock their extended traits as their banks were starting to fill up with AP they couldn’t use. Pally for both Prot and Holy specs and Lock for just Aff so far.

My Lock leveled in destruction but I decided to get her Affliction weapon and try out Aff for a while at 110.  I dot up everything and let my infernal hold mobs attention while I stand back and drain their soul/life. So much fun. I also collected her demonology weapon to see what that spec feels like but haven’t tried it yet.

Timewalking was up so I ran all my alts through at least one for the quest and ended up doing the full 5 on my DK tank. I did quite a few of her 5 with Dec and Kublas who both have mained Blood DK’s for raiding so I kept expecting comments about stray mobs or lack of cd use but both were nice and acted as if nothing was wrong if I lost a mob to a random dps here or there.  I’ve been too scared to try out my Pally tanking in dgns but I’m loving doing world quests with her as Prot. Maybe I’ll stop being a chicken and try.

Plate transmog has got to be the best transmog in the game.. look how gorgeous plate looks!

I had enough Timewalking tokens to collect all the Pandaria toy and pets as well as the beautiful Jade Serpent.

Z’s being able to turn her loot spec to Balance was very short lived and she didn’t pick up a balance legendary in that time which I was hoping would happen but in the heroic clear of NH the other night, she collected the first of the new resto legendaries. It’s the one that gives Wild Growth a 15% chance to proc Tree of Life. I immediately equipped it (I love the stats of Haste/Mast on it) and it was super fun when it procced as I’d be a huge purple tree. I really need to look into what legendaries to be using when, because now shoulders have been nerfed so much, they’re not mandatory now (it was a fun 2 weeks of owning them ;p) and if I want to be wearing my 2 set from TOS and 4 Set from NH as long as possible I need to get away from legendaries that take up tier slots.

Invasions are going so well for alts. My Mage, Warrior and Monk have been popping out of their class halls to do as many as I can and can usually gain a level per assault. It helps with the heirlooms going to 110 too. Z spent a lot of gold upgrading the cloth, leather and plate XP heirlooms. My poor rogue is sitting outside the gates of Elwynn Forest because that’s as far as I’ve gotten in her first artifact weapon questline.

I really need to finish it so I can take her through invasions as well but tbh she’ll probably sit there until one of my other 3 levelers hit 110.

And I laughed so much at seeing the world bosses legs with Spectral sight. They look so funny, she makes me think of an iceberg.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?

Have fun in Tomb all!

Random Tuesday Mutterings

A very brief post today because there hasn’t been much screenshotting or WoW playing happening in the last 7 days.

In WoW, my lovely guildies dragged my holy priest through a mythic 4+ which was awesome as there’s a number of heroics she hasn’t even finished yet. Lucky Blood DKs  can heal so well as Kub did nearly as much healing as I did.


I got 3 pieces out of there between my own loot and suitable pieces from my guildies. I really enjoy my holy priest and with E there (he mains a holy priest for our raid group) , he gave me a few tips which I took into the next dgn and it felt even better.

I opened up my rogue’s order hall because I was really interested to see where the secret passage was and I chose Assassination to collect the weapon on but I’m so fuzzy on how to play a rogue that it will take quite a bit of reading up on icy veins before I want to go play her.

Apart from that, it’s just been world quests for the emissaries chests I do each day still. Z got her 3rd legendary, Prydaz, which actually probably won’t be too bad for healing mythic dgns.

Hip and I made new toons in ESO as we had another guildie, Aglea come over and play with us and we decided to keep our other toons to play with him. We chose a different faction so all the quests are done in other zones so the game doesn’t feel repetitive playing 2 sets of toons. This one is a High Elf Sorcerer and she is so pretty!  It’s great playing with other people and such a visually stunning game.

And that was my week.


Random Tuesday Mutterings: Christmas Edition

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week. This week included Christmas, an event I love both IRL and in Azeroth.

I popped over to Winterspring on Christmas Eve to meet up with Leeta, Ash and Wingy. They have a Christmas Eve tradition of catching up and very nicely let me come along to say hi this year. We played with toys and chatted but unfortunately I had to leave to do dinner right before Moo arrived. It was so much fun catching up for a Christmas celebration in-game though.

It’s so awesome how Blizz puts Christmas Presents into the game each year. I like watching how people gather together. Barthilas this year had a big turnout and I popped down to Orgrimmar to find a bunch of transformed boomies dancing and waiting for the presents to go live. I really like the new Christmas suits which are a toy so yay, no more having to carry a christmas set around in my bags and they’re a nice change from the older style Christmas suits. I much prefer the red set, it would be really nice if it was random what colour you got rather than always green for Horde and red for Alliance.

It’s so cool when you randomly meet friends out in the world. I was doing some mythic dgns with guildies and Neuro the other day and we got to Neltharian’s lair and found Navi waiting outside. I’m not sure if we were all pulled onto Saurfang because of Neuro in the group or if Navi was grouped with someone from Barthilas but it was a cool surprise seeing her there! I couldn’t believe that Navi and I were transmogged into the same skirt so I popped out of my coin of many faces illusion to show her.

Navi’s comment on my illusion sparked a number of comments from my guildies about how I usually have Z transmogged as a hobo. I really don’t see how that is possible, especially as she often is in a pretty skirt and top, but apparently my fondness for transmogs that includes shorts and bare feet (not much I can do there with being a troll) makes them think Z looks homeless.

I absolutely love running mythic plus dgns, especially higher level ones which really keep me on my toes when healing. I was running a 10 the other night with guildies and we did it in the timer making it the highest I’ve done in the timeframe. I really want to push higher though and try to get closer to 15. It also gave the guild an ach as it was a full guild group we did it in.


My DK hit 110, making her my 4th toon to max level. She was one of the more fun toons to level so far.  I’ve just finished her class order hall campaign and it was by far the most enjoyable and interesting ones of the 4 I’ve done so far. I want to do a separate post for it so I’ll go into more detail then.



I absolutely love questing in blood because she can pull so much and keep herself alive and my DK hall gives a bonus of being able to have a deathcharger that I can stay mounted on in combat.   wowscrnshot_122416_123232

The first withered run was really easy compared to all my other toons, she pulled out a lot of chests that gave upgrades to the minions which means the next run should be even easier.blood-dk-first-withered-runwithered-minon-army

I went on a few mythics with my guildies which was awesome as she picked up a few pieces of loot. E healed on his pally to help stack the group with plate wearers which was really awesome of him. There was no way I could tank mythics at 805, so  I went Frost for the first time. I had my doubts about how I would enjoy it as normally she’s only blood but  it was quite fun plus the animations for frost attacks are really awesome. I’ll put some AP into the frost weapon and play around with it a bit so she has a dps offspec.


I played around with her transmog and gave her 3 new looks, one for each of her 3 specs. I think I like the unholy set (the black one) the most, which is the set/spec I’m most likely to not see that often.

Now my DK’s levelled, I decided to start on my Shaman. On Cinder’s advice I’m trying levelling as enhancement. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but I’ll give it a try for a bit longer.

I’m really not sure what I was thinking but when I went to do the Doomhammer quest line, I didn’t have a second melee weapon so half my attacks weren’t usable. I muddled along with casting Crash Lighting and Lightning Bolt and summoning my wolves on cd. I also found that part of the quest line included reanimating broken stone elementals who would also attack my target so I collected a heap of them and did all the other parts of the quest before handing them in. It was only after I finished I mentioned to Cinder how difficult it was, that she reminded me I could have changed spec and done the questing as elemental and  I would have had access to all my spells… /facepalm. Sometimes I wonder about my sanity.. especially as I had just done all the different  DK weapon quests in blood spec as I didn’t want to swap specs and have no appropriate weapon.

And just randomly I found a swing set in Suramar I hadn’t noticed before. It would be amazing if it could actually move or someone could click on you to make it swing.


And on a non-wow front, I started playing Elder Scrolls Online with Hip as we were both talking about how much we enjoy Skyrim the other night and found that we both had played ESO ages ago. We’ll have to see if any other guildies play and try to convince them to come along for a bit.

screenshot_20161225_193032 screenshot_20161225_221632

And that was my week in WoW (and ESO), how was your week?