Obsidian Nightwing

As an added perk to the RAF account, as if triple experience isn’t enough, once the new account pays for 2 months game time, the veteran account is granted an Obsidian Nightwing 2 seater flying mount.

I went to my battle net account today and saw that I was eligible to claim my mount, once I did so and logged into the game I had mail waiting for me, with my Nightwing attached. RAF Text

Collecting the mount gave me this achievment:


I immediately rushed outside to try it out;  I can be a black flying panther now.

Raf Mount






Raf Mount Flying

This mount is account bound despite it saying otherwise when I was claiming it.

I still have one month of RAF account time remaining, so now I just have to decide what I want to do with it. The two blood elf toons I’m playing over on a RP/PvP realm are sitting at level 22 so I might spend a bit more time levelling them up. They have only just left the starting area so haven’t really started to experience either the RP or PvP side of the realm yet.



RAF and new 80s

A while ago I decided to do recruit-a-friend with myself. Recruit-a-friend or RAF is where you can send an invite to the game to a person and if they make an account and you party and quest or dungeon with a toon on that account both toons receive triple experience (until both toons are level 80) and then as an extra perk – if that person pays for two months game time you receive an in-game mount.

As I’ve mentioned once or twice before, I’m a serious altoholic and I decided I’d like a new druid. Mainly for raiding, I’m most comfortable raiding on a druid and as my raid team raids on Friday and Saturday nights I can’t do anything earlier in the week on her in case I get locked to a raid I need to do with my guild later in the week. So I had been toying with the idea of making a 2nd druid. Then in what seemed like fate, the battlechest came on sale about the same time I learnt about RAF so I decided it would be a great idea to try with fairly minimal expense and a possibly a quick way to get a new toon.

I don’t have great computer skills so while I knew there are multiboxing programs out there that would make life easier by me being able to control both toons by one keybinding, I decided to take the easy way out and have one toon perpetually on follow while the other toon did all the killing. To go along with the druid on her levelling journey I made a warrior as it’s a a class I haven’t tried before. I fully expected to have the warrior passively following along while the druid did all the killing but boy was  I was wrong. After a few levels I switched them around to see how the warrior was going and it was so much easier to get mobs down on a warrior than a balance druid. It honestly felt like two swipes of her sword and mobs would die at her feet. I was hooked and so the boomy became the follower.


After 1 day and 17 hours,  the warrior and druid reached 80.  And then as part of the RAF bonus, for every 2 levels that the new account toon receives they can grant a level to a toon on the original  account. Which means I could instantly have a level 39 toon (you would think it would grant a level 40 toon, but no)  or make a new toon and level it to 41 and boost it to 80. So that’s exactly what I did, and 8 hours later I had a brand new level 80 priest. A word to the wise here, if you do this have some level 80 gear on hand, I had a brand new level 80 priest fully equipped in level 40 armor.

The triple experience only lasts for 3 months, after that time it operates like a normal account. I still have nearly 2 months of RAF bonus left so  I may possibly play around with levelling a few more toons quicker, I do have a level 12 rogue I’ve been meaning to level for months or finally getting my Death Knight who has been stalled at 72 to 80.

My original plan was to have the account for 3 months and then let the subscription slide because by that time I would have used RAF to get my new druid to 80, however now I’m tossing up keeping the two accounts after the 3 months is up because the ability to have two toons questing at once is great. I’m imagining being able to do the  daily quests  on both my raiding toons at the same time!  Another bonus of the two accounts is being able to have one of my max level toons run a smaller one. I’ve capped my Paladin at level 80 so I can start to gear her up to complete Herald of the Titans and by moving her to the 2nd account, I can have one of my bigger toons take her through raids and dungeons to get the gear without having to beg my guild mates for a run through.

Beware though, the RAF bug is quite addictive, 2 more people in my guild gave it a try when they saw my toons flying up the levels. We only need one more person to get a 2nd account and we can complete most guild raid achievements requiring 8 people with only 4 of us.