Glory of the Draenor Raider

My guild has been working on finishing this achievement off before Legion goes live and we finally got the last boss achievement we needed last night.

Blackhand Ach

We left Blackhand til last as we knew this one would be an utter pain and it really was. It took quite a few attempts to get coordinated at catching 20 ashes that fall from the sky. Only a few fall onto the platform, with the majority falling just off it. Luckily not everyone has to catch an individual ash, if one  lands above multiple people, it counts for each person and pushes the total up to 20 a bit faster, but it’s still a very slow achievement to complete which means the fight really drags out.

Even at our HFC gear levels this fight was a pain  because of how long it took and the amount of people getting hit by all the abilities, it really came down to keeping people alive rather than a dps race. Having Demon Hunters in the raid with us made it a bit easier with their double jump and fel rush, they were able to get off the platform and catch a few further out to speed it up.

The final attempt was so close, we ended up with only 2 healers alive at the end to finish the boss off. So lucky! I’m really glad my guild are into achievements, it makes finishing them off together much more fun than with a random group.

Dead Blackhand

Now I have a Gorestrider Gronnling to add to my list of Draenor mounts. Poor guy probably won’t see much use time, I think he’s actually pretty ugly but you can’t really say no to an achievement mount can you 🙂

I couldn’t get Z’s camera to zoom out far enough to take a decent photo of us all, so Twice and Klor really nicely took the photos and sent them to me.


Photo by Twiceasnice


Gronnling 1

Photo by Klorithor


This just leaves 2 achievements to finish off for Glory of the Pandaria Raider and I’m all up to date on raid achs apart from Legion ones.