Day 36

My server is 36 Ark days old and I’m still on my starting island, though my house has grown from the thatch hut I started with.

I’m still in the safe part down south so wood should be fine to keep most of the predators out, though once I start expanding up north I’ll need to move into stone building. The further north you go on a map in Ark the more you encounter the stronger carnivore dinosaurs that are able to break wood and thatch, though every now and again you may get an exploring carno come down even to the south zones. Case in point was last night, I spent a good hour taming a triceratops only to have it eaten 5mins after taming by a level 60 (I was level 14) carno who had come down out of his usual hunting grounds. Most frustrating.

Dec and I had a talk after that and decided to bump up the xp and taming timers on the server. His new work hours and the time difference between us means we have about half the play time together each night we’ve been used to  having. The faster rates means we can actually get things done when we’re both online and as I’m playing by myself after Dec logs off for the night, I’m more likely to go tame something alone if I know it’s only going to take me 30-60mins rather than 2 or more hours. We also bumped up XP gain a little to help with the  fact that when I shut my pc down at night, the server shuts off and we don’t accumulate passive xp like we would on a normal server which keeps going even if we’re not online.

After the carno/taming shenanigans last night, taming the next trike in only 15mins was much more pleasurable. The faster tames also means if a dino accident does occur it’s not such a huge effort to recoup.  To tame most dinos you need to knock them unconscious and then feed them while they’re asleep. They actually make little snoring sounds while they’re out, it’s really quite cute.

Once she was tamed though, I added a pen to the main house to try to help keep her a bit safer.

We’ve had a beaver move in on the river near us which is awesome as it’s a nice handy source of wood but I have to be really careful the beavers aren’t close by when I raid their nest as they get really aggro and chase for ages. Some dinos, if they can’t catch you will actually go for your house, so I’m really careful about when I go help myself to free wood because I don’t want a cranky beaver to turn around and destroy my house in retaliation.

Inside is coming along, we put down a forge and workbench to start making metal tools but this house is definitely going to only be a temporary one as it’s quite a long way from any metal spawns so trekking through the bush and then lugging heavy metal back isn’t going to work too well.    It’s early days yet, I can’t wait to get out and explore more.