Quest and Flavour Text in ESO

I’m utterly lovely questing through ESO mostly due to the quest text and voice acting each quest has. Some of the lines are really awesome and delivered in just the right way to tickle my funny bone.

I love the word ‘lollygagging’. Having a grumpy, pompous elf use it at me was great.

Cadwell is voiced by John Cleese. I know him best from Monty Python. Anything and everything that he says in-game is perfect! ‘Knickers in a twist’ is such a great phrase when he says it.

The flavour text on objects can be really funny too. The Khajiit are the playable cat race in Tamerial; finding someone has taken the time to make rules for kicking them seems a bit harsh.

The world is full of books you can click on and read. A lot of them are lore stories or give insights into people or cities in the world, but then some of them are just a little bit naughty.

I love the below story, the double talk and risqué topic was great to sit and read. I’ve not been having any luck finding Volume 1 or 3 though which is sad. I’d love to know more.