Where has January gone?

Opps, I meant to post in Mid-Jan so it wouldn’t be over a full month from my last post and then real life caught up with me and here we are, January nearly over and it’s a month and a half since a post.  With lots of holidays and time off over Christmas, I always think I’ll get a ton of gaming in, but this time of year is so hectic catching up with friends and family that it just never really seems to happen.

What have I been up to in the past month or so.. We got a VR headset for the Playstation and that has taken up a quite a bit of my time with me being immersed in Skyrim. Actually getting to walk around and explore the world has been so far above and beyond how good I thought it would actually be. The scenery is simply gorgeous and it feels like I’m right there in it. My screenshot folder is filling up and I have to figure out a way to get the photos from my PS and onto the PC so I can post them.

I’m also playing a fair bit of Super Hot which is awesome dodging bullets matrix-style, and trying to shoot badguys before they take me out. I tend to move around too much playing it and have accidentally punched the TV once because I got way too close without realising. I need to set myself up a little cage or something to stand in. I’m eyeing off Beat Saber a lot in the play store because each time I’ve had a try of it that game has seemed so fun, I really think I’d play the heck of that game if I buy it.

I’ve been joining in with some friends from WoW for some real life D&D gaming. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but never had friends that were interested in playing who actually live close. Now I’ve finally found some friends who not only love D&D but who are close enough for us to regularly play . Each month 7 of us gather together; our DM lives interstate and joins us via skype but did amazingly make it down in person for our Christmas session! We’re steadily exploring our way though the waterdeep heist campaign. I’m playing as a little elf Wizard. She’s level 3 and we’re about a 1/3 of the way through the campaign so a lot of adventures for her to work though still if she doesn’t get killed along the way.

I normally buy myself a WoW Mount or a pet as a christmas present but there has been such little WoW time happening that I decided to sink the real life gold into buying a house in Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s been the best present ever as I have a little home to call my own and have ben spending a lot of time learning furnishing patterns, gathering the materials and crafting and decorating away to my heart’s content.

I’ve popped back onto WoW for the new raid and went with my guild into it for a look around. It has grabbed me a little more than Uldir did and I like the fights I’ve seen so far. While it’s cool seeing Zee as a Night Elf for part of it,  I have to admit I’d much prefer a raid where I’m only attacking the opposite factions bosses. In my more uncharitable moments I feel this is very lazy design.
I’ve been testing out which toy’s will override the standard Alliance armor and let me see Zee’s night elf face.

I’m still finding it very hard to get enthused about the whole expac in general.. The story and expac systems are working in tandem to make WoW less enjoyable than it has been in the past. I’m still playing, but in very small doses.

Well, dear friends, I hope you’re all having a happy fun time in your games and adventures. I’ll try not to be a stranger and find more things to chat about more often!