Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This has been a really fun week in WoW. It’s Easter time in Azeroth so the first thing I did today was run down to Razor Hill and camp out on top of eggs so I could get the new Noblegarden bunny. Soo cute

Clicking on the eggs also turned me into a pink bunny!

Collecting the bunny pet led to turning into bunnies which somehow then led into the most ridiculous fun I’ve had in wow in a long while. Dec, Naz and I all met up in Orgrimmar and we started to play with the Dragon toys you get from Lunar Festival. I haven’t had anyone to test out all the pieces with before but Dec had them, so we used a reflecting prism to get Naz into a body and it skyrocketed.

We started to get people watching us walk around Org and Zuma was so funny taking selfies of us (and being all adorable in his pink dress and flowers), so we ended up pulling him into the party with us and getting him into a body part too. Then we took the show on the road and ended up in Dalaran. We had so many people come and join us, including more guildies and it was hilarious when the appearance timer would run out and we’d have to juggle body parts to make sure the people who didn’t have the toy stayed together in the right body part.

Seriously one of the best group toys there is.

And I found one of the best perks of flying is that you can get up on top of the Alliance’s tower in Dalaran and you can join with them in their little lounge area, and if you’re really careful you can go right down the stairs near to their portal area. Dec, Rix and I camped out there in between queuing for areanas and Rix and I tried to set up a Horde camp where they’d see it, but there were no Alliance around. Most disappointing 😦

I went back to HFC to see how far we could get for transmog/mounts and ended up clearing through the whole place. We were able to kill the first two bosses with just 2 people and then steadily pulled in friends and guildies as we went up through them. I really thought I had done some mythic with Deadline in there but I guess not as I got the achievement for every boss.

My priest got her weapon traits unlocked, I really need to get around to doing so much more on her, especially if she’s going to be needed for split runs. I’m really considering moving her to my second account so I can multi-box her and Zee at the same time and get everything done so much faster.

I was looking through achievements Z didn’t have and found one that gave a pet as a reward. In Stonelight Grotto in Highmountain, there’s a snail race and if you go slow the other snails down to let Zoom win, you get him as a reward. Apparently you can slow them with your body by making yourself bigger, but that didn’t really work for me. What did work was bringing out a Fragment of Desire pet and it luckily cast a stun on the other snails and Zoom could rush through.


And that was my week in WoW!


Tanaan Toys Collected.. Finally

A few weeks ago, Hip and I realised we didn’t have all the toys from Drakum, Gondar and Smashum Grabb in Tanaan Jungle so we decided to group up and kill them every night together until we had all 3 toys each.

After a week or so of us trotting off to the Jungle daily, Twice and Aglea began to join us for our nightly killing of the Toy People (as they got renamed) and as luck would have it, both of them collected all 3 toys before Hip and I had got ours.

It was making the pair of us a bit cross with the RNG as both of us got stuck on the toy from Gondar, even ending up with duplicates of the others before he dropped the ones we needed.

Learning all 3 toys gave me Iron Armada which comes from collecting the 3 toys from the Tanaan Rares and 2 from Winter Veil.

Iron Armada ach

Now we’ve collected the toys, we’ve started popping over to Nagrand to kill Pugg,  Guk and Rukdug for the 3 pets they drop. Hopefully the RNG won’t be too bad for us on this set of nightly rare kills.

Posts delayed by actual playing

Despite my best intentions to post regularly, I have got well and truly sidetracked by 6.2 and have spent a considerable amount of time playing and not writing  lately. There is so much to see and do in 6.2 so I think I’ll spread out what I’ve been doing over a few blog posts. This one can be all about Tanaan Jungle.

I don’t know how to write this post without it sounding like  a constant stream of I got this new (toy, pet, treasure) as I have been running around like crazy gathering all up the new items. It’s a bit like an extended birthday celebration with new presents each day.  There are so many new toys added  as well as the new Tiny Terrors pets that are dotted around the zone. I was lucky enough to so far pick up 2 of the new pets that have a chance to drop when you defeat them. I also managed to get Toymaster for collecting 150 toys so I can turn into a clockwork gnome on command.


My favourite so far though is the Jewel of Hellfire which turns me into a member of the Burning Legion.

Jewel of Hellfire

Seeing everyone out and about in Tanaan and randomly grouping with people is a great thing. It definitely makes the world feel populated again. Working on the new reputations isn’t too bad at all, every now and again I go down and group up and kill a few of the kitties for the Saberclaw rep. Z can stand there and take one or two on by herself but it’s super slow, groups are much more fun. The only one I can see being a bit of a pain the further we go on is the Arrakoa, their daily needs me to collect crystals that only drop from treasures, rares and the occasional chest spawn. Now I’ve collected almost all the treasures that leaves rares as the only reliable method of getting these so it means a rarespawn hunt each day.

The daily objectives are quite fast and all apart from Throne are easy enough to solo. The only one I found a bit tough was the Temple of Sha’nar but I had that one as my daily from the table today after shutdown last night and it feels like it’s difficulty is now more on par with the other areas. There isn’t a mention of it in the recent hotfix notes though so not sure what’s going on there.

The daily objectives are fantastic for leveling up my bodyguards. I’ve been alternating between Aeda (squishy tank from hell) and Ishaal who I love to run around with. Both are into the 2nd stage of reputation. I’ve found that if one is dead, I can  reassign the other to the barracks and just keep going. Once both are leveled up, that only will leave only Tommok to befriend. I haven’t tried him yet but so far Ishaal is my definitely my favourite, he stays out of trouble and I love Arakkoas so it’s a win-win.

The phasing of the big 4 rares; Vengeance, Terrorfist, Deathtalon and Doomroller was a massive pain at the start with trying to get into a group when it was announced in chat and not being able to get an invite in time but I’ve noticed groups are getting much better at giving everyone assist when they form a group for it, so I’ve been pretty successful with getting into groups lately. I have been incredibly lucky and picked up 2 of the new mounts though if I’m truly honest it’s the medallions that I really am trying to get. So far I’ve picked up 2 medallions which give rep with all the factions in WoD which  helped me tip over into honoured with the Laughing Skull so I picked up their toy as well. The grind to exalted with them is probably going to take the rest of this expansion though so fingers crossed for more lucky medallion drops.

The baleful tokens that create 650 gear are not overly useful though for Z, I did like the way the tokens from the timeless isle were BoA as it meant all my alts would have had a lovely set of gear to don the minute they turned 100. There are a few BoA versions around – the bag that can drop for needed roles in dgns contains some and there are missions from the shipyard but I guess I’m going to actually have to bring my alts over if I want to gear them up. The shipyard looks interesting enough to bring some alts over for the initial quests though.Maybe I’ll finally get around to playing more of my alts.

Getting out and about

One of the very common complaints on the forums surrounding WoD is the constant catch cry of “but there’s no content” and if I’m perfectly honest I’ve been a little guilty of sometimes harboring the same thoughts at times. The 6month break on my blog probably gives that away, but really recently my wow mojo has come back and I’ve found there are actually there is a ton of content I just haven’t been inspired to do it earlier.

I’ve been working on getting all the achievements for the Apexis daily quests done. This is much easier since 6.1 as you can  buy mission scrolls from your garrison quartermaster for 200gr rather than wait for the appropriate daily to come around. Most of the achs are really easily done, however some of the achs need you to do things like burn 100 trees so they’ll probably take a couple of trips to get done. Luckily the progress doesn’t reset. Running around doing all the extra quests means I’ve finally got Leorajh to best friends status. The benefit for having him all friendly is I can check my missions anywhere by talking to him.


The other thing I’ve been up to is archeology, a lot of archeology. I’ve been digging in Draenor trying to get pristine versions of all the archeology items so I can fill up my treasure room in my garrison.

Treasure Room garrison

I’ve been turning all my restored artifacts into crates of Vrykul pieces and solved the Vrykul Drinking Horn toy. Next one to focus on is the Nerubian as I don’t have any rare solves from them and there is 2 toys that can be collected.

Vrykul drinking horn

6.2 is removing the option of using spirit of harmonies to buy up restored artifacts, so I used up all my stored ones for Z to pick up a few bonus crates.

And finally, while I was out and about on my Shammy doing her never-ending dailies for the stables look what she found.

Clumsy Adventurer Nagrand

The clumsy adventurer is located about halfway down a series of small cliffs in Nagrand.

Toys r Us

I’ve been so looking forward to the addition of the toy box and set about filling it up with as many toys as I have. Not only is it great to save space in my bags but it gives all my toons a chance to use some of the toys I’ve found and of course gives me another achievement to chase in my attempt to completely fill up the blank spots in my journal.

I love that the toy effects can now stack; it means you can come up with some pretty fun combinations:

Toy box 1 toy box 2

Toy box 3


Though not every combination works so well


Toy box

My poor Naga shape is a bit confused over just how wings should fit onto it.

Warbot Wars

warbot 1

This little battlepet is really cute and really easy to get as the toy vendors in Dalaran, Orgrimmar and Stormwind sell them for  500g (slighty cheaper with rep/faction discounts).

The nifty thing about them is you can also buy red or blue fuel to fill them with. Once filled up, if they see another warbot with the different colour fuel to what they have; they will try to attack them and the war is on.

warbot 4warbot 5warbot 2