Skyrim rambling chatter

Leveling in Skyrim seems to be rocketing ahead, before I even knew it I bumped up to level 21 last night.

Each time you level you get to increase your health, magica or Stamina (so far the only use for Stamina I’ve found is it lets me sprint until it runs out). My health doesn’t seems too bad, I rarely die so I haven’t been increasing that much at all from the beginning level. Magica though…. In a long fight I’m always Magica starved as my spells just seem to drain it too fast so I’ve been increasing that with pretty much every skill up I get.

Along with each time you level you get a point to put into your skill tree. So far I’ve got 5 points un-allocated as I just can’t decide where to put them. My offensive spells seem strong enough for now, there’s very little I can’t burn though.. as long my magica holds out. I’m thinking I might drop a few of the 5 points into enchanting which will have the benefit of making any enchantments stronger and then I’ll put all magica regen or booster enchants on my gear which should help with the feeling magica starved.

It’s tricky because there are some very useful perks I want to put my points in but they are gated by certain levels which I’m not at yet, so I don’t know if I should just horde my points until I reach the level or just use them up now.

I’ve been wearing heavy armor (plate, steel, iron) which is giving me skill ups in the heavy armor skill tree but the weight of it is pretty hefty which means I can’t carry as much gear before I get overburdened and have to find a vendor to offload some stuff. There is a perk where you can make your armor weigh nothing but it’s very high up the heavy armor skill tree. There’s a corresponding perk for light armor (fur, hide, cloth) but it’s much lower down the light armor tree which I’ve been eyeing off but I’m not actually sure I can change my armor type at this stage of the game. My heavy armor has leveled up to around 40 but my light armor skill is still way back down at lower than 20.

It’s always tricky with a new game that you don’t have the in-depth knowledge that comes with playing that one game for years.

I’ve decided it’s time to find a new companion. Lydia is annoying me by constantly blocking the mobs and ending up with a fireball to the back of her head, injuring her and wasting my magica at all once. And Lydia tends to say “oh” a lot with no rhyme or reason.. we zone through a door  and she shouts “oh”, we walk down a slope and off she goes – “oh”.. I cannot figure out what she is finding to exclaim about.

I think I’ll go hunting for another ranged companion that should avoid the fireball to the head issue I’m having. I did have an archer that I recruited way way back at the first town I came across but he got unceremoniously booted out of my group when a quest foisted an npc on me who took his place for a quest. I think he might have gone to wait in  to the town I originally  found him in but as Lydia was waiting at my house, I found it easier just to recruit her than go hunting for a lost companion. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll go look for him or find a new questing companion to have tag along. I think another mage might be fun for a bit if I can find one.

I’ve been given another house servant as a reward for helping out the Jarl of Winterhold with some issues he was having, but from what I can see, she’s melee as well so she can just stay in Winterhold, no point changing melee for melee.

I’m really looking forward to getting back home (I’m thinking and posting about Skryim in my lunch break at work) and looking for a new companion and maybe seeing if I become really squishy if I change armor types this far into the game.