To-do List

A reminder for me of things I want:

  • Opera boss in Karazhan for the Sword
  • BC Dgns for Rep – Hellfire Pen
  • Timbermaw – quests to open faction
  • Z to do Argent Tournament to get enough tokens for garrison music box
  • Mage to finish opening the last 2 Horde reps for Argent tournament
  • DK to run ICC 25H for shards
  • Z to run Ulduar for shards
  • Molten Core & AQ40 for rep
  • Steamvault – normal, Slave Pens and Underbog Heroic for Cenarian Exp and Sporregar Rep
  • Level Ele’s JC

    • All classes to 110 for the FoS for completing all class order hall campaigns. As of end of WoD – all classes but Rogue and Monk were at 100.
    • Outland Loremaster – Horde Quests
    • Finish the shadowmourne quest line on my dk – I’m up to the part where I have to bite raid members.
    • Z to collect 2 more reputations for The Beloved title


    •  Engineer to collect the patterns/mats for jeeves/Molle
    • Make the 3 engineering mounts I don’t have



    1. Gruuls, Magtharian – priest tier
    2. Hyjal – pally headpiece
    3. Stratholme – mount and purple druid shirt
    4. DS – still need Blazing Drake for Awake the Drakes
    5.  Invincible
    6. Ashes of Alar