2018 Goal

1. Get all professions to 800. I already have a couple there but I’m still missing:

Leather working
First Aid
Jewel crafting

2. Prestige 4 for the mount.

I don’t have high hopes of getting much further than getting to the mount, though more levels past 4 would be nice.

3. Deadmines and Wailing Caverns pet battles

I haven’t even started these ones and I think there’s another new one. I’d like to get at least the 2 original pet dungeons done this year.

4. 70 exalted reps

Z needs 9 more reps to get to 70 and I still haven’t touched the reps  for the insane title or most of the BC reps so  there’s plenty to chose from.This is rather ambitious and I’m not sure if I’ll actually get there but I’ll see.

5. Get a horde character all the way through the Suramar questlines.

This one will probably be dependent on hearing more about the requirements to get Nighborne elfs for Horde. Z was the only one that had fully finished the questline but now she’s Alliance, I’ll need to see if the achievement will be account or faction specific.

6. Lucid Nightmare

Absolutely no idea how to get this mount, though I know it was a lot tricky if I remember my twitter feed correctly. It doesn’t look like the Dreamweavers are giving me a white unicorn anytime soon, so I really should get my butt into gear and try to get a black one

8. Deaths of Chromie

Another new feature I haven’t tried out. I’m not putting a level on this to complete, simply going over and trying will be fine!

9. Collect the last couple of Artifact weapons.

I think the only 2 ones I’ve got left is the disc weapon for Priest and both dps weapons for Warrior.