Staying Horde?

We take a break from the multiple Skyrim posts to bring back a wow related post. I haven’t logged into WoW in a while but Cinder‘s most recent post has made me start thinking about it.

Basically Cinder has decided she doesn’t like PvP realms and she’d like to be alliance again and she’d like to be in a mythic raiding guild again and will be moving on from Deadline, our guild and Barthilas server. I’ve known Cinder a really long time raiding with her in 3 guilds across 2 factions over 2 different realms and consider her one of my longest and closest wow friends. And I have to agree that I cannot stand PvP realms and while I don’t mind horde that much, I don’t mind alliance either. I don’t want to mythic raid though, in fact somedays I question if   I even want to raid or play come Legion.

For me, raiding comes as a double-edged sword, it’s something I used to love doing but it’s also something that I used to do to the extent of neglecting my real life. Obviously not everyone takes wow playing to that extreme but I did and quite frankly I’m a little scared to log back in because while WoW holds some good friends  and amazing memories it holds some really dark ones too.  So in light of Cinder’s post and sign off to the guild we both love I’m actually wondering if a change is what I need to be able to play the game again. Or maybe that’s a bridge you can’t cross twice.


7 thoughts on “Staying Horde?

  1. I know (as hard as it has been to make) that this is the right decision for me, but it isn’t necessarily for everyone. I think that the only way you’re going to know if you’re truly done with WoW is to try one last time when Legion comes out. And maybe trying on a new server on Alliance with new people might be a way to see that? But at the same time, you might just know. There’s no rush, especially if you don’t think you’ll be raiding. 🙂 Maybe a more laid back approach to WoW could be what you need?
    Either way, you’ve got loads of time to figure out what you’d like to do – Legion isn’t for awhile yet! 🙂

    • To be honest I don’t think I’m truly done, the new content should bring back the wow mojo for quite a while. A change is also as good as a holiday 🙂

  2. What I do when I’m feeling a bit disheartened, is a create a new character (ideally a class/spec I’ve not done before) on a new realm – you end up looking at everything with fresh eyes without the distractions that come with being in a guild – you get to enjoy the game again and play it just for you.

    • That usually works but so far it hasn’t been, I have a ton of toons that are abandoned at either 15 or 30. That seems to be the sticking point for a new toon.
      What I should do is level the remaining alts that are sitting at 90+ to 100 just in case I want them, it’s on my bucket list.

  3. I feel weird if you don’t follow Cinder since you’ve been doing that for as long as I’ve known you! There are so many other things going on right now that you probably don’t need to think about this, and there is a lot of time to think about it in the future. You might decide to have a super long break and come back re-energised, or maybe WoW will be like your childhood teddy bear who holds so many fond memories but it is now time to let go.

    Whatever you choose, your friends are always here 🙂 on the internet, twitter and emails! So you won’t lose the social part of WoW even if you did quite playing.

    • As I said to Cinder a change is as good as a holiday and I’m going to be moving house soon, so once I get internets re-connected I may find wow is just what I want to be doing to have some interaction with humans as I get used to the new house and new surrounds by myself. Having my headphones on at night is a good way to avoid having to listen to the noises a new house makes for a while…might help me stop being jumpy on my own.

      I do have amazing friends, you included :), so I definately hope I don’t lose them xx

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