How has it been a month already?

I can’t believe tomorrow will be a month since Legion released. The time has absolutely flown and I feel like I’ve barely even scratched the surface of what Legion brought with it. Navi hit the nail on the head with her post about how much there is to do.

What have I been doing since hitting 110 pretty much revolves around gear, rep, collecting mats for food/flasks. Luckily I don’t find any of the 3 boring so it’s keeping me entertained. It really seems the more I play atm the more I want to play. It’s a catch 22 situation that means I never really feel I have enough wow time.. ever.

I’m absolutely loving the withered training, and so wish it would pop up more than every 3 days. At the start of me getting into the Nightfallen quests and rep grinding, it was popping up a lot faster than expected, so I’m not sure if it was buggy or also tied to rep in the early stages. I do the scenario as guardian so I have more health and can stun, disorient and taunt mobs to keep them off my minions. Though my minions are fairly idiotic and like to wander into mobs or fall off the edge of staircases and pull enemies below at times.

I’ve unlocked a spell caster  now as well as realised that going with 15 withered (I’m still 300 away from being able to mana cap at 2000) means that Dro isn’t the nightmare he was. The last run I did, I killed most of the bosses and got past the Ettin’s room (by sneaking around him, I’m still way too chicken to think about pulling him) and pulled a few more glimmering chests out of there, giving me another spellcaster and a beserker. I can’t wait until training pops up again to see what the new minions will be like.  The special mobs grow in size too so they tower over the rest of the withered and I love seeing my spellcaster with his little witchy hat running around the place.

What I should be doing though is more world quests for Nightfallen Reputation. I’m about 8k into Revered and I won’t unlock the last story line until 20k. I should also be maxing out my artifact power world quests atm to at least get quickly to the last golden dragon I want. I find I’m tending to do the ones for the emissary chests and 1 or 2 bigger artifact power quests and then I’m in dgns with guildies for the rest of the night.

What I have hardly done so far:

Pet battles. I’ve collected maybe 2 of the new pets that have been added and I’ve only got through a few of the world quests so far. I’m killing two birds with one stone though with the ones I have done and made sure each set has been done with pets all from the one family to start progress on that achievement.

PvP. Apart from world pvp, where any level 110 is fair game, I haven’t been near a battleground since Legion went live. I will just put in here how much I freaking hate level 110s attacking levelling toons though. I had the stupidest lvl 110 feral druid attack my lvl 105 hunter over and over the other day to the point where I saw red and logged off. It might be part and parcel of pvp realm but I do not get how anyone can feel accomplished by attacking someone so much lower than themselves.

Alts – I want to level all the toons all at once.. seriously. So far I’ve got my hunter to 106 because she’s my alchemist and I want to be able to make my own flasks without bothering friends and guildies every week, but she’s still a while away from hitting 110. Dk and priest are at 101 and I realllllly want to start levelling my alliance druid because I want another druid. This one I want to level all the way from 100 to 110 as Feral, though she’ll be resto at max level as well. And then there’s all the others that I think about starting their class hall just to be able to see them on the app. But then I think about the world quests and dgns and farming herbs that Z should really be doing.

Seriously I can’t get over how fast this month has gone and how it feels I’ve done so little in the game yet at the same time I’m constantly busy.


Finishing off Emerald Nightmare normal and Mythic Dungeons

We popped back into Emerald Dream on Sunday and finished off the last two bosses on normal.

I have to admit I didn’t get around to looking at the Cenarius fight before hand so I went in completely blind. It ended up being a little messy and I died towards the end.



But seeing the Emerald Dream all green again is gorgeous. After Cenarius, you can pet battle a dream whelpling, which was awesome. There should be more pet battles in raids.



The Xavius fight was really interesting with the mechanic that pulled random players into a dream state.


Actually seeing Xavius, rather than just his shade made me think that he’s been using an old image of himself to project around the place. A bit like people that use profile pictures of themselves from years ago and where they no longer look anything like that. Because quite frankly, he’s a little worse for wear in the flesh.. so to speak.


Photo kindly borrowed from Blizzplanet


I’ve been running a few mythic plus with Allucia, Twice, Hip and Klor. We started with a mythic Eye of Azshara for to get a keystone each of us and then worked our way though a few of the different dgns we collected keystones for.




After working our way through the 2’s we tried a DHT 5 as one of our keystones had upgraded to that. We were quite a long way out of the timer after some dodgy trash pulls at the start but as it was our best run of the week, it still counted for the chest that comes in your order hall at the end of the week and I picked up a pair of 865 shoulders this morning after reset which was a nice surprise.

I love the idea of mythic plus’s because I’ve found that standard mythics don’t really hit much harder than what heroics used to now we’re all starting to be geared up, so the scaling difficulty should keep the dgns a lot more current than we’ve seen in the past.

The Tangerine Traveler

I was in Dalaran over the weekend when Hip asked me had I found Pepe yet as he has come across him earlier that day. I hadn’t had any luck with spotting him yet,  so Hip popped up to Dalaran to show me where Pepe had been for him and as he was running past the pet shop Pepe was casually sitting on the bench out the front.

Hip pulled me into a group because we were apparently in different versions of Dalaran and there he was! My very own Steampunk Pepe.



I’m a huge fan of Steampunk so this Pepe is far and away my favourite one of all the different dress ups that he can appear in.

Funnily enough as we were making our way to the flightpath, there he was again! I can’t believe I haven’t seen him before just to see him twice in a few minutes.


Have you had any luck finding Steampunk Pepe yet?


Blog Challenge – Saddest Quests

Another shared topic with Cinder and I. You can find Cinder’s post here.

Where do you even begin with this topic though?  The whole time I was levelling there was sad quest after sad quest. It felt like an extended episode of Game of Thrones, the way characters I was attached to were being killed off.  And that’s not even including the Broken Isles scenario. I knew about Varian’s loss when I started the scenario but I had no idea we’d lose Tirion and Vol’jin along the way. That should have been an indicator that this was going to be an expac of pure emotions.

I’m going to go ahead and guess that Cinder and I are probably going to have some of same choices for this topic, mostly because while levelling we were talking about the quests that were making us cry.  Sometimes the conversations would be delayed a couple of days while we waited for the other to get to that particular one so we could exclaim to each other about it.

This post does contain spoilers of quests in various zones. Hopefully it doesn’t spoil anyone’s questing experience if you aren’t up to this quest yet.



The first one I came across is  Ysera’s story. You start out working with her in Val’sharah but along the way she gets corrupted by Xavius. I’ll just add in that her model looks absolutely gorgeous when corrupted.


For the final quest in this chain you need to pacify her as she is attacking the Temple of Elune. The whole time I was doing this quest on Z I was sure that I’d get her health down  and then she’d be cured or captured. But no😦.  This was a huge shock, I really didn’t think that we’d have to kill her.


The scene at the end though is gorgeous where she turns into a body of stars. And.. I didn’t get a screenshot of it, not even on my hunter alt that I took through specifically to get photos of this quest /sigh. That will have to wait until I take another alt through.

Warbrave Oro

As part of the quests to unify the tribes in Highmountain, one of the quest lines introduces you to Warbrave Oro and you work with him in a few small quest chains. The final one leads you and Oro to confront Dargrul and his Drogbar in Bitestone Enclave.

Unfortunately Oro and the rest of the Highmountain Tauren get impaled on stone spikes.



I really wasn’t expecting this to happen, and was pretty unimpressed. It really doesn’t take me too long to get attached to NPCs and after helping Oro a few times, this was a particularly sad ending to his story.


This is probably the quest that hit me harddest. I actually had a friend who knows me really well, whisper me when she saw me  in Stormheim to tell me not to get too attached to the wild moonkins. I have to say, her advice didn’t help in the slightest. I’d say it took me exactly 2 seconds to fall in love with the Ravenbears.


You follow the Frightened Ravenbear back to his cave to meet his Chief. sad-quests-cukkaw-2

And then you run around and take care of a few of the dragons that are terrorising them as well as gathering up feathers and antlers for a ritual. Once you’ve brought it all back, you go and join in and dance with them. I was grinning like an absolute idiot the whole time I was dancing with them. Which made what come next even worse. cukkawsad-quests-cukkaw-3


I took a lot of delight in killing Nithogg, as pure and utter revenge for Cukkaw and the rest of the Ravenbears, once he went live as a world boss.nithogg-revenge

There were so many more quests that I came across that were just so sad but most of them I didn’t screenshot as I didn’t realise just how much they would make me feel until the end of the chain. Suramar especially is an absolute hotspot for heart wrenching quests. At one particular point it felt like every Nightborne NPC I was helping was getting killed off around me.

The story telling in this expansion is absolutely phenomenal and I cannot wait for each patch to come out to advance the story, though I hope there are some happier endings ahead of us.



Pirate’s Day

It was Pirates Day in WoW the other day. It  coincides with International Talk Like a Pirate Day which happens in the other game I play.

There was a new toy added this year so I had to pop down and pick it up. The Slightly-Chewed Insult Book lets you shout pirate themed insults at friend and foe every 30 mins. 


And now Brewfest is on and I’m pretty sure Z still needs a few Brewfest achievements and mounts so I’ll need to squeeze that in between mythic+ dungeon runs, herbing and fishing, levelling my hunter and having guests pop in on me for the next week. I’ve decided the only way to fit it all in is with late nights, early mornings and tons of coffee.

Let’s see how it goes!

Emerald Nightmare – First Night

I have been so excited all week that raids were starting back again this week and last night we finally got to go in and have a look at the Emerald Nightmare for the first time.  The raid itself is perfect for a druid. It’s all druid themed, even if it is corrupted druids, and a really pretty raid. It’s all purples and reds and pinks, a far cry from the fel colours of HFC.

It was great seeing the main core back together (minus a few really missed faces who have either moved to different realms/factions or stopped playing altogether) and there were tons of new (to me, a lot are friends of other raiders who have come and joined us) faces. Raids are always awesome with so many people in the one place. I’ve always said I’m lucky with my guild, everyone is pretty awesome and we mix well, which given the range of personalities that come with such a large group, is a feat in itself.


The healer line up is fairly different from Warlords but luckily for me, Drew who used to heal with me on his priest is still there but  now raiding on his druid! Which is awesome as I have someone to chat Resto Druid secret stuff with.


It’s been ages since I’ve healed with another Resto druid and we look like we’re in a good place healing wise this expac🙂

We decided to start on Heroic Nythendra to see how the fights would go. It was awesome fighting a dragon again. I really like raids with dragons, and dragons in general, so it’s soo good to have them back as raid bosses.

We originally tried keeping groups together but it turned out relatively messy. As soon as a person got Rot on them, everyone in 8 yards would also take a tick as well, no matter how fast they ran it away,  and the dot stacks on people really quickly started adding up. We spread everyone out around the room and the fight got a lot tidier with less extra dot damage to heal through on people and it meant there was more room to see the exploding bugs that came out during Heart of the Swarm phase.


I really liked this fight and the mechanics were pretty cool  but true to form, the game decided to give me a heroic ring (yay) with perfect stats for a Feral kitty (not so yay). I’m really sensing a theme here, for quite a while my feral spec was higher ilvl than resto with amazing upgrades on agility trinkets and feral relics.



Klor took a lot of the photos of our kill shots( thank you!) as I’m still having trouble getting Z’s camera to zoom out far enough. No idea what’s going on there but I’ll have to look into this. Big thanks to my patient guild that lined up after each boss for screenshots. The trials for raiders in a guild with a blogger is real!

After killing her on heroic, we flicked it back to normal to clear through it and see the fights and 850 loot is still an upgrade for pretty much everyone in there.

Once you kill Nythendra you run up a pathway to a section with 4 portals and can choose the order of the next few bosses. We decided to go:




Dragons of the Nightmare





Elerethe Renferal


Being first raid night, we were expecting a ton of disconnects and we were right. I was really lucky I was really stable the first boss but it went downhill from there.. By the end of the night I was getting super sick of dcin’g mid-fight and then having to reload as soon as I got in as Vuh-do vanishes on a dc and I need to reload UI to get it back. The dc’s meant there was a lot of non-healing time for me /sigh. Let’s hope Sunday is a smoother night.

Being 1/7H and 5/7N on the first night of raiding even with the constant dc’s is pretty awesome, hopefully we keep going well throughout the rest of this raid tier:)


Seriously, how pretty is the scenery, even trash fights are gorgeous! en

I’m pretty sure Klor was having daydreams of getting to tame another Dinosaur when we came across this little cutie.

All up, it was a great night and I can’t wait until Sunday to go back and clear normal and start on heroic’s. Fingers crossed we’ll end up raiding mythically this expac as well. I’ve already decided I’m not going to pull Z out of Deadline to go chase mythic like I did in the lull last expac, but it would be nice to challenge ourselves and work on the higher level.






Dungeon Arrival in Style!

Boating into a dungeon, that’s one way to make a pretty memorable arrival.


I’ve had Z down in Suramar questing her heart out as the last two mythics she’s needed to do are gated behind Rep and Quest progression with the Nightfallen. To unlock them you need to have 8000 into Honored and finished the Statecraft story line in Good Suramaritan.

The first one we went into was Court of Stars. This dgn is absolutely gorgeous. It’s just like an instanced version of Suramar City.  There’s one really interesting fight where you get a disguise and need to go track down a specific guest by asking questions of other guests and then working out which person you’re looking for based on their answers. It was a pretty novel mechanic.

I loved how Z looked as a Nightbourne. Those shoulders are simply stunning. I wonder if they are obtainable for a cloth toon.

z-as-a-nightborne    mythic-court-of-stars

Don’t look too hard at my bars, I really need to tidy them up before raid starts.. I can see  multiples of the same icons there. What on earth do I need 2 for?  I need to clean that up

Then we headed into The Arcway. This was wasn’t anywhere near as pretty  but the fights were interesting. Though generally on the first run though of a dgn my attention is usually on watching my green health bars and my feet. It always takes 2 or 3 run throughs before I start to look around me and actually see what the boss looks like.

The one thing I remember most is watching the complete lack of cooldown usage  by the DK tank that pugged in with us. I’ve got pretty spoilt running most of the mythics in a  guild group with Allucia as DK tank. He tends to keep his shield on and Vampiric Blood is used relatively liberally at times. I put the icon on vuhdo so I could track his use of it so I don’t overlap my defensive cooldowns on him and I’ve got used to seeing it in times when he’s taking damage.  I was really bemused to see the tank getting hammered in The Arcway (that dgn hits hard) and never a single use of Vampiric Blood. I’m left scratching my head at why some tanks won’t use the tools they’ve been given.


I’ve come to a bit of a halt on Suramar city questlines though as the next set don’t open up until you’re 7000/21000 and Z is currently at about 3.5k into Revered. The Nightfallen world quests that you open up in Suramar give fairly good rep though so I’m making sure I do them as often as I see them come up, I really want to see the rest of the stories that are in the zone.

One of the best things with progressing the storyline is how your base in Meredil slowly changes with more NPCS and they bring different furniture and knicknacks with them. The place is getting more and more crowded each time I’m there.  There’s a bank and mailbox down there now making it actually more usable than my class hall.

Tonight my guild is doing our first new raid which I am so excited about!



Technically this isn’t kidnapping.. right?

I was levelling my hunter through Highmountain last night and she came across the lost Tauren baby Moozy in the river. The quest is called Moozy’s Adventure and you’re meant to return Moozy to the nearby Tauren Village.


But my hunter liked the look of him in his little backpack so much and fell in love with his little Tauren face, so she made the impulse decision to adopt him and not turn the quest in.


To be fair collecting him from the river and returning him straight away isn’t really much of an adventure and this is obviously a Tauren infant that likes adventure so the hunter is going to take him to see the world before he goes home.

That’s not really kidnapping… right

Blog Challenge – Favourite NPC in Legion

Cinder and I have been chatting about Legion a fair bit lately, and it came up that we’re both feeling like we’ve got so much to say about Legion and we both want to blog more. So we decided to set a challenge where we would both blog about the same topic, to encourage us both to write more frequently. If we can both stick to it, and hopefully with us prodding each other we will, we’re planning on doing a shared topic fairly regularly. Other than knowing the topic we’re not telling each other what we’re writing about, so it will be a suprise for each other to read our different takes on the same subject.

The first  challenge topic is our favourite Legion NPC. You can find Cinder’s blog post  right here.

My favourite NPC so far and the one I most like the back story of is First Arcanist Thalyssra. She’s the leader of the Nightfallen in Suramar and is your point of contact for most of the quests to unlock both Nightfallen but Not Forgotten and Good Sumaritan.

She was originally a Nightborne Elf who was an advisor to the ruler of Suramar, Grand Magistrix Elisande. When Elisande began to ally with the Burning Legion Thalyssra headed up the resistance force against allying with the Burning Legion but failed. She escaped from the city and now is a Nightfallen; a Nightbourne exiled from the city with no access to the Nightwell in Suramar. If a Nightfallen goes without access to arcane power to feed on they become more and more corrupted or “withered” until they turn into mindless zombies.



Her backstory:

I feel so protective of her, though she really doesn’t need it still being a strong leader in her own right, but she’s always the first to receive extra mana from me when her mana reserves get low.


While I really doubt it will happen, I would love to see at the end of all the quest chains in Suramar her be restored to the city and returned to a Nightborne Elf stage.




Really Spoilt Druids

I could be a little  biased but the Druid Class Hall is absolutely gorgeous! And after opening up the Hunter, DK and Priest halls for comparison I am utterly convinced that  druids got absolutely spoilt with how pretty and convenient our hall is.

wowscrnshot_091116_234326 wowscrnshot_091516_071228 wowscrnshot_091516_071313 wowscrnshot_091516_071118 wowscrnshot_091516_071206   zees-order-hall-bedroom

The hall brings a ton of ways to get around the world. Druids get a teleport to and from the hall which if used again returns us to where it was first used as well as a flight path inside the hall and a portal to Dalaran.

Just outside the order hall in the Emerald Dreamway are portals to Ashenvale, Duskwood, Feralas, Grizzly Hills, Hinterlands, Moonglade, Mt Hyjal and Val’Sharah so it pretty much gives a port to most continents in Azeroth.

Zinovia made an amazing map of the different areas in the Order Hall which is awesome because it is a bit of a maze.


Seriously spoilt druids!