Guesting on Battletagged Podcast

My gorgeous friends invited me along to be on their podcast the other night as the topic was online and offline personalities, partly inspired by the shared blog post Cinder and I did.

The episode was so much fun to record. I’m so comfortable with Cinder, Klor and Neuro that I forgot we were recording most of the time. All 3 are so funny together that I think I spent most of the episode laughing. I listened to it at work this morning and kept randomly laughing out loud, I’m sure my co-workers thought I was completely insane.

Feel free to listen to it here, and go listen to all their other episodes while you’re thereūüôā. A¬†word of warning, ¬†I sound like a deranged chipmunk (I’m sure I don’t sound that high pitched in real life) but the other 3 are gorgeous.

Random Tuesday Muttering

It’s the end of another full week in wow. I spent a lot of time this week¬† jumping around on alts. But the highlight would have to be, I got to go be a guest on one of my favourite podcasts, Battletagged.

It’s hosted by Klor, Cinder and Neuro who are long time guildies (even though Cinder and Nuero left us to go be Alliance, I still think of them as guildies) and honestly listening to the 3 of them each fortnight just makes me feel like I’m sitting in vent with them. They decided to do an episode about online vs offline personality, inspired by the shared blog challenge Cinder and I are doing so really nicely invited me to come along. The episode isn’t out yet, so I’ll link it when it is.

I’ve still been spending tons of time on my hunter. I went and got her beastmastery weapon so I could tame some of the Rune cats up in Suramar. The beast mastery story was really beautiful and I got to finally understand why so many hunters are running around with pets called Hati.


You can change the appearance of Hati by talking to a NPC in your order hall but at the moment there’s no way to turn it back so I’m going to keep my lightning wolf as she is.

I levelled my priest up to 110, hitting max level on Sunday afternoon. I had plans to make her holy at max level and heal with her but I’m really having too much fun on my hunter to want to put more time into another alt atm, so I don’t think she’ll get played for a bit. She hit 110 with only 2 order hall followers, so there’s tons of questing I still have to do on her.


The first Illusion Z got out of the candy buckets in Dalaran turned her into a banshee from Azsuna and it was gorgeous. It broke really early though, long before the debuff time was meant to be up. I’m still not sure what made it break but it was really disappointing because I loved how she looked like this. halloween-wow-style

I had to take my priest into the Dalaran Sewers for one of her profession quest lines and the lazy sewer guards were on a break so pvp was enabled. I mentioned to Klor that this was the first class I would have to risk getting pvp’d in there as she doesn’t have stealth and he let me know that you can actually hire bodyguards that disable pvp for you. Best 5g I’ve spent!


After weeks of throwing Z off the cliffs in Highmountain and Stormheim with displacer beast to take the short way down, (and not always landing safely), I went and tracked down all the pieces needed for the Rocfeather Skyhorn Kite and it is so beautiful. The longer cooldown means I’m still going to throw my toons off cliffs but at least when it’s up they’ve got more chance of surviving.

I found that if you have the Halloween Pepe on your head and you use the Nightbourne Masque, you get a cute little hat on your toons’ head. nightbourne-witch-hat

It makes her look quite ridiculous but I still really like the effect.

7.1 goes live tomorrow and like pretty much the entire population of wow, I am soo excited for Karazhan. The original Kara is far and away my favourite raid in game. I love the story of Medivh and the beautiful haunted castle, so seeing it updated and actually getting to do it at max level is going to be so exciting.



Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Favourite Screenshots

Our shared blog post is a little late due to a really busy week and then me posting about alt raiding when we were going to do our shared one. I feel like Cinder must rip her hair out over me sometimes.

But nevermind that, because I’m done now and our shared topic is to show our favourite Legion screenshots. It was originally going to be one, but who can choose just one when Legion is so pretty? Actually, I’m really interested to see if Cinder can stick to the 5 we decided on, because¬† I had a lot of trouble and I when I tried to get her to tell me if she did, because I was having trouble choosing between 8, she refused to tell me! How rude… Go have a look at Cinder’s beautiful photos over here.

Knowing Cinder (and well.. she might have told me), I know she’ll have done a beautiful explanation for each photo but I’m going to go with the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words and leave a really brief explanation of each photo I’ve chosen.

My hardest part was not picking 5 photos all from Suramar because apparently over 80% of my screenshots are all from there. I adore that zone so much, it’s by far my favourite. The photo below is over looking Tela’nor. The ruins are just so beautiful.


Legion brought a ton of new toys with it and one of my favourite is the Cursed Orb. It’s so awesome how the orb lights up with gorgeous colours and turns Z to stone.


This photo of my hunter in Vault of the Wardens makes me laugh every time I look at it. I was slow on my hunter getting onto the main platform so I had to do the fight from the other side of platform once the bridge retracted.  I was still able to reach the boss and I could keep myself alive with my self-heal. Really.. who said hunters need heals?


As part quest line for Khadger, Z got to go meet a Naaru. I just love the photo of her as a glowing body of light up in space.


The Kirin Tor dailies are my absolute favourite set of dailies and I’m so excited when they come up. The bubbles are so much fun to play around in but I usually have trouble with my camera and sometimes fall out of them. I love this photo of my druid in Stag form floating above Azsuna.stag-bubbles

My photos are a bit of an assortment but picking just five out of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken was next to impossible, especially as I tried to stay away from ones I’ve already posted.



First raid as a Hunter!

The guild alt raid went ahead and I went along on my hunter which was awesome. We had a mix of alts and a couple of people brought their mains for the run and we pulled in a few extra people.¬† It was a normal run so it wasn’t too difficult, though we had a few wipes at the start getting everyone coordinated. The funny thing was we have too many healers in our main raid but we had to pull in healers from the group finder as none of us rolled a healing alt. I had to keep restraining myself from trying to coordinate the healers as I’m so used to doing that in our main raids. Elandrix normally heals with me on a Holy Priest but came along on a ret pally.


We were really lucky that all the people who joined were pretty friendly and most of them stayed around for the whole time. A couple put Klor on bnet so hopefully they’ll come back next week and I found another druid to talk healing to. They normally raid as feral in their guild so might come back and resto with us as they were a pretty good healer.


We cleared 7/7N and my hunter got a couple of upgrades which were really welcome. I’m not sure if we’re planning on taking our alts through heroics but given we cleared the normal raid pretty easily it’s something we can probably look at.


Being on a hunter was incredibly fun and I probably enjoyed it just as much as healing¬†which is pretty huge as normally I don’t like dpsing. I think I offended Klor by raving about how much easier that raid was as a dps over a healer, because he then spent a lot of time afterwards trying to justify to me about all the things he does in raids that proves he has a very busy and important role. He was tanking on his DH in our al raid which went really well.

I’m not sure if the hunter love will wear off, but for the moment it’s going really strong.






Random act of froggyness

I’ve been ignoring Anax, the rare frog out the front of Shal’aran for the entirety of this expansion. I still have nightmares about frogs because of the ones on the Timeless Isle in MOP (with their lovely stacking debuff that exploded you when your stacks got too high) so I was quite happy to leave him to sit on his little island and pretend he wasn’t there each time NPC scan shouted at me.

But I happened to be running past on Z last night and there was an alliance feral druid attacking the frog and the poor druid was nearly dead.¬† Feeling sorry for them and since they were another druid, I decided to stop and help. I was really careful to only use shred so I didn’t accidentally put a bleed onto them and we finished off Anax.

I was so surprised when I looted him and he dropped a companion pet! If I had realised he was hiding a pet, I would have killed him weeks ago.


He’s quite a dignified little frog. I might have to cart him around the world with me a bit to get over my fear of frogs.

A kill is a kill

Even if it’s the messiest kill I’ve seen in a really long time, we finished off Xavius last night with 2 people standing, giving us ahead of the curve (and leaving heaps of room for improvement for future kills!) and making us a 7/7H raid team.


We also had 20 in the raid for most of the night, with one of our main tanks getting home late and logging on just in time for the Xavius kill which was great timing. I’m so hoping that 20 turn up on Sunday for mythics seeing we’ll have a full night to play around with.

I really wanted to go onto have a look at mythic Nyth as we killed Xavius with 1/2 hour remaining but not enough people were interested. Klor and Twice logically pointed out to me that we would only have enough time for 1 or 2 pulls when we got through the trash and it was a good point to leave it on as everyone was on a great morale high. Their sensible words didn’t stop me from feeling sulky inside though for a bit. I really want to go and have a look at the mythic fights!

So instead we used the extra half hour to go run some mythic dungeons and I took my hunter along as Elan came to heal.

I am absolutely loving being on a hunter! I’ve been reading the forums and there’s a lot of complaints about MM hunter at the moment, mostly from people who played one previous expansions but for me, I find it really enjoyable coming in fresh from not being on a hunter alt for a few expansions so I don’t have any expectations of what it should be like.

Playing MM there’s definitely a set rotation, though that changes depending on a priority systems based around procs. For someone who mainly heals, where all actions I take are reactive, knowing what I should be casting is really relaxing and even if my priorities in spells change, it still changes to a situation where you’re doing either x or y.


I’m so looking forward to a couple of days just dedicating myself to playing around on her, once I get Z’s world quests for AP out of the way, all the huntering time is mine! Hopefully the alt raid will happen on Saturday.




Thinking about Innervate as a raid cooldown and not a mana saver

I have to admit since I realised that you could self-cast Innervate on yourself I have been operating under the assumption that it gives me a bit of a¬†mana saver and throwing it on myself on long fights on CD. It’s free healing for 10secs and while I can’t usually can’t burst out a ton of healing in 10secs ¬†I can use it to move efflo, cast a wild growth and squeeze in a couple of hard cast regrowths, all of which are fairly mana expensive heals.

But then I read this post¬†over at Raid Advice¬†and I realised that Innervate in a raid setting can be thought about in a whole new light. If it’s placed onto a class that can burst out the heals if they don’t need to be concerned about mana costs, it can actually make a really effective raid cool down. ¬†It’s been playing on my mind so I had a talk with ¬†Elandrix, our holy priest before raid a few days ago and asked him to think about what sort of healing he could do if he had 10 secs to go absolutely crazy in and I¬†decided to try this ¬†the other night on Cenarius.

On Cenarius when the corrupted drakes get to 50% they start a large pulse aoe and it seemed like a good idea to line it up with that. With Innervate on a 2min cd, we used it really early and then again later into the fight. His healing while Innervate was active was  amazing, it was far exceeding what I thought we might get out of it and basically worked as well as, or better than me putting down a proper raid cd like tranq.

We have 3 druids in the raid group, 2 resto’s and a balance druid so that would basically give us 3 Innervates to play with. Looking at the logs though, I can see our other druid self-casts innervate on cd as well, so it may take a bit of discussion to see if he’s happy to pass it out but given the massive spike in Elandrix’s healing, it’s really beneficial and we have a range of other healers that we can try it on in different settings.

I forgot to tell our Raid Leader about my healing strat trial¬†and he got a bit concerned about my constant calls to Elan that I had Innervated him (we’ll work on a weak aura to keep vent more clear of something that can be easily tracked) and started to question Elan’s mana issues until I let him know what we were trying.

I’m really glad I came across that post. Though, now that I want to start playing with Incarnation and the way self-casting Innervate can allow me to cast instant mana-free regrowths while it’s up it,¬†it might be a bit of a juggling act. That’ll all come down to if Tree is actually viable at times or if I’m better sticking with other talents on the same line which alternate between Prosperity + SoTF for the buffed aoe heals ¬†or Cultivation¬†for a ¬†nice extra hot on really damaging fights.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

I can’t believe it’s the end of another week already, it feels like this week just flew past. I don’t feel I got up to a massive amount of things this week but I’m sure I did, I just don’t seem to have a ton of screenshots unlike usual.

We downed Cenarius on Sunday night which was fantastic as it puts us at 6/7H. We had a few attempts at Xavius and got him to about 49% on our best attempt so it shouldn’t be too long before he dies. But then we have the difficult situation that we don’t have a regular 20 in the guild so starting mythics might be a bit of a sticking point. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Most of my time has been spent on my hunter because OMG huntering is fun. ¬†I’ve been running her through a lot of heroic dgns but she has the absolute worst luck in loot in there. I did two dgns in a row last night and shedidn’t get any drops. However, even though she has terrible own loot drops,¬†Klor and Hip have been coming along to a lot of them and both been sharing their unneeded drops with her so she’s sitting at an 829 ilvl which is high enough for starting alt raids. I want¬†to take her¬†into some normal mythic dgns but in the group I normally do mythics with, no one has a healing alt, so I’m sort of stuck going on Z.

Cel mentioned last week that /sit with a cat pet out does still work so I finally remembered to go play around with it and it does work still!! But only with some races and unfortunately not with Troll or Belf.. the only two I play consistently.


Klor put a call out in guild chat to come down to Orgrimmar for a look at what has to be the biggest spider I’ve seen in Wow ever! I actually have no idea what illusion/toys this hunter used to get this effect so if you know, please comment.huge-hunters-pet

My Shaman made it all the way to Dalaran to start her artifact quest line and got to meet Thrall, Aggra and their son, Durak. He sure seems to have grown up fast.

She didn’t get much further than this though as I decided I don’t really want to start another artifact weapon chain just yet.¬†meeting-thrall

Nomi’s being ridiculous again and handed over 8 cooking recipes in one go.. however only 4 were actual recipe upgrades I needed. The other 4 were duplicates and soulbound so all I could do was destroy them. Seriously that cook¬†is all or nothing.¬†nomi-trolling-with-the-duplicates

On an aside note, I have got to sort out gear to try to free up bag space. I’m carrying 3 different sets of gear basically. Feral and Resto have¬†different stats ¬†priorities and Resto has a completely different stat order depending on whether you are raid or dgn healing so I carry different pieces for each of those specs and I’m keeping the highest ilvl pieces I have in my bags so I can trade drops I don’t need if the ilvl is higher than whatever I’m actually wearing.

Sunday in wow was running of the Gnomes, which I would have loved to go to but I was out doing some running of my own IRL. I was running the Melbourne¬† 1/2 Marathon which is something that has been on my bucket list for a couple of years but I’ve always shied away from. A 1/2 Marathon is 21.6km or 13.1miles, so it’s a pretty significant distance. I’m not a very fast runner at all but I ended up doing it in 2hr 49min which I’m not too unhappy with though I know if my training had been more consistent with long distances in the last few months, it would probably have been a quicker run. But honestly, I’m just glad I got there and was still running when I crossed the finish line.

You even get a medal for finishing.. my own achievement ding!.


In all my training runs I’ve been running with various podcasts on to have something to listen to, ¬†so I had reins of Azeroth and GGW chattering in my ear¬†along the way which was awesome!

Right after finishing I was sure I wouldn’t do another one but now a couple of days after, the idea of bettering my time is creeping into my thoughts so I’m not ruling out the possibility I’ll be signing up again¬†next year. I will be dropping my distances back for a few months though and I’m certainly not going to miss getting up at¬†6am on ¬†Saturday mornings in the middle of winter to go for a long run. There’s nothing quite like running in 1 degree weather¬†before the sun comes up though to give you a whole new appreciation for sleep-ins.

So that wraps up my week In and Out of wow. How was yours?

Huntering About

Let’s be honest here¬† I don’t play flavour of the month toons, I play flavour of the moment. So basically that translates to I fall in love with whatever toon I’m levelling as I remember all the cool things they can do. Hey, I’m huntering.. omg I have a pet (ignoring Lone Wolf for a moment) and I shoot arrows!, ooh I forgot about how cool priests look with their pretty sparkly spells.. Omg Shamans.. look at the patterns I can make with chain heal… that’s typically how it goes with me. So settling to just one toon to alt about on is almost impossible.

But I really need to settle down and choose an alt because I’d really like to play in the alt raid my guild is still making noises about, and given there’s a ton of people with multiple 110s now, it’s probably going to be a thing and quite frankly I can’t imagine a better way to spend my Saturday nights than with a bunch of guildiesūüôā.. soo decisions need to be made.

My first thought and one I know I’ve mentioned before is, I was going to be a holy priest because 1. healing.. 2. blood elf.. 3 cloth dresses… oh god even writing that is making me want to be one.. hmm maybe this post will be re-written in a few months with “oh I’m a priest” title.

But I think I’d really like a role change away from healing for my alt and I’ve been playing on my hunter a lot lately and I really enjoy the class and the fact that the lore for my spec of choice centres all around Alleria Windrunner is just icing on the cake so to speak.

So I decided to start focusing as a main alt on my hunter.. and this happened..

She went from Orc to Blood Elf!!


I really like blood elves so I decided if I was going to be spending a lot of time on her, I may as well race change her.

So huntering.. the good

  • Pets!! yes, yes I know Lone Wolf is the best dps talent at the moment and she’ll have to go without a pet in dgns or raids but she can have one for the rest of the time.
  • Races –¬† I love Blood Elves, they are so pretty.
  • I might actually be able take time to look around a dgn/raid. I am really shocked by how little I see the fine details in a dgn until I’ve run it tons of times when I’m on a healer. When I’m healing most of my attention goes to the green health bars of my healing addons and what’s immediately under my feet. ¬†Running dgns with my hunter and having her rotation¬†buttons memorised¬†means I actually can look around.

The bad

  • Really limited self-heals – I’m so used to playing hybrid classes that have access to heals pretty much whenever they want so if I screw up and take too much damage, I can usually fix it myself. My poor hunter doesn’t have that ability, I can see lots of running around at half or less health, or remembering to actually carry food or bandages..
  • I have to face the boss.. at all times. Healing, I generally have myself turned to whatever direction the majority of players are in, I want to see if they’re standing in stuff, or pulling other mobs or generally doing their own thing so I can react to their actions rather than just looking at the boss. Dpsing I need to make sure I’m always facing the mobs I want to be attacking.. it’s a whole different mindset.
  • Dgn queues.. yeah I think we all know how crap these are compared to a healer queue.. maybe I better make better friends with my guild tanks or you know, learn patience!

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Professions. A fun adventure or grind from the depths of hell?

It’s another shared post from me and Cinder but this week‚Äôs post topic was suggested by Elgaric (who has a new podcast coming out soon – Azeroth or Bust). Thanks Elgaric! Cinder’s post is over here.. and I will be really interested in seeing her opinion on this one because a word of warning.. this might be a bit of a negative nancy post of mine.

Let’s start by asking one simple question.

Is this the richest NPC in the Broken Isles at this point in time?


Here’s my hunter handing over the equivalent of 40,000g (on my server at the time of quest completion – yours might be higher or lower). Times that by the sheer number of alchemists giving him gold and I think Deucus Valdera has a pretty sweet little gig going on at the moment.

Professions – the good, the bad and the sheer ugly.

The current way professions are being done are pretty interesting and entertaining in one way and in another way are quite frankly the biggest pain in the butt Blizzard could surely think of to inflict on us in the history of the entire game as we know it, in another.. too far?

I like professions generally, though outside of the consumable making ones – JC, Alch and Enchants I don’t really ever get much use out of them. I levelled all the professions though just in case I need something and because I prefer to make things for myself than buy them of the AH or bother guildies and the achievements that come along with having all the professions.

So far in Legion I’ve got 4 toons on various stages of levelling professions.

  • Z – Herbing and Inscription
  • Elkina – Herbing and Alchemy
  • Eleara – Mining and Jewelcrafting
  • Talarial – Enchanting and Tailoring

Before Warlords went live, Z was a JC and Scribe, Elk was Blacksmithing and Alchemist and Ele was Mining and JC, but ¬†Cinder told me that I’d have a much more enjoyable and easy time with professions if I actually had the associated gathering and production professions on the one toon so all of them underwent changes and went into Legion set up to support themselves.

The Good

The interesting part of levelling your professions is that each stage pretty much comes along with an associated quest and this is really great. It helps make each profession feel unique, apart from having them all start in Azsuna that is. The inscription quests sent Z to hunt down npcs in parts of the world she hadn’t seen in a while and it was really well done.

I absolutely adored the alchemy quests which actually created changes to the alchemy station in Dalaran as I went along. Which gave a great sense of progress and it was awesome getting to decorate the lab.

The Bad

The annoying part is that advancing your professions is locked behind questing AND level AND Ilvl. And this is where I have the biggest freaking bug bear with the whole profession thing.. the triple gating.

Questing – I actually really like this part of the gating and don’t have a problem with it at all.

Level –¬† Some of the profession quests (Alchemy I’m looking at ¬†you here especially) require you to pick up bits and pieces from various heroic dgns. All fine and dandy except you can’t get into heroics until you’re 110. ¬†I quite like the fetch and carry bit and being a person who dips my feet into all the content in wow, having to go into a dgn didn’t really worry me, but why the hell do I have to do it on heroic?

90% of my professions are there to support Z, the other 9% is to support my completionist ¬†tendencies (read: ticking off profession achs) and maybe 1% is there to make things for other reasons – mounts, pets, old world patterns for transmog. But basically the bulk is to support Z with the maximum amount of¬† self-sufficiency and the gating method makes that really difficult¬† without relatively signficant amounts of time put into alts.¬† I know I’m going to level the alts eventually but under the current model, that levelling now becomes a priority, competing with time that should be on Z.


That heroic dgn I mentioned above.. to queue for them you need an ilvl of at least 810, not  a massive stretch but on a toon that I might just want to be able to sit in Orgrimmar and make Z her mana pots, or int flasks (Druid has a drinking problem), putting in the time to get the ilvls up to 810 over 3 different (4 including Z herself) toons,  is  a significant investment of time, that quite frankly should be better spent on Z gathering more AP and using the Int flasks that are being made for her.

Why can’t the professions be done in normal dgns? You’re still going to appreciate the hard work that the game designers did putting into the dgns and the story because quite frankly that’s the only reason ¬†you’re sent into there. Currently it feels like a case of we made this content now GET OUT THERE and appreciate it, damn you. Putting the requirements into normal content removes 2 of the gating issues instantly but still ensures people are out there doing content. Normal dgns can be done at any level between 100 and 110 – so voila no more need for max level and no more need for 810.

So quite frankly, my personal opinion is that putting the professions behind 3 levels of gating is a little/lot excessive and a complete and utter backflip from the too-easy way it was to level your professions of the past few expansions. Nothing like all or nothing hey?

The Ugly


Oh RNG Gods where are you with my rank 3 Starlight Rose herbing efficiency? Z has literally farmed hundreds of Starlight Rose and is yet to see rank 3 drop. Given that Starlight Rose is in high demand for all her mana pots and mana flasks.. having the gating issue here as well is starting to frustrate a little.

I might be in the minority, but I’m not impressed with the current profession model at all outside of the nice addition of questing to make the different professions feel unique again.