Last Draenor Glory – Dungeon Hero this time

Following on from running as a guild group to get finish the two raid Glory Meta’s for Draenor;  5 of us spent an evening running through Draenor Dungeons to finish off the Dungeon Glory Meta.

All the ach’s are done on heroic so it really wasn’t too difficult at this stage in the expansion.

Finishing this set of achs, also meant I got a new mount, a Frostplains Battleboar. This poor little boar has the fate of being more stable fodder, putting me one mount closer to 250.

Frostplains Battleboar

I swear I must be the most ungrateful druid in the game because there has not been a single Draenor mount I actually like unreservedly (No, I lie – I like the Moose), but honestly the majority just don’t do it for me. Ungrateful I know but there it is.

I haven’t been looking so I don’t spoil the surprise, but I really hope the mounts in Legion are pretty; I absolutely loved all the drakes that came from Cata achs and quite liked all the cloud serpents from MOP but the Draenor ones just aren’t quite my taste.

Finishing off all the Draenor Glory ach’s was a great way to finish of the expansion.

Guild Wars Screenshots

This game is absolutely visually stunning. I’ve been taking a bit of time out in the last few days before Legion goes live to get back into playing Guild Wars 2. As always, I’m completely blown away by how gorgeous this game is.

Guild Wars 5

Guild Wars 7   Guild Wars 4 Guild Wars 3

Guild Wars 6 Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 8

Guild Wars 1

I would love to see WoW done on this engine.

9 Reps to go

Z picked up 2 more reps yesterday, giving her rep 50 and 51 and putting her only  9 away from The Beloved title.

Kiling mobs in The Underbog gives rep for both the Cenarion Expedition as well as Sporeggar and all through the dungeon are Sanguine Hibiscus you can turn in for extra rep with Sporeggar. The Slave Pens and Steamvault gives rep just for Cenarion Expedition, but I found normal Steamvault gave just as much rep as the others on Heroic so I could reset the lockout and run it a few times.

Czar of Sporeggar

Guardian of Cenarius

I have a lot of reps from BC through to Cata still to get to Exalted and with the new reps coming in Legion, there’ll be plenty of Reg grinding to keep me occupied for quite a while.


Glory of the Draenor Raider

My guild has been working on finishing this achievement off before Legion goes live and we finally got the last boss achievement we needed last night.

Blackhand Ach

We left Blackhand til last as we knew this one would be an utter pain and it really was. It took quite a few attempts to get coordinated at catching 20 ashes that fall from the sky. Only a few fall onto the platform, with the majority falling just off it. Luckily not everyone has to catch an individual ash, if one  lands above multiple people, it counts for each person and pushes the total up to 20 a bit faster, but it’s still a very slow achievement to complete which means the fight really drags out.

Even at our HFC gear levels this fight was a pain  because of how long it took and the amount of people getting hit by all the abilities, it really came down to keeping people alive rather than a dps race. Having Demon Hunters in the raid with us made it a bit easier with their double jump and fel rush, they were able to get off the platform and catch a few further out to speed it up.

The final attempt was so close, we ended up with only 2 healers alive at the end to finish the boss off. So lucky! I’m really glad my guild are into achievements, it makes finishing them off together much more fun than with a random group.

Dead Blackhand

Now I have a Gorestrider Gronnling to add to my list of Draenor mounts. Poor guy probably won’t see much use time, I think he’s actually pretty ugly but you can’t really say no to an achievement mount can you🙂

I couldn’t get Z’s camera to zoom out far enough to take a decent photo of us all, so Twice and Klor really nicely took the photos and sent them to me.


Photo by Twiceasnice


Gronnling 1

Photo by Klorithor


This just leaves 2 achievements to finish off for Glory of the Pandaria Raider and I’m all up to date on raid achs apart from Legion ones.


Exploring Karazhan Crypts

Spectral sight

Demon hunters are hands down the most fun class to explore on. Their double jump, glide and fel rush means they are able to get into or on top of things and pop their heads  into places that other classes might have a bit of difficulty with.

I happened to be passing by Karazhan with Twice last night and we thought we’d have a bit of a poke around the ruins of Karazhan to see if anything has been changed in the prelude to Legion.

Karazhan holds one of the zones that is most talked about and hardly ever seen as it used to require exploits to get into. But now, with the pre-patch for Legion, the entrance into Karazhan Crypts has been changed.

If you go down on a non-demon hunter or a toon that hasn’t done the Broken Shore quest lines, you’re still greeted with the closed metal portcullis.

Karazhan Crypsts 10

But after you’ve done the Broke Shore quests or are on  a demon hunter, the metal gate is open and you’re faced with a wooden gate. This  is no barrier to a demon hunter with double jump.

Karazhan Crypsts 1

Once over the gate, you can explore your way around some really dark and creepy places.

We made one of the rooms into a demon hunter only game and tried to see if we could jump around the room without touching the ground between the tombstones

The changes to Karazhan for toons that have done the broken shore quests, or able to skip them entirely like demon hunters is really exciting. We’ve been told that Karazhan will be re-used in Legion, so I wonder if the crypts beyond the gate will make an appearance. It’s a pretty dark place, so I really wonder if it will be open to the general public as it is now or if there’ll be further changes before Legion is live.

It’s a Lava Window

It still surprises me that after 6 odd years of playing this game that there are still things in this game that surprise me utterly. I run Molten Core fairly regularly for rep with the Hydraxian Waterlords and last night in between invasions, Twice popped down with me.

Once we got to where you can talk to the NPC to be ported into Molten Core, Twice started talking about I should jump out the window to get into the raid. I really didn’t believe that this was actually a thing and after questioning my sanity for a few seconds and pretty much 100% sure I was going to end up in a burning  pool of lava with Twice laughing at me.. I jumped out.

Lava Window 1

And this is what came up on my screen..Lava Window

And I ended up here.

Lava Window 2

This is a way more fun way to get into Molten Core than simply just talking to a NPC. I’ll be jumping out the window from now on🙂

Did I say last class to 100 – I forgot about Demon Hunters!

Pre-purchasing Legion a few months ago meant that I could access Demon Hunters when they went live yesterday. So after running Z through the Broken Shore story line (Even though I knew it was coming, the ending cinematic was incredibly sad), I popped over to have a look at Demon Hunters. Even though I have the beta, I hadn’t actually tried out a DH so they were a complete surprise.

I started with a Blood Elf DH on Bartilas. You need a level 70 toon on a realm before you can make a demon hunter so that meant there’s only 4 realms I can make a DH on. They look amazing, and their spell animations are so good. I like having the glaives  as weapons in each hand and when they are on her back, they look like a pair of butterfly wings.


The starting area is pretty awesome, full of demons and fell green everything but the scenery is amazing.


The levelling process is really fast and I reached Level 100 not too far from the end of the starting zone so it’s really fantastic having a brand new level 100 in under 50mins. Once my DH can access old raids again, I’ll have another toon to run through Tempest Keep for Ashes.

Belf DH

Once she got out of the starting area, I ran her through a few of the invasions which were pretty fun. Being on a PvP realm though, I spent more time killing (or being killed by) Alliance rather than the invading demons. Unfortunately, if Barthilas is anything to go by, Azeroth is pretty much doomed as the two factions would prefer to fight each each other most of the time than work together.


Make love not war

Z DH 1

Then after playing around on my blood elf as a DPS DH for a while, I decided to go see the Alliance side and made a Night Elf, this one I made tank and the transformation spell  you get as a tank is utterly awesome. She looks terrrifying!

Ele DHEle DH 2


Twice and Ele Ally DH

I absolutely love that in the space of an evening I  have 2 new level 100 toons. (At last count, I now have 15 toons that can run through TK without assistance)


The best things about Demon Hunters so far…

  1. Wings

One thing I was not expecting on a demon hunter was that I get wings!! Real working wings so if you double jump or jump off something really high (or dismount mid-air) you can glide down to the ground. I spent a long time just jumping and gliding on my wings.

Ele DH 1

2. Demonic Language

Demon hunters can talk across faction if they use their racial language Demonic. Most of the alliance I saw, I was more interested in throwing my glaives at but towards the end of the night when the novelty of so many alliance in one place had worn off I decided to try talking to one that didn’t look overly hostile. (i.e. didn’t attack me on sight).

Ally and Horde DH

When in doubt shout louder.  It took a bit of spamming in demonic for him to figure out how to talk back to us but it was so funny when he worked it out. Poor guy was finding it impossible to do the invasions on Barth from Horde killing him constantly – and here I was finding it impossible to do the invasions because they were killing me constantly.


Scarlet Crusade Transmog is back in the game

I was really disappointed when the Scarlet Crusade transmog that used to drop from the old 4 instances of what’s now Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Halls was removed when they were changed for MoP. I had managed to pick up only the Tabard  and Belt when the changes were implemented. I hung onto the pieces I had managed to collect given their extreme rarity and even when the transmog changes happened with the new patch, I tucked both items back in the bank and added them to the small list of transmog gear that wouldn’t be deleted or sold, even with account wide transmog now.

And it appears that the tabard will still be useful (to some anyway.. more about that later) as the addition of a new NPC down in Darkmoon Faire has really important ramifications for those that do have the Tabard.

Scarlet QM 2

There is now a Scarlet Crusade Quartermaster standing near the petting zoo in the Darkmoon Faire. Turns out if you equip the tabard and go down and talk to her you can buy a full set of the Scarlet Crusade gear for transmog.. but only if the tabard is equipped onto a mail or plate wearer. Unluckily for me the tabard I have is sitting on my mage, so no transmog for her.

Scarlet Crusdade Xmog

Scarlet QM

The tabard has been implemented back into the game at a very low drop from the Scarlet instances but I’m not sure if re-grinding the tabard is something I want to do. Luckily the belt I do have on my hunter so all my mail toons have learnt this appearance.

Given there is boa specific armor gear, I am a little puzzled why the transmog can’t be purchased by any toon with the correct tabard but only used by the right armor user. Similar to how the transmog gear from the garrison building can be purchased by any toon but only used by the right armor wearer.



Experiment 12-B

Look who decided to show up in the loot box after Ultraxion in Dragon Soul!

12-B 2

12-B 4

I popped into Dragon Soul with Twice  the other night for some more ach hunting and the mount dropped from Ultraxion. I was really lucky and won the roll so Experiment 12-B got to come home with me.

12-B 1

Now we’ll have a reason to go back after all the achs are done, to get another to drop for Twice and I’m still looking for the Blazing Drake from there to finish off Awake the Drakes.


Glory of the Hellfire Raider

Along with all the older ach’s I’ve been working on, my guild has been working on a more current one, Glory of the Hellfire Raider. We popped back in last night to pick up the last few achievements we needed. When the ach popped up half way through I was really surprised as I didn’t actually realise we were so close to finishing. But  we had done some of the later bosses last week

Pro Toss Non Lethal Enforcer ach

For completing this achievement, the reward is the Infernal Direwolf. Despite not being a big fan of wolf mounts.  I actually don’t mind this one, the colour is really pretty.

WoWScrnShot_080716_225951Infernal Wolf

It’s great we finished this one in the current expansion. I still have a few to go for Glory of the Draenor raider which is the achs for Highmaul and BRF, so hopefully there will be enough interest around in the guild still, otherwise that might be one I come back and do next expansion.

And just because my guild love to remind me that I haven’t got Ashes of Alar yet.. see them all in their glory.

Guild of Ashes of Alar