Wolfhawk: Hunter Class Mount, mine!

My hunter ended up being the 3rd toon to go off and get her Class mount. There’s not really a scheduled order for which toon gets their mount. It depends on how far through the campaign I take them each time I’m playing them; though it is slightly dictated to by their minions levels. The toons that have 900ilvl minions are being pushed a bit faster than the others.

So far I’ve been really lucky and the actual scenario for the mounts/form I’ve done have been really well done (hopefully they all are). The Hunter one had me go on a wild beast hunt for Odyn to prove my worth by laying a bunch of spirits of wild animals to rest by killing them. Actually this quest didn’t sit that well with me, I would much have preferred a quest where I track them and then tame them which brings them peace rather than the senseless killing. Being a Hunter doesn’t have to mean death but that’s my view.

So once I killed off some gorgeous spirits, the final one appeared:

She looks beautiful all green and spectral and apparently hadn’t been seen for hundreds of years so she must think I’m relatively special? The quest text ‘She senses your predatory prowess and kinship with beastsreally makes the fact I killed a bunch of spirit animals even more disconcerting, but moving on.

After the scenario finishes and I’m back in my order hall, one of her descendants comes to be my new mount!  

The standard one is really gorgeous but at concordance in MM and Survivial, Hunters get a different coloured version for each one so I’ll be doing a lot more world quests for AP for the different colours soon.

First look at Tomb of Sargeras   

First impressions is that this place is enormous!! The rooms are huge and there’s caverns to run through and winding twisting passageways. I can see a lot of getting lost for the first couple of weeks. I didn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I wanted to have but hopefully when we finish clearing the place out this week I can go back in and photograph to my heart’s content.

It’s certainly not as pretty as Nighthold, but there’s lots of little details that make me want to explore it so much more. We came across a really cool little room which had chairs and bookcases in it, I really wanted to stay in there and poke around but my guildies were rushing through, so I’ll come back!

The plan last night was to take all the main toons through normal together and then when it was done we’d break into our first heroic split run which is half alts, half mains and clear as far as we could with the alts, then everyone would swap – alts to mains and vice versa and restart.

The fights on normal were pretty quick but they did give help to give a look at the fights even if we didn’t get the best idea of what the mechanics were as we pushed a little too fast.The fights are different enough from NH that it feels like a real change and not just more of the same. I absolutely loved the fight that has a whale leap out of the water and had to keep an eye on the watery floor for bubbles to move out of it. Dec was chanting ‘bubbles bubbles’  throughout that whole fight and making me wonder what the heck he was talking about until I saw the water bubbling for myself.  I never saw the whale though which doesn’t surprise me at all, I tend to miss a lot of things in raids when I’m staring at my healing bars.

We got up to the Maiden as the 7th boss right before scheduled maintenance so we only had a few attempts on her which was interesting. Her mechanic splits the raid randomly depending on a the colour you get assigned – light or fel and coming into contact with a person or ability that belongs to the other colour  puts a bomb onto that person that explodes with raid wide damage. You can minimize this by jumping into the hole in the middle of the room and exploding down there and the bomb then throws you back up and out. Our raid was exploding with people everywhere.. it was hilarious to watch but it’s going to be a pain if that isn’t sorted out lol.

I was lucky with the legendary upgrade drops and could pop back to Dalaran mid way through the raid and upgrade my Velen’s to 970! That was a huge upgrade to it. Next one I’ll do will probably be Prydaz as I know I’ll be using those two legendaries a lot. I’m not sure what ones I’ll do next, if I get more Haste/Mast gear it’ll be shoulders but I don’t like how they feel with my current stat/gear set up so I’m sticking to Prydaz/Velens at the moment. I really want to get the new ring which grants me Soul of the Forest and luckily it’ll come at 970 when I eventually see it so I won’t have to upgrade.

After the shutdown, the door to the Maidens room was locked as if we hadn’t cleared through to her so we couldn’t finish the normal run.  We decided to start the first split run on heroic and as my Shaman is rostered on the first run, she got to see heroic bosses before my Druid did! We ended up getting the first 3 done on heroic before raid was finished. My shaman was lucky enough to bonus roll (alts can’t roll on raid loot) a 920 trinket which was a big upgrade as well as completing the quest to make her first legendary  to 970 so her ilvl jumped over 5 points in one run. She only has 2 legendaries so lucky I don’t have very many to have to upgrade. Maybe she’ll see more as I’m doing more content on her regularly. I’m starting to feel a bit more confident on her and more gear will definitely help her healing numbers.

I haven’t looked at what affixs are up this week but really hope I can manage to drag her through a mythic 15 this week for the 930 loot out of the cache. It might be a death march so hopefully I find some patient people in pugs. That’s the huge downside of being Alliance,  there’s just not enough Ally on my friends list that are into mythic plus dgns to run with. I need more Alliance friends!

Tbh I actually am a little homesick for Horde and my Horde friends a lot. Alliance has some really great points but Horde still feels like home.  Every time I put my teleport cloak on, I always think I’m heading to Orgrimmar and usually get a surprise when I see the Stormwind loading screen come up. After nearly 5 years Horde, how long is it going to take for me to get used to Alliance?

We don’t go back to ToS until Sunday night but hopefully I can sneak into Normal and poke around the parts we’ve already done and get some nice photos.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Whee it’s the night before Tomb releases! Who’s excited?

This week has been a week of mostly current content. I decided that I wanted all the class mounts as soon as possible so have been prioritising alts doing emissaries for order hall resources so I can constantly send their minions away on missions to get their quality upgraded and for the armor tokens ready for the quest that needs you to do a legionfall mission from your mission table. Thank goodness for the app because I can check in every few hours to keep their missions ticking over.

The AP is mounting up really quickly with all the world quests so I’ve went to get my Pally and Lock their extended traits as their banks were starting to fill up with AP they couldn’t use. Pally for both Prot and Holy specs and Lock for just Aff so far.

My Lock leveled in destruction but I decided to get her Affliction weapon and try out Aff for a while at 110.  I dot up everything and let my infernal hold mobs attention while I stand back and drain their soul/life. So much fun. I also collected her demonology weapon to see what that spec feels like but haven’t tried it yet.

Timewalking was up so I ran all my alts through at least one for the quest and ended up doing the full 5 on my DK tank. I did quite a few of her 5 with Dec and Kublas who both have mained Blood DK’s for raiding so I kept expecting comments about stray mobs or lack of cd use but both were nice and acted as if nothing was wrong if I lost a mob to a random dps here or there.  I’ve been too scared to try out my Pally tanking in dgns but I’m loving doing world quests with her as Prot. Maybe I’ll stop being a chicken and try.

Plate transmog has got to be the best transmog in the game.. look how gorgeous plate looks!

I had enough Timewalking tokens to collect all the Pandaria toy and pets as well as the beautiful Jade Serpent.

Z’s being able to turn her loot spec to Balance was very short lived and she didn’t pick up a balance legendary in that time which I was hoping would happen but in the heroic clear of NH the other night, she collected the first of the new resto legendaries. It’s the one that gives Wild Growth a 15% chance to proc Tree of Life. I immediately equipped it (I love the stats of Haste/Mast on it) and it was super fun when it procced as I’d be a huge purple tree. I really need to look into what legendaries to be using when, because now shoulders have been nerfed so much, they’re not mandatory now (it was a fun 2 weeks of owning them ;p) and if I want to be wearing my 2 set from TOS and 4 Set from NH as long as possible I need to get away from legendaries that take up tier slots.

Invasions are going so well for alts. My Mage, Warrior and Monk have been popping out of their class halls to do as many as I can and can usually gain a level per assault. It helps with the heirlooms going to 110 too. Z spent a lot of gold upgrading the cloth, leather and plate XP heirlooms. My poor rogue is sitting outside the gates of Elwynn Forest because that’s as far as I’ve gotten in her first artifact weapon questline.

I really need to finish it so I can take her through invasions as well but tbh she’ll probably sit there until one of my other 3 levelers hit 110.

And I laughed so much at seeing the world bosses legs with Spectral sight. They look so funny, she makes me think of an iceberg.

And that was my week in WoW. How was yours?

Have fun in Tomb all!

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 19: What’s in a name

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This topic was inspired by my recent faction/server change and having to pick new names for my toons on the new realm.

Naming a new toon can be one of the hardest things I do, I really like the idea of keeping my alts names similar but at the same time I want all my toons to have their own personality and I don’t feel that can happen if I named them all a combination of Zeera or iterations similar but that’s exactly how my main name started.

My first toon was called Zira, which as I’ve talked bout before I thought I was so original in creating until a random person asked if I was named after the Queen from The Lion King.  And then I made a few iterations of Zira for alts after that  Zyra, Zeirah and Zeera were the main ones. I think at last count I have at least 5 Zeirahs sprinkled across various realms and across different games too tbh. I definitely have a GW2 and an ESO Zeirah as well.

But after a while I moved away from having them all named the same and wanted distinct names for them all. One convention I really noticed is that I tend to have a lot of names end in ‘a’ – Zeera, Elkina, Eleara, Amarlia, Arzira, Jazria as well as lately ‘ri’ – Zelmeri, Zidari, Ivari, . I also really like names that can be shortened to a 3 letter name, Zee, Ele, Jaz etc. Though there’s always outliers – my Pally rather than getting called Ama, is always referred to as Marli.

If I’m really stuck for a name, I’ll hit the random generator enough times to find a name that I can shorten to something suitable in my mind and that also looks pleasing to the eye. It’s part of why I love Zeirah so much, I love the way the letters actually look in combination together. When I changed my main toon’s name to Zeera, so the pronunciation would be easier for people,  it took a long while for me to get used to the look of the letters and actually like the way it was written  but now I find I actually adore the Zee start to the name and it makes it much easier for other people to shorten.

I realised when I changed my Shaman from Goblin to Draenei just how much their appearance/race dictates their name. As a tiny little Goblin, Totzie was a great name, a combination of a subtle play on words to suggest a small Zee but it also seemed to really suit a goblin. Once she became a  tall statuesque Draenei, it just didn’t seem to suit her.  Along the same lines my Panda Monks name is Zhii, which is pronounced the way I shorten my main’s name but also seems to suit the theme of monk in looks and sound.

So how do you pick names for your toons?

Shaman Class Mount, now this is awesome!

I started my Shaman on the broken shore quest line for the class mount not long after 7.2.5 went live and got through most of it fairly quickly (thank goodness it’s not gated weekly now) but the second last quest to complete a Legionfall Mission had me waiting a bit as I didn’t have any minions close to 900ilvl to be able to send off on missions.

The command centre came up while I was trying to get my minions up to the right ilvl so I had a ton to choose from but all had a -% chance. I sent my minions off on every quest  they could do like crazy trying to get them armor tokens that would upgrade their ilvl but by the time the last legionfall mission was about to expire the closest I could get was 4% chance of success so I decided to just try and amazingly it worked! I couldn’t believe my luck so popped straight down to the Broken Shore to finish the quest chain by going to kill 100 demons.

Then it was a short quest scenario in Throne of the 4 winds

And finally I got my first class mount; Farseers Raging Tempest. This mount is simply beautiful. There’s 3 colour variations depending on your spec.

Fiery red for Elemental;

Cloud White for Enhancement;

Mist Green for Restoration;

Each spec has a slightly different casting animation as well a different dismount action. I love the dismount animation for the Restoration spec, the mount basically disintegrates into water particles and splashes out everywhere.

This was so what I was wanting in a class mount!


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

It was a long weekend again so that meant an extra day on WoW which is always welcomed. I discovered just how good the invasions are for alts and made sure I ran my warlock through as many as possible over the last few days and she got to 110 in possibly the quickest /played time of all my toons. She makes 8 at 110 now, so I’m well over half way to having them all at 110.

I absolutely love being able to send my alts AK 40 instantly. Look at the huge difference between level 1 and level 40 AK.

I’ve been using the AK 40 tomes to max out all my alts AK and most of them now have the full 35 traits after just 1 or 2 world quests. It’s so fast!

Now they all have the maximum amount of AP for their 35 traits I had to start running them through the Broken Shore quests to get the 2nd set of traits. Something went wrong with my BM hunter though and apparently her hand got empowered, not her bow.

I decided since I don’t like the druid class form that much, I may as well collect all the other class mounts so I should find one I really love and I’ve been spending a whole lot of time on alts running them through the Broken Shore campaign.

I did more mythic pluses on my Shaman and decided I really do like Shaman healing style a lot. There’s chatter about taking our alts through Mythic Nighthold this reset which would be awesome if I got to heal some mythic bosses on her. But.. since I still get a bit lost in what the hell I should be casting at times, a patch of water on the ground, or a totem to splash people or the gorgeous pattern making chain heal, me in Mythic NH could be a disaster.

I was doing the PvP world quest on my shaman when she saw a clickable dragon so immediately clicked and got an achievement! Then I could fly around and spam lightning on all the helpless players below me. I was having so much fun I didn’t want to get off it when the quest was over. The mount’s the same one as the one from the Stormheim paragon chests and I didn’t realise it was so gorgeous. The wings are the prettiest colour.

I decided I really should go back into the Mage tower and decided to give it a go a only a few hours before it was due to be pulled down and utterly surprised myself by starting to get through to the final stage. It was a bit of a learning curve where I had to learn each stage but by the time it was due to get pulled down I was always making it to the final stage but I found that I wasn’t handling the debuff on the final boss well enough. He puts a debuff on y ou, similar to the one in the Nightbane fight, where you deal damage in proportion to your health and I was getting it at full health so my minions would just explode when it expired. By the time I realised I should be dropping my health to at least 60% so they wouldn’t get one shot, I ran out of time to have more attempts. I’m hoping I’ll get the appearance when it’s up again.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



It’s not a mount, it’s a form!

I held off writing this post for a few days because if I had posted the day the class mounts went live, it would have been just a post hating on blizzard and a hell of a lot of swear words. This post is possibly a little calmer.

Months ago, there was a post saying that the Druid class mount was ‘temporarily’ being changed to a travel form rather than being left as a standalone mount.  It was really quickly identified that there were a lot off issues with it being a form  but no real discussion about it. When the class mounts went live earlier this week, my twitter feed pretty instantly blew up with lots of Druids being surprised and upset that the issues that were identified were still there in the live version. Reading all the comments at work, I was really disappointed and not that excited to get home and do the quest chain.

There’s  so many issues associated with it being a form. As a form, it doesn’t add an additional mount to my mount count, when every other class mount adds one or more. Another big issue is that with the way travel form operates, in places where flying is disabled, flight form doesn’t work and it pushes me into stag form. So when every one else can ride around on their class mounts in raids or instances where flying isn’t allowed, Druids can’t.

I was so sick of people calling it a Druid class mount and refused to want to hear anyone refer to it as a mount, that Dec fixed the class mount announcement for me.

As a travel form it’s incompatible with any glyphs that are already applied to travel form which means if I wanted to use my pretty Sentinel owl and have the new class form, it’s not an option. It’s one or the other. And personally I find the class form to be so freaking ugly that I wouldn’t really want to be seeing it all the time anyway.

A minor thing but a really annoying bug is that it makes the Stormcrow CAW when you change into the form rather than an owl sound. How lazy of blizzard to not identify and fix this earlier. The Sentinel Owl makes a lovely hooting sound that doesn’t break the immersion of changing into an owl form.

It also can’t perch which means you’re always hovering above the ground. I really like the Sentinel Owl perch and have heaps of fun perching around the world, so again another disappointment. The other real disappointment is that there are 4 colours of the mount but it’s race based, not spec based so each druid will only ever see one version. Really frustrating when so many of the class mounts are spec specific so you get lots of different versions.

There’s only 2 upsides to the rather major downsides. It’s instant cast but that’s something I’d be more than happy seeing as not an option if it was an actual mount. And the other is that you can carry a person on your back and they can interact with items mounted like when herbing. However, since there are items in the game which already allow you to interact with items while mounted, this isn’t such a big deal. It really shouldn’t have to be a compromise Druid’s make just because the developers couldn’t work out how to make a 2 seater mount along the same lines as a Sandstone Drake or Heart of the Nightwing.

All up, the Druid class form is a massive disappointment when compared to the other classes and it all pretty much comes down to the fact they made it yet another travel form rather than working out how to make a mount out of it. I’m really looking forward to working on my alts for their class mounts and it’s pretty sad it’s that way.


Mythic Gul’dan makes 10!

I went in with the new guild last night for a re-clear of Nighthold and stayed in for the Gul’dan fight. Even though I had seen up to the last part of Phase 2 before, I was still so terrified I’d really screw something up and be asked to sit. It ended up being no where near as bad as I was thinking, P1 and P2 were exactly as I had seen and P3 ended up being a lot easier than I thought.

It was an awesome feeling to finally get the goal I was determined to get but bittersweet in a way because it almost feels like I didn’t earn this as this wasn’t the team I progressed through all the other bosses with. I’m so incredibly glad I did get the kill and the Cutting Edge achievement on him though after spending so long working my way through all the bosses. I’ve seen a whole lot of Nighthold across the 4 different levels of difficulty:

  • 46 Skorpyron Kills
  • 43 Chromomatic Anomaly Kills
  • 41 Trilliax Kills
  • 42 Spellblade Aluriel Kills
  • 40 Tichondrius Kills
  • 39 Krosus Kills
  • 38 High Botanist Kills
  • 33 Star Augur Kills
  • 37 Grand Magistrix Elisande Kills
  • 16 Guldan Kills

Those numbers equal a hell of a lot of time spent inside the one place. It helps that Nighthold is so incredibly beautiful so it’s a great place to spend many hours.

Killing Gul’dan marks the end of this tier and it took 3 raid teams and 2 factions to get here but now with 2 weeks before Tomb comes out, it gives me a bit of time to enjoy not being in Nighthold as much and time to start looking at the next set of fights.

I’m really excited to see Tomb next but I really wonder where I’ll be by the end of the next tier. My new guild seems quite nice but it hasn’t grabbed me the way both Deadline and Misanthropy did right from the very start so who knows what the future brings. Hopefully a whole lot more raiding though.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

The new guild is only raiding 2 nights currently (3 on progression) so I’ve had heaps of time not in Nighthold which was actually really nice for a bit of a change. The new guild I’m in also wants everyone to have an alt to do split raids for Tomb, which meant that my Shaman’s back to being a Draenei.

I had completely forgotten just how gorgeous Draenei’s are! I ran her through Heroic NH with the guild on Sunday which was really fun. Then I ran her through a Vault of the Wardens 11 and was ready to just give up completely.

The new affix Grievous; puts a dot on a person that stacks each time they drop under 90% so people are constantly in need of healing. Even out of combat the dot doesn’t  go away until they’re back above 90% so people can still die to it out of combat. With the other two affix’s that we had this week (fortified especially) it was just really really horrible. There were a bunch of times I just couldn’t get everyone up to above 90% and had to pick which person I was going to be able to heal enough to keep alive. Amazingly we had an awesome pug group who kept going even after I told them I didn’t think I could heal it and we finished, even though the key depleted.  I’ll think twice about doing more than a 10 when Grievous is involved until I’ve fully got my head around my Shaman .

My Pally finally hit 110, only a few days after the May deadline I had for her. I haven’t finished her order hall campaign yet but she makes 7 tons to 110. I’ve been so slow leveling my toons since I’ve picked up the amount I’ve been raiding.

Z got to Prestige 3! It came with some little flag to hang off my back but I can’t really see myself using it that much. It’s only 1 level now until I get the first prestige mount so that has renewed my interest in PvP but a lot of the levels between prestige 2 and 3 only came from doing the PvP world quests so it’s been a bit slow getting there and unless I really pick arenas/battlegrounds back up, it’ll probably be  slow getting to 4 as well.

I caught up with Neuro who is also an Alliance night elf now! He and Naz joined the same guild together and still  raid  together which is awesome.  I love when we all run into each other in the order hall.

And Neuro surprised me with a pet! He picked up a 2nd one from the Treasure chest world quest  and thought I might like it. I haven’t seen it yet so it was really welcomed. He’s such a cute little puppy. I love that I can make him nearly the same size as my cat form with the pet biscuits.

One thing that hit me the other day, now that I’m a pretty white Night Elf stag, is that my Night Elf follower is the Horde brown stag. Both Broll and Thisalee turn brown in Stag form. I never noticed it when I was also Horde as it was just 2 brown stags running around but it’s really noticeable now that we’re both Night Elves and different colours. I wonder why he’s brown since he’s technically Alliance?

I also noticed that my Wisp form (when I’m dead) has a face! All these cool new things about being a Nelf!

I’ve found an awesome use for my swapblaster outside of just skipping trash with it in Eye of Azshara. My new guild has a demon hunter that likes to jump into places I’ve never thought about in Nighthold so I can swap places with them!

Look at the Druid decorations for the doorway!

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?



Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 18: Random little things in WoW

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.   This fortnight’s topic is to share the little random things we’ve come across in WoW.

My most random thing is found in one of my favourite places in Azeroth; Greymane Manor in the Ruins of Gilneas. I found a chair that must have been placed into the game backwards because when you sit on it, you’re forced into staring at the wall.