Runescapades: Zee in the world of Runescape

WoW has definately quietened down a little lately so I’ve been spending a bit more time trying out new games, and Old School Runescape is really grabbing me. It’s a really old game, but in my true fashion of coming really late to games, I’m only just finding it now.

At the start I hated the graphics but they’re really growing on me now and I adore my little toon. Along the way I’ve picked up a few cute items of clothing

I wanted a black witches hat since I saw a person wearing it and I found vendor selling it so I snaffled it up. I found that if you kill npcs you have a chance of them dropping their clothing. Its meant a lot of npcs deaths at my hands if I like what they’re in just in case.

The quests are really fun and there’s a ton of flavor conversations and events that randomly happen.

I’ve been kidnapped by an evil cat a few times and taken to various scenarios. Completely didn’t take screeshots though 😦

It’s actually quite a complex game in ways,. Quite a few of the quests are real puzzles.

I am however, absolutely horrible at navigating my way around and will head off in what I think is the correct direction, only to get half way across the map and realise I’ve gone in completely the wrong direction.

You can play the game as free to play, however the bulk of the content is locked behind members, which is like having a subscription in WoW, however there’s no buying the game time with real money. I’ll have to start learning how to make coins in a hurry as I’ve nearly finished the free to play quests and I want to see more.

Fashion Contest: Azeroth Style

I wasn’t actually going to take part in this event as I initially thought being judged by other players and having to collect enough tokens for BC dungeon sets I already had most of the items for wouldn’t be my idea of fun.. but boy was I wrong!

Kublas kept asking if I had done any attempts yet and telling me how fun it was, and easy to collect tokens because even if you lost you received 15 tokens and as you only needed 60 for a set, it wouldn’t matter even if you didn’t win so I decided to give it a whirl.

The first attempt I had no idea what was going on, but it wasn’t too hard to work out. Talk to the transmogrifier and choose an outfit based on the theme and then wait for your moment to go up on the stage and shine. There’s a barber’s chair too but that was a little too much effort and I kept my girls in their same hairstyles as when they entered.

You only get 2 minutes to pull together an outfit to match the theme and I found it much easier on my warlock and rogue as I have the most amount of appearances. The themes were so fun.

Champions of the light

Tabard time

I ended up getting this theme two times in a row on my rogue. I was really lucky she happened to have a tabard in her bags as she was the only one of my toons that did. I’ll definitely be carrying a shirt and a tabard if I do this again as there were a few outfits that I would have added a shirt if I had one.

Dark and Deadly


I utterly cheated on this one and kept my DK in the outfit she was already in before she went in.

This was actually a really fun way to pass the afternoon and I ended up saving a lot of the sets I made so I can wear them at other times. If I think about it, I might work my way through my toons and save a few themed sets for them for quicker turn arounds… and I  really really need to go get more accessories for my mail and plate wearers, I’m  lacking fancy headwear on both those types.

I hope that they expand this event in coming patches, there’s a lot of dungeon sets that could be incorporated as rewards or the addition of transmoggable accessories such as top hats or monocles.



Tier 20: does it even exist for resto druids?

Usually a new raid is really exciting because it brings upgrades but I’m pretty much over halfway through mythic Tomb of Sargeras and I’m still wearing Nighthold tier. It’s not from lack of drops.. I’ve got the full 6 set including 2 pieces of mythic and the rest heroic warforged but I just don’t know when to change into it.

Tier 19 was awesome for restos, the 2 piece gave us 4000 mastery for 7 seconds after a wild growth and 4 piece gave the chance of an extra rejuv to randomly proc on a person. Both handy bonuses. Tier 20 on the other hand.. the 2 set gives a chance for a direct heal’s cd to be shorter based on the health of the person you’re using it on (up to 40% reduction based on less health). The cd is usually 30 secs and the most I’ve been able to get it reduced to is 20sec. To get the full 40% reduction a person pretty much needs to be under 10% health which in raid situation with 3 other healers spamming on low health targets, you’ll be lucky to see this regularly. To try to get the max cd reduction means it’s also a case of deciding if you’ll hold off using the spell in case another player drops a bit lower than your intended target. On it’s own the 2 piece is actually very weak.

The 4 piece bonus boosts the healing of your Efflorence ground effect spell by 200% when you use Swiftmend,  Very nice sounding bonus but so dependent on the fight being stacked with minimal movement for periods of hopefully at least 10 secs, or longer so you don’t have to move efflo each time.

I’ve been looking at warcraft logs a lot to see how many people are moving away from Tier 19 and I can’t find any druids who are healing really well who are actually wearing T20. First full page of druids for each fight is pretty much showing everyone still in NH gear. The few times I’ve tried swapping into 4 pce ToS gear my healing just seems a lot lower than when I’m in Tier 19. You’d think Sisters on Mythic would be great as the mythic version is very much a stand still/stacking fight, people very rarely move around during the times when the floor is changing colour so Efflo can at least stay down in one place for as long as possible but it doesn’t seem to really boost HPS at all.

It really feels like something went wrong in the design process when you have pretty much a whole class skipping a tier in favour of staying the previous one and it doesn’t help that our tier bonus really changes the way your play druid, moving the emphasis away from your hots and onto a ground effect. It’s really bad in 5mans where there’s too much movement and too little time people stay in your ground effect to actually even waste time and mana dropping it. It really feels that whoever designed the tier just doesn’t really have a good handle on the Druid play style.

I’m really hoping it’s not going to be a case that I go from Tier 19 straight into Tier 21:

Ysera’s gift is the passive that heals me for 3% of my maximum health for 5sec, if I’m at full health it goes to a random injured player instead. It’s a fairly mindless bonus but at least it’s back to hots which is a Druids bread and butter fantasy.

I keep waiting for either a buff to Tier 20 or a nerf to Tier 19 to make us move away from it, but there’s been utter silence on it. Rather like the silence surrounding Druid’s discussion over our messed up class ‘form’.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.l

How is it Tuesday again already?

Let’s see what did I get up to this week? This was a really quiet WoW week.

Mage got her flying disc! This one was really fun.

The quest scenario felt a lot quicker than the other classes, though it did have me porting around the world a little.

Z got her first boomy legendary!

Apart from that it’s been a lot of other games.

Old School Runescape. The questing is really fun but I think if I was to try to max out all the crafting it would drive me insane.

And there was a little bit of the below…


And that was my week in WoW (and elsewhere).  How was yours?



Guilding around

Cinder posted here about the way that Pit Crew unfortunately took a bit of a break. It was a bit of a surprise so many people deciding not to keep raiding but there was a bit of tension in the raid team for whatever reason, I didn’t know the people well enough to work out why but then I noticed a heap of messages in the raiding discord channel about people deciding to not keep raiding so it was a little sad to see happen. I knew when I transferred to a smaller server, that roster issues could be an issue but I decided to go see the guild anyway, especially as Cinder and Neuro were there. But unfortunately when it was obvious that too many people were leaving, including Neuro, and there wasn’t going to be enough for mythic for a while, I decided I might take Z back to Frostmourne and see if I could find a guild looking for a resto.

Surprisingly there weren’t that many guilds looking for restoration druids at the time. Listing myself on wowprogress got a few offers from guilds all over the shop in progression. I had 2 guilds that were both 7/9 add me to bnet to have a chat to me but I really quickly let them know that no way was my skill level high enough to go play with them. I saw pretty quickly in Disposed what I felt like when I felt I wasn’t keeping up with the other healers and I don’t want that again. 1 team was really nice and kept talking to me for ages, even going as far as requesting my NH logs because they felt I was overhealing in ToS and that was helping to make my heals look not as good. Pretty sure it’s lack of skill but they remain yet to be convinced. Nice of them to believe in me so much I guess 😀

I ended up finding a guide that was looking for a resto druid so hopped over to their discord for a chat and they seemed nice, and they had room for another warlock which meant Dec and I can keep raiding together so I quickly did a realm transfer as they had a raid on that night and needed healers. The best bit about going back to Frostmourne was I was smart and put a Zeerà with the funny name on it before I transferred so I got a free name change. Zeerah was free so I snaffled it up straight away, it’s not as good as Zeera but closer to my original druid name of Zeirah so I actually like it.

So the team I joined they were a boss behind, until last night when we got Desolate Host down, making them at the same progression. First impressions is that the people are relatively nice, there’s no aggression I’ve seen so far even with a couple of nights of pure wiping on bosses which is a good sign. But… they’re also having roster issues /sigh. Not great big ones but their bench is tiny, if not non-existent so that could be an issue.

And.. their loot system is atrocious. That’s comments not bred from bitterness  of not getting loot (I haven’t actually rolled on items as nothing that would be an upgrade has dropped yet), but rather from watching it being handed out with what appears to be really little consideration of whether the piece is actually good for that class/spec vs the worth to another,  and the length of time that that item will actually be used vs if it’s a temporary upgrade just to be replaced as soon as a BIS item comes along.

Having said the above though, the people are nice. I’ve done more mythic plus in the last week as a guild than I’ve done in months with pugs and it’s fun again. So for now I think I’ll just sit and play with these people for a bit. They tick some, but not all of my internal checklist for what I’m looking for and some is better than none.




Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 23: Why I non stop chatter.. err blog.. about WoW?…

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.  

A blog’s a funny beast; it’s a very public document since it’s on the most public place you can ever imagine where your views and words are out there open to judgement and interpretation by others but at the same time it’s an intensely private journal as it’s your own personal thoughts and feelings but above all it’s a small space of the internet where the author can claim their space.

I don’t tend to look too deeply into my site stats, I know I have a fairly tight knit (such a cute way of describing small) circle readers. A lot of them are friends,  guildies and most are other bloggers that whose blogs I also read, but the other day I noticed a huge spike in visits to this site. It was sitting at triple figures which for my modest blog is rather unusual levels of traffic. So being curious about where this influx of visitors was coming from, I traced their clicks back to another blogger who was chatting about bloggers and who had mentioned that they were working their way through the blog roll of another blogger (wow, this is getting complicated). They were, quite frankly, rather unflattering about the majority of blogs they had read through. As part of this little tirade about boring and mundane blogs which were no better than posts of virtual food, the decision was made to link my blog as a stunning example of boringness (yes it’s a word!), along with a disclaimer to not visit my neck of the woods (obviously that bit of advice was ignored or I wouldn’t have seen the rampaging horde coming to visit to my blog).

Interesting enough, my first reaction was one of utmost shame, that kind of hot shame that floods you and makes you feel incredibly insignificant and that your very worth is pointless and I should just walk away from my boring little blog. So I did what all people should do when faced with that feeling and reached out to Cinder (well no- not what all people should do – you go find your own  Cinder.. pretty sure she’s got enough on her plate constantly reassuring me). Anyway being Cinder, she immediately set me straight with quite a few expletives and some lovely virtual support and then suggested that I use this week’s topic as a bit of a response if I felt like it. So I decided I would because the 2 comments in particular that I took exception to related pretty much back to why I write my blog.

  •  Most of the blogs are just “pictures of your in-game food”. They are alike the facebook pages of random nobodies that are full of everyday busywork that no one cares about (not even the poster) and literal photos of food. Why does someone cares to share a meal? Or a minipet? Or a storyline. 

Well first off, regardless of whether anyone else cares about my words, I sure as heck do.  My blog might not be the most well-written, or witty but it’s mine and I love it. I like to talk about a game that takes up a great deal of my thoughts. As much as I might want, not everyone in my circle of immediate friends want to see yet another screenshot of a game that they don’t play or hear me rabbit on about a new dress that my Druid picked up, but my lovely blog will take all my photos and excitement and not judge. And along the way, I just might just find a reader or two who is as interested as I am.

  • There are no unique stories. There are no highs of victories and lows of defeats, just the boring, dime a dozen grinding over on-rails, piss-easy content.

Every single one of us has a unique story to tell, this blog challenge is the most true example of this. A group of us writing about the same topic, yet each answer is unique and from the perspective of the author.

And no highs?? Hello? Winning Invincible’s reins, or my kill of Mythic Gul’dan after working so hard to get there. Those, my friends, are highs that I hope I never forget. And Lows.. there are plenty of lows in this blog, when I fail at something I want to be good at, when a guild I love dies.. These are lows that I want to share because sharing can lessen the hurt at times and sometimes brings advice and another way of looking at things.

Why do I blog? Because I love this game, and I love to talk about it, and along the way if I find like minded people who enjoy what I’m saying then I get new friends 🙂

Oh and if you want to go look at the post, feel free to. I’m not about to advise censorship in any way 🙂

All 12 Class Halls done, Legion Goal finished!

The one overriding goal I’ve had for this expansion was to get the Feat of Strength for levelling all 12 toons to 110 and finishing their class hall. I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion that achievements are the main reason I play this game and a Feat of Strength is an achievement on steroids.

I didn’t get this done in the fastest time, but since so much of the early parts of the expansion were pretty much completely focused on the Druid and the grind of AP and Rep, I’m still happy with getting it done in the year.

My absolute favourite campaign, even after seeing them all is still the Death Knight one. I really loved the slightly insane route it took, trying to raise the greatest alliance hero into a death knight by storming into the Paladin order hall and trying to raise Tirion. Still the best scene is getting to strangle Lady Liadrin. I have a dark sense of humor it seems.

Funny enough, the Rogue campaign was the last I completed and took 2nd place in my list of favourite campaigns. It was really spy like, I got sent to Stormwind to spy on the SI:7 and investigate the murder of an agent and ultimately expose a demon masquerading as the head of the SI:7. Part of the real fun of this quest line though was it sent me to the real Stormwind City at the very end, not a phased version. So as a Horde character having to stealth through the city filled with Alliance that added a big thrill and feel of actually being a sneaky spy infiltrating the enemy.

Interesting enough, the Druid one was pretty close to being my least favourite. It just felt quite boring at the time and a lot more talking rather than action. It was the first one I did and it was the one most gated by time and levels so it was really disjointed when I was doing the different parts, so once my 2nd druid hits 110 I’ll try to do her campaign in one go so I can see the story uninterrupted.

Along the way I also found a few classes that I really enjoy playing and didn’t think I would. Warlock is number one, she is really fun to play even if I still suck at dps on one of the most op classes at the moment and… Rogue. One of my least liked classes previously. Even from a healer perspective, I hate healing rogues over any other class, they’re such squishy little things but levelling and finishing the class quest showed me the fun side of the class so I’d like to put a bit more time into my Rogue and see if I actually like her after a bit more time at max level.

Now that I’ve got the biggest part of my Legion To-Do list done, I’m starting to think of what I need to finish to make Legion feel complete for me. So far the list of what else I want to do is:

  1. Class mounts for all to be done. (Mage, Warrior and Rogue left)
  2. Finish all the profession quest lines and get all the professions to 800 (alch, inscript, herb are only ones done so far)
  3. Run each toon through the NH and ToS raid finder as much as possible to get the raid finder transmogs, (normal, heroic and mythic can be done  in later expansions)
  4. Try the Chromie scenario at least once
  5. Go start the Pet Dgns before 7.3 comes out bringing a much larger version of the family familiar achievement.
  6. Fishing legendary is still on the bucket list and I’ve hardly touched it. Must go spend some time on the water.


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I found out that warlocks can kill Viscidious in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj by using Demon Bolt (demonolgy spec) to freeze him. Demon Bolt is a Chaos spell and chaos is made up of all the schools of magic including frost.

So helpful since I’ve been running her through there for transmog a lot. She just finished getting the warlock set out of there this week so I’ll have to work out what other classes have frosty spells.

Last 2 classes hit 110!

Both the Rogue and the Warrior were pretty much levelled solely through invasions which meant both of them got to 110 very very undergeared (even in heirlooms) and with no relics in any of their weapon sockets. Nethershard portal farming down on the broken shore is a really handy way to gear up, the  really high chance of dauntless tokens dropping from the portal mobs as well as it only costing 400 nethershards for a 850 item means you can almost full 850 gear in a really short space of time.

11th campaign done! My warrior finished her class hall. Only the Rogue to go now.

I instantly fell in love with the new mount that is on the Blizz store and had to buy it straight away. I’m a huge fan of cat mounts and this one is simply gorgeous.  

And of course I couldn’t leave Twilight, the new cat pet in the store either.

This is the cutest pet to use the pet mirror on as you get the colour change effect too.

My mage found a quest in her order hall to go collect a magic hat toy that lets her pull a rabbit out of her hat.

So cute and it had the best quest to go with it where you had to go into the magic hat and find out what was happening to all the magical bunnies.

Cinder mentioned  that there was a toy for sale in Stormwind that I didn’t have, so I popped down to pick it up. Bom’bay’s Color-seein’ Sauce was part of the Battlefield barrens event back in MoP and now Alliance can buy it again in Stormwind.

Using the toy gives you a random colour effect (Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple and Green) that lasts for 20secs and progressively gets darker until it expires.

Family Familiar is done!

The reward is the little corrupted Nightmare Treant pet. He’s actually pretty cute.

I feel like I’m starting to get through my to-do list for Legion so I’ll have to have a think about what else I want to get done before this expansion ends. There’s sure to be other grinds that are easier to do in the current expac rather than later.. any suggestions?

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?




Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge Topic 22: Your WoW soundtrack (or lack of)

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Every second Saturday we post a new topic that’s open for a fortnight for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all  posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.  

This topic was suggested by Kamalia and it’s taken me ages to get around to writing because I wasn’t sure how to answer. I don’t usually play with music on in WoW; I’m pretty much always on discord and having music competing with voice can be annoying.

Actually I’m not a huge music person at all, it tends to be low on my list of priorities and when I’m stressed or overwhelmed it’s the easiest sensory overload to cut out. Work has been an absolute shocker the past month, 10 people resigned or were retrenched leaving their workload to be picked up by just 4 people (in addition to our own workloads) and I realised that I haven’t had the radio playing in the car that entire time simply because my stress levels are so high on the way to and from work that all I want is quiet (it’s also part of the reason my blog has quieted down a bit over the same period, there’s just no mental energy to spare atm).

Given my lack of musical interest there’s really only two pieces of music that spring to mind when I think of wow. The first is a very unlikely combination, but in MoP I was on voice with a guildie a lot and for months they had Radioactive by Imagine Dragons playing on repeat. A whole lot of time spent afking in the Alliance Shrine and hearing that song means I can’t go into the place without expecting to hear it being played. It also means if I randomly hear it somewhere, I’m instantly transported to the foyer of the shrine and I can see it so clearly in my mind.

The second is one of my favourite songs and it’s a Nightcore one, ‘Angel with a Shotgun’. I can’t see a holy priest in their Angel form without thinking of that song.



Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.l

Holy Hell, it’s August. Which means Legion is a year old this month. Where has that time gone??

Raiding was a bit shit this week, we took ages to reclear sisters and then due to real life stealing raiders, we didn’t get to re-clearing Desolate, let alone working on a new boss. I’ve noticed in discord quite a few ‘taking a break’ messages so it’s going to be interesting to see if there’s enough people tomorrow. I don’t have the burning desire to get cutting edge this tier but I’d still like to get further than only 5/9 so I really don’t like the idea of roster issues hitting us so early.

More Mounts! Class mounts galore this week. Lock got both her concordance orange fire mount and saw the rare up on the broken shore and picked up her purple version. I think the purple’s my favourite but who can tell when they both look so good?        

Pally picked up her base colour of the class mount, there’s 4 for pally – generic gold for completing the quest and then a different for each spec.

It’s simply gorgeous and I love the golden footprints it makes but my favourite colourway is definitely the tank. one. Having said that though, she’ll be getting the holy one next as she’s only a few million away from concordance in that spec and at least 5 traits worth of AP away from the tank. Don’t even ask about Ret, I’ll be grinding AP for that one for months to come I’m sure.

Ms Monk also ran though the broken shore campaign and collected her mount as well. OMG the monk campaign was so long and drawn out, it had me flying all over Pandaria and then a long drawn out fight with the mount to prove I could fight well. I was pretty over the whole thing by the time I finally got it.

Rogue and Warrior still need to be levelled to 110, so they’re a few weeks away and Mage has only just started the quest line. But she has finished her class hall so that makes 10!

I’m going to have to think about what I’ll do once all the toons are leveled and mounts collected. I think next grind will be to get all the professions maxed out and then maybe it’ll be time to go explore some other games for a bit. It’s pretty much been a full year of focusing on Wow.

2nd last family familiar family is done! I only have 1 left in magic so it’s just a case of waiting for the right tamer to come up and I’ll be finished with family familiar.

And that was my week in WoW.  How was yours?