Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

So this week consisted of mostly running all my toons through ICC, Ulduar and Trial of the Crusader for the last pets I needed for Raiding with Leashes IV. This one achievement has held my attention for pretty much the week. It might have been quicker had I realised that the last pet I needed, Drudge Ghoul, only dropped from normal versions of ICC as I was taking all the toons I could through 25H to combine Invincible farming with pet hunting.

I ended up taking 8 alts through there on a mix of normal and heroic  and it finally dropped for my Warrior who was also going to be my last alt for the week. Very lucky.


That meant I got the achievement  and the quest to go pet battle Algalon and then I finally had Stardust! What a gorgeous bunny.

algalon-the-pet-tamer stardust

I decided to go get my Pally her artifact weapon, mostly because I’m an absolute terrible Paladin and the artifacts are so OP that it meant I’d be able to fly through ICC even faster.

I really liked the Ashbringer story line and I was so excited to see my order hall. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a little disconcerting to have Lady Liadrin following me though, I have an absolute Paladin crush on her and there’s no way I should be her boss. She’s probably just humoring me or something.

I did a bit more on my DK’s order hall campagin and got to go free Koltira from Sylvanas. He’s been stuck down in her dgn for quite a few years now. wowscrnshot_112816_232105

This would have been such a great screenshot if she had taken her clown coloured anniversary tabard off for it. Oh well, she still looks awesome. I absolutely love playing a blood dk. She’s so fun compared to all my other squishy toons. She just wades into the middle of everything and attacks constantly until everything’s dead. Love it!! Blood dk would actually be my most favourite class to play out of all of my alts.


Z’s been planting her Druid flowers looking for the restoration artifact hidden appearance. It hasn’t popped up yet, but she did get a Nightmare Lasher from it. Almost, actually probably more, exciting tbh.


On the subject of Z, I love this screenshot of her in Vault of the Wardens. We ran through a level 12 Mythic Plus tonight which was much easier than it should have been as the first 2 affixs were Sanguine and Overflowing.

Sanguine just means you move the mobs out of the pools that drop when other mobs die and Overflowing, which is a healing absorb shield put on and taken off by healing, is completely negated by a druid’s healing style. We didn’t quite make the timer but it still wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I would think a 12 should normally be. I’m looking forward to my cache tomorrow as the item that will be in there should be around the level of a mythic EN piece.


I also brought my level 98 Monk into the Broken Isles. At 98 she got the quest to go start the Legion questline. I was feeling exceptionally squishy as Windwalker so she’s going to be a Brewmaster for a bit. I’m about to faction change her and bring her back to the Horde to level. Levelling as Alliance on a mostly Horde populated PVP server is not my idea of fun.


I love that her order hall is back on the Wandering Isle. Server shutdown came about not long after she got to it, so I’ll have a good explore around it tomorrow and go get her Brewmaster artifact.


And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?





Z and Cinder’s shared blog challenge: Pugging

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post here and you can read all the submissions on our shared blog website here. This weeks topic is courtesy of  Elgaric and it’s all about pugging. I do a fair bit of pugging into dgns but not so much recent pugging into raids or groups through trade chat. At the moment my guild is raiding fairly regularly so I don’t have a need to take Z into any random raids, though she certainly has done in the past.

My post is pretty much all about dgns as that’s where the bulk of my pugging is done. When I’m levelling toons, they pretty much constantly dgn run which means tons of random groups and in the old content not much can really go wrong now days, especially since most dgn groups are alts fully decked out in heirlooms. I personally don’t mind pugging into any level of dgn at 110, though I do prefer to do harder content like higher mythic pluses with my guild, mostly because I know who I’ll be going with and what to expect from them.  But for the end game content there really is a huge divide in people’s opinions over pugging; I’ve seen tons of comments about people avoiding group finder like the plague even if that means missing out on content like mythic dgns.

Most of my dgn runs have been fairly good experiences. I don’t find normal or heroic dgns generally that bad to queue into on your own because they’re short, so there’s only so much that can go wrong and even if it does, it’s over pretty quickly. It also helps  that most of my time is spent being the healer, because if I can simply heal through dps pulling extra mobs or tanks losing aggro then a lot of the unnecessary hiccups in pugs can be mitigated or ignored.

Though there are ones that you walk out of shaking your head at. Early into this expansion I was healing a random Eye of Azshara heroic dgn with 3 dps guildies.  Not too far into the dgn the random tank complained about an extra pack that was pulled by one of the dps (mind you, the tank had been taking the scenic route and pulled all manner of trash mobs on the way to the first boss that didn’t have to be pulled) and then basically proceeded to have what can only be termed a temper tantrum. They stood their toon on the hill near the entrance and proclaimed constantly and loudly that they wouldn’t be going any further until we kicked them out of the group. To make their reaction even more strange, the four of us were decently geared and things were dying so quickly that the extra pack wasn’t really noticed. After working our way through the trash to the 2nd boss without a tank we realised he really wasn’t going to stop his carry on and we followed through and kicked him. The next tank was a dream to heal and the run was so smooth.

I did meet a wow friend through pugging lowbie dgns. When I was levelling my prot warrior alt, the healer that was matched into the dgn I was running asked to put me on bnet at the end of the run and we still chat fairly regularly and catch up for dgns when our timezones allow.

There is some content I just won’t pug into though. Z hasn’t stepped into a lfr since Highmaul, and even that one she never finished. I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why I don’t do them anymore, it’s partly because they can be a cluster of people not knowing what they are doing and me not having patience for it especially if I’m raiding the non-lfr version at the same time, but also because I don’t want to do lfr over and over since I see the fights in guild raids so I just don’t need to see the content in there.

I have been going to Klor’s normal EN alt raid every Saturday on my hunter and they have been going really well.The new group finder is fantastic for being able to pull groups together so quickly and I really like that you can set an expectation in the description and set an ilvl so you can have a level of control over who you bring in and being able to see across realms gives such a huge pool of potential raiders to pull from. Though I honestly am frequently surprised by the amount of people who will join up for a run with no idea of the mechanics they’ll be facing. This is really noticeable on Xavius, where a healer that just doesn’t know when and who to dispel can really make or break the fight.

I’m utterly in love with the way group finder has been updated to allow you to find groups for just about any content. I use it a lot to pop in and out of groups for world quests though I really don’t consider it as pugging as I often just join a group and short of a hi and ty-bye, there’s really little interaction between me and other party members. But it’s really handy for quickly doing world quests on your own.

Overall, I don’t have any issues with pugging into groups and if it means that’s the only way I can see the content then I’ll queue up happily for anything and all.







Wyrmy Tunkins

I’m not 100% sold on the new archeology method. I love that if I do the quest then I’ll definately get a rare item but I don’t really like having to wait until a quest is up to because I sometimes miss the surprise of finding a rare item just through digging..  I’m nothing if not indecisive.

I really liked the quest reward this week. Brann sent Z off to dig up 10 pieces of infernal machinery from various digsites around Aszuna. Once I collected all of them (it didn’t take that long and I also dug up enough Demonic pieces for 3 solves) and Brann had his little hands on them he summoned Wyrmy for Z to fight and defeat. The quest reward for defeating the demon was a pet version to keep.

I do like receiving new pets to keep!


Apparently he used to command an army of ten million demons.

He looks fierce enough. I tend to forget about the archeology quests so I’m really grateful Kublas from my guild told me about it and checked in to make sure I hadn’t forgotten to go get it started. Thanks!!

Z also got the 800 points in archeology ach while finishing this quest off which was also nice. A pet and an achievement in one go is always great.







Mythic Nythendra down and an unexpected rage quit


My guild got Mythic Nythendra down last night which was so exciting. We’ve been working on this boss for what feels like forever. We were having trouble getting 20 people regularly and then the last few weeks we’ve had a constant 20 but we’ve been having a lot of trouble with managing our infested stacks and the majority of our wipes were caused from having too many people mindcontrolled at once and not enough people left to dps them out.


But the last couple of nights, we’ve been getting much better at making sure only the amount of people we wanted got mind controlled and she died after only a few pulls last night.  We didn’t go on to try any other bosses as it was fairly late as we had already cleared through N TOV and it was close to the end of our raid time, but hopefully now we’ve done it once, we can do it again. We were also lucky in that we had to pull in a pug healer at the last minute and the pally that joined from trade was pretty switched on. Maybe they’ll be free next Sunday because we are suddenly short a healer though a very unexpected guild quit after normal TOV.

As part of the mechanics of Helya, there are 3 debuffs that go out very regularly that need to be dispelled and part way into the first attempt (we stuffed up a few times and it took 3 pulls to kill her this week) I noticed that out of the 5 healers there, only 4 were dispelling. So I kept an eye on it and during the second attempt when it hadn’t improved,  I privately whispered the healer that was really low compared to the other 4 of us. The answer I got was that the other healers were sniping his dispels. Quite possible, but when 4 healers have a lot of dispels and one has no dispels at all, even when the debuff was allowed to sit on a player for a while,  I’m not sure if that’s the only thing going on. It might seem like a petty thing to be pointing out but I think the dispel duty should be shared by all healers to help spread the mana costs out.

The attempt that ended with a kill had  the dispel count sitting at something like 15, 13, 12, 12 and 5 so I mentioned in our healing channel that next time I’d like to see the dispels duty shared out a bit more evenly.  And all hell broke loose. The healer that I had spoken to, put into raid chat that people were salty and he was sick of being complained about and it went downhill from there that I shouldn’t be telling him what to do as my healing is crap, my calls are non-existent and  I don’t understand healing and class purposes.

My immediate reaction was to want to drop group as I really hate conflict and this was such a huge and sudden escalation. Both of us were in mumble but neither of us actually spoke but typed in raid chat, I was not going to trust myself to speak because I was a mix of very upset and very angry and taking the time to type my responses gave the small measure of not making a knee jerk reaction which I was afraid of doing. It ended up with him being removed from the raid group after he stopped commenting on my healing and moved onto making a comment about my female reaction to things.   One thing I will say about my guild is that never in 3 years have I ever heard a person attacked or put down for their gender and I’m incredibly glad of the swift reaction when the comments turned to a gender focus.

The healer that was removed then immediately guild quit and then toon jumped and removed all their alts too. This was the first time we’ve ever seen such a reaction from this person, though we have seen changes in attitude over the past few weeks such as making it clear they won’t  turn up on time if they feel other people are being late and making the whole raid sit around and wait, which unfortunately translated a couple of times into them being the last person to log on and making us wait.   This was also the first time in the time they’ve been healing with us that I’ve ever spoken to them about their healing. They’re quite a strong healer (tbh I haven’t seen a pally that isn’t in a great position this expac) and I’ve left them to do their own thing most of the time.

So I’m left wondering exactly what was going on there and where we go from here. I don’t feel I was out of line asking them to step up dispelling. As I said, maybe it seems petty to pick out that I felt they weren’t helping enough when we obviously were able to kill the boss but it’s a big mana cost so it should be shared around and I feel we’ve been raiding long enough as a team if they had a problem with my healing and healing lead they could have approached myself or the raid leaders to voice their concerns or offered alternative suggestions on strats.

The guild officers have put the next steps in my hands. If I want this healer back in the guild and they approach us, they are happy for me to make the decision if they rejoin us or not.  I don’t personally feel this is the sort of person that will apologize and that’s the bare minimum I expect before I even consider opening up dialogue with them. I also don’t know if I can put the really derogatory comments they felt completely justified in making behind me enough to feel comfortable healing with them again. But we also have the interesting position that two of our raiders are friends with the healer and though both spoke up and said the reaction was over the top and out of line,  I wouldn’t like to lose them if they made the decision not to stay if their friend is not welcome back if he wanted to rejoin.

Would I have handled this differently if I knew the outcome in advance? Hindsight is always 20-20 but I’m not sure. I might have been a tad more diplomatic in my wording  but I individually addressed the healer through whisper first and pointed out what I wanted to see happen and when it didn’t happen, I put what I wanted to happen into the healer channel for healer feedback to occur, which I still think is the correct chain of events.  It was only brought into raid because the healer decided to make snide comments rather than addressing the point raised and then went onto a different tangent.

On a personal note which I know is petty, I am incredibly glad we killed the mythic boss without the healer and with me making the healing calls for the cds as we needed them and I wasn’t healing below the tank as he commented during his outburst.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

I took a step back from running a lot of mythic dgns this week and just played mostly around on alts and collected a whole set of new pets.

My priest was up to the bit in her order hall campaign where she had to do some dgns so I took her off to get her the holy weapon so she could heal them instead of running through as shadow. No waiting times and I get to see what healing as a priest feels like again.


I’m really liking healing as a holy priest though it did throw me a bit to realise she doesn’t have a short cd external damage reduction. I’m sure last time I played holy there was one but now the only external DR she has is on a 4 min cd. I didn’t seem to miss it too much, but I was only doing heroics. I’m not sure what it would be like doing mythic and above without a tank cd. I’ll have to try and find out.

WoW’s 12th birthday event is on and there’s a Corgi Pup if you go talk to the anniversary NPC in Orgrimmar. The Corgi is pretty cute, though I’m not fond of his bum dragging animation.


Cinder and I caught up for a anniversary photo. Do you know how tricky it is to get toons from opposite factions on different realms into the same space in New Dalaran. I got pulled into a group with a hordie on Saurfang but it still wouldn’t let me see Cinder. I think we were in different shards. I ended up jumping on my mage that lives on Saurfang and we went to old Dalaran and we could see each other. Yay!wowscrnshot_111816_210232

I found Dancing Foxes!! They were dancing all around where you kill the Majestic Stag in Highmountain for the world quest. I have no idea why they were dancing around but there they were.

Cinder happened to pop back onto a Barthilas toon right before shutdown tonight and asked if I had collected the Dust Bunny from the clickable rug in Dalaran as it was up. I hadn’t so I raced up to the barber shop in  Dalaran and discovered all this time I’ve been waiting at the wrong rug. I clicked the right one and Dust Bunnies spawned all over Dalaran.


The new bunny model is so detailed. It looks awesome.


I was looking through my pet journal and saw an entry for Grumpy, a pet you could get from a quest in Val’S. I immediately went out there and found it really easily. There’s a burning house near Bradensbrook and if you go to the top floor you can rescue Grumpy from the flames.

I think this weekend I might put a ton of time into collecting the pets from the Broken Isles pet battles. I still have collected hardly any and some of them look so cute.

My guild decided to drop Halls of Valor back from Heroic difficulty as we were beating our heads against Odyn and on normal we cleared through the whole place so easily. The difficulty difference between the two levels seems a bit extreme but at least we’ve seen all the fights now and can go back to working on Heroic.


I saw a twitter post that said  cats now will ride on druid’s backs in Travel form so I played around with that for a bit. But on both my alliance Z and horde Z, the cats ignored me. Rather like cats in real life I guess.

I ran a lot of alts through ICC, Trial of the Crusader, and Ulduar and have collected most of the pets for the new Raiding with Leashes. With the reset this week, I’ll run through all of them again and hopefully the last stubborn ones will drop. I’ve picked up a number of duplicates so I might look around and see if anyone is running a pet swap on the forums.   The upside is I’m also getting a lot of new transmog options as I’m trying to take an alt from each armor type through.

And that was my random week in wow.


Z and Cinder’s shared blog challenge: How has World of Warcraft changed/impacted your life?

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. You can read Cinder’s post here and you can read all the submissions on our shared blog website here.

Today’s topic from Cinder is inspired by WoW’s 12th Anniversary; How has World of Warcraft changed/impacted your life? The short answer is immensely, but I’m not good at short answers, so you know there’s a much longer answer below.

When  Z logged into WoW the other day, she  got her 12th Anniversary Feat of Strength. Looking back through my FOS’s for this particular event, I’ve been online for each one for the past 6 years.  You can’t be immersed in something for 6 years without it having a major impact on you and WoW certainly has done that to me, in a mixed bag of positive and negative ways. I’m going to look at the ways through Cinder’s prompts for the topic; have you made amazing friends in game? Has it made you more/less understanding of people? Have you found love in game? Have you learned some new skills because of WoW? And the answers are yes, yes, yes and possibly not though I’m still working at mastering shapeshifting.

I certainly have made some amazing friends in the game, many of whom have transcended the barrier from online friend into real life friends. Cinder, obviously is a case in point. You haven’t been reading my blog closely enough if you haven’t picked up that.  And then there’s S (we’ll call her that for short).   She is the wife of a guildie that I met many years ago, back as alliance on Aman’thul and over time  has become one of my closest confidents as well as unofficial life coach and we talk pretty much on a daily basis. It always give me pause when I think that if I hadn’t met Merlin through WoW, I wouldn’t have met S and I can’t imagine what what my life would be like now. With the ridiculous size of this country and living a day’s drive apart, we’ve only met a few times in person but hopefully if I buckle down and keep saving, and we’re very lucky, come April, we’ll all snag some blizzcon tickets and we’ll go together, along with Merlin and Syl, another friend I met back in the same guild.

WoW’s dug it’s little fingers into my lovelife too. I’m so head over heals in love with this game, that I couldn’t imagine dating someone that doesn’t play WoW and understand my online world. I met my boyfriend though WoW and it’s great having a partner that loves WoW as much as I do because they actually can understand my love for this game and I think it helps understand me better too. Though we both adore the game, he’s  a much bigger lore buff than I am, so sometimes I think he just shakes his head at me, wondering how I can be so oblivious of the deeper aspects of WoW when I claim to love this game so much🙂.

WoW got me into blogging because I originally just wanted somewhere to share what I got up to. I started reading Navi‘s blog years ago and loved the idea that blogging would mean having my own little journal of WoW and now it’s another thing that I think I would miss if it wasn’t part of my life. A  pretty cool side effect of sticking my clumsy words out in the public eye is I’ve met a ton of other people who really like this game.  My social world is bigger because of WoW.

Has wow made me more understanding of people? I don’t know if understanding is the operative word but it has opened up the world for me and it lets me meet people that I would never have through any other way, which also lets me see different viewpoints and perspectives and sometimes makes me think about my world in a whole new way.

I mentioned the negative impact of WoW, and unfortunately it has had that at times over the past 6 years. Sometimes I have a love and hate relationship with this game and I have wished that I hadn’t found it at times.  I’ve brushed over it here and there before, but I really quickly spiralled into a pretty serious wow addiction, which affected my life offline. When you prefer to spend your time in an online world which is so fleeting and intangible there are always going to be consequences back in the physical world. I like to think I’ve found a bit more of a balance nowadays, but I’ll still really cognizant of the fact that I still probably would and could lose myself in Azeroth if I let myself.  But that’s only one part of the way WoW has impacted my life and I think the positives outweigh negative and  you can’t have light without shadow.

Happy 12th Birthday World of Warcraft, may there be many more to come!





Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

This week has mostly been a week of old raids. I ran Z through every raid from Molten Core through to ICC to try to pick up tier pieces for her order hall stands. I got a full set of Tier 4 and lots of tokens for the others so hopefully it won’t be too long before those armor racks are full.

Running the old raids also gave me a ton of transmog options I’ll play around with to make new outfits with. I love the staff below and think it should be transmogged into asap.


And I picked up a couple of the new pets from the Lich King raiding with leashes achievemen from ICC and Ulduar. So far I’ve got 5 collected, so a long way to go yet.

winter-ragling snaplasher

Z also managed to pick up her 2nd Warglaive from Illidian. Those things drop like candy for her which is ridiculous seeing my DK has gone in lots of times and never seen one.

I also went and cleared mythic Seige of Orgrimmar with Klor, which was great because I hadn’t seen the mythic fights from Seigecrafter Blackfuse onwards before so I had all the achievements pop up and a ton of new leather transmog dropped as well. I also really liked seeing the 4th phase of Garrosh with his really corrupted form as that was all new.


I noticed in there that my staff is now showing on my tree’s back and she can hold it too. I’m sure that’s new, (any druids that can confirm this?). If it’s not new.. I’ve just been really unobservant!


LK timewalking also gave me enough tokens to buy the remaining toys from there. So now I can pop down Future Z anytime I like.


I tend to let Future me deal with a ton of things so I’m not surprised she’s looking rather pissed. I’m just lucky there’s no speech that comes with the toy, though it would be funny if she could say things like “You should have dealt with it at the time”, “I’m not overly impressed with you, past me”

Even though Z’s exalted with the Nightfallen I still run her through Withered Training for the chance at the toys from the chest at the end.  I get  my score to 425, then I berserk my minions and run away from them as fast as possible so it’s usually a fairly quick run. It paid off this week and I picked up the toy that turns her into a Fal’dorei.


I used my Suramar masque with this toy and I could run around doing the world quests in the toy form without pulling any mobs. It was pretty cool.

My Warlock won out and I went and opened up her order hall, which is simply stunning. Though out of the 4 I’ve opened up so far, it’s by far the most maziest. I don’t think I’ll ever remember where anything is.

warlock-hall-2 warlock-hall-1

Though the Warlock order hall is gorgeous, it’s also really dangerous as it’s completely possible to fall off the edge and die. I was standing on the edge taking screenshots and had the perfectly reasonable urge to step off the edge to see what would happen. Apparently stupidity is not tolerated in the Warlock world. Cinder assures me that if you fall off the edge of the Maelstrom, Shaman’s bounce back up.. so maybe shamans are a bit more forgiving of experimentation (or clumsiness).wowscrnshot_111516_155226

I also did the alt raid on my hunter and managed to pick up a legendary belt which apparently was one of her BIS’s. That was really exciting. We cleared through the raid really quickly with only a wipe on Xavius through healers not knowing mechanics. That seems to be the biggest sticking point in the whole run.

Z also stepped into TOV this week but we didn’t get too far. Wednesday is back into Mythic EN and Sunday’s are TOV, so fingers crossed we’ll get bosses down in either one of them this week.

So that was my week in wow. How was yours?

Filling the Order Hall Armor Stands – Druid Tier 4

I’ve had Z in so many old raids this weekend trying to collect tier pieces for her armor stands and she got really with tier 4 tokens and managed to collect the full Malorne set in one go.

tier-4-armor-standTier 4 comes from BC Raids :

  • Gruuls Lair – Shoulder, Legs
  • Magtherian’s Lair – Chest
  • Karazhan – Head, Hands

The tokens get handed in Shattrath with either the Aldor or Scryers, depending on which faction you’re friendly with. Z hasn’t opened up either reputation so I just went to the Aldor npc,Asuur.  When handing in the tier tokens, you need to make sure you chose pieces that all have the same set bonus.

Once I turned in all the tokens and returned to my class hall, the armor still wasn’t showing on my stand.  I had a bit of worry about that but once the 2hr period where you can sell the armor back to the vendor for a refund was up, I relogged and it was showing!

I had a terrible realisation once Tier 4 was showing on its stand, there’s an armor stand there for Tier 3. The tier you can’t get in the game anymore, apart from the black market auction house.


Blog Challenge – Favourite Legion Questline

Cinder and I have been doing the shared blog challenge for a while now and we both really love coming up with the topics and then seeing what each other wrote about it. It’s always interesting seeing another perspective on the same subject and I’m usually surprised how Cinder and I can interpret something really differently. Different in a good way🙂 On Friday, Cinder asked how I would feel about opening up our shared blog challenge to a wider audience and make it a shared topic for anyone who would like to take part. I thought it was a great idea and Cinder did amazing deeds for the next few hours and came up with a new website , and art and everything. It was impressive to watch!

If you want to take part and join us weekly in our blog topic, or to suggest an idea there’s info on how to do that here. It would be really awesome if more people come and join us, so if you’re interested and want to write as well, that would be great!  For this week our blog topic is our favourite quest line in Legion. You can go read Cinder’s post here and we’ll be putting up links to any other submissions at our new shared website Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge.

I’m really interested to see if Cinder can stick to just one quest because I know I was having trouble narrowing it down. This expansion, the quests have been on a whole new level, they are so well written and each time I bring an alt into an area and re-do quests, I pick up little nuances that I didn’t see the first time and my favourite changes each time. But after bringing 4 toons through Aszuna I can pretty much say that my all time favourite quest is the one with the nightfallen Runas the Shamed up in northern Azsuna.

Not too far into Azsuna’s storyline you’re introduced to Stellagosa who takes you to see her grandfather, the blue dragon Senegos and he sends you off to find a Nightfallen who has been attacking the dragons. Runas is hostile and will attack you but not long into the fight with him, he starts to come out with some really funny lines.

If you’re paying attention to the words he says to you, you really quickly get a glimpse that this is a special Nightfallen.

His personality shows through in every line that he comes out with. And I really quickly memorised my favourites and will often randomly quote, “off to see my friends, family and loved ones.. to kill them of course”. Just a word of warning, if you do this around your RL friends, family and loved ones and they don’t play wow.. you will get some very concerned looks and difficult questions!

It never fails to make me laugh him being all judgemental and proud of his iron discipline.. right up until “OOH Mana Crystal”… another random quote I tend to use whenever I get distracted by something.

This is one of the most emotion filled quests ever, especially when Runas comes out with lines that make you remember he wasn’t always this mana addicted husk and you realise that he remembers it too.


But to help offset the deep feels, there’s plenty of humor that comes along with hanging around Runas. Like when Senegos gets frustrated by his constant chattiness. It seems like a fairly short quest chain with Runas because it goes off in a different direction for a little bit but then Senegos sends you into Leylight Hollow because a “random” Nightfallen had been seen in there and your interaction with Runas takes a turn for the worse and those emotions come back to bite you really hard. The ending to the questline is really sad and it tears me up each time.  Because you find out really quickly that Runas is dying, but he doesn’t go without tugging on the heartstrings again.


I never like to leave him until he’s finally vanished which can make questing in a group a little awkward, as I stay to keep Runas company right to the end and my party members are usually off to the next quest and trying to understand why I’m crying.

This is my favourite Legion quest for so many reasons, the voice acting is so good and Runas’ personality just shines through. Despite doing hundreds of quests throughout the Broken Isles, this one has had the biggest impact on me and it’s one I think about even outside of the game. I think for the very last toon I bring through, I probably won’t finish this quest line, so in that toon’s reality, Runas can stay alive.

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Filling the order hall armor stands

One  of my favourite aspects of Skyrim is having my own house with armor stands that I can display my favourite armors on, so having this implemented in wow is actually so awesome. So far, Z’s customized her house in her order hall  with only 1 completed armor set and that lonely set is making me really want to go collect more pieces.



So with that I mind I actually looked at what’s needed to get the sets to show. I don’t physically need to have the pieces at the same time, so pieces I’ve collected in the past and sold/destroyed will count but because I don’t remember what I have collected in the past, I’m just going to keep all the pieces I collect from now on in void storage and maybe I’ll get lucky and complete sets on the stands before all the pieces drop (hopefully that makes sense).

There are some requirements that make it bit trickier – all the pieces have to be from the same spec set, so I know there’s a ton of old content tokens I’ve turned in and I haven’t worried about whether the piece I got was for feral/boomkin/resto etc because the appearance was all the same. So moving forward I’ll make sure all tokens are redeemed for resto tier.

The tier sets also have to come from the lowest level versions, so the tokens need to come from 10-man normal raid version. At least this part will make the transmog runs a bit faster.  And even though only shoulders and head shows on the stands, you have to collected ALL the pieces that go with that tier set.

Tier Sets..

Tier 1 – 8 pieces
Molten Core (waist and wrists are from trash)

Tier 2 – 8 pieces
Molten Core, Black Wing Lair

Tier 2.5 – 5 pieces
Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (AQ40) (quest rewards from dragons right after the first boss)

Tier 4 – 5 pieces
Karazhan, Gruul’s Lair, Magtheridon’s Lair

Tier 5 – 5 pieces
Tempest Keep, Serpentshrine Cavern

Tier 6 – 8 pieces
Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateau

Tier 7 – 5 pieces 
Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum

Tier 8 – 5 pieces
Ulduar 10-man

Tier 9 – 5 pieces
Trial of the Champion (Vendor)

Tier 10 – 5 pieces 
Icecrown Citadel (Vendor)

I’ve had this idea in the back of my mind for ages to make one weekend a raid weekend where I take a toon and run through all the old raids in the game in order just to see them all. That idea would tie in really well with starting to fill up the armor stands.