BFA is tomorrow and I still haven’t chosen a toon.. OMG what is wrong with me

I have been saying to friends for weeks that I can’t choose if I want to be Alliance or Horde, Druid or Priest but that I’d sort it out before launch and you know, I really thought I would have chosen by now. But no, BFA goes live in less than 12 hours and I still haven’t made up my mind.

This is the first expansion in a really long time I haven’t gone into it with a dedicated raid team waiting so there’s no pressure on me to level by a specific time or main a specific class and it’s a strange feeling.

I’ve been a resto druid for so long, and all my reps are on her and she’s got all my history and I’ve done all sorts of content on her and I deliberately chose to change her to Alliance and it makes utter sense to be on my Druid but I’m hesitating. Since I came back, I’ve been spending more and more time on my priest and she’s fun and pretty but urgh I’m such a creature of habit that it feels weird and even slightly disloyal to even be considering changing toons.

After finishing Before the Storm, and reading first hand (or listening rather as I had the audio book) to Sylvanas’ evil actions and crying over her killing her own people, I swore I would never play on her side again. But that small slightly chaotic streak in me that finds Sylvanas’ actions and story a little fascinating has been watching her over the past few weeks and I think the story might be more interesting from her side.  Or I could be completely wrong and I’m trying to justify a decision by using the story to try to add more weight to the pro side of being Horde on a rather unfamiliar class.

I’m a list lover,  if I’m trying to choose between two paths of actions, my immediate surrounds is always littered with notes with pros/cons dotted all over them so here goes:

Pros for Priest

  • Not druid, I’m sick of healing on a druid and having to pre-empt the damage and learn the fight patterns so I’m not struggling to catch up with slow hots
  • I have more of the people I play with casually on Horde side so I’ll have more people to do things with
  • Cloth transmog
  • Golden, shiny, flashy spells and wings

Pro for Druid

  • I’ve been a resto for so long, I know my Druid. She feels familiar when I log onto her and comfortable
  • Kitty form, Storm crow, Stag. I love these forms so much
  • Stealth! Stealth! Stealth!
  • She has a gathering profession which makes money at the start of an expac
  • I haven’t raided on a priest since a few brief weeks in Cata
  • Shadow Priest is rubbish at the moment

In the long run it shouldn’t matter, what the last 2 years has shown me is where I begin an expansion is not where I finish one, and things can change but it still feels odd and slightly wrong to be considering starting the expansion not on my Zee Druid.

I wonder if I’ll surprise myself with my choice tomorrow.



Z and Cinders Shared Blog Topic 36: Farewell to Legion

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on.

Oh WoW, I’ve skipped a few of these and now it’s time for our last one in Legion. There is so much I got through, and still so much I could have done while it was current but now it’s time to say bye to this expac and get ready for the next.

This post took so long to write because I absolutely loved this expansion and there were so many great things that stand out that picking 3 is next to impossible. So lets try, though I know I’m going to re-read this in a few weeks and think of a million other things that were great.

Part 1 – What were your top 3 moments in Legion?

Levelling all the classes to 110 and finishing their order hall campaign for the achievement. It’s always been a mini-goal of mine to have all the classes at max level for at least one expansion and getting a Feat of Strength for it was icing on the cake.


Artifact Appearances

I loved the way the artifacts could be displayed in your order hall and that there were so many different variants.

I’m also so glad I did the mage tower for the classes I really wanted.   It was so frustrating at times  but also so worth sticking with.The Owl for  my Druid and the Hunters floral bow are so gorgeous that I can’t see me transmogging away from them for such a long time.


The zones were so well done in Legion and everything was a like a gigantic treasure hunt. The little chests with AP hidden in various places, puzzles and games to hunt down Lucid Nightmare. Cats and dogs to pat inside the Gilnean houses in  Val’sharah. Everything was designed to make you poke and prod into the corners of the zones and it was fantastic.

Part 2 – What are you most looking forward to about Battle for Azeroth?

I am most looking forward to seeing the rest of the faction divide story! My emotions since BFA was announced have run the full gauntlet from disinterest to outrage to exhaustion and ambivalence over the whole kerfuffle over the Tree/Darkshore scenario.  The story writers did a good job making us all feel strong emotions about the whole Tree situation but I just don’t feel like tapping into those emotions anymore  and now, I’m just curious to see where the story goes.

I have lots of half-baked theories about what we might see in the next 2 years. A 3rd faction at the end with Sylvanas leading it; no factions at all anymore; Sylvanas being incorruptible by the old gods and being the only leader able to save the day.. all sorts of ideas are running around my head and the suspense of what might be is driving my excitement for this expansion. It’s a different feel as usually it’s raiding that drives my longing to get into a new expansion but not this time.

Right at this moment I don’t care enough about raiding at this stage to want to do much more than run through Heroic. Raiding in Legion was basically a full-time job keeping up with the Artifact Knowledge, farming enough dgns and world quests to make sure the legendaries kept flowing in and it left no time in my free time to really play other games and enjoy doing non-WoW stuff without me feeling like I was falling behind.

Maybe BFA won’t be so bad but WoW’s developers do a very good job of making content that requires you to log in daily to stay relevant. It’s quite possible that the WoW bug may bite hard and I go right back to playing only one game like I did at the start of Legion.  Above all though, I don’t want to burn out to the point where I take nearly a year off from this game again. That’s really hard to come back from.

I’m also looking forward to playing a few different races, Kul’tiran, Zandalari and Maghar Orc have all really grabbed me. I really love the look of the Kul’tiran ladies  so will possibly race transfer Zee to one when I meet the requirements.  I need a Druid and Shaman horde side, so that takes care of Zandalari and Maghar so there’ll be quite a bit more levelling in my future.

See you all in a new world in just a few days.



I’m sorry….

I played my Aff lock last night and felt horrible. The whole dgn was full of confused and sad ghosts and I couldn’t do anything.

With the artifacts breaking, the Reap Souls spell which turned the ghosts into purple orbs to empower the weapon briefly, has gone, so you can’t do anything with the ghosts.

Intended or yet another little detail completely overlooked by the development team in their rush to get into BFA?

That’s rather anticlimactic

We had a pretty cool cutscene pulling the power out of the sword and I knew it wouldn’t last but I really thought after 2 years of lugging these empowered weapons around there would be some sort of little ceremony as it died out.

Did I miss something? Is there a quest not yet released where I go talk to Magni and he explains my weapon’s tired out and finished? Maybe I missed the disclaimer in the empowering quests where he tells me it’s a limited time and to prepare for its death?

This feels rather anticlimactic after so many years with it by my side.

I have never noticed..

That the bank in Darnassus is inside a carved tree.

I have been here so many times, but usually only on a ground mounted alt as I pass through levelling. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed the tree is carved into a bear (I’m interpreting it as a bear but  I’m not sure if it’s meant to be) and a bird.

It’s actually pretty cool. I like coming across things I haven’t found before and after so many years in this game it surprises me that I can be so oblivious to things right under my nose.

Zeerah the Insane

The Insane title is one that has been on my wishlist from the moment I found out it existed but I’ve never really sat down made an effort to get it. You need to have the Darkmoon Faire, the four Goblin factions and Ravenholdt at Exalted and the Bloodsail Buccaneers at Honored. To make it a little more fun, getting your rep up with the Bloodsail pirates decreases your rep with the goblins and you can only kill mobs for Ravenholdt reputation until just short of Revered and then you have to hand in lockboxes, which can only be pickpocketed by a rogue, to a NPC to get the rest of the way to exalted.

Zee’s had the DMF reputation at exalted for a long while so I decided the lull before the pre-patch was the perfect time to start the other Rep Grinds. I started when the last DMF came up so I could get the extra rep buff. I like challenges so I set myself a deadline of a week but other things (magetower) kept getting in the way so it ended up taking me 2 weeks to get the rest of the reps done.

I started with Bloodsail which had me killing all the goblin guards down at Booty Bay. I tried to choose an out-of-the-way spot to cause least amount of disturbance since I was going to be there a few hours but you wouldn’t believe the number of lowbies that would run past me and inadvertently get a dot on them and die. It got easier as I got more and more hated by the Goblins as the guards would run from far way to have their shot at killing me. I should possibly have taken the rep to exalted but I really couldn’t be bothered and stopped as soon as I hit Honored.

Ravenholdt was the longest as it needed the two parts; killing and lockboxes. The killing part of the rep is done in Stromgarde Keep  and there were limited amounts of mobs and they were in high demand. There were lots of lowbies questing so I tried to be as nice as possible and leave a few mobs up and there was also a  Horde shaman going for the rep at the same time and he was not about to share any with me and had a great deal of fun killing me whenever he saw me. (PvP realms suck and I won’t be sad when they go in BFA). Luckily, I have a friend, BT, who plays on PVE realms and he has been pulling me onto PVE realms so I can quest in peace since Pandaria days. BT came to the rescue again and partied up to keep my Druid on a PVE realm for most of the grind so at least I couldn’t get ganked as I was rushing around killing. Bear Tartare with the speed boost made this the most fun as I’d zip in Kitty form through the castle and grounds.

Once I maxed out Ravenholdt by killing, it was off to kill pirates at the Caverns of Time to make the Goblins like me again.  I started wth all 4 factions at hated, and each dead pirate gave between 3 to 7 rep to each of the 4 per kill so it was a bit of a slog. I had one of my friends, Naz come and join me for a bit which was nice, and then I disovered that the group finder was a godsend for this as there was pretty much always a rep farming group going. In a group of 5, it was near instant respawns on the mobs so it started to go incredibly quickly. I also managed to listen my way through the full audio book of Before the Storm which was really awesome.

Guild banners and dead pirates for days

I left the lockboxes til the end and Naz came to the rescue here again, as I had mentioned I was tossing up trying to decide how much a  rogue would be worth in either boosting one or moving my horde one over to Zee’s server vs just sitting down and actually levelling another one high enough to be able to easily pick pockets and deal with the mobs, when he gave me a totally different option. Why not just use a class trial?

Class trial toons start at 100, last for 8hours and most importantly can use mailboxes! So I trotted off and made one, and started working my through the tutorial when Naz said  that was skippable, just hearth out. So I hearthed out, ended up in Stormwind and I could then just jump on the flightmaster and fly  up to the Isle of Quel’danas. I spent a very long time working my way along the Greengill Coast pickpocketing and killing the murlocs there for almost instant respawns. The guides said I needed 1440 boxes and I had the DMF buff for a couple of hundred turnins so that would have reduced the amount needed a little but it was still a few class trial toons I used up. Beans, Naz’s gf,  came on her rogue and collected a few boxes with me which was  seriously welcomed. I was averaging with RNG, around 80 boxes an hour so at a few points I thought I’d never be finished.

And then finally the last lockbox was picked and I turned into get my ridiculously insane title.


So glad this is off my to-do list and I doubt I’ll be taking this title off for quite a while.

Big big thanks to Naz, Beans and BT for their help and for making this grind fun 😀



Who has been mucking around with my armor sets in my class hall?

I popped into my little house in my order hall tonight and discovered that someone has been touching my things, specifically they’ve been playing with the shoulders on my armor sets.

Half of the shoulders are facing the wrong way now and look quite funny.

This is what they looked like in March 2017

And this is what they look like now:


I don’t know who’s been fiddling with my gear but I don’t like it and I hope they put it back the right way soon.




Mage Tower Appearances

There were a few mage tower appearances I really wanted, and I’m so happy to say I actually got them the ones I wanted.

The first one I really wanted and that I was pretty sure would be the only  one I collected was the Druid’s Owl staff. It’s simply stunning I couldn’t even consider transmogging away from it for quite a while. The healing challenge is pretty long and most of my Druid’s wipes were in the final phase so I’d have big gaps between attempts because I didn’t want to have to start it all over again. Eventually I got it though and I’m so glad because it is really unique.

The only other appearance I was desperate to get was the Marksmanship Hunter’s floral bow. I didn’t really decide I wanted this bow until only a few weeks ago and my hunter was sitting at 870ilvl. I spent a few weeks running her through mythic plus and LFR and all the world quests that gave upgrades until I got her to around 915 and started taking her in. I had played MM at the start of the expac so at least the spec wasn’t brand new but it took quite a few goes to get my head around kiting  the mobs. All the guides said you could avoid the little adds and didn’t have to kill them but I’m obviously a slow hunter and the little adds would catch up to me all the time. I ended up taking a non-recommended AOE talent and it got a lot easier as the adds would die and I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. I was really close to being able to kill it when the artifact was boosted, so it was a super easy one shot when I went in there with all my traits.

Balance Druid had the same scenario as MM, so I figured since I knew the fight I’d pop in and collect the Boomy appearance.

It was much easier on my druid even though she didn’t have the slow that my hunter had, and she also had the advantage of being about 20 ilvls higher. It was actually quite interesting doing the same fight on a different class and seeing how each class’ spells and toolkits had to be used to defeat the same boss.

I decided on a whim to take my holy priest through the healing challenge and collect her staff. It wasn’t one I really wanted, but I figured since I knew the healing challenge so well from taking Zee through it over and over, I may as well see how the priest went. Holy hell, the priest was so much easier than Zee. They both had the same ilvl when I did and much the same traits unlocked but the priest could interrupt every time she needed so the first phase was much easier and the stronger direct heals rather than slower hots made the final phase a bit easier too. The priest still had a few wipes on the final healing the adds as they walked to the boss bit, but nowhere near as much as my Druid did.  This challenge actually has made it even harder to choose between playing Druid or Priest as main next expac.

Then Cinder posted on Twitter how she had picked up the Feral Kitty skin and I had a closer look and realised it was actually really pretty so I popped into the Feral challenge. It took less attempts than any of the others to defeat which I was really surprised about seeing how little I play Feral but the abilities I had seemed to make that challenge really smooth.

Guardian wasn’t even on my list of wanting to get as I think the Gorilla bear is actually quite ugly but it made sense that I should try to get all the appearances for Druid. Guardian is the one spec I don’t even touch and I’ve hardly tanked in general so I was learning a role and a spec all at once and boy was it a steep learning curve. I could definitely see progression each time I’d try and on  my best attempt I got Kruul down to 22%. I think it probably would have been doable but maybe not in the timeframe before pre-patch so I had a friend pop in and give me a hand. I only feel a little guilty I didn’t do it myself, because now at least I can spend the last weekend before prepatch wrapping up some Legion loose ends instead of locked in the mage tower.


Edit: Opps I posted too early because apparently the lure of the mage tower is too strong and I popped in there again on my priest to see what the Disc challenge was like. I haven’t even looked at Disc before so really wasn’t expecting much and I had enough shards for 12 tries  but managed to get it in 6! It wasn’t actually that bad at all, keeping a shield on myself and using shadowmend to keep a 10% damage reduction on myself worked the best for the final attempt and it went ok. It felt slow but one I figured out what to dodge and to make sure the fel totem was targeted with an instant cast dot, I stopped getting stunned and could concentrate on dpsing.

(why is my disc priest the only one of my toons facing the wrong way for her photo?)

Disc was so much fun in the mage tower challenge, I wish I had tried the spec out for real during Legion.

I actually hope they do bring something like the mage tower into the game for BFA. I wasn’t very sold on the idea of the mage tower when it first came out and there weren’t really that many appearances I really really wanted so I didn’t feel I had a reason to learn how to do the scenarios on multiple toons but in the end it was really interesting doing the ones I did and seeing just how each class approaches the same fight in a such a different way was pretty cool. If they do bring something like this out again, I think I’ll make more of an effort to at least take all the classes into it a couple of times just to see how they each approach the same fight.


Sparkle Dragon

I usually make it a thing on Tuesday nights to run a few toons through Mogu’shan Vaults for the weekly chance of collecting the Elegon Mount; Reins of the Astral Dragon. I’ve run enough toons so far that I’ve pretty much collected every piece of transmog from there so it’s solely for Elegon I go in there now.

I decided I’d start the MV run with my Hunter last Tuesday before reset.  Usually there’s an axe that has Elegon in its title that tricks me each time I look into the loot chest but not this time. This run I had a much better surprise. There was lots of screams of joy as I realised it had really dropped.

My first joyride on it was off to Tempest Keep to see if my mount luck would strike again (nope).

Sparkle dragon puts my mount count at 298, so I’m inching closer to the 300 mark!

Now I need to decide which mount I want to chase after next; It’s probably going to be a toss-up between Ashes of Alar or Rivendare’s pony. Both are fairly quick runs which is handy for a reset night.

Still on my mount wish list is the Blazing Drake from Dragon Soul. Once it drops I’ll get two mounts for the price of one as it’s the last one I need for the Awake the Drakes achievement which gives another drake mount as a reward. I really don’t enjoy the Spine of Deathwing fight, even though it’s not overly difficult anymore, so it makes me think twice usually about just popping in for a quick mount run.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Just a quick Random post today because WoW’s shutdown and I want to go play a bit of Fallout 3 before bed.

I took my new priest through the Cata Timewalking dgns (yay the scaling on Cata for TW was done right and I had no issues healing) and I picked up the Infinite Timereaver mount. I was so excited!! It’s such a pretty mount.

I decided of all things to level another Paladin (not even lightforged) for some reason, so she got to be the first of my toons to test out the new mount.

I’ve been swapping back and forth between my druid and priest doing the same content trying to work out what one I want to play. Both healed normal Antorous and my priest ducked into a full heroic run and healed through that and the priest is so winning out on looks. She levitates, and gets golden glowy wings and is just beautiful.

But.. my druid can move and heal, and be a cat or a tree (bear is ugly, not being a bear) and I just can’t decide. Next step is to go to the PTR and test them both out there to see if there are any changes to the classes that help me decide, but I think I’ll still be tossing this up come BFA launch.

I’ve also been in the Hunter mage tower a bit for the Marksmanship appearance. I tried ducking in there last time it was up but I was 877 ilvl and it was just horrible. Now I’m 918 and I think if I was a better hunter I would be able to do it at that ilvl, but I’m really rubbish, especially at kiting. It took me way too many attempts to realise that if I strafed in a circle, I could still attack the boss while moving away, rather than  running away and trying to turn back to hit him.  I’m now regularly getting to stage 4 of 5 but having trouble bursting the guys down in that stage, so I feel it’d be a lot easier with at least another 10 ilvls. I took her through a few mythic plus this week so hopefully my cache will give me something useful and I can keep working on her ilvl until the tower comes up again.

And that was my week! How was yours?