Goblin Hideaway Nagrand

After finding the clumsy adventurer in Nagrand yesterday while out and about doing stables dailies, my Shammy found more hidden things in Nagrand (ok, well maybe not really hidden, just things I’ve overlooked every other time I’ve been there).

Nagrand goblin beach

It would have been amazing if that pool pony was clickable and she could have bobbed around in it for a bit.

Getting out and about

One of the very common complaints on the forums surrounding WoD is the constant catch cry of “but there’s no content” and if I’m perfectly honest I’ve been a little guilty of sometimes harboring the same thoughts at times. The 6month break on my blog probably gives that away, but really recently my wow mojo has come back and I’ve found there are actually there is a ton of content I just haven’t been inspired to do it earlier.

I’ve been working on getting all the achievements for the Apexis daily quests done. This is much easier since 6.1 as you can  buy mission scrolls from your garrison quartermaster for 200gr rather than wait for the appropriate daily to come around. Most of the achs are really easily done, however some of the achs need you to do things like burn 100 trees so they’ll probably take a couple of trips to get done. Luckily the progress doesn’t reset. Running around doing all the extra quests means I’ve finally got Leorajh to best friends status. The benefit for having him all friendly is I can check my missions anywhere by talking to him.


The other thing I’ve been up to is archeology, a lot of archeology. I’ve been digging in Draenor trying to get pristine versions of all the archeology items so I can fill up my treasure room in my garrison.

Treasure Room garrison

I’ve been turning all my restored artifacts into crates of Vrykul pieces and solved the Vrykul Drinking Horn toy. Next one to focus on is the Nerubian as I don’t have any rare solves from them and there is 2 toys that can be collected.

Vrykul drinking horn

6.2 is removing the option of using spirit of harmonies to buy up restored artifacts, so I used up all my stored ones for Z to pick up a few bonus crates.

And finally, while I was out and about on my Shammy doing her never-ending dailies for the stables look what she found.

Clumsy Adventurer Nagrand

The clumsy adventurer is located about halfway down a series of small cliffs in Nagrand.

Edge of Reality found

Rather fittingly after yesterday’s post about flying and exploration, I had a really lucky find while out and about in Grogond finishing off some exploration achievements. I was running along and thought I’d jump up some of the small pools you can find in the hills in Gorgond and at the very top of a small set I saw a purple misty column. It was clickable and gave me the message that I was queued for scenarios. My immediate thought was that Blizz had sneakily hidden scenarios in the game and I was quite excited to find one. When the loading screen finished, this was what I found.

  Edge of reality

The location I was at was called the Edge of Reality and there was a pretty huge suprise in in there. Clicking on the egg on the floor gave me a really lovely mount.

Edge of reality 2

The Edge of Reality is a portal that spawns at random places thoughout the zones and only lasts for a very short time, 3 mins. If not clicked in that time it despawns again. Only the first person clicking on the portal can go through and loot the egg.

I didn’t even know this mount existed in the game so I consider myself incredibly lucky that I was out and about in the right place at the right time. I wonder what else might be hiding in the world I’m not aware of. Things like this make me realise why Blizz keep on about how they want to be able to design a world conductive to hidden surprises, puzzles and exploration.

Edge of reality 1

Flying (or lack of) in WoW 6.2 and beyond

The announcement that flying is unlikely to come to Draenor and actually might be not reintroduced in future expansions has  seen a lot of outcry. There is a fair bit of opposition to this move; some of the responses on the forum go as far as threats to unsub or for players todo nothing but sit in their garrison.

Some of the responses are a bit over the top and do make me think that maybe if they are going to react that way, perhaps the game might be just that little better off without them. This post just had me shaking my head… “My guild is happier when I don’t go outside my garrison “because every time I do, I end up frustrated – and then I make the experience worse for all of my guild members when I complain about my poor experiences.” Seriously, if I was in a guild with this person, I’d be crossing my fingers the lack of flying would make them leave and never come back.

However, despite the over the top reactions which do little to create valid feedback as to why flying should come back, I do have some regret about the possible lack of flying in this and future content. Call it lazy or whatever but I do know that I haven’t been out and about anywhere near as much this expansion as I was in MoP and while It won’t be a factor to quit the game entirely, the lack of flying, with the way the world is now, definitely does affect my enjoyment of the game in a way. Mainly because getting around the place can end up taking longer than the time I actually spend at my destination and while this might promote “exploring” if my destination is more important than my journey I’m going to want to be there as fast as possible.

Aviana's Feather

Aviana’s Feather, a neccesity for me for getting around places in a hurry

So if flying is going to be removed here are some of my suggestions:

Increase the amount of flight paths available especially near popular attractions such as pet tamers. Blizz could even dot them around the place and give ach’s for finding all the flight paths in a zone. I’d be more interested in seeking out all the flight paths if I was going to get a nice ach for it. Maybe even a title to go with it similar to the loremaster title ” Zeirah, finder of the flight” could work for me.

Make it easier to get to the zones, so allocate a main hub in each zone and pop a portal in there. In WoD this would have been simple to do as you had to choose a garrison outpost; this would be the logical place to place a portal and then exploring could occur from that point.

If the whole point of removing flying is to promote exploring maybe allow flying for an account only once that account has been flagged to have a max level character.  I know what I’m like with alts and once I’ve explored/quested/whatever my first toon to max level the majority of those that come along behind take shortcuts wherever they can and wouldn’t be exploring or taking part in the jumping puzzles anyway, flying or no flying.

And also something that should be an option is to seriously reduce the price of flying mounts in the pet store; while they are still usable in the older content, if flying is removed they will become less relevant and useable in current and future patches so why should flying mounts cost as much as a ground mount that can be usable in both old and new zones.



A few more bosses and a guild meet up

Raiding with the new guild is going quite well. We got hans/franz down the other week; that is a truly terrible fight. It took me way too long to be able to learn the heroic stamper dance; the dance I should have actually learnt in heroic /blush, however learn it I did and those evil twins died and very nicely gave me a mace which will be an upgrade if I manage to get my hands on an off hand anytime soon. I’m contemplating pugging into some heroic runs to try to roll an offhand just to use the shiny mace.

Tonight was the 2nd raid night of the week and we killed both Flamebender and Gruul tonight. Flamebender was a pain with all the weapons all over the place, they really limit movement after a while.


Gruul is basically exactly the same just a lot more damage. I think he went down on the 4th or 5th pull, which makes me wonder why he wasn’t higher up the priority of bosses to try. But after the many pulls on hans/frans an easier mythic boss was welcome.


I’ve been keeping an eye on the other two druids I’m healing with and I noticed that both use their aoe heal, wild growth, a lot more than me. I tried keeping up with their wild growth usage the other night and was so mana hungry all the time so I took a peak at them on the armory and realised that both had significantly more spirit than me, almost double in one case. So I went and retweaked some of my gear, the garrison mission must have known my plans because it very nicely handed over a spirit trinket this week, a trinket I actually scoffed at before I realised just how little spirit I had so I really gladly put it on and managed to match spirit levels. Now to train myself to be a little less conservative with my aoe healing and see how it goes.

My very long awaited guild meet up happened this weekend. It was absolutely fanastic. There were 13 of us, with  some coming from Qld and NSW as well as the majority of us who live here in Melbourne. We met up in a great burger bar for tea, then made our way to a retro gaming club afterwards. It was so exciting putting faces to voices, we even had our two tanks from when I first joined, Exo and Zugs come along even though neither have played in a while. Zugs even got tempted back to the game and logged in today, yay! The night flew by, even though we were there from 5pm to 12am it was really comfortable and so much talking was done. Lots of wow chatter as expected. A couple of members couldn’t make it due to work and our disc priest who lives in America so he certainly couldn’t come but apart from missing them it was pretty much the entire old raid team in one place. It was really good to see everyone even though lots of us have put our mains into progression guilds, Deadline still feels like home. Hopefully we can make this into an annual event.

Trialling with a new guild

The move to a heroic only raiding guild has been on my mind a lot the last few days. I kept wavering between wanting to test my feet out in mythic progression and not wanting to leave my guildmates. I’ve been browsing the Barthilas forums a bit and while there were heaps of guilds looking for members most raided 3 or more nights a week, I really like the 2 nights a week I’ve got used to in Deadline so that narrowed down my choices considerably. There was only one guild that seemed suitable that raided 2 nights a week but they didn’t mention specifically if they wanted a healer so before I could chicken out r, I sent a bnet request to the person who posted the ad so I could ask them if they wanted a tree healer. When I jumped on wow a bit later, they had accepted my request so I thought I better talk to them and say why I added them. They weren’t overly looking for restoration druid seeing they had 3 druids in the raid already but were happy to try me out tonight especially as they only had 18 and I’d bring them to 19 and we’d be able to do mythic rather than the heroic clear they had planned.

It was actually a pretty hard decision to make jumping into their raid rather than the heroic farm that was planned with my guild. Even though I know that heroic is as far as they want to go and I think I would like to push more progression, not actually raiding with them after a year of raiding was really hard. At the end of the night I was 2 mythic bosses up (Oregorger and Darmac) and had a few good attempts on Hans/Franz which was a progression  boss for them too.

M Hans & Franz

I thought I did horribly on the evil duo, I hadn’t looked at that fight beforehand and triggered a few plates in the wrong order but apparently I went ok enough for them to ask me to join the guild, excess druids and all

It’s actually a really strange feeling, I’m excited to be able to start mythic raiding but really sad I’m not doing it with the people I really wanted to. I was hoping to level up an alt to keep raiding with Deadline but the new guild raids the same nights. I know it’s also really early days and being accepted as a trial does not mean a guaranteed spot but feeling torn over what is the best thing to do really sucks at the moment. In my whole time playing wow so far, my Deadline guild feels like home the most, so to take Z out of it is uber difficult. I’m going to doubly miss the tight knit healing group we had, though I just found out our Monk Esu, is going to trial with another guild tomorrow too.  It’s funny after the news of going heroic only, a number of people left the guild almost straight away; wonder if they did any navel gazing and soul searching or I’m just a little odd. Well I’ve spent a really good chunk of time playing D3 with my guild over the past month or so and now a lot of them are trying out Rift, I’ll have to make a Zeirah toon on Rift and go play there if I’m not raiding with them in wow.

Enough sooking.. I’ll leave you with a picture of Z’s new transmog (if you got this far). Doesn’t she look fabulous? I’ve been wanting to use the Springrain shoulders for a while now and while not a perfect colour match, I think they do pretty ok.

 Springgrain shoulders xmog

List of Pets to level

I’ve decided it’s time to get around to completing an Awfully Big Adventure, carrying my Elekk Plushie through a fairly large list of pet battles. I’m going to follow Murloc Harbor’s excellent guide and that means I have a few pets I need to upgrade/level.

Flayer Youngling S/S 17, Green

Crow S/S


Tiny Snowman

Tiny Sporebat

Kirin-Tor Familiar

Magical Crawdad

Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot

P/P Yellow Moth

Death Adder Hatchling

S/S Grasslands Cottontail

Luckily with being able to buy rarity upgrade stones from the Garrison vendor means it won’t take too long to get the ones that aren’t blue upgraded and then it’s a ton of pet battles to level them up to 25 which will count towards getting the pet battle momument in my garrison – double win.

Change of Direction

Cinder put a great post up here  (I’ve been meaning to reblog it but haven’t) about the troubles our raid team has been having in our Mythic progress. Basically the issues boils down to we haven’t been able to field a constant 20, sometimes far from it and despite some very dedicated recruiting efforts, we just haven’t been able to find enough constant raiders to ensure we have a mythic team. From the roots as a close knit 10man guild, the jump to a full 20 just hasn’t happened.

So for most of BRF we have been doing heroic farm and recruiting slowly to build up to the 20 but too slowly for some, and we’ve lost a few good raiders along the way who wanted to be progressing faster. It came to a calm guild announcement tonight that the raid team will be changing direction. From now on, heading into 6.2 and beyond the raid team will be a heroic only raid team and once heroic is cleared, a break will be taken until the next patch/expac.

I’m torn and frustrated about this change, not so much at the guild leadership itself as I can understand their difficulty. Mostly I feel like shouting at the fundamental changes that were made to raiding sizes in order to do mythic in this expac. Logically I can understand how it makes it easier to  have 1 size raid for tuning purposes but our entire problem is getting built up to 20. I know this is late in this expac to be having a rant about it, but quite frankly trying to build up to 20 for mythic from a close knit team of 10 has been a pain in the arse from when it came in and now finally the difficulty in adjusting has taken its toll. I wonder if there are stats out there somewhere about how the change is operating; are there more people raiding mythic than there were raiding heroic in previous expacs, less, the same?

I really don’t know what I will do at this point, I really like my raid team; I’ve been a part of it since July last year and some of my RL friends are in here but I do want to raid mythically and if our raid team goes it’s seperate ways it won’t feel the same.  Some thinking will be done I’m sure over the coming few weeks over what I want to do in WoW.

To finish on a slightly more positive note: I have a lovely new pet. Cinder mentioned a few of the Timeless Isle pets she was missing and I happened to have a duplicate of one of them, so I popped it in the post yesterday. I logged on today to find she had really kindly sent me a pet I was missing as a thank you. Presenting Crazy Cinder the Crazy Carrot.

Crazy Carrot Cinder

A lot of Noblegarden luck

I haven’t had a great deal of time to spend in wow lately, real life and trying to get my head around a research thesis which I just can’t seem to find inspiration for has kept me out of Azeroth more than I’d like. But a friend texted me today to see if I had collected enough eggs to buy the new Noblegarden pet and as I hadn’t logged in since the event started I decided I’d make a little time and log in tonight.

I’ve never hunted for eggs as a hordie before and even though wowhead suggested that Falconwing Square is the best place to collect eggs in, I was able to get to Razor Hill faster so thought I’d try there. I was pretty lucky in that the place was almost deserted and I could collect eggs in druid flight form (yes I did feel a bit guilty but the convenience outweighed the guilt) so I did a few laps until my free bag spaces were full of eggs and started unwrapping them to get the chocolate currency inside. It was going to take me 100 choccys to get the pet and 500 more for the mount. Seeing it was so deserted and the eggs were piling up really fast I thought I’d see how far I could get into the 600 needed before my patience and time I could justify ran out.

I couldn’t believe my luck though, as I was clicking on the 97th egg to unwrap it, I looted the mount!  So I was able to get the mount, pet and a pretty easter themed outfit (shame it’s not transmogable) in record time, meaning I can go back to struggling to find an original research angle and not miss out on wow events. If ever this was the time I needed wow luck, I got it. Thanks Blizz xx

 Noblegarden 2015aNoblegarden 2015

Heroic Blackhand

We’ve steadily been working our way through Heroic Blackrock and the sticking point for the last few weeks has been Blackhand. It took a ridiculous amount of pulls, compared to the other bosses, for him to finally go down. But tonight he did and we are fully done with heroic BRF.


Next stage is to recruit a few more ppl for our mythic progression. We started this expac with well over the 20 we needed but we’re about 3 people short.

And the uber exciting news is our guild is having a meet up here in Melbourne in May and a rather large number of us are going to be in the one place at the one time. I can’t wait to meet my guildies irl, over the last year they’ve become pretty dear to me and I cannot wait to see them all.