The devolution of a gamer

  • World of warcraft
  • wildstar
  • payday 2
  • dying light
  • Civ 5
  • Dungeon seige 1, 2 and 3
  • Elder Scrolls online

What do they all have in common? Games I play/or love and I  can’t get into any of them lately. I’m not really even filling my gaming time with anything apart from binge watching suits on netflix.

Maybe my wow mojo problem is really a gaming mojo problem.

My poor neglected blog

Wow, time sure does fly. It’s been ages since I last blogged. I feel so bad for my blog, I just haven’t been in much of a chattering mood lately.

My wow time is pretty low at the moment, I’m pretty much logging in Wednesdays and Sundays for raiding. We’re currently sitting at 8/13 Heroic and 13/13N. I think though once we get 13/13H I may unsub from wow until Legion comes out. I’ll revisit that idea when I finally get there but paying the sub fee to just  log in every now and again seems a bit silly. Of course I could be wrong and I’ll get my wow interest back and I’ll be playing and blogging up a storm by the time Legion is released.. I’ll wait and see.

I’ve still been flitting around the game universe a bit. I have a level 70 seasonal Witch Doctor on D3 which is incredibly fun to play. The build I’ve been working on for her involves dropping large clouds of acid onto mobs heads and not only is she quite strong at dps, graphically she is really fun to play. I’ve just started a crusader which isn’t as interesting to play, and she takes forever to kill mobs but nothing seems to be able to kill her so I’ll keep going along with that.

I downloaded Civilisation 5 last night and have already invested quite a few hours into that.. my Sunday morning run may well have been delayed by me heading to bed at about the same time I normally get up.. next week.

And I’m currently waiting for Payday 2 to download. Not the style of game I normally play but I have a few friends playing it and it’s on a massive sale.. down to $4.99 US so not a big loss if I really don’t enjoy it.

On the personal side of life.. I have a new job which so far (it’s only been 3 weeks) is looking really promising. The work is quite interesting and in a field which I like working in and best of all it’s only a 6.6km drive from home rather than the 45km my last job was located away. So it’s amazing to only have to fill up the car with petrol fortnightly rather than weekly and be at work in 10mins. Makes quite the change.

Well wow friends.. let’s keep all our fingers crossed my wow mojo comes back because it’s a little frustrating to not be interested in the one game that I used to think defined me as a gamer but seeing all the other types of games out there is good and I’ve even been making room for some TV watching. I’ve worked my way through the 3 seasons of Orange is the New Black and now only have a year to wait for Season 4.. so plenty of time to explore the gaming world.

There’s one thing Wow has that ESO hasn’t…

And that is all my friends! ESO went down for maintenance tonight so I popped back over to WoW and I had lots of lovely mail from my guild buddies sending me warm wishes and I had a quick chat with Toco, his raid team is so close to getting heroic Archimonde which is very exciting for them and a brief hello with Matty.. she is up super early as it was very early AM her time.

Thanks guys for reminding me that this game is a lot more than just for solo play!

The way NPCs interact with you in a game

Just a random thought rolling around in my head but does the way NPCs interact with you passively, not when you’re interacting with them for questing reasons, have an effect on a game feels?

Playing wow on the horde side mainly meant that most of the time if you mouse over a npc you get a “whaddya want” or a rude(ish) abrupt greeting, not always but often enough. It wasn’t something I really picked up on until I started to seriously level my alliance druid and all of a sudden the way NPCs greeted me was completely different. They were friendly and polite and even interested in how my day was going at times.

It’s something I’m also really noticing in Elder Scrolls Online, as I wander past an NPC I’ll randomly get a hi, or a hello or another friendly greeting. Now I’ve started to perform little feats of heroism for them I’ll even have npcs mention my past exploits such as “you’re the hero that saved the king” etc.

It adds a friendly touch to the game and thinking about it, it really gives a pleasurable feeling to be surrounded by friendliness from the NPCs.

What do you think about the way NPCs interact with you?

Elder Scrolls Online; first week, first impressions

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online for about a week now and so far I am incredibly impressed with the game. It not only is visually beautiful to play but the gameplay itself is really fluid, intuitive and the questing experience flows so well.


So far I’m really enjoying the game but with only a week of playing under my belt there is still a lot to learn.There are 3 factions with 3 races each. Each race can be any of the 4 classes (Dragon Knight, Sorcerer, Nightblade or Templar), however each race has bonus attributes that can make them more suited to different class such as High Elves receive a bonus to destruction staffs which are typically used by sorcerers, however there is  so much choice in how you can play each class that you can really take whatever race/class combo you want.

All the classes can equip the different types of armor in the game as well as equip any weapon they come across so there is a ton of customisation in the game. I think once you hit a certain level you can have 2 types of weapons saved with different spells sort of like a duel spec.  Perhaps there is a specific build required for end game but as I’m more interested in just levelling, it feels like there are unlimited choices available. There is a lot of complexity in some ways as each class has 3 talent trees you can pick from, as well as weapon skills, armor skills, crafting skills all of which require skill points to level up;  you get skill points from questing, exploring and levelling. I’m currently just picking and chosing what sounds good.

The quests are done really well.  Most of the quests are mini stories that you follow along, I haven’t come across a single “go kill x number of mobs” style quests so far which makes a really nice change. All the quests are voice acted as well as having text if you want to read faster than the quest giver can talk. I thought I recognised the voice from one of the main story quest npcs and sure enough, The Prophet is voiced by Michael Gambon, the actor who plays Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies.

There are so really cute features in the game, such as when you look in your bag.. your toon actually looks in their bag or when you are cooking, your toon pulls out a cooking bowl.

Looking in bagCooking

The combat is very different to wow. I use left mouse click as my weapon attack, 6 hot keys for spell attacks (there are a ton more spells than just 6 so it means I have to choose what I want to use) and each spell can also be upgraded (morphed) into stronger versions of it once you use it enough to level it up and rather than selecting a target, you simply mouse over the npc you want to attack.

There are so many options you can choose from when making a toon; not only the standard body type/hairstyle,/face etc but right down to size of their legs/hands, voice or tattoos/markings. I’ve been trying out a few combinations of races/classes just to see what I like the most. I chose 1 race from each of the three factions as they start in completely different areas and have different quests. They are still quite tiny at level 8 each (no idea what end level is, I’ll let it be a surprise) so like most levelling toons they are in a hodge podge of mismatched gear that I’ve either picked up or crafted for them.

High Elf Sorcerer currently using a Destruction staff and lots of lightning style spells.

High Elf Sorcerer

A Breton Templar  with a sword and shield though I’m thinking of swapping her out to a Restoration Staff for healing and ranged attacks.

Breton Templar

And my absolute favourite of the 3  is a Dark Elf Dragon Night with a destruction staff and lots of fire spells. So far she has been really easy to solo level with.

Dark Elf Dragon Knight

This is such a brief overview of the game, I hardly feel like I’ve done it any justice. I can really see this game holding my attention for quite a while as I’m fascinated to quest through the beautiful zones and follow the stories of all the different quests. If you were thinking about trying it out, I would 100% recommend you give it a try.

Random Chitter Chatter

I’m waiting for Elder Scrolls Online to finish it’s download so I can try it out. I feel like a real flitterer (definition – someone who flits around from activity to activity) in the gaming department at the moment. I still don’t feel much urge to play wow at all at the moment; it’s Sunday here which means raid, so I’m quietly wondering in the back of my  head how I feel when it’s raid time. I’ve said I’ll come.. so we’ll see.

Starcraft is very fun, I’ve been mostly playing campaign which is pretty good and I’m working my through it but but I am so very slow at strategy games. When I try a few custom games  against the AI I’m generally still putting in my first few buildings when their minions are hammering away with upgraded mobs at my structures.

I was reading some steam reivews of Elder Scrolls and I noticed that steam shows you the time played in the game that the reviewer is talking about. So naturally I was interested to see what I had clocked up in wow so I jumped on and calculated the time played in hours for Zeera and my mage (as I had her for many months before making another toon) and it came to a rather staggering total of 5246 hours. I know I see the /played in days from an addon every time I log in, but converting that to actual hours.. holy crap. I refuse to even let my mind wander into is that a good or a bad thing, it’s a hobby and I enjoy it and I’m not going to delve any deeper.

On the real life front, things are easier and harder. I haven’t had a commercial radio station on in over 3 weeks. You know when you’re happy and in love all the songs speak to you and make you smile… well when you’re not in that state radio stations quite simply suck.

I’ve been getting back into running which has been really good. I have some subconscious thing in my head that when I run for a while I think I want to enrol into some actual race, like a half marathon or even a 10km fun run and I start to train and then I just stop all together. No idea what the hell my brain does. I did it in 2013 when considering the Melbourne Marathon held in Nov, I did it again in 2014 so this year I’ve decided on a brand new strategy.. I want to be able to run 21.1km (half marathon) but no way in hell will I consider running it competitively, I’ll train just for my own personal benefit. So far, I’m running about 8km as my longest distance once a week (Saturday mornings), 4km 5 times a week (after work) and a few 2kms for speed practice a few times a week (in the mornings before work). It seems like a lot but I’m handling it ok so I guess this sort of training schedule is ok for me. I figure if I slowly increase that long run each week I’ll eventually build my endurance up.. it’s goign to be months though, if not a good year to get to the 21km mark.. that is so freaking long but I really want to know if I actually can run that long. The other 2 distances can slowly increase as I get faster but they are limited by how far I can get in 1/2 hour in the afternoons and 15mins in the morning due to real life constraints such as school pick up times.

I’ve also slowly weaned myself off added sugar, by this I mean in my coffee and on my oats in the morning (last 2 bastions of my brain saying I need sugar on these foods). Such a simple thing but I’m so proud of me.. I never thought I would enjoy either of those 2 foods without sugar but after months of dropping it down from 2 teaspoons to 1, 1/2, 1/4 etc I am finding the taste really nice.

Anyway this is as the title says random chitter chatter but I felt like a needed a blogging fix.

Hope your day is going great.


Vol’jins Spear

I’ve been doing a bit of Ashran lately and hit exalted with Vol’jins spear. As a reward I was able to buy the Breezestrider Stallion for gold and apexis crystals.

Breezestrider Stallion

I’m not sure if I’ll keep going with Ashran now I’ve got to exalted. It was quite fun and I seem to have a lot of luck getting into really good groups but it’s not grabbing me that much at the moment. Having said that, neither is the pve content either. I did have great plans to get all 3 tanaan jungle reps to exalted however once I hit revered I haven’t set foot back in there.


Thank you for the lovely comments but I took this post down. I don’t want to constantly stumble across my words or have my wow blogging space saddened by this.

I’m going ok, one day at a time and I hate that it’s getting easier because I’m scared that means I’m letting go but maybe that’s what needs to happen.