Running my healers through Timewalking Dgns

With Timewalking dngs ending last night (and starting tonight! We have 3 weeks of straight TW dgns) I thought I should at least take a couple of my healers through to get the quest for 500tokens. I had already run Z, Merrah and my hunter through quite a few each so I’ve seen a lot of TW dgns this week but I hadn’t sorted out my healers yet.

I should say a big thanks to my guildies Hip, Twice and BT who came and suffered through various healer and dgn combinations with varying degrees of success. Their patience while I play around with new classes and roles (and yep.. wipe us all at times) the last few weeks has been the stuff of legends ;p

I started with Totzie, my shammy and about 3 pulls into the first dgn I was already whispering Cinder that I wanted to be a shaman. My healing spells really didn’t seem to be too unchanged. It took next to no time to put what I needed onto my bars and most of my Vuhdo keybinds were still there. But going through the dgns her heals felt more than strong enough and even though I hit Hip up for mage cake the minute we got in there, like I do on Z (she has a mana-cake guzzling adiction), Totz hardly needed it. Her mana efficiency is awesome.

Totzie- TW

She has had a few changes to her totems and I’m in love with the one that I can drop and everyone gets a fast run speed for a few secs and there’s a lightning one (such use of proper names there) that you drop and it does a small stun.

I ended up terrorizing Hip throughout the run, telling him I was going to be a shaman next expansion rather than a druid. As our raid leader/gm, I think he’s had enough of people wanting to swap mains at the last minute. While I don’t think I’ll really go that far and it’s not really feasible to choose based on a few dgns, I think she’ll definitely be my main healing alt (I said that for this expac too.. and never actually played her) just because she was so much fun and it was instantly comfortable healing on her .

Next up was my priest. She’s been played pretty exclusively as disc for a few expansions now, so I was excited to put her back to Holy. My first impression was holy hell.. so many heals. It was overwhelming how many various options she had, and being a new spec I started with nothing on her bars so there was a bit of fiddling around renaming mouseover macros and putting things onto vuhdo.

Overall, I wasn’t that keen on her. A lot of it would come down to lack of familiarity with the spec but also little things, like I was spamming flash heal at one point on the tank and I was amazed at its mana efficiency but also by how little healing it actually did. I was finding it wasn’t enough to hold a tank through sustained damage until I could start casting a bigger, slower heal. I’ve always liked priest healing, they’re a pretty healer, so I’ll play her a bit more but tbh there’s a chance I’ll be putting her to shadow and just keeping her a dps toon.

The last (and worst for deaths in a dgn) was my Pally. Let’s be upfront.. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the class and everything to do with the fact that Pally’s are and have always been the most confusing healer class for me. Oh and the fact that I didn’t notice until the 3rd boss she was in strength neck, weapon and trinkets /blush. But the whole way through the dungeon I was searching for a decent aoe heal. I still didn’t find it. I like the changes that holy power is gone and spells are powered by mana only now and their mastery is really interesting that their heals are stronger the closer they are to target but it just didn’t grab me that much.

I did find this interesting run down of healers for Legion. Given how high they rate pallys it would be good to get a decent understanding of her but it’s more likely I’ll still go to Shammy for the pure fun factor of my little goblin.

Timewalking dgns are starting again tonight (yay Z’s going to get her pony) so I have another week to sort out the pally and priest and have a better go at playing them.


Mythic dungeons on an under-geared tank and back to raiding!

With the pre-patch bringing some serious class changes as well as the return of a few guildies who have been missing in action the last few months, we popped in HFC to test out the class changes.  The raid went fairly smoothly especially given the returning guildies were either quite undergeared or hadn’t actually seen HFC before.

Resto druids feel pretty much exactly as they did before the patch. My toolbox hasn’t really changed that much and I’m not finding I’m missing too badly any of the spells that were removed. I am really looking forward to Legion healing as a Resto and getting my artifact weapon up to the point where I can have a moving tranq again (I do miss the days when I could steal Spirit-walkers grace for a mobile tranq).

What I don’t like is not having access to Stampeding roar as Resto anymore. I really liked the extra utility it brought and the speed boost but at least I still have displacer beast and dash. The removal of Mass rez from all but healers is a serious pain in the arse, I do hope that gets changed. While I’m not in favour of public outcry, I would add my voice to having this change rolled back.

Seeing ach’s pop up, has made me realise there are a ton of dungeon/raid ach’s still to get so that might be a good thing to focus on in the wind-down to Legion.

Soul Man Ach

After raid tonight we headed off for a few mythic dungeons for guildies that hadn’t done the achs yet. We had more than enough healers and dps that wanted to come so I brought along my undergeared tank. She hasn’t actually tanked all the Draenor heroic dgns yet, but there’s nothing like jumping right in the deep end.

I was pretty squishy which was fairly predictable given I still have 2 heirloom pieces and felt a bit bad at the start for stressing out our new healer who’s just joined us. They’re a long term friend of the most of the guildies so at least it wasn’t a complete stranger I was torturing.

There was a point where I whispered Twice, who organised the run saying I should leave, but he said stay and it wasn’t as bad as I was saying especially as I wasn’t the only undergeared one in there. So I stayed and despite the deaths it was pretty fun (from my pov anyway!)  My tank picked up a few pieces of gear and one ring was an 80 ilvl upgrade which was phenomenal.

Warrior - mythic dgns ach

Auchindoun was definitely the easier of the two though there was one particular trashpack that proved more difficult than most of the boss fights in both the  dgns we did.

Auch - tank Mythic BSM - Tank

Hopefully I haven’t scared my guildies too badly as to my tanking ability (or lack of) as I really do want to tank a lot more. Hipho, one of the guild tanks has offered to come and run LFR with me this week, which would be awesome if we go and do. It’ll be much easier being able to talk to the tank I’m working with especially for such a new one.

Battlepets of a different sort – Pokemon Go with friends

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately with Pokemon Go and trying to catch them all. More for the cuteness factor of the pets rather than wanting to battle other people really. After talking to Cinder and Thor, who are also into catching the little monsters, we decided to meet up in the city this morning and have coffee, cupcakes and a catch up.

Where I live and work is pretty much a barren wasteland for Pokemon, so going into the city was a real eye-opener.. there were pokestops (most with lures) covering my map no matter where I looked and I managed to pick up a ton of new little guys to fill out my pokedex. I’m still a really low level but in the couple of hours we were out, I went from lvl 9 to 12 and collected a heap of pokemon I hadn’t seen.

Love the name of the nearest pokestop we were next to.

Funny Pokestop

As for those cupcakes, I think I’ll be making a special trip back in for another round. They were absolutely awesome and in the most amazing flavours including Bubblegum Marshallow, Croquembouche, Cookies n’ Cream and Hot Cocoa.


The shopping centre  we met at was pretty awesome, when it was being built rather than demolish the 19th century Shot Factory which was once the tallest building in Melbourne that was on the site, the designers worked the entire factory into the middle of the centre including an enormous dome to cover it all.


All up it was a really fun day and awesome to catch up with two of my wow friends:)



I have Pepe


For the first time in a long time I saw 2 Drov Groups in the custom group  finder. The first one I joined just couldn’t get people to stay so I ended up leaving. I noticed the second one was getting fuller so I requested an invite and got in. The group filled really quickly and Drov died without any issues  and I got my achievement and new toy.

Pepe Ach

Z and Pepe

Z still has the christmas decorations up in her garrison. She’s now one of those people who never take their Christmas lights down from one Christmas to another.

The Transmog Patch

Despite the class changes that have come in, Transmog is exactly what this patch is all about for me so far.

I’ve been pretty much collecting every piece of gear that has come my way lately and even bought my guild storage bank the full 7 tabs to help store all the boe’s that my various Barth toons collected. 4 tabs held each of the different armor types, 1 for weapons, 1 for offhands and 1 for general boe stuff so that my toons banks could be free to hold all the soulbound armor they had. So logging on yesterday morning, one of my first priorities was to send the boe’s out to the right armor type wearer so they could start learning and then selling all the soulbound learnt appearances.

Z pretty much met all the Fashionista achievements straight away once I logged on and off a few of my clothes hording toons but I did need about 4 shirts to finish the last one. I opted for the easy way and picked up the missing few from the shirt vendor in Dalaran.

Zee the Fabulous

I’ve noticed that I have a lot of cloth transmogs which is not surprising as the majority of my toons are cloth wearers and as I have very very little plate so over the coming months I might start changing up which toons run through old content to fill in the blank spots.

The only change that I don’t really like is the fact you can’t turn heads and cloaks off from the interface anymore.  The first thing I would do when making a toon is turn head and cloak off and for a new toon, now this means waiting until I can find a transmogrifier in a major town or being able to access mounts at level 20. I wasn’t too worried about that, figuring I can look like a clown for a few levels until I realised that even for my lvl 100s, when I start levelling in Legion, any upgrade will show until I can get to a transmogrifier. A small inconvenience but still an enough of a one that this happened..

Grand Expedition Yak

Now I can transmog anywhere I go.

 Warrior xmog 2 Casual Warlock Xmog Survival Hunter

Last Class to 100 for WoD

 My warrior dinged 100 last night, it’s still amazing to me that I leveled a Warrior and in probably the shortest time of all my alts to get to 100.

I stalled a bit in leveling her once I hit Warlords, as the 8th Hordie through the area this expac, all the quests and zones were a bit too familiar and between 94 and 96 just seemed to drag on. I kept finding excuses to log onto Z and run old raids instead of levelling.

I did start out trying to level almost solely through WoD dungeons but the exp really wasn’t that great. I was lucky that BT and Twice, a guildie from Deadline, both still had low level warlords toons and came and qued a few dgns with me which made running multiple dgns more interesting but tbh the early ones just weren’t that exciting. Up to 97 I only had access to 3, Slag Mines, Iron Docks and Auch. Actually I didn’t find Slag Mines that bad, I had fun trying to round-up as many groups of ogres as I could per pull.

Once I got to 97 though I ended up stopping questing and running dgns and used a couple of the big experience elixirs and turned into a treasure hunter and bonus objective completer only. Doing just that,  she hit 100 really quickly, and as a bonus most of the strength treasures she picked up upgraded to Epic so I had gear to replace my outdated heirlooms at 100.

Merrah - Lvl 100

I started Khadger’s quest for the ring, though there’s no way I could even think about completing it in the next month but the initial 640ilvl ring was a massive upgrade from the 605 I had on. I had been dreading Skyreach, knowing I’d have to do it eventually but it was incredibly easy and half the mechanics I don’t really like.. as a tank I could almost basically ignore them. A brand new tank is way more fun to play than a brand new healer.

I had to take her through Silver proving grounds to get into heroics which was easy enough so I decided to stay and get gold as well. I’d like to see if I can get endless on her, something I haven’t bothered to get on Z.

Tank Gold Proving Grounds

One thing I didn’t think about though, until I asked Hip and Twice to do a guild dgn with me though (talking constantly through bnet chat takes away the feeling of being away from everyone).. is she’s on another realm. If I want to level her up after Z in Legion, I won’t be seeing my guildies that much and any runs I do won’t be guild runs. I’m almost tempted to use the 11th slot I’ll be getting on Barth to boost a warrior and put a demon hunter on another realm.

I haven’t looked at what class changes Legion is bringing for Prot Warrior. Hopefully she’ll still be as fun to play after the patch goes onto the live realms tonight.


More Tanking Adventures

I really enjoyed seeing the Cata Dgns again. I can’t really say zones as I started in Hyjal, did a couple of quests while quing for dgns and then basically skipped all the way to Twilight Highlands where Hip really kindly took me through the Arena, qued for a few more dgns and hit level 85 and that was the end of my time in the Cata zones.

Cata Arena - Merrah and Hip

The Cata dgns was great though. One thing I’ve seen is how different each run can be depending on the different groups I get. When I zoned into The Stonecore for the first time, the 4 people there were already halfway through and had been waiting a while for a tank and  all were so happy when I zoned in that it was a really friendly run. It was  nice, even if their confidence was simply at seeing a tank role – they no idea of how I was going to be, but we finished the run  easily. They asked me to stay and spam a few dgns with them. They were a fantastic group so I was happy to stay with them for quite a while. At one point in Blackrock Caverns the hunter pulled all the mobs in a room and apologised so much until I said it was fine the mobs had to die anyway. They were so sweet that I didn’t get cross at them for pulling everything but the damage was so high that I really didn’t mind, things were just exploding and the healer was good enough even with the extra damage.

Then I took a break and the first new dgn I zoned into was Lost City of Tol`vir in Uldum (One of my favourite Cata dgns). And the healer was a pita. He got pissed I wanted to kill the 2nd quest mob after the 1st boss (there’s one on each side of the boss). He ran down to the next section and sat there calling me and the other dps nubs because we didn’t know the way to the next section and even when I said we’re killing the quest mobs (yay for my self-healing abilities as he refused to move back to us) he just bitched that we could come back later and that we had to go back that way anyway. No idea what the heck he meant by that because you don’t come back that way after killing the boss unless its to turn in quests and he wasn’t on the quest so he didn’t have to go back there anyway.

Then we get to the turn off to go to the crocodile boss and he didn’t want to do that one, more comments about me not knowing the way through the dgn  /sigh. So I just led the dps around the trash and we took the boss while he eventually caught up still complaining. When we got to the 3rd boss  2 dps died from standing on the ground DOT under the boss  so we killed it slowly. At this point the healer did have a point about not being able to heal through stupid but as the 2 that died weren’t in heirlooms I wasn’t going to be a prick as they could very well be seeing the dgn and even the game for the first time and just said there’s a dot under that boss, be aware for next time.

He refused to rez them and one of the toons who had died, a DK, zoned in before my mass rez went off so had a  run back. I was standing at the top  of the platform in front of the last boss waiting for the DK  because he  wasn’t far by then and he was fairly good on dps when the mouthy healer pulls the boss with penance and then complains about how long it’s taking to kill and that the healer had to attack mobs to get things dying.

I eventually told him that had he not pulled without a person we’d be killing much faster and to back off.. and he was off on a tirade about nub tanks, nub dps, blah blah.. I just called him a dick and left it at that and with a parting shot he dropped group. Once we killed the boss, I immediately requed with 2 of the dps and was in Vortex Pinnacle when a lvl 1 hunter whispers me telling me I’m the shittest tank he’d ever seen, didn’t know my way through dgns and I should go to being a ps or xbox console player and then logged off without waiting for my response to get to him which actually was “lol u so mad”… I can be childish too😀.  I have to find it rather funny that he took the whole thing so over the top to follow me to another realm. Hopefully he cooled off for his next group.

After that I hit 85 and got into MOP dgns. So I tanked my way through Jade Serpent and Stormstout Brewery twice each and Shadowpan Monastery once before it was time for bed, finishing up at 87.

I know I’m definitely not the greatest tank, but I don’t think I’m truly terrible. I possibly can use more of my utility cd’s more often but I rarely die, use all my personal dam red cds at lot,  interrupt a crap ton (do leveling dps not know about interrupting /sigh) and generally have all the mobs beating on my face and no one elses.  I’m pretty sure with more practice I’d pick up the finer points. I was thinking of asking some tanky friends to  come with me and give me some pointers if they feel I’m messing up but that’s so nerve wracking  – having my ability put under the microscope. But it’s a great role and almost as fun as healing so I might suck it up and just ask for feedback to become better.

A Feat of Strength for Alting About

Gnomecore  brought to my attention that there is going to be a Feat of Strength for completing 12 different Class Order Campaigns: A Legendary Campaign. This is one I’m really looking forward to. An achievement for bringing up a ton of alts is awesome and guarantees I’ll have them all leveled by the end of the expac.

So far this expansion I’ve reached 100 on 9 toons (8 classes) with the 10th now sitting at 91, so barring some exceptional circumstance she’ll be at 100 by expac end as well. The Rogue and Monk are both sub-100 though so they’ll need to be leveled a lot more to get them up to starting Legion.

At the moment this is the list of toons that will be the ones that I’m intending to take to end level. I have their counterparts on Alliance but most are not 100 over there so doubt they’ll be leveled before these ones are.

  1. Druid – Zeera (H)
  2. Mage – Jazria (H)
  3. Hunter – Elkina (H)
  4. Shaman – Totzie (H)
  5. DK – Eleara (H)
  6. Warrior – Meerah (H)
  7. Rogue – Keladora (H)
  8. Paladin – Amarlia (H)
  9. Monk – Zhii  (A) (possibly Zalai (H) if I was to level her to 100 before I get around to levelling Zhii)
  10. Warlock – Arzira (H)
  11. Priest – Talarial (H)
  12. Demon Hunter –  (TBD)

I can’t wait to see all the different order hall campaigns and collect the different artifact weapons. I wonder after starting to level all these toons if the same enthusiasm will be there.. be interesting to see what my blog post in a year or two will look like

The levelling continues..


So far my motivation to get the Warrior to 100 hasn’t dropped. I’ve been pretty much spending most of my wow time levelling her.  She’s sitting at 81 and  I’m still pretty surprised how much I’m enjoying playing the tanky role.

I’ve run through the first two cata dgns and they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be. The first one I did smack on reaching 80 and I seemed really squishy and it  was rather painful for my healer apparently as I was a “paper-thin tank”.. it wasn’t until we got to the last boss that I realised my heirlooms hadn’t upgraded to cata stats and I was pretty undergeared. Poor healer. But we did finish the run so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. No /leavegroup of shame had to occur.

After I hit level 81 and my gear had all upgraded to 272 and with a couple of 300 drops I felt much less squishy.  Apart from The Occulus I have so far tanked my way through every dungeon at least once, and some many, many, MANY times (hellfire ramps and The Nexus – I’m looking firmly at you here).

I’m really enjoying the tanking role though it’s way more nerve-wracking than healing. Sometimes no one will move unless I do, so on the few times I’ve dithered about where to go – the whole dgn has come to a standstill as I look at my map. At other times people decide to go the wrong way, pull all the shit or just generally be stupid and tanking turns into herding cats and pulling mobs off their faces and wondering what the hell they are doing down that corridor and basically away in Narnia when the other 4 of us are somewhere else.

I was afraid I wouldn’t know the dgns well enough to tank them but I’ve surprised myself, even Lower Blackrock Spire wasn’t the quite the mazey nightmare I had been dreading. I guess after so many years of running alts through multiple dgns,  even if they are mainly healers something has sunk in. I actually had a healer ask to add me to bnet in one of the later LK dgns because she wanted to be able to queue with me as we kept levelling up. That I took as a bit of a compliment because there have been tanks I wanted to keep running with at times when I’m leveling healers.

I love running through a boss and making it turn around to face me, and when I run into a mob and thunderclap and all their attention is on me! Ultimate role for an attention seeker:) but seriously the most ultmately fun spell would be charge. It’s pretty fun when I get knocked up and away into the air to be able to  charge back whilst mid-air to the mob that sent me flying.  I glyphed my ranged throw to also silence so I can run into a mob, throw my silencing sword at a caster standing over a mile away, have it run in, while pummeling (also a silence) another caster and then I can drag all the mobs where I want. This might not be standard Warrior practice but it works for me.

Even though I’m levelling on a different realm, my friend Hip from my main guild  has been absolutely fantastic and  whispered me out of the blue at 65  and offered to run me through the Nagrand Arena, which I had forgotten about, for the extra xp then did the same for the Zul’drak one and said see you at 84 for the Cata one. He’s levelling a baby toon atm so  I’ll do the same for him once he’s up to the right levels but for him to be keeping an eye on my toon and offer to do that for her was pretty awesome.

Merrah - Blood and Anguish

  Merrah and Hip

So I can’t wait to get back online tonight and see how much closer to 85 I can get her. I think I’ve got a pretty viable chance to get her to 100 before Legion drops. I am  going to hit all my friends up to run dgns with me at 100.. so let me know if you’d be willing to queue up with a slightly noobish tank ;p


I’m still levelling my Monk Panda with my friend BT on his Warrior Panda solely through dungeon spamming and both pandas are currently sitting at 59 and just finished their first BC dgn last night.


She’s feeling a bit stronger now but still compared to other healers I’ve brought up – I don’t feel as strong as I’d like. I noticed on my warrior that I’m mainly being healed by druids or priests, occasionally shaman but I hardly ever see monks or paladins. Monks I don’t like healing me that much tbh.. that’s when I tend to die or have to keep my personal damage reductions running on cooldown.  And BT has a few deaths with me healing him.. at 50 I got my bubble damage reduction and finally I feel like I can mostly keep him up in an oh-shit situation.

Sleeping Panda

A lot of the healing weakness might have to do with me as opposed to the class so I can’t be too disparaging about it though. Monk healing though would hands down probably be the prettiest healing in the game with the aqua spells that flow from her.