A home.. decorated at last!

Oh Boy it’s been a while… I’m still here, still playing games, though not quite as much as I have been due to real life but it’s still been all good.

ESO is still going well. Its the Halloween festival again which was on when I started playing a year ago! Happy anniversary to me. I can’t believe it’s been a year!! ESO has worked it’s way into my heart.

I’m still working my way through the many many quests on offer. I’ve finished the base game and got my Cadwell’s gold achievement for completing all 3 faction’s base game quests (still love that faction choice only matters in PVP, not PVE faction) and am now off in the snowy lands of Wrothgar, home of the Tamriel Orcs.

In the meantime between questing, I’ve been working on finishing decorating the Snowglobe house. It has a housing limit of 600 items and I’ve put in 400 so still a bit of room to go but I’m really not sure if it needs much more, so I feel it’s finished (for now).

I entered it into my housing guilds weekly challenge this week. The theme is cozy home and I think it’s so cozy!

Luckily doing a lot of questing rewards a fair bit of gold because decorating this house has not been cheap.

I’ve already got my eye on the next house though, I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike and then I’ll be off on another decorating journey.

Stay Tuned!


Darkshore Warfront: First and Last time

With 8.2 dropping and seeing lots of blog posts and hearing friends talk about the new content, I thought I’d resub for a month and have a look at what’s new.

I started out by catching up on the older war campagin story I hadn’t finished and and went along to see what the Darkshore Warfront had in it as I hadn’t seen it before.

That was the first and only time I’ll be stepping foot into that place. It was non stop killing of Druids and Druid grove protectors.

Not for me at all.

Hopefully I’ll be able to skip the rest of the 8.1 campagin content and jump straight into 8.2 where hopefully it won’t be so focused on the faction war and more us against the big bad again.

I dont’ always link my twitch account but it’s mounts when I do!

Bethesda was at E3 this past week and ESO had a promotion to receive a mount if you linked your twitch account and watch the Bethesda special annoucements.  Since I was going to watch anyway, a free and pretty mount thrown in was a bonus!

Isn’t my new regal Senche Tiger gorgeous!!

Snugpod.. a new house!

One of the guilds I’m in in ESO is focused on housing and holds regular design challenge with different themes. This month’s challenge is to decorate a house in the Wood Elf style.

I haven’t quite finished decorating my snow globe house as I’m about out of ideas of how I want to finish it.  so decorating had stalled for a few weeks until I read the new challenge theme and got all motivated to decorate (and finish) a Wood Elf house.

There aren’t that many Wood Elf themed houses in the game but one of them is Snugpod,  a very small little egg shaped tree pod,  I’ve been thinking about buying for ages.  It’s in a great location, you can step out the door and you’re right next to a way shrine (teleportation portal), crafting station and the daily dungeon quest giver and it’s super cute to boot.

Snugpod has quite a small floor base but stretches vertically for quite a while so I decided to work across 3 levels, and go up.

The base house very empty!

In ESO, Wood Elves, or Bosmer as their official name, are forest dwellers who have chosen to live by the “green pact”. This means they won’t harm living  plants or trees or eat anything plant based. Meat eaters only, they’re  vegans in reverse essentially. Their furnishings mostly relies on stone, leather and bone.

I created two mini forests on the ground floor and set the rest of the bottom space aside for a cooking and dining area.


I’m thinking the Bosmers must have great night vision because I can’t find too many lighting options in their style, so the entire house is a little dark. I might look into some other options for lighting that doesn’t break the Bosmer style, like hiding candles in the garden.

The second floor I set aside for a small bedroom; furs under a leather tent to keep the traditional Bosmer house feel. While Wood Elves won’t cut living wood, they have been known to trade with races who do use wood, so I’m using that as  technicality to explain the  wooden flooors on the two levels. I can’t find a decent subsitute in stone for the platforms, so wooden planks it is.

I’ve set it aside the very top level for a storage area but so far it doesn’t really hold too much.



The house has space for 200 furnishing items and so far I’ve only used 81 so I have tons of room to add more pieces if I’d like but I’m pretty happy with my little house as it is for now.


Is ESO about to be inundated with toxicity?

A massive point in ESOs favour, aside from the gameplay, is how lovely as a whole the community is. Each zone has their own chat equivalent to WoWs single trade chat with a very obvious difference, toxicity and trolling are almost non existent in ESO compared  to WoW which is a hot toxic mess. Over the past months I’ve found ESO a lovely atmosphere  to play in.

It’s not the first time I’ve  come across this difference in games before, during my long break in Legion to go play FFXIV I was surprised by how friendly the community was compared to WoW. Its often made me feel the very game design of WoW must inspire and promote the general rudeness that prevails in chat or random dungeons.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a change in the tone of zone chats and more posts on the ESO forums of players calling themselves WoW refugees but often with the same mindset of WoW players, making suggestions of how ESO could recreate features from WoW.

The beauty of ESO is it’s  more than just  the gear game that WOW is now about. The quests are so well done with distinct stories as opposed to mindless kill for x item, that it’s a real shame seeing people asking for the fastest way to get to max level on their first toon or ways to min max before even reaching the first milestone in the combat power/champion points level.

Today I read on the forums that Asmongold, a huge WoW streamer is trying out ESO. His streams arent to my taste, aggressive and argumentative in my opinon but he undeniably commands a massive WoW audience and influence. Reading posts his followers have made on the WoW forums generally cements in my mind they belong in what I term the Toxic WoW camp.

I so hope that doesnt mean ESO is about to face an influx of toxicity from a large wave of WoW refugees. The two games have a vastly different feel in community and I dread the thought of ESO being ruined and becoming a cresspit of rude disgruntled people.

Hopefully either the game isn’t to their taste and they leave before spoiling the world or the general niceness rubs off on them.

Interesting times.

A bit (lot!) more decorating.. just don’t ask me how much I’ve spent!

After my last post about decorating, I really got bit by the home-making bug and I decided the slow route of as I learnt the patterns was, well just too slow.

My ESO gold had mounted up fairly significantly during all the questing, so I decided why not go for a bit of splurge and went on a shopping spree for my little house.

I settled on a mostly Redguard theme which is vibrant reds and golds and opulent desert themes and started out visting guild traders to see what was on sale.

ESO doesn’t have one joint Auction house like WoW. but instead each guild (if they have a trader) can offer their items to the public though NPC traders spread around the world.

I have a long way to go yet but I’m starting to be quite happy with how it’s turning out. Lighting in ESO doesn’t seem to be the brightest so I really need to invest in a lot more candles and lamps as it’s rather dark inside.

I’m utterly in love with this sideboard and knickknacks. Not a big fan of the lights on the railing behind though, they’re bigger than I was expecting. I think I’ll move them outside later when I find a better lighting solution for inside.

The kitchen is looking a little more kitchen-like; the solitary apple has been joined by hanging beets and kebabs. Don’t laugh too much, it’ll get there eventually!

Downstairs has had a major makeover. I decided to make the awkward little chambers into their own distinct rooms through adding in some extra walls and drapes.

The bedroom hasn’t changed too much so far, though it’s missing a few homely touches to make it feel more like a bedroom.

I’ve set aside this room to be a bathroom. (The  wooden tub gives it away right??)

There’s a gorgeous bath you get from the crown store that I’ve got my eye on. I want a super luxurious spa room my toons can go to and make me jealous (I don’t have a house with a bath, only a shower and I’d love one).

My play time has become really limited again as I’ve started work again. Yay!! I was only out of work for 2 weeks but it felt like it was forever so I’m very glad the forced holiday is over. The new job is less than a block from my old job but slightly longer hours so I’m still adjusting to the difference.

And on that note.. I’m off to bed.

More housing adventures soon.

Decorating my House… slowly

I’m still having the best time decorating my house in ESO. I’m doing it very slowly as I’m making the pieces myself when I pick up a new furnishing pattern that I have the materials and skill for.

The house itself is so gorgeous. The outside is set in a  frozen wonderland of snow and glittery chilly rivers

When you go through the front door, you enter into the main floor space with a cozy fireplace. I’ve added small touches like a rug and a cabinet to start storing some of the smaller pieces I’ve collected and crafted. Every month or so there are free statues to collect for your house and they’re starting to mount up. I’m planning to make a long shelf to store them all in one place but for now I’ve got them dotted around the house.


You can go up into the tower and look out over the grounds. I’m not sure what the fire is meant to be at the top of the tower but it is quite pretty.

There’s a downstairs part which I’m starting to decorate as different themed rooms. Eventually I’ll find a pattern for curtains or a nice room divider and then I can make each alcove into seperate rooms. I’m in love with the bedroom I’ve made. I think I’d be happy sleeping in it for real!

I’ve set aside a space for a kitchen but I don’t have very many kitcheny pieces yet.. the apple is about it at the moment.

Having a space to decorate, and being able to make the pieces myself is utterly awesome. Everytime I loot a new pattern or furnishing I get really excited. I can also buy patterns or pre-made furniture from other players off the guild stores but to be honest, making it myself is a big part of the fun at the moment.

I can’t decide yet on what style I want to make my house. All the architecture styles for the different races in Tamriel are represented in the 1000s of patterns you can find and all the different styles are really distinct. Because I don’t have that many patterns yet, I’ve just been making whatever appeals to me but eventually I’ll sit down and decide on which particular style I like the most. At the moment I’m leaning towards either Redguard or High Elf but we’ll see what I eventually settle on. I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures when the house is finally finished.



Questing in ESO. Making sense of nearly 5 years of content

ESO has been out since April 2014 and there’s a lot of content in the base game and more has been added through DLCs and Chapters over the years.

As a new player coming into the world it’s been a bit daunting trying to work out the best way to see the content, and do the quests in an order that makes sense. ESO has level scaling which means I can quest anywhere I choose at any level, so I wanted to make a plan to work through the zones and stories in a way so they aren’t a jumbled mess by the end.

After having a bit of a read around the internet, I’ve come up with a plan that should show me the zones mostly in they order the released in, as well as making the most sense story-wise.

The Grand Questing Plan.

Aldmeri Dominion.  My Warden’s an Altmer so she’s automatically part of the Aldmeri Dominion so that’s where she started. Their questing zones are: Khenarthi’s Roost, Auridon, Grahtwood, Greenshade, Malabal Tor, and Reaper’s Marsh.

Fighters Guild and Mage’s Guild quests concurrently with the Aldmeri zones as they take part in the same zones.

Main Story Quest. This one runs concurrently as well, as you get offered quests to progress the main story as you level up.

Coldharbor. The first DLC all about the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal trying to pull  Tamriel down into his demonic realm in an event called the Planemeld. The Main story finishes in Coldharbor.

Cadwell’s silver – Ebonheart Pact. After you finish the Main Story, Cadwell (an NPC you meet in Coldharbor) offers you the chance to go back and see the other faction’s quests. You don’t loose any of your levels or skills, you just get to go and do all the other quests that you would have seen if you choose a different faction.
The Ebonheart Faction zones are: Bleakrock Isle, Bal Foyen, Stonefalls, Deshaan, Shadowfen, Eastmarch, The Rift.

Cadwell’s gold – Daggerfall Covenant –  The final faction’s quests. Daggerfall Covenant’s zones are: Stros M’Kai, Betnikh, Glenumbra, Stormhaven, Rivenspire, Alik’r Desert, Bangkorai.

Orsinium – The 2nd DLC. The zone events are set after the Planemeld but before the events of next set of DLC’s which cover an event called the Daedric Wars. One of the guides I read said to do this DLC after you complete the Daggerfall Covenant Zones, which is why I decided to put Cadwell’s Silver and Gold in first.

Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood are the assassins of the game and is a DLC set in Hew’s Bane zones. It has recurring characters that come into it from the 3 factions. I’ve put it after Cadwell’s so I know all the characters that come into it.

Thieves Guild. The Thieves Guild quests are in a DLC that is set  in the Hews Bane Zone.  It’s also set after the Planemeld but with stand alone characters.

Morrowind.  This is a chapter, which has more content than a DLC and starts the Daedric Wars storyline.

Clockwork City. A DLC that continues the Daedric Wars story

Summerset Isles. A chapter that continues the Daedric Wars Story

Murkmire. Another DLC that seems to be a standalone story arc. It happens after the Planemeld as there aren’t references to it, and you meet some of the people from Morrowind in it so I’ve decided to place it last in the questing order.

And hopefully I’ll have worked through all of the above quests before June and just in time for the next chapter, Elsewyr (All about the home of the Khajiits) to release.

Whee, That’s a pretty ambitious list. So far I’ve completed the Aldmeri’s quests, Mages/Fighters Guild, Main Story and Coldharbor and just started on Ebonheart Pact. It’s going to take me a very long while to work through all the rest.

Can’t Wait!!


Quest and Flavour Text in ESO

I’m utterly lovely questing through ESO mostly due to the quest text and voice acting each quest has. Some of the lines are really awesome and delivered in just the right way to tickle my funny bone.

I love the word ‘lollygagging’. Having a grumpy, pompous elf use it at me was great.

Cadwell is voiced by John Cleese. I know him best from Monty Python. Anything and everything that he says in-game is perfect! ‘Knickers in a twist’ is such a great phrase when he says it.

The flavour text on objects can be really funny too. The Khajiit are the playable cat race in Tamerial; finding someone has taken the time to make rules for kicking them seems a bit harsh.

The world is full of books you can click on and read. A lot of them are lore stories or give insights into people or cities in the world, but then some of them are just a little bit naughty.

I love the below story, the double talk and risqué topic was great to sit and read. I’ve not been having any luck finding Volume 1 or 3 though which is sad. I’d love to know more.


Dragonray asked where are the bloggers? I’m here, just being quiet.

Dragonray asked the other day where have all the bloggers gone as she’s noticed that her feed has gone a little quiet and wasn’t sure if people were still playing or moved onto different things.

I’ve been really guilty of not blogging that much lately and it’s mostly because I’m not playing WoW at all at the moment and that’s what I’d normally blog about. Something about BFA just hasn’t grabbed me, (being deliberately generic there because if I started listing all the things in BFA that didn’t grab me we’d be here all night).  Instead I’m playing a lot of ESO (remember that post where I wished ESO would be the game that pulled me away from WoW?), and just not talking about it as most of everyone that reads here has come because I’ve been talking about WoW so I don’t really feel I have a huge list of people interested in ESO chatter.

On top of that too though, the start of 2019 has been a particularly shitty one. My mum had her leg amputated on my birthday in the 2nd week of January which wasn’t a great start to the year. Silver linings though, I got to spend my birthday with her which I haven’t had the chance to do for many years and Dragonray bought me a gorgeous birthday cake at our next D&D meetup so I got 2 birthdays!

Then to keep the bad times rolling, I got laid off last week. There’s been a big downturn in the industry I work in, and I worked in a company where I was the only employee so when the boss had to tighten his belt due to reduced work, first up to go was my wages.. and me. So I’m job hunting a lot at the moment and freaking out a little in case my savings don’t get me through to a next job, my rent is pretty expensive and no income coming in is not a great thing.  I had already suspended my WoW sub for a brief break but tightening my own belt means I won’t be resubbing until I have a job. $15 a month isn’t much but it’s a luxury I don’t want to cover for at the moment. Luckily ESO is perfectly playable with no sub, so I’ll still be playing over there.

So that’s where I’ve been this year.. how are you all going?

BTW, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.. my Altmer had a pretty green dye job just for the day!