Raiding and Mythic Plus Dungeons

Last night was night 2 of our usual raid group so we went back in and picked up at Heroic Spellblade and we spent the majority of our raid night on her. Our main problem was we weren’t handling Phases 1 and 3 well at the start. Phase 1 had the Mark of Frost debuff go out on pairs of people and they needed to remove the debuff by running into each other and we had lots of fun and games where people would remove the debuff with the wrong pair, so you’d end up with someone with low stacks and someone with high stacks still left, or people’s health too low to stand the explosion that comes when the debuff is removed.. all those fun and game things which resulted in a lot of dead bodies too early into the fight.  We resorted to actually calling who was paired with who and the Marks started to be a lot less mis-managed. Still incredibly damaging though. I was really glad of Inner Peace for this fight as I could tranq 3 times during it.

I also took Incarnation which I very rarely take in raids but found it worked really well as a mini-cd during phase 2 where the fire ads were up. I had Trav our balance druid, innervate me during it so I could throw out instant mana-free regrowths, and the huge benefit of a balance druid innervate is that it comes along with a 10% haste buff for the duration of innervate! My innervate doesn’t include that little bonus.

Phase 3 was a lot of running away from purple bouncing balls and I was so glad of 2 monks, because we chained my tranq and their revivals through it. If we didn’t have mobile cooldowns for that phase I think it would have been much harder. I couldn’t imagine having to stand still and cast Divine Hymn like our priests do.

We had decided we’d stay on her until 10pm and then go look at another boss if we weren’t making headway and luckily she died right on 10pm. Half the raid went afk after it for a break so the screenshot below is just the ones that stayed around 🙂


Then it was onto Krosus, who was so much easier. I had notes that our cooldowns would be used for Slam and for the Orbs that have to be ran out but I found that the orbs didn’t need any cds as long as it was run away enough and that Slam really did need cooldowns but we didn’t have enough to cover them all so we started soaking a few of the early slams so we’d have them up for the later ones when they seemed to get more damaging. I went back to cultivation so our shadow priest started stealing Trav’s innervate for the haste. I’m thinking about trying Incarnation again for next week because I could work using it into covering the slams that we were soaking.

Again no photo for Krosus, apparently if there’s no boss body, I forget about taking photos.  We had one pull on Star Augus because it was basically end of raid by the time we cleared trash to him and pretty much the entire raid exploded on one of his abilities. I think we all need to read up on the heroic version of that fight before we go look at him again.

I used our normal lock to go back into the and poke around and take more screenshots without any mobs to get in the way. I do love this raid so much. I’d seriously want to live there if I was able.

Then I went and ran a couple of Mythic Pluses with guildies. With the easier affix’s (Sanguine and Overflowing) I really wanted to do a few higher ones this week, so we did a Darkheart Thicket 13 and then Eye 14. I am seriously in love with Mythic pluses, they are such a challenge that also require you to think outside the box to get through and around pulls to make that timer.  Darkheart Thicket, we just made the timer in and got one chest out of there. It wasn’t too bad but the cats that jumped on me were nearly a one shot, every ability was pretty damaging.

Normally I run cultivation and germination in dungeons but I decided that we’d be up against some pretty strong and long boss fights as the 3rd affix was Tyrannical,  which meant increased boss health and damage dealt.  so I decided to try out incarnation. I’m actually really glad I did as it came in really handy as a mini cd on packs of mobs as well as all the bosses.


The key upgraded to Eye 14 so we decided to give that a try as well. I was a bit nervous as the last Eye I tried was a 12 and it was pretty crap,  though we had wildly different affixes this time. It was actually not too bad, and we worked out way through to the last boss without too many troubles but then we got to the last boss. As the other 4 were melee, the Arcane Bomb debuff targeted me constantly and I screwed up taking it out to  a safe place so I died on the first two attempts. It meant we were just out of the timer which was not a nice feeling knowing if I hadn’t screwed up we would have made it.  On the third attempt I rifled through my bag and threw on a different combo of gear to change my stats to try to get more healing pumping out and was incredibly careful with taking Arcane Bomb out and we killed it.


Dys looted a crit/haste ring which he didn’t want so kindly passed to me as I’m trying to increase my crit over haste for raids so any crit gear is welcome.

I’m ridiculously impressed by the amount of healing I put out on that one fight, but it also shows just how much damage was going out on everyone. I’ve started using Cenarian Ward quite a while before the pull, it lasts 30 seconds on a person then damage turns it into a heal so if I pre-cast it really early it’ll be up again not too long into the fight which helps with getting the max amount of hots onto the tank per fight.  And something I haven’t tried yet but really need to look at is using bear form and frenzied regeneration as it returns a lot of damage I take as healing so I can quickly heal up any big hits I take. It’s part of the Guardian affinity toolbox and something I haven’t been using at all, mainly taking Guardian simply for the damage reduction.

Next step is to actually beat the 14 timer and then I’ll be one step closer to getting into 15s. Since there’s an achieve for 15, that’s pretty much my focus. I’m so impressed by the people out there that are already running 20s, I can’t imagine how they’re getting through it, at 14 one mistake is pretty much a one-shot. I really hope I’ll be healing numbers like that by the end of the expansion.


Nighthold, visiting Guldan

Warning: Some of the photos are spoilers, especially the Gul’dan ones so be aware if you keep reading 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve raided 3 nights in a row but it was really awesome there were enough people in the guild that were interested to keep coming back until we cleared Nighthold and could see the full raid.

We went back in the night after the official guild raid and got the 7 of the bosses cleared through on normal. We flew through the first 3 as we had already done them on heroic and we knew the fights and the damage/mechanics were a lot easier on this difficulty. Spellblade Auriel went down really easily compared to her heroic counterpart who had caused us trouble, but we used a different positioning for her fire adds which should help in heroic. We placed them in a semi circle around her, rather than off the side, so melee dps didn’t have to take time out to run to them.. which would have been awesomely easy compared to where we had been stacking them in heroic except we found in normal the adds don’t stay in the one place but instead run around once they spawn. Oh well, at least the pools they spawned from were placed nicely.


I loved the Krosus fight, but didn’t take any photos, no idea what I was distracted by. But you’re on a bridge that he slowly demolishes side by side, so it’s a lot of ducking back and forth across it and avoiding a laser beam he shoots out. He kindly telegraphs which side he’s going to shoot it out by raising his arm so you have lots of time to move. He’d be no good in poker with such obvious tells I think.


Tichondrius was quite fun too, we all stayed stacked up on once side until carrion plague went out and then the plagued people ran away to the other side and stayed there so they didn’t infect us and then we ducked behind pillars he spawned at times. Apparently the pillars are more fragile in heroic so you have to be aware of how many people are stacking behind each one but in normal there wasn’t restrictions so we all just clumped together. Tich also has a healer only debuff in phase 3 which summons an add when dispelled. I didn’t end up getting it once so it seems it wasn’t healer wide.


My absolute favourite fight was the Star Augur. His room was really beautiful to begin with before the fight and then during the fight the walls drop away and we’re up among the stars. It’s so gorgeous and the fight mechanically wise was probably one of my favourites as well.

We came back the third night and started at Botanist. Turnout was a bit lower and we had a raid of 10 at the start. I forgot how much I love smaller raid sizes (I used to only raid with 10 way back before flexible raids were a thing) and it was just 2 tanks, 2 heals and the 6 dps. There was a lot of movement in this fight and we had all melee with us, I think it would be a lot easier with some ranged to help run over and soak the spores that spawned. But we got it down even with this set up. The garden the Botanist fight is set in was another beautiful room. I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous this raid is. It’s definitely first place on my list for beautiful raids now.

Then it was onto the final two bosses. I was so excited going through the portal to see Elisande. She really plays with time in this fight summoning adds that drop bubbles that can slow down time which were handy for the rings of orbs that spawn, more orbs to find gaps for..

And then Guldan. I was so excited when we were finally standing in front of this boss. He took us a few goes to get the mechanics right. During the fight he does a knock back to a few people and tethers them to the ground and to break the tethers you need people in there with you to absorb the damage when the bonds break. We found pretty quickly that you can really easily be knocked off the edge if you’ve not got your back to the centre and you get targeted. He was probably the most damaging fight, which is what I’d expect from the end boss, so I think on heroic we might be on him for a bit.

The cutscence once he died was absolutely amazing. Toco had told me on Wednesday that I was going to love the Guldan cutscene and he was absolutely 100% correct. Omg I am so excited for the rest of the expansion to unroll.

Another really cool benefit of killing Guldan was I could go talk to Occuluth in Shal’aran and get a quest for my Arcanists Manasaber as part of finishing the Insurrection quest line. This is the same model that my Druid turns into in travel form when masked in Suramar city but with one huge difference… it can fly!


I really loved seeing all of this raid, the fights were really interesting, and really varied which is great given how many bosses are in there and visually it is a stunning raid. By far one of the most beautiful raids I’ve seen. Given we’ll be in here for quite a few months to come, I’m really glad of the gorgeous scenery we’ll be surrounded by.




Nighthold, our first foray

I didn’t think I was that excited about a new raid but I found it really hard to concentrate most of yesterday because I kept thinking about what we might see that night, so maybe I was a lot more excited than I realised.

We decided that we’d go in on Heroic and progress as far as we could and if need be we’d turn it to normal. We ended up staying on heroic all night, and we’ve added in an extra raid tonight to go in on normal.


The first 3 bosses are set order so we went to Skorpyron first. I really like the way the raid is laid out. We start out by sneaking in through the sewers and each boss we kill lets us progress higher and higher. It’s a lot like Throne of Thunder in that regards, and actually the 3rd boss reminded me a little of Primordius in the way we trailed around the outside of his room avoiding pools he dropped.


We had the full 6 healers online which was too many as we only had 21 in the raid. I asked Monkfest to go dps and found out that he is happy dpsing as he mostly went healer for his old guild. He’s actually a really good dps so I’m glad he doesn’t mind being the swing healer as I was a bit worried he was getting annoyed being asked to swap all the time. That’s one concern solved.


One of the main things I noticed with this fight was the damage was nowhere near as high as I was expecting on heroic. I know I screwed up at one point and didn’t hide behind the crystals for Shockwave which meant I got thrown back into the outer ring and spawned adds, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one, but even with extra adds come in, we still got him down really easily.

I decided that I’d run Inner Peace for the night as the reduced tranq time would help with incidental  damage that we might take learning the fights. With so many healers Germination isn’t really that useful as most of the extra rejuv converts into overheal. The talent change tomes have been really nerfed in mat costs so changing talents from now on won’t be such a pain.

The 2nd boss, Chronomatic Anomaly was just hectic. I knew there were waves of  Temporal Orbs to avoid but I don’t think I did a very good job. I was expecting a lot bigger gaps between the lines. Luckily the damage wasn’t too much, it probably will be on Mythic, so I’m going to have to figure out exactly how I need to slip through the gaps or see if there is actually a bigger gap somewhere.


I love the colours of this ooze guy, he reminded me of the rainbow you get on an oilslick. I know there’s a few slime pets but I’m pretty sure there aren’t any with this colouring, it would be cool if there was a pet with his colourway hiding away.


The 3rd  boss, Trilliax was really awesome. I absolutely love that as part of his fight he throws actual cakes out that people need to run over and absorb. Every time Z ran over one, she got  a huge slice of cake in her hand, I’m going to have to try to get a screenshot of that.

As part of his mechanics he would run to the centre of the room and then put a beam out that he slowly moved around the room and then after a bit he changed the direction it was moving. I really liked that bit as it turned into a bit of a dance. I was trying to pick if it was random when he swapped directions or after a set rotation but I couldn’t decide.  Killing Trilliax gave an achievement for downing the first 3 bosses. Achievements are always lovely!


It was on this boss that Kub asked if we were taking screenshots for my blog because I had completely forgot so we have a proper screenshot of all us. God I love that my guild is so patient with all the rigmarole I put them through for this blog.


The last boss we saw for the night was Spellblade Aluriel. She pats around the terrace area so it made sense to make her the 4th so we didn’t have to dodge around her. The raid started to get really pretty around here and look more like Suramar City proper. I can’t wait to see the rest of it  and then when it’s finally clear I can take a stroll through and look around and see all the little details I haven’t had time to see.

Aglea and I had combined our Angry Assignment notes as the start of the night; he had done dps  notes and I put in healing ones and I had been tinkering with them throughout the night, adding and removing bits and pieces depending on what the fight actually looked like. On this boss particularly,  I kept tweaking where we were using cooldowns.  There were quite a few parts I was expecting “light” raid damage and it really needed CDs to cover.

This fight has a huge emphasis on add management and debuff management. It didn’t take too long to get people to know where to go depending if they had the Frost or Fire debuff on them but putting the adds close enough to each other to be easily dps’d down but not so close that they buffed each other took a few attempts. Then we were consistently getting to the 3rd phase were it was just a big game of dodge-ball with her Arcane Orbs. We had lost  Drew, our other Druid to a black out, so Monk came back to healing with us. I was really glad of my tranq and 2 revivals  as we could chain them and still move. We ended up getting her to 18% on our last attempt before raid night was over.

Hopefully with the normal run tonight we get to do a clear through. It’s not an official raid night though so I’m not sure how many will turn up. Our next Heroic raid night is on Sunday so hopefully I’ll have more pictures then 🙂



Random Tuesday Mutterings… and more Deadline Videos!

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week. You know I’m really enjoying doing the weekly wrap up, but it makes the weeks seem to go by so fast.. This is already the 3rd RTM and it feels like the year only started yesterday!

First up, Odyn randomly gave me a birthday present on Sunday of a new transmog set. I have no idea how he knew it was my birthday but he had a present ready which was nice. (Just on the off-chance all bosses were going to hand out birthday presents, I ran Zul’Gurub, Tempest Keep and ICC, but apparently they hadn’t looked at their calendars and didn’t hand over mount presents).


I did some more levelling on my Warlock. Hip was levelling his Pally in Val’S and we were at the same quest so we decided to level together to finish the zone and hit 102. My noobishness at Warlockery things came out though when I managed to get lost in my own order hall and couldn’t find the way back to Dalaran. I had to hearthstone out of my own hall. I made sure I paid attention to where I was when I zoned back in. Won’t be making that mistake again.


My Warlock also has a bedroom in her class hall. I can’t decide if I like it more or less than my Druid’s bedroom. I like the bed and the drapes a lot, but the succubus’ around it tends to detract a little. warlock-hall-bed

I’ve been really unhappy with my healing lately and decided to test out my theory that we have been overhealing our farm fights. So on Sunday’s last heroic TOV raid, I asked 2 of our healers to go dps.  We had 18 ppl and were doing heroic Odyn so I decided 3 healers was more than enough (we normally heal with 4 or 5, so complete over-kill on healers IMO).

It raised a couple of questions in the healing team if I was sure 3 would be ok. I was 99% sure we’d be fine with the lower amount but I did  keep  my fingers crossed during the fight hoping that it wasn’t a really dumb decision and we’d wipe miserably.  We actually did really good with the reduced healers and my healing skyrocketed (shameless Skada photo below) which helps confirm in my mind that Druids (or maybe just me) do crap when fights are overhealed.


Seeing that I can put out the numbers helps mentally with my healing as I’ve really been struggling with the idea that I’m healing lead but lately my healing figures have been dismal. I keep waiting for one of the healers to call me out as a fraud or something. I know healing lead is more about a crap ton of reading of wowhead and healing forums to know the fights and work on strategies for best timings for cooldowns etc, and then watch timers to make sure that cds go off when I want etc, and not just  being up on top of the meters. But lower healing makes me feel like I’m not qualified to do the job. Why should another healer listen to me if they can outheal me goes through my mind pretty often. So knowing I can heal when I need helps in a a small way to make me feel more confident but I do worry that I’m not pulling it off in every fight.

Twice has been recording again and made an entire movie out of one of our last runs through EN. Given we move out of Emerald Nightmare tomorrow and into Nighthold, it was great timing!

I love this video so so much. I can’t believe how much I miss in fights though; I never realised that behind Elerethe is a destroyed Thunder Bluff and I never realised that Ysera turns up on the Xavius fight. My head is always buried in watching my green health bars so I miss so much.

It’s long but it was great to watch. I hope he does one for the end of Nighthold too.

I collected a few more Artifact weapons. I’ve decided all alts that have tank specs will try  levelling as tank given how easy it was to level as a Blood DK. So my Warrior collected her Prot Sword and Shield and my Monk Collected her Brewmaster Staff. brewmaster-weapon wowscrnshot_011217_195545

And Z collected an invite for the Brawlers Guild.. now I have no excuse to not take her in there and have a look at the fights…. one day


And that was my week in WoW.. how was yours?




Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: 2017 Bucket List

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.

Yay,  it’s the first blog challenge post of the new year and it’s all about our WoW goals for 2017. My to-do list for WoW is always pretty long with no definite date set for having it completed,  but there are definitely a few things I do want to get through in 2017.  As part of this challenge is going to come back at the end of the year and see how we went, I’m going to keep this list to things I know I could do if I tried, as opposed to if RNG favours me.. so no be the proud owner of Invincible on this list.

1. The number one thing on my bucket list for 2017 is to get all the classes to 110.  I’m part way there with my Druid, DK, Hunter and Priest at 110. But by the end of the year I want the remaining 8 girls to be 110. All apart from my Monk are between 100 and 103, with the Monk trailing at 98, though she does have her Brewmaster Artifact.


It really doesn’t take that long to level a toon from 100 to 110 but even though we can go to each zone in any order, it’s still going to be a long slog taking 12 classes through the same content. If there was  completely different levelling quests for Alliance vs Horde I would consider bringing up an Alliance toon in there but since there’s not I’ll stick to all Horde.

2.  Finish the quest line for each of the Sharptalon pets and transform them into Mounts. I’ve been really slack and I haven’t gone more than 1 or 2 quests into the story for most of them. I’m guessing this means I’m going to have to go to LFR for the ones that need me to kill bosses in EN because once Nighthold comes out, it’ll be a while before my raid team is back in there.

3. Get Z her last 2 reputations for The Beloved title. It would make sense if I worked on the reputations for The Insane feat of strength as part of this, but that may not be the way it works out.

4. Finish the Fishing Legendary. Z hasn’t even started this one so she has a lot of work to do.

5. Get the Family Familiar achievement. I’ve done a few from each one but there’s a lot of pet battling that needs to be done before I even get one of the ach’s that go towards the Meta.

That really doesn’t seem like a massive to do list but  365 days can bring any number of unexpected twists and turns in even the best laid plans so I really look forward to seeing where I finally end up in the corresponding “how did I go post” at the end of this year.

What’s on your bucket list??


One night in Karazhan

I went into Karazhan the day it was released and cleared through and then I hadn’t got around to going back in. And I probably wouldn’t have except I was reading on the Resto Druid discord just how good Drape of Shame from the Maiden of Virtue was and I started talking about needing to go in there.

When I logged on last night, Elandrix said we should look at  getting a Karazhan run together so it ended up being Twice (wonder how confusing it is for the new people in our guild that Twice still gets called Twice despite changing to Rades, his DH), Elandrix on his pally and two newer members of our guild, Muns and Dys. I shouldn’t call them new really, it’s been quite a few weeks now they’ve been in the guild but outside of raiding I haven’t really been around them too much, so they’re still newish to me 🙂

Everyone in there, besides me, had been doing Kara pretty constantly so it was a super easy run. Dys was tanking on his druid (he’s normally a warrior tank in our raids) and I’ll put Druids up there as one of my favourite tanks to heal, their health is rather constant, not ridiculously spiky like a Demon Hunter.

We started out with a Nightbane run which was really fun, the guys gave me lots of tips along the way, E normally heals so he was telling me things to look out for. The Nightbane fight was really fun, there were 2 debuffs that went out on people. 1 did damage to the group on its expiry based on the amount of health the debuffed person still had, so I had to not heal that person, and they had drop their health as low as possible without dying to limit the group damage. The 2nd debuff spawned skeletons when it was dispelled so you had to heal through it as long as possible, which wasn’t too bad either.  I really like fights like that because they give healers something extra to look out for rather than just healing up damage.  I got the achievement too but completely forgot to screenshot it.

I was soo excited that the Smoldering Ember Wyrm dropped for me (it helped that the other 4 already had it lol) so I got a gorgeous new dragon mount!




I should be a Tauren, you get an extra sized mount!

The rest of the run went really smoothly, and way way quicker than I was expecting. E got a Drape of Shame from the Maiden as his loot and he really nicely traded it over so that was one thing off my wish list and when we got to the Mana Wyrm boss that dropped the mana return trinket he turned his spec to holy for an extra chance. It didn’t drop for anyone in the run but then.. I managed to bonus roll it! So that was the other thing off my wish list. I can’t believe I got both things I really wanted and a mount too! Such an awesome run.

I remembered this time to go find Medivh. He had some really good advice.


Then we went and did Court of Starts since E had a decent key. It went really well apart from the one trash pull that just exploded and with bolstering we ended up a mob with 400mil health. It was fun running with a mix of older and newer guild members, it’s really good that we seem to gel pretty well. It was a pretty good Friday night 😀

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Not a huge amount of interesting news this week at all. I killed enough goblins in Dalaran sewers to get both the portal to the Cow King for my ach and 12 string guitar toy and I also managed to get the blank tome and enough scrolls to make the town portal toy. While I shouldn’t look a gift toy in the mouth, I thought another hearthstone toy on the same cooldown was a little lacklusture. If I had my way it would have either done something like give you a banner you could place or turn you into a treasure goblin for a bit.



Z finally learnt all the AK that’s out at the moment, so world quests and dgns give a nice amount of AP now. I’ve maxed out both my resto and feral weapons so I’ll probably start putting all my AP back into my resto weapon.


I finally finished the Suramar questline, instead of doing the quests each week I’ve been saving them up for a  few weeks so I could feel it was more of a longer story than just a short snippet each week. And as a side bonus, by holding off for so long, I got a lot of AP as rewards as I was maxed on AK.

wowscrnshot_010717_185937And Z’s glider toy glitched out the other day and didn’t show up so I got to fly across a large portion of Highmountain as a flying kitty.


Patch 7.1.5 is out tomorrow and I’m not really that enthused. Strange but true.



Would you play on a Legacy Server?

When all the hype and drama about the legacy sever Nostalrius was going around a few months ago, I didn’t really get why people were so insistent on wanting to be able to play an older version of WoW. I honestly couldn’t see the point of wanting to play on a vanilla server, after all, the changes that have been brought in have pretty much universally increased the quality of life in the game so why would you want to go back in time?

But the more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I realise that a Vanilla server could offer something other than just nostalgia, especially for a player like myself that started post-cataclysm. With Cataclysm changing most of the world and removing many quests, it’s one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t start earlier and I didn’t get to see the world as it used to be.


The game I play today, is not the same game that someone who started in Vanilla would have seen and it honestly kills me that without a vanilla server to experience it, there are parts I will just never get to see for myself.



Regardless of whether the changes brought into the game have been for the better and offer incredibly increased convenience such as account bound mounts, bank crafting and linear quest zones it still doesn’t make up for not getting to see the game in its entirety.

Obviously though there are issues with legacy servers. They aren’t endorsed by Blizzard at all and to play on one can bring consequences as you’re playing Blizzard’s property without paying them for it. And I can’t see Blizz ever bringing their own out as there’s a ton of issues that would raise. Imagine the whining on the forums if it was thought there was an imbalance of support for the most current version because of legacy or vice versa.

But all the logical reasons in the world aren’t going to stop me wishing there was some way I could see and experience the world through Blizzard endorsed sources as it once was.





Down go the Dragons.. 4/7M now

We choose Dragons as our 4th boss to work on and it was actually much easier than I was expecting as we killed it on only our 3rd attempt.


The fight was incredibly chaotic and messy with loads of adds but we managed to work around it. I stayed outside for the duration,  I asked Jul our monk to go in the portals each time as he has really good movement and I figured he’d be able to make his way across to the different portals quickly and he did great.

I was working on us using our healing cooldowns during tank/dragon swaps as that’s when we’d have both the debuffs on us, but to be honest it was that chaotic that we ended up using our heals at own discretion. Given we were 65 yards apart at most times and it was pretty much rng what damage would go out where, if one side got volatile infection for example, it was really just two little healing teams rather than 1 so I relied that each team could talk to each other if needed.


Next up is Il’gynoth who has the reputation of being the worst boss in there.. according to two healing friends who have both killed him on Mythic, so it will be interesting to see how we go. After Dragons we had a few pulls on him. We initially tried staggering killing the first 8 blobs (in mythic the damage of blobs dying is huge so you need to stagger their deaths) by killing them in 2 groups but we died on the 2nd attempt of that strat so I suggested we blow up all 8 adds in one go and pop all the healing cooldowns. That worked much better than I was expecting and by the end of the evening we had managed to progress through to wiping at 2nd phase rather than wiping at the start. So hopefully we’ll have him down next week.

It’s bittersweet to know we’re so close to having had this raid cleared on Mythic before Nighthold, if we had just got the extra raiders a few weeks earlier, but at least we’ll be going into Nighthold with a strong team.

Watch this space and fingers crossed for a dead eye boss next week.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

A very brief post today because there hasn’t been much screenshotting or WoW playing happening in the last 7 days.

In WoW, my lovely guildies dragged my holy priest through a mythic 4+ which was awesome as there’s a number of heroics she hasn’t even finished yet. Lucky Blood DKs  can heal so well as Kub did nearly as much healing as I did.


I got 3 pieces out of there between my own loot and suitable pieces from my guildies. I really enjoy my holy priest and with E there (he mains a holy priest for our raid group) , he gave me a few tips which I took into the next dgn and it felt even better.

I opened up my rogue’s order hall because I was really interested to see where the secret passage was and I chose Assassination to collect the weapon on but I’m so fuzzy on how to play a rogue that it will take quite a bit of reading up on icy veins before I want to go play her.

Apart from that, it’s just been world quests for the emissaries chests I do each day still. Z got her 3rd legendary, Prydaz, which actually probably won’t be too bad for healing mythic dgns.

Hip and I made new toons in ESO as we had another guildie, Aglea come over and play with us and we decided to keep our other toons to play with him. We chose a different faction so all the quests are done in other zones so the game doesn’t feel repetitive playing 2 sets of toons. This one is a High Elf Sorcerer and she is so pretty!  It’s great playing with other people and such a visually stunning game.

And that was my week.