Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: Show off your alts..all your alts

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all posts for this topic on our shared blog website here.

I have a lot of alts, I tend to make them for a ton of different reasons; a server name catches my eye and I want to put a toon on it, or if  I have friends on a different server and I want to go join them for a bit or I’m just feeling bored and I want to go see levelling zones for a bit  I’ve capped out my main account a couple of times and had to delete alts to make room for more.

A lot of my alts never make it out of their low teens and they’re the ones I delete to make room for more, but there’s some that have been floating around for ages. Occasionally I get the idea that I should eventually level all the toons that exist on my account but it’s taking me so long just to get 12 to max level that I really don’t think that will ever happen.

This was fun going back through all my alts and having a look at them and remembering why I made them all.  Actually cataloguing my alts took me a bit to think about how to group then up, should it be by class or race, level or realm or by the amount of time I actually spend on them. In the end  I decided to group them by class and mostly if they were over level 20, I had way to many alts under level 10 to write about them all. I also noticed that I’m not super original in naming my alts, and there’s a lot of Zeirah’s sprinkled around.


Obviously this is my favourite class and the one I have the most alts of.

Zeirah the night elf was made when I changed my main Druid to Horde, so I could still play with my friends. She’s currently sitting at 102 stranded out somewhere in the middle of Stormheim.

Illari was made to see what the Worgan starting area was like and also to see if I would like to be a Worgan because I love the idea that I could run around in human form when not in combat. I found pretty quickly I don’t like the Worgan form even if I could get to be a human in the down time.

Zeirah, the Tauren druid was made just so I could have a Zeirah druid in Navi’s guild on Saurfang, she’s been sitting at 23 for a very long time now.

Bahuma, is only lvl 3 but she has so much sentimental value that I don’t think she’ll ever get deleted. A friend and I made Taurens so we could run down to Silithus for the Qiraji Guardling when it first came out. We put our Taurens on the Venture Co realm as it wasn’t cross realm at the time (maybe it still isn’t) so we hoped there would be a better chance of finding pets. It was such a fun afternoon running(pre-chauffered mount) baby toons across the zones, dodging mobs where we could and corpse dragging where we couldn’t.


Canji was my first hunter and I’m pretty sure she started life as a human. Now she’s night elf and she’s sitting back at 91, still in the Shrine in MoP.

Serentha‘s lvl 44. Made on Emerald Dream so I could go play on a RP server for a while. I didn’t actually end up getting into RP though. She’s standing in Dalaran because the last time I logged into her was to go see a transmog fashion show up there.

Zeirah was made on Archimonde server simply to level up for a pet that was obtainable through a guild achievement and there was a guild accepting people to join just for the pet. I can’t remember what pet it was, but it took her to level 33 to get the rep and the gold to buy the  pet and I haven’t been back.


Falu was my first priest and the very first alt I made. She got me hooked on the healing role. She started out as Draenei but I really don’t like how they look in dresses and priests have the nicest dresses so she became night elf pretty quickly.

Talarial was made so I had a priest when I went horde. She would be my most played alt next to Z. She actually levelled via RAF with Amarlia my Paladin and then I transferred Amarlia to my main account so I didn’t actually have to level another Paladin.

Trisella was to be my explorer toon, I had plans for this tiny gnome to wander the world on her bear, levelling by exploring rather than questing. She got to level 33, made it to the pet trainer in Booty Bay and stayed there. I log in to her occasionally to use the pet battle to level a pet from 1 to 7 in one fight. I made her on Aerie Peak and had her in one of the Convert to Raid guilds until she got kicked out for inactivity.


Hmm, I can’t believe I only have 1 mage. I guess that shows how reluctant I really am to level a mage again.

Jazria was my first (and only) mage and I really did love her to pieces until I discovered healing. She’s sitting at 101 over on Saurfang in Frostwolves with Navi. I find mages so squishy. I levelled her through MoP incredibly slowly and she hung around in WoD doing a quest here and there until my friend BT was levelling a tank and I went and tagged along with him. I’m not sure I would have got her to 100 any other way. I’m trying to decide if I level her in Legion as frost for survivability with her water bodyguard or fire because it looks like it would be awesome to play.

Demon Hunter

I made 2 Demon Hunters just so I could see the Demon Hunter story line from each faction.

Zidari just got to level 110 and is Havoc and is super fun to play. I don’t think I’ll really do much with her but I’m thinking she should make a great exploring toon as she can double jump into places my other toons can’t.

Elearia is my Alliance DH and I haven’t been back to her since getting her into Stormwind City. I made her go Vengeance just to be the complete opposite of Zidari.


I have made so many rogues and deleted them. I just couldn’t get into the class at all for a long while. My first rogue is Aerell and I know she started life as a human. I levelled her to 32 but she’s been in Stormwind as a guild banker alt for so long now though. She does have the prettiest dress in the game which I spent ages camping the vendor for as it’s also a really rare spawn.

Zeirah is 46 and sits in front of the pet trainer in Spires of Arak and has levelled up quite a lot just from pet battles in heirlooms. I think I took her down there in her low 20s mainly as an experiment to see if I could get a tiny alt into WoD. I brought her in through the Timeless Isle underwater cave portal which comes out in Gorgond and then she ran down to Spires. That was a fun adventure.

Keladora made it to lvl 100 with the help of a boost from 60 to 100 because I had a free boost and didn’t want to actually play her for another 40 levels. I’m not really looking forward to levelling her for another 10 levels mainly because I find her so squishy and I have no idea what skills I should be using on her.


Totzie‘s sitting at 104 and is pretty close in the line up of alts to level next. She started out as a Draenei to Goblin when she followed Z to horde.  She’s enhancement at the moment but I’m not enjoying it, so I’ll probably spec her back to Ele to level and then Resto at end level.

Zehra, who’s my only other Shaman was made just because I had an urge for an orc Shaman after running around in WoD for ages. That urge fizzled pretty quickly and she made it to all of level 9 but she looks amazing and every now and again I have an urge to turn Totzie into an Orc.


Merrah’s actually a really recent toon and  I think she might have been my fastest levelled toon from 1 to 100. Once I started playing her she seemed so strong and could survive anything so levelling was amazing as I could pull everything and live. Once I specced her Prot, she just got even better. She’s over on Aman’thul in my friend BT’s guild and occasionally I consider bringing her to Barth with my main toons but I’ve never got around to it. She’s tanked mythic dgns in WoD while seriously undergeared because I have awesome guildies that let me drag my tank along just because I was having so much fun on her and didn’t want to play a different class. She’s 101 now and has her artifact so she’ll be in the line up to be levelled soon enough.

Henrii is my only boy toon and for that reason I don’t want to delete him.He’s all of level 12 and not likely to get much higher. He’s been hanging out in Orgrimmar  for a few years now.


Paladin is one of the classes I would really love to love, they look awesome and they can use a sword/shield which give great transmog options and pally healers are usually amazing healers, but I just can’t get into the class at all.

Amarlia was my first pally and she was levelled as part of recruit a friend with Talarial, so maybe that’s part of the problem, she just levelled too fast to understand it. She’s currently 101 and I think I’ll level I’ll her as tank as I haven’t tried that spec yet.

Ivari was made to try to level a Paladin from scratch but she got dragged over to Winterspring to sit in front the pet trainer for a while then moved to Orgrimmar. I must have had plans for her but I feel bad now because I have no idea what they were.


Arzira started life as Gnome Warlock because I thought it would be so cute to have this tiny pink haired shortie commanding huge demons but then I started to be really unhappy with her as a Gnome because warlocks have the best robes of all the classes and you can’t even see them properly on a Gnome. When Z went horde, Arz went too and turned into a blood elf and now has the best wardrobe ever.

Eselina  is another alt that seems to have spent most of her life sitting in front of a pet trainer. I did make her because I wanted to play an undead toon, because I don’t have a single undead and I thought it would really suit a warlock. And I had the plan that I would level her the old-fashioned way with no heirlooms but when I moved Ivari away from the pet trainer, I needed someone to take her place and Ese seemed like the right choice.

Death Knight

DK would have to be one of my favourite alt classes. I’m utterly in love with how survivable blood DK’s are. All my DKs are main spec blood, even though I don’t really use them for tanking anything other than dgns.

Eleara is my main DK, she was the 3rd toon to get to 110 and she did most of her class campaign through being a tank, though there were a few dgns I chickened out of and went frost so I didn’t look like a real noob.

Bellmara was actually my first DK I levelled but when I went horde I left her behind and instead of faction changing her like most of my alts, I decided to level a new one. She’s currently sitting at the pet trainer outside Karazhan.


Zhii‘s my highest monk and has been on a whirlwind adventure of faction changing. I made her horde to join my Barth toons, then when Blizz offered free faction changes on Barth to try to even up the realm I swapped her to Alli, and then did nothing because as Alli on Barth your survival chances are rather low. I brought her back to Horde a few weeks ago to start to level her. She’s 98 with her Brewmaster weapon and I’ll probably take her back to WoD for the last 2 levels to make getting to 100 a little faster.

Jazria‘s level 54 and on Earthen Ring because I had an urge to make a toon on yet another RP realm (still haven’t rp’d with real people ) so she’s been hanging around wherever I last left her.

Zalai was one of those 3am ideas when I was on skype with a friend and we came up with a great toon name that we thought would suit a panda, so he made a panda warrior tank and I made a panda healing monk and they both got to 76 solely through dgn spamming together. Around the 70s the dgn experience isn’t enough to quickly level without seriously spamming the same dgns over and over so we slowed down on levelling them. And then Legion went live, so she may not get higher than 76 because I won’t play her without BT playing his warrior and we’re both busy elsewhere.

And that’s the round up of my alts!

How’s your alts going?


Skorpyron.. our first Mythic Nighthold kill

I was really nervously watching the guild numbers tonight just before raid time and had my fingers crossed that we would have 20 log on. Luckily we did and then the next finger crossing was that we’d actually look at mythic before going to heroic. It’s probably no secret in my guild that I’m rather impatient to be working on mythic bosses, so I was utterly delighted that we did end up turning it to mythic and going to look at Skorpyron. And I’m so glad we did because he died! So now we’re 1/10M and I’m a very happy raider at the moment.


He is a much more interesting fight on Mythic;  instead of just one type of crystals that fall off him that you use to hide behind for shockwave, there are 3 different ones. Blue which act the same as in normal, green which do ticking damage to the raid and red which pulse and do aoe damage if you get within 5yards and which do large amounts of aoe to anyone in 15yards when the crystals are hit by shockwave.  There’s also an extra type of add that drops green goo pools on the ground. And the tether that the tanks have to deal with lasts longer so they have to dance around that more.

Despite the differences, he really wasn’t that much harder and we downed him fairly quickly. I was hoping that we’d go look at mythic Chronronmatic (of course I’d be hoping that) but other raiders were really worried we’d not clear heroic this week so we turned it to heroic and cleared up to Elisande. On Sunday we have the last 2 bosses in Heroic and then, fingers crossed depending on how many log on, some time on Chron.

Hopefully, everyone will actually look at what needs to be done on Chron. I was pretty surprised (and annoyed) that some people hadn’t looked at Skorpyron’s changes given we knew we’d be at him at least sometime this week. It’s the little things like not looking at boss fights that make me wonder if everyone’s priorities are all on the same page when it comes to raiding. Skorpy was obviously easy but moving forward they’re not going to be that easy and since we only raid 2 nights a week, people need to know what they are doing before they step into the raid so time doesn’t have to be wasted explaining fights. Hopefully that attitude changes as we go forward and people do the preparation.

I’m starting to sound like a negative nancy sometimes about my guild’s raiding mentality and it’s driving me nuts, I should just put the negatively aside and be super glad of our first mythic kill, which I am! But now I want the second one.

Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Well it was a week of being busy in both WoW and the Blizz universe. I went and did 15 games in Heroes of the Storm with Wingy for the Primal Flamesaber. I really don’t mind Heroes of the Storm as a game, though even at level 30 I still don’t feel confident  enough to want to play with real people, so I was really glad that we just did our matches against the AI.


And I dug and dug and dug and got a beautiful new archeology mount. I really like spectral models and this one is no exception, he is just so gorgeous.


I finally finished the Balance of Power questline. I was wondering why everyone in the raid group was getting their achievements and I wasn’t until I realised that one of the quests in my quest log that  I had been ignoring for weeks was from the quest chain.

The achievement unlocks some really lovely skins for the artifact weapons.

I can’t wait until I get the skin for doing 100 dgns with a hidden appearance and then I can start using the Balance of Power skin for Resto. The colourway I like the most comes from doing a mythic 15 in time but it’s blue and finding a transmog to match it might be a bit tricky because I don’t have any blue dresses for a leather wearer.

There was a world quest in mythic COS at the same time that the emissaries were for Nightfallen so Twice and I popped in there to make it count as one of the emissary quests,  and we randomly got an achievement for overhearing the conversation between Elisande and the final boss. I don’t know why I’m only getting it now, I’ve done that dgn so many times. But it’s one achievement off the list of dgn ones for Legion hero so I don’t mind. Now that we can duo mythic dgns, hopefully we can finish some achievements off and work towards the mount.


Twice’s comment relates to his glaives – I really really like that appearance but he’s telling me they come from the balance of power questline. I doubt my DH will be in Nighthold anytime soon so probably won’t get them.

My Demon Hunter hit 110 with a full week of February to go! zidari-lvl-110

Now I have to choose a new class to level, I think it might be the Mage for March.

The love dgn run has been fantastic for catching up with friends quickly. I jumped into a few queues with Cinder the other night when she logged onto some horde characters. Another year down and no mount but there’s always next year!z-and-cinder

Twice created a new video for Nighthold:The Movie.  It’s such a beautiful raid, I love watching his videos  because I get to see so much that I miss during the actual fights. I am so blown away by  the Star Augur fight! I honestly have never looked out of his platform before watching the video tonight, so the 3 different planets we go and visit were brand new to me.

I can’t get over the planet taken over by the old gods and covered in void tendrils. Imagine if we could go see a world like that. And now, the fight also makes a lot of sense why we go through different phases, they line up with the 3 different planets we visit.

Seriously though this raid has got to be the most beautiful one in the game and Twice has taken some gorgeous shots of it. Well worth watching 🙂

And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?

Gul’dan joins the rest

Yay, tonight we had all night ahead of us to kill Gul’dan and then we went and killed  him on the 2nd pull of the night.


We only had 19 people in the raid and initially I was still leaning towards 5 healers based on the damage we were seeing last time but Neuro kept telling me he was sure we could 4 heal it because the big damage we were seeing the other night was just because not enough souls were being absorbed and abilities were overlapping. So I decided to go with his opinion and see how we went, and he was right we didn’t need the 5th healer once souls were absorbed.


Since Gul’dan died so early into raid time l I thought we’d have the rest of the night ahead of us to work on Mythic Skorpyron. We did have only 19 but apparently he’s an easier boss so 19 should have been doable but then a person left as they had a very early start the next day leaving us with 18. I was utterly unimpressed that there wasn’t even real discussion about pugging in 2 people or giving it a try with who we had and instead people just logged off for the night or to go play other games.

The 13 of us that were left who wanted to raid, ended up going and doing H ToV and then EN together. It was pretty good loot wise, a 910 trinket dropped for one of the melee dps and 890 Brinewater trinket which was lots of people’s bis, mine included, but I wasn’t watching raid chat closely enough so missed it being rolled for.. Seriously derp moment that I was pretty annoyed at myself about but it went to our shadow priest and it was an upgrade for him so it will be put to good use.  I did end up picking up two relics for my dps weapon which were both big upgrades so that was good. At least the lower raids aren’t a waste of time with the AP that we can still use and the chance of upgrades. So actually, we really shouldn’t have had any of the raid team log off since everyone can always do with the chance of upgrades to make killing bosses easier.

I honestly don’t know what to think, we say we’re a mythic minded guild and then things like tonight happens. I get we didn’t have 20, but there was just no chat about going looking for extra people or how to approach mythics now we’ve cleared heroics. It was brought up  that we would do a clear next Wednesday and then mythic progression on Sunday but I really feel that’s backwards. Wednesdays are the nights we get the most people online; there’s been too many times we’ve cleared a raid on Wednesday and then ppl just don’t turn up for progression on Sunday.

I’m really glad to have killed Gul’dan but to be totally honest, I see heroic Gul’dan as just the gateway to where raiding really starts and the way our raid just disbanded after he died really makes me wonder if everyone in our raid team feels the same. Or maybe I was just being too idealistic thinking we could go in there with 18, or pull in outside people and the people who left were being more realistic about our chances tonight. I don’t know but I tend to feel that if we all saw mythics as being the end goal, then people would have found the motivation to stay and raid and find a solution to get us onto Mythic Skorpyron.

I wish raiding wasn’t so important to me, then I wouldn’t get so upset over a game, I told a friend about Gul’dan falling down and he said a win is a win, so why don’t I feel that way? I should be ecstatic about clearing Nighthold but instead I’m dissatisfied with the way raid ended. Maybe, I need to put this game back into perspective and not let it affect me and just be happy with what I do have.


Zeera the Beloved

Zee finally got her 60 reputations to exalted achievement while running Cata tiimewalking dgns last night. Cata dgns are the best because you can equip a tabard and get extra rep in there for the various cata factions.


60 reps gives the Beloved title which is one of my favourite titles in the game.I’ll be wearing this one for a while I think.  You know what would be a cool, a random title function where you can favourite the ones you like the best and it randomly changes your titles so you see different ones regularly.


I originally started rep hunting when my mage was my main and she went back and got all the previous expansions reputations. Then when I changed to Z, I was doing double the rep grinds, on Z as part of doing dailies and opening factions for gear, and then again on my mage. When I finished the reputation grind for  the Emperor on the Timeless Isle with Z in MoP I realised I didn’t want to do it all over again and decided to make Z my main reputation gatherer.

Next reputation achievement  is get 70 to exalted.  I still have quite a few BC reps to get along with the ones that make up part of the Insane achievement and title, which is my favourite one (I wouldn’t be changing that title for a long while!). That’s a big one on my to-do list so those reps will be the next I go after.

Would you just die already?

Last night was raid night again and we cleared up to Gul’dan with about 45mins left of raid time to work on him. We had 19 people last  night and it was a fast run but we could probably have made it faster by having 1 of us healers go dps as we were running 4 healers and there wasnt that much healed needed. I think next week one of us will go dps. I think on Star we can probably even drop to 2 healers as I don’t think in that fight any of us actually used any healing CD through it (I might check logs on that one to be sure).

We swapped back to 5 healers for Elisande which was what we needed last week but again, I think it might have been healer overkill but since we killed it without coming near the beserk timer, I don’t see overhealing an issue.

Standing in front of Gul’dan again was great and we did pretty good on him, 3 of our attempts were sub 12% but he just didn’t die :(. I think we’re handling 2 mechanics badly, our positioning of the flames of sargeras fire pools is rather sketchy so we tend to end up with no where to stand. I watched a couple of videos, specifically looking for fire placement and the players are placing it beautifully, tightly stacked and lots of gaps between the stacked pools for other ppl to stand. One our priests was having a bit of trouble being able to stand in a fire-free place to channel his healing cd through black harvest so this is something we need to get a grip on. It’s a lot easier for the monks and I, their big healing cds are instant cast and I can run around and channel. For Sunday I’ve moved his position in the cd/black harvest rotation to the 3rd on. It seems to come out before the fire so he should have a bit of an easier time staying alive while standing still to channel.

But the main thing that was killing us on the 12% wipes was the black harvest. The 3rd one  was too empowered by too many souls. For each soul that is left in the well, black harvest is stronger. To take the souls out we need ppl in the well absorbing and obtaining a debuff which stops them soaking again. We did have even amount of soul soakers but I think maybe we need less for the early ones and more for the later ones. More research on this part too.

I was really lucky and rolled up 900 tier gloves so I’m now for the first time running my 4 piece as I had 2 normal and 2 heroic pieces and I didn’t feel the set bonus was strong enough to justify dropping high ilvl pieces but now I can put on one piece of normal to 3 pieces of heroic (I’ve been was really lucky with 1 piece of tier warforging and the other titanforging) and not drop ilvl. Like Wrath, I’m really interested in knowing how many times my 4 piece is procing and putting extra rejus’s out. I didn’t see a huge amount of extra rejuv’s going out with the 4set on. I have rejuv tracked on vuh’do so I can see at a glance who has one already rolling, so I don’t overwrite one and waste mana, and I really didn’t see extra ones pop up. I’ll have to look at logs and try to work if there were ones sneaking through.

We’re clearing normal again tonight and then back to heroic on Sunday. Maybe Sunday will be the night he finally falls over?


Random Tuesday Mutterings

Random Tuesday Mutterings is the perfect place to put the random assortment of what-nots I’ve got up to in Azeroth each week.

Whee, this week has gone by so fast. It’s been busy with running lots of alts through the Love Dgn, but there’s actually been quite a few times I’ve missed some. Z hasn’t got nearly enough love tokens for all the new toys so I’ll have to do some grinding with her on the weekend.

The highlight of the week was completing a Court of Stars 16 Mythic Plus in time, which gave me the Keymaster Achievement. It was a messy ending but we still got 1 chest out of it. That’s the highest key I’ve done so I’m pretty happy even with being dead at the end.


I really do love healing mythic dgns, I’ve said it so many times that I’m probably a broken record by now but mythic plus dgns have got to be one of my favourite additions this expansion.

I completed the remaining mounts from the Falcasaur pets and opened up the Talon’s Vengeance faction which works similar to the bloody coins from the timeless isle. It gives you an item that turns you hostile to everyone and when you kill players you get a coin. I don’t know if I’ll do much with it but there is a mount for 10k coins and it’ll be next to impossible to get that outside of this expansion, becasue there won’t be enough ppl in the Broken Isles,  so I may give it a go and see how hard it is.

I’ve been playing around a bit more on my DH and she’s 106 now. I was out in Azsuna on Zee the other day and ran past a quest giver randomly standing around and when I accepted the quest it was for an inscription chain that gave me the tattered wings glyph for a demon hunter.


So now my demon hunter has tattery wings to glide around on!

And the best bit of being a demon hunter.. getting to stand around in odd places that double jump lets you reach.


I was a bit frustrated on Monday night because I was really looking forward to going back into NH and having another go at Gul’dan… but no one logged on. It was understandable I guess being an off raid night but we were sooo close at 13%, I really hoped enough people would be keen. So I was moping around on Z, being a bit of a misery guts, when I noticed Leeta was queing for the love dgn , so I invited myself along and then we changed onto numerous alts and I ended up having an awesome night. We jumped onto vent and chatted as we went through our alt lists and matched up toons to give us fast queues. I have the most awesome friends and  I reminded myself that this game is much more than just raiding.


Just before reset I popped in Karazhan with guildies. It’s such a fast run now. I didn’t get any loot but I did get a whole lot of AP which at this point is almost more welcome than loot. I really want to get to 54 so I can stop grinding AP on Z and go play alts more.


And I found out that the Arcanist’s Manasaber can fly when you do the Magic of Flight for Kirin Tor wq. He looks so cute in his bubble!flying-in-broken-isles-sort-of

And that was my random week in WoW. How was yours?


Moving through Nighthold, Elisande makes 9/10.

We walked in tonight straight onto Elisande and  we managed to get her down on the 2nd attempt. It was awesome to get her down so easily, I think a few of us were concerned we’d be on her for a while. A great upside of her dying early meant it would give us a lot of time to work on Gul’dan.



Her fight is really interesting but so damn chaotic, running around dodging rings of death and swirls of doom on the floor and popping in and out of bubbles. I ended up making a button bar that has just Bear form, frenzied regeneration and ironbark on it. I put it up next to Vuhdo, since my mouse is there, because I’m clicking those abilities. Having Guardian affinity for that fight was really handy because if I stuffed up dodging the ring of orbs, I could drop into bear and pop frenzied and it would heal me up for a decent chunk of the damage I had just taken.

We then spent the rest of the night on Gul’dan and our best and last attempt of the night had him at 13%  so fairly decent progression on him in one night but I was so hoping we would get him down. An extra raid night was put on the calender for tomorrow night to see if we can gather enough people to go back and have another look at him again before the lock expires but I don’t know if there will be enough interest.

After coming along with us via cross-realm for a couple of weeks, Neuro properly realm changed and rejoined our guild. It’s really great having Neuro back raiding with us. But it’s bittersweet under the circumstances he’s rejoined (Neuro’s friend/raid leader passed away and while the guild is moving forward, I guess for Neuro the feel without him is too different) and I know he’s probably missed back in Frostwolves. I’m trying to be cognizant of the reasons he’s back and not get too excited about how good it is in case I make him sad. But I love having him back, and I get to talk druid chatter to him as well which is especially great now that Drew has decided that Final Fantasy is more interesting and I lost my druid healing buddy.

Fingers crossed next week will see a full clear of Heroic NH but I’m not 100% sure if there is the same level of interest for moving into mythics across the whole raid team so that’s possibly going to have to be a bridge we cross when we get there. After the difficulty we had finding 20 for Emerald Nightmare, losing people now because of lack of interest is going to suck big time.  First though, Gul’dan has to fall over.


Real Neat Blog Award.. for me? Thank you :)

I’ve started reading a new blog called GamersUnitedGG and it’s really interesting. Luna posts really frequently and about lots of different topics, mostly gaming and geeky related, so I like popping over and having a read.

I was really surprised and flattered when I was reading one her posts and found she had  included in me in a list of blogs that she likes to read and nominated me for a ‘real neat blog award’ (I’m assuming gender btw, so apologies if I’m wrong).


That was so exciting to read! While I love blogging and will happily chatter away to myself, it’s always exciting to find that other people read and enjoy my words too. So a big thank you to Luna for letting me know in the nicest way that there are other people who like my blabbering too.

So there’s 3 things involved as part of the award:

  • Thank and link the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the seven questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers and create 7 questions for them

The Questions I have to answer:

What is your favorite Video Game or Book at the moment?

Well that’s one easy to answer; WoW  of course. I sometimes go through periods where I lose my WoW mojo and go play other games but it’s really strong atm. I actually sort of feel really bad about how strong it is because I suggested to Hip and Ag that we go try out Sw:tor but I just can’t pull myself away from WoW atm.

If you could meet 1 person (real or imaginary, alive or deceased) who would you meet and why?

I would have loved to have met Nancy Wake. She was an Australian born woman, who became part of the French resistance and then became one of the most famous English spies, in the 2nd World War. She’s an absolute inspiration of a strong woman and just what people can both do and endure and someone I would have loved to have met.

If you could have 1 super power, which would you choose?

Oh do I have to choose just 1? There are so many super powers I want; Mind Reading, Invisibility, Flying,… but hmm if I had to choose just 1, I’d like the ability to teleport around the place. I’d never have to be worried about being late again!

I love Scooby Doo, do you have a favorite character? If so who is it and why?

I really like Scooby Doo cartoons as well. I have a whole ton of them on dvd still. My absolute favourite of the gang is Shaggy. I adore Shaggy. He’s so laid back and such a scaredy cat but he’s always there by Scooby’s side and he just makes me laugh the most out of all of them. Scrappy though.. I could just slap him for being so annoying.

Which 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Excitable, friendly and curious.

If you had to pick a genre would you prefer Horror, Fantasy, Action, Comedy or Thriller?

Movies – Thrillers,  especially if they are political or spy based. Some of my favourites would be any from the Bourne movies, Inception, and The Imitation Game.

Books/games – Fantasy all the way. The more dragons and spells the better. I absolutely love Katherine Kerr’s Deverry Series.

What are your goals for 2017?’

Hmmm… let’s see. I actually wrote two blog posts about this for both WoW and IRL so my main goals from both lists that I do want to get done this year include getting back to running in real life again, and levelling all those toons in WoW.

Thanks Luna for nominating me, this was fun 🙂 The blogs I nominate for my questions are:

  1. Cinder Says
  2. Deez Wurds
  3. Coffee Cakes and Crits
  4. The Daily Frostwolf
  5. Kamalia Et Alia
  6. Reputation Grind
  7. Ann In Wonderland

My questions:

  1. If you couldn’t blog about WoW anymore, what would you blog about?
  2. What’s the best and worst thing about blogging?
  3. What’s your favourite achievement in WoW?
  4. How long have you been playing computer games?
  5. If you could have one day to do anything in, what would you do?
  6. What’s your favourite food?
  7. Where do you prefer to go, Mountains or Beach?





Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge: World Questing About

Cinder and I have opened up our shared blog topic challenge for everyone to join in on. The more the merrier! Each Friday  we post a new topic that’s open for a week for everyone to write about. Cinder and I will link all posts for this topic on our shared blog website here and you can find Cinder’s awesome post right here.

This weeks topic is about our favourite world quest. I love world quests at the moment. To be honest they’re really just dailies in disguise and on steroids.  But getting to pick and choose is way better.

My main priority when sorting out daily emissaries is focusing on Artifact power, then garrison resources then whatever is the fastest but my favourites are the Wardens Tower PvP ones.

I always do them when they’re  in the emissary zone and I’ve just started doing them even when they’re not. I’m way down the prestige levels at 37 but enough of the dailies and I’ll get there.

But the biggest attraction is getting to fight the alliance druids. It was so much fun when I was playing feral and it would just be a cat fight.