New Blood Elf Models.. Just Wow

The new blood elf models have been released on the ptr and they are absolutely stunning. I’m so glad I’m levelling my blood elf paladin as an alt now.

Current Model

Loading Screen Old Belf

New Model

Loading Screen New Belf

Up Close

new belf model up close

I’ve been playing my pally a bit lately, currently she’s 96 and has been levelling as ret. The changes they made to ret have made her really quite fun to play and it’s brought my interest in wow back which is a good thing. I have plans to re-learn how to play holy once she reaches level 100 and hopefully play her as a main alt a bit. Pallies look like they are in a really good spot at the moment; I’ve been finding the only class that can regularly outheal me on a druid is a paladin, so I’d really like to play one and just see how great they are.. oh them and a disc priest…. they still seem really op with their absorbs.

As my priest is a blood elf, I’ll probably want to be playing her a lot too when the new models come in.

2 Wins and a loss

In raiding last night we had two definite wins. We’ve been working on heroic Imperator for a couple of nights now. We haven’t been able to muster up 20 for mythic so we’ve  been staying on this boss with definite improvement each night. Last night we got him down on the 2nd pull of the night.

Heroic Imperator

I do love this fight so much, it’s so ordered and neat. Everyone dances around the edge of the boss, moving left to avoid the mines that are dropped and back if they want to drop their debuff. I find it really rythmical; drop mushroom, stand still and heal, move left, redrop mushroom rinse repeat until the transition phases where we all scatter to one side of the room and kill the mages, we all stack unless fixated and then when that is over back to the dance around the boss. The last phase is spread out and scattered again.

I found a few comments on various forums around the place about resto druids taking Dream of Cenarius talent for this fight. It’s a lvl 60  passive talent  that makes your Wrath damage spell do 20% more damage and heal a nearby player for 150% of the damage done. It’s not a talent I have ever played with in the past but I thought I’d try it out during on of our progression nights a while ago. Oh My Goodness; I’m in love with this talent on this fight. The first phase of the fight is quite low on damage so on the pull I would start wrathing away at the boss and generally I would shoot to the top of the healing chart just by wrathing. Whenever the add came out I would go back to actually healing as the aoe damage is quite high but I found I could pull high healing figures and go into the transition with +90% mana by using wrath as much as I could.

Throughout the transitions I would be back to focusing on healing but the final phase was pretty much weaving in wrath spam with heals. Right at the end where he was on about 5% health I had oomed (I didnt’ look at the other healers too closely but I’d say they were in the same place mana wise), I changed back to Wrathing because I could pump out a lot more healing that way with the lack of mana I had. Definitely a talent I’ll be taking for that fight.

The 2nd win was we went onto Mythic Kargath straight away and got him down after only a few attempts. We still didn’t have 20 raid members but luckily enough people wanted to see him that the raid leader looked for pugs.

Mythic Kargath

This fight is the complete opposite of Imperator. It’s messy and there’s nowhere to stand, I was constantly darting around the place looking for somewhere safe that I could avoid crap under my feet. I managed to get thrown back into a tiger cage on our first attempt. Such a noobish mistake that I haven’t done before /shame in front of pugs. But we got him down after only a few pulls, I was still looking for somewhere to stand right up until he died. I went back to my standard Nature’s Vigil talent for this fight but I think I might play around with Dream of Cenarius for it as well. There were period of high damage where I had to focus on healing – when I was in the stands or when people stood too long in fire etc – but there were also periods where everyone was healed up and the damage was light.

The loss

I mentioned we’ve been having trouble mustering up 20 lately and that’s about to get much worse. One of our tanks has decided to unsub from wow; he’s not having much fun apparently. He may have told the officers a while ago but the first a lot of us heard about it was last night when he said it was his last night in wow. We also lost our balance druid, who decided raiding isn’t for him for some reason… I have no idea what this is going to mean. While the guild is recruiting we can’t reliably get 20 now, let alone with 2 main raiders leaving and not being able to do mythic progression makes being in Highmaul pretty pointless. I guess it’ll be a case of seeing how it goes over the next couple of raid nights.

Springrain Stave – Is this the matching one?

Z received a new Springrain item in her salvaged treasure today, the Springrain Stave.

springrain stave 1 springrain stave

It’s a lot closer match to this set than the Springrain Staff I posted about in this set. I don’t think I’ll personally use this staff but it was interesting to see it pop out of the crate today.

Springrain set from the Salvage Hut

Since upgrading Z’s salvage yard to level 3, I’ve slowly been accumulating pieces of the Springrain Transmog set. This is a transmog set solely for druids.

I ‘ve been really interested to see what this set looks like; I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and check it out on wowhead before I collected all the pieces. I finally got the last piece tonight, which was the chestpiece and it really pulled the whole set together.

Springgrain 3

 Springgrain 1 Springgrain 2


The outfit is quite nice, I’m not really sure if I like the staff with the set, the colours don’t really match that well I think. What I really love is the shoulders, the iridescent black/green/purple feathers are just beautiful.

My shaman has a level 2 trading post in her garrison so I might upgrade it to level 3 and start collecting the shaman set to see what I think of it.

Merry Christmas and a few random things

Merry Christmas All.Hopefully you all had a great Christmas in and out of Wow. I was really excited to find a For the Horde T-shirt and a Sylvanas Figurine under the tree for me on Christmas day. I’ve wanted a Warcraft T-shirt for ages. I wore it around the house all day Christmas day but can’t wait to go out and about in it.

For the Horde Shirt

Inside the game I’ve also managed to collect a few nice little presents. Great Father Winter brought a few new toys with him this year so I took a few toons to Orgrimmar and Ironforge to open pressies and was lucky enough to pick up all the different types of lounge cushions which look pretty cool. They don’t have a shared cooldown so you can drop a few of them at once and have a lounge party where ever you are.

Lounge chairs

I also owe Luxy a big thank you. Since I read about the Soulare of Andorhal giving you a toy, I’ve been trying to recruit him from the Inn with no luck until Luxy mentioned that she had him in his garrison and was happy to invite anyone who wanted to get the toy. When you emote /tired at him, you receive a Wayfarer’s Bonfire.


I was so excited to finally get a Sky bo pet today. I had logged onto my bf’s account to borrow one of his toons so I could fly a low toon of mine around and as I was passing through Ashran on my way to Undercity I noticed a Blingtron 5000 up. I can’t resist collecting his presents and was so surprised to see the pet pop out of the bag. The best thing was he  already has a Sky bo so didn’t mind me trading the pet to my toon.

Sky bo


And just a bit of random trivia about pets. I’ve noticed my blossoming ancient pet parading around my garrison in his summer get up and it just occurred to me tonight that it’s US Winter atm so I assumed with the move to Oceanic servers his foliage had changed to match the Oceanic seasons. I excitedly whispered Cinder the news but when she summoned him, he appeared in Winter garb. I summoned mine to check and sure enough he turned up in Winter leaves. I’m not sure why he comes around my garrison in Summer clothes; it’ll be interesting to see if his leaves change when patrolling the garrison as the seasons change.

Double Blossoming Ancient

Double Blossoming Trouble

Scroll of Storytelling

The Feast of Winterveil started today and there are quite a few toys that can be obtained form the Stolen Presents, a daily quest reward which means I’ll be trying to do this daily on a few toons.

After opening up Z’s stolen present today, I noticed something new; a Scroll of Storytelling which alters your perception for a short while.

scroll of storytelling3

Everything looks amazing for the time it’s up.

scroll of storytelling2 scroll of storytelling1

It would be nice if this was a toy though so all my toons could enjoy it. I’m going to have fun with it finding some really pretty spots to use it in.

A few more bosses

Sunday was a guild run and we managed to get a couple more heroic bosses down.

The Butcher

The Butcher

Tectus Tectus H

I posted in the forums about doing another day and a few people were interested in coming along on Monday. Tonight we ended up with 9 guildies and 2 pugs, a priest healer and dps Shaman.  It was a good group which was a relief because it’s always a bit nerve wracking to pull in pugs.

Thor, our monk tank, was leading the strat and he had us stand against a wall all stacked up, only really moving to avoid fire or pulverize swirls. Klor, our hunter, would disengage away when Shield Charge came out, leaving the rest of us to be able to stand in place and our 2nd tank, Osprey (who is normally dps but is a really good tank) would move the whirlwind boss away from us. The first couple of attempts we had a lot of fiery deaths and a few wild shield charges as it really doesn’t take a great deal of movement away from the group to be classified as ranged and a target for the charge. But we worked it out pretty quickly and he went down.


Twins H

Two of the guildies got gear and our pug healer got a pretty neck so it was really good. We had a few attempts on Ko’ragh but then our non-guild healer had to leave as it was 5.30am at his place. We ended up calling it there.

The extra progression was really welcome and all the guildies who came said they would definitely like to keep coming so hopefully that means we can raid 3 nights a week. The raid team is actually quite good but I really feel we need at least 3 nights to be able to move through the bosses relatively fast. I find that while I’m really excited about downing bosses it’s really hard not to constantly compare where I am in progress with my bf who I raided with though MoP. After we left our old guild he went to Saurfang and joined a guild over there (at my prompting because I was planning on moving Z to that realm as well). He’s already cleared full heroic and is on mythic progression. While I’m happy for him, I have to admit there’s a pretty strong green-eyed monster in me which is making it really difficult at well. If anyone has any advice on how to get over the envy and be content with where they are.. I’m all ears.


On our last official week of 3 nights a week, we managed to kill heroic Brackenspore. It took a few attempts as the green managed to overwhelm us quite a few times until we dropped down to 4 healer and let one of the heals handle the flamethrowers leaving a dedicated dps free to do their dpsing. Then we got it down. It took quite a mindshift to really focus on healing up the mushrooms that spawn and to leave the raid alone a fair bit while keeping the mushrooms up. The healing output from the living mushroom is huge and by focusing all the healers on it, we could keep it alive for a fair while.


Brackenspore H

Sunday, we will be working on Tectus. As of next week though the raid officially goes to 2 nights a week. I’ve posted on the guild forums to see who else in interested in running a 3rd or even 4th night since the raid scales and we don’t need the full 20 odd members in there. A few people are quite interested but I’m not sure if we’ll have enough players in the right roles to fill the ranks. The other option I guess is to find another team that raids on the nights my guild doesn’t raid so I can get my fill of raiding. Oh well I guess that’s something to think about after Sunday.

Normal Highmaul cleared

It seems that the importance of not standing in mines really was listened to and tonight was a quick run through the first 6 bosses; though we did the first one twice (once on heroic and again on normal). When we got to the Imperator we tried a slightly different strat compared to last week. This time he was tanked in the middle and all the ranged dps and healers moved as a group around him, moving to the left each time a mine was dropped. It worked really well and it only took a pull or two and he went down. Such a massive difference to the previous raid night. Avoiding the damage is so important on that fight.

Imp z and cinder

 Imp deadline guild

Mana is still really tight despite being lucky enough to get a few upgrades through loot drops and extra rolls.  I’m pretty much drinking a channeled mana pot each fight. On Imperator I found the best time to drink is in the first transition. If I time it just right I can sit and drink my mana pot just before the transition finishes and go back into the fight with full mana again, it makes it so much easier.

I also changed my glyphs around a little and swapped out the Glyph of rejuvenation which makes my healing touch cast faster if I’m running 3 x rejuvs on people with the glyph that makes shapeshiting mana free. I find I’m often shifting in and out of cat form to blink around the place or into bear form to cast stampeding roar and this way I can do the form changes without any effect on my mana. With mana so tight as it is I can’t always guarantee I’ll always have 3 rejuvs up at the same time I want to cast a HT, and  even if I did I’m finding people aren’t dropping that fast that a slightly faster HT is necessary. It’s a glyph I’ll be prepared to change in and out, but at the moment it’s working well.

Tomorrow night is the last of our extra raid nights, giving us 2 more nights this week to work on bosses. We’re going to start on Brackenspore and see how we go from there.

Raiding and managing expectations

On Sunday we headed back into Highmaul to face off against Ko’ragh and Imperator Mar’gok. Ko’ragh is yet another pretty intensive movement fight with periods of high raid damage. He has a few abilities that require a lot of management. He puts a debuff on a tank that requires the tank to run away and drop little explosions around him. He also likes to  chose a player and charge to them and place a suppression field at their location, if you are slow moving  away from him you will take some nasty avoidable damage and if you are still in the suppression field, you will be silenced as well. These fields are really important for the adds that spawn, if the adds are not killed in the field, there is raid wide aoe damage.

He also has a number of debuffs that he places on the raid as a whole; one requires you to spread out to avoid extra damage when the debuff expires and one reduces the effectiveness  of healing on the raid so there’s usually a fair bit of damage to heal up once that expires.  He also has the fun mechanic of requiring a rotating roster of player to go and stack their nullification barrier, with heavy damage taken by them while they do so. Once they can stack their barrier, they can intercept arcane balls that fall from the sky which do lots of raid damage if not intercepted properly He also likes to spawn a few balls of frost around the place that do aoe damage and a slow to anyone near them. After a few false starts, not getting the barrier stacked properly so being unable to intercept balls we did get him down.


This meant we moved onto Imperator Mar’gok with a fairly sizeable chunk of raiding time to work on him. But… this boss gave us a lot of trouble, in fact a lot more than what I was expecting and it was both frustrating and disappointing to end the night/raid week without a clear of Highmaul.

The major problem I feel we were facing was simply the sheer amount of avoidable damage that just wasn’t avoided. As part of the fight the boss throws out mines that, if triggered by a player stepping onto them, do a really high amount of raid aoe. So much so that by the time we were making it to the final phase, pretty much every healer was too low on mana to be able to sustain through the last bit. Towards the end of the night, there were periods where the mines were left alone and you could start to see that there were actually periods, really brief periods but they were there, of quite low damage allowing healers to regen a bit. But when you have periods where every mine in a row is triggered, there is just too much damage going out.

I have to admit to being really frustrated about this because given how easily we moved through both heroic Kargath and the rest of the raid I didn’t forsee any of the normal bosses giving us any trouble. If normal is a stumbling block, I have concerns about what is to come especially when I think about the fact there is 2 other levels above this level and this is really just the entry level for this tier.

I also didn’t realise just how I would feel about the reduced raiding schedule, by the time I had enough of the culture of my last raiding guild and took a break,  I really thought I would enjoy less time in a raid however,  only  doing 3 nights in Highmaul this week didn’t feel like nearly enough.

While I knew that we were only going in 3 nights, I didn’t actually realise that my internal expectation was that we should be  going back in every night until the bosses are cleared. Next week the normal raid schedule of only 2 nights a week begins again and to be perfectly frank I’m not sure if I’m going to enjoy that or find it too limiting. Last night I spent the majority of my evening pugging into the last boss but unfortunately, with the nature of the majority of pugs it wasn’t great. I did find a really nice group made up predominately of Barthilas players but they were still on Kor’gath and despite a few early attempts looking really positive for clearing him and getting progression on Mar’gok, it didn’t happen.

I know this is a case of me being a really negative Nancy way too early in the raiding schedule but I have to admit the feeling of walking away from the raid in the first week without a clear was quite disappointing. Tonight is scheduled to have a restart at 12am my time so hopefully there might a chance of finding a group squeezing in another night of raiding before reset. It’s not even about the loot that he might be hiding in his pockets, though it would be nice, I just want the completion of that boss so I have a nice tidy 7/7N and can move onto the next level.