A lot of Noblegarden luck

I haven’t had a great deal of time to spend in wow lately, real life and trying to get my head around a research thesis which I just can’t seem to find inspiration for has kept me out of Azeroth more than I’d like. But a friend texted me today to see if I had collected enough eggs to buy the new Noblegarden pet and as I hadn’t logged in since the event started I decided I’d make a little time and log in tonight.

I’ve never hunted for eggs as a hordie before and even though wowhead suggested that Falconwing Square is the best place to collect eggs in, I was able to get to Razor Hill faster so thought I’d try there. I was pretty lucky in that the place was almost deserted and I could collect eggs in druid flight form (yes I did feel a bit guilty but the convenience outweighed the guilt) so I did a few laps until my free bag spaces were full of eggs and started unwrapping them to get the chocolate currency inside. It was going to take me 100 choccys to get the pet and 500 more for the mount. Seeing it was so deserted and the eggs were piling up really fast I thought I’d see how far I could get into the 600 needed before my patience and time I could justify ran out.

I couldn’t believe my luck though, as I was clicking on the 97th egg to unwrap it, I looted the mount!  So I was able to get the mount, pet and a pretty easter themed outfit (shame it’s not transmogable) in record time, meaning I can go back to struggling to find an original research angle and not miss out on wow events. If ever this was the time I needed wow luck, I got it. Thanks Blizz xx

 Noblegarden 2015aNoblegarden 2015

Heroic Blackhand

We’ve steadily been working our way through Heroic Blackrock and the sticking point for the last few weeks has been Blackhand. It took a ridiculous amount of pulls, compared to the other bosses, for him to finally go down. But tonight he did and we are fully done with heroic BRF.


Next stage is to recruit a few more ppl for our mythic progression. We started this expac with well over the 20 we needed but we’re about 3 people short.

And the uber exciting news is our guild is having a meet up here in Melbourne in May and a rather large number of us are going to be in the one place at the one time. I can’t wait to meet my guildies irl, over the last year they’ve become pretty dear to me and I cannot wait to see them all.


A 2nd (1st actually) nomination

I didn’t see the tweet because my inbox is full of emails I hadn’t had time to read, but there was one a day or two ago alerting me to the fact that Yotaan and Fussypants had nominated me for a Liebster award.

I hate not answering and the questions I was sent are quite good so I’m going to answer them but I’m not going to add in the extra 11 facts or nominate other bloggers.

1)    In your opinion (not based on views), which article that you’ve written is your best? Ooh this is a tough one, I don’t think I have a best one really; most of my posts are just waffling on ones, though I do like the one about why there are Night Elves in my blood elfs storyline.
2)    You wake up in Azeroth as your main character. What do you do? Most likely my garrison missions, and then go fly a dragon.
3)    What motivates you to write? Wanting to share what I’ve been up to and I think things through better if they’re in writing.
4)    You can have one spell in real life that isn’t a mage spell.  Which one do you pick? Revive
5)    Best noob mistake? Thinking a cave was a dungeon
6)    If you could kill off one WoW character to bring back another WoW character, who would you kill and who would you bring back?Hmm I’m not sure who I’d kill off, there are a host of characters around that probably wouldn’t be missed, but I’d love to bring back Alleria and find out what she has been up to all the years lost in the nether somewhere.
7)    What was your first video game? The Settlers
8)    If a patch is released and no one is there to play it, do the forums QQ? Always
9)    If you didn’t play video games, you’d be…Knitting
10)     On a scale of 1-10, how much have you enjoyed WoD (1 being not at all and 10 being its the best thing since sliced bread)?  I’d say a 6. I can honestly say this is the first time since I started playing 5 years ago that I’m logging off earlier and finding other things to do besides wow time. I can’t put my finger on what it is. I loved levelling through WoD so much but now at 100, I’m very lacklusture about my playtime.
11)    What’s the best thing about blogging? The other bloggers!

Leibstered by Dragonray


Dragonray from Azerothian Life kindly nominated me to take part in this. Basically you answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you, share 11 facts about yourself and make 11 questions for 5 other bloggers to answers.

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world would it be where you are now, if not where? Denmark. Getting used to the temperatures would take some doing though.
  2. What do you order for your last meal, which can consist of any food you want? Butter Chicken, Saag Gosht, tons of Naan Bread and saffron rice and bucketfuls of Mango Lassi.
  3. Do you prefer chocolate, vanilla or strawberry? Strawberry
  4. You are stuck in a burning building, do you save your friend or the 1000 strangers? As much as it would kill me to have to make the decision, the 1000 strangers would probably be the choice I’d make. Hopefully I never ever have to be a situation like that.
  5. What do you do outside of Azeroth to relax. Bike riding is my number one favourite activity, knit, watch movies. I’ve been taking more and more time outside of Azeroth lately.
  6. If you could live in any area of the game where would it be?  I love Arathi Highlands so I’d kick everyone out of Stromgarde Keep and move in.
  7. What profession would you learn in real life from the game and why? Tailoring, I’d love to be able to make my own clothes; I have a sewing machine and can use it but the art of making clothes that are wearable still escapes me.
  8. Who would you want to meet that is currently alive and why?  Awful as it is, I can’t think of anyone living that I have a burning desire to meet.
  9. Is there anyone you have grown apart from that you regret? Yes, long story.
  10. What is one of your current goals for this year? Finish my honours thesis. I’m doing honors part time while I work full time; the thesis isn’t due until June 2016 but I want to have it done by Nov 2015 to hand in with the full time students.
  11. Are you excited about Blizzcon being announced? What news do you want to hear? Not really that excited to be honest. The last one I didn’t really find that interesting (especially compared ot the one where WoD was announced ) so  I don’t know if I’ll actually get a ticket this year.If  they were to announce the next expansion I would be excited.. but that would make WoD feel very short I think.

11 Random Facts about me

  1. I prefer drama or romantic genre movies over comedy
  2. I rlove running and really want to enter a 1/2 marathon but every time I start to consider it I find that I back off running.. something in the idea subconsciously scares me off.
  3. My favourite colour is pink.
  4. I hardly ever listen to music.
  5. I have very curly hair that for years I didn’t know was curly and I’d envy ppl with ringlets then I found an amazing hairdresser who showed me how to handle my hair.
  6. I cannot pass up a dessert if it has both chocolate and mint in it.
  7. I lost over 23kilos last year.
  8. I am working on being able to say no to things I don’t want to do.. I tend to shy away from the idea of creating conflict and used to say yes even to things I didnt want to to do.
  9. I hope I own a horse one day before I pass on.
  10. I am a terrible procrastinater.
  11. I prefer to read the book rather than watch the movie made from the book.

Ok now the harder part.. 11 questions of my own choosing

  1. What makes you smile?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 50 years?
  3. Is there one class in wow you haven’t been able to really gel with?
  4. What is your biggest problem/challenge when it comes to blogging?
  5. What is your dream career?
  6. What is the one thing in wow you love doing the most?
  7. What is your favourite book?
  8. if you could choose the next playable race, what would it be?
  9. What is the most delicious food you have ever eaten?
  10. Who is your favourite wow character?
  11. What do you think the next expansion should be about?


People I nominate – Please don’t feel you have to if you don’t want to :)

Cinder – http://lexiconofpower.com/

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New Blood Elf Models.. Just Wow

The new blood elf models have been released on the ptr and they are absolutely stunning. I’m so glad I’m levelling my blood elf paladin as an alt now.

Current Model

Loading Screen Old Belf

New Model

Loading Screen New Belf

Up Close

new belf model up close

I’ve been playing my pally a bit lately, currently she’s 96 and has been levelling as ret. The changes they made to ret have made her really quite fun to play and it’s brought my interest in wow back which is a good thing. I have plans to re-learn how to play holy once she reaches level 100 and hopefully play her as a main alt a bit. Pallies look like they are in a really good spot at the moment; I’ve been finding the only class that can regularly outheal me on a druid is a paladin, so I’d really like to play one and just see how great they are.. oh them and a disc priest…. they still seem really op with their absorbs.

As my priest is a blood elf, I’ll probably want to be playing her a lot too when the new models come in.

2 Wins and a loss

In raiding last night we had two definite wins. We’ve been working on heroic Imperator for a couple of nights now. We haven’t been able to muster up 20 for mythic so we’ve  been staying on this boss with definite improvement each night. Last night we got him down on the 2nd pull of the night.

Heroic Imperator

I do love this fight so much, it’s so ordered and neat. Everyone dances around the edge of the boss, moving left to avoid the mines that are dropped and back if they want to drop their debuff. I find it really rythmical; drop mushroom, stand still and heal, move left, redrop mushroom rinse repeat until the transition phases where we all scatter to one side of the room and kill the mages, we all stack unless fixated and then when that is over back to the dance around the boss. The last phase is spread out and scattered again.

I found a few comments on various forums around the place about resto druids taking Dream of Cenarius talent for this fight. It’s a lvl 60  passive talent  that makes your Wrath damage spell do 20% more damage and heal a nearby player for 150% of the damage done. It’s not a talent I have ever played with in the past but I thought I’d try it out during on of our progression nights a while ago. Oh My Goodness; I’m in love with this talent on this fight. The first phase of the fight is quite low on damage so on the pull I would start wrathing away at the boss and generally I would shoot to the top of the healing chart just by wrathing. Whenever the add came out I would go back to actually healing as the aoe damage is quite high but I found I could pull high healing figures and go into the transition with +90% mana by using wrath as much as I could.

Throughout the transitions I would be back to focusing on healing but the final phase was pretty much weaving in wrath spam with heals. Right at the end where he was on about 5% health I had oomed (I didnt’ look at the other healers too closely but I’d say they were in the same place mana wise), I changed back to Wrathing because I could pump out a lot more healing that way with the lack of mana I had. Definitely a talent I’ll be taking for that fight.

The 2nd win was we went onto Mythic Kargath straight away and got him down after only a few attempts. We still didn’t have 20 raid members but luckily enough people wanted to see him that the raid leader looked for pugs.

Mythic Kargath

This fight is the complete opposite of Imperator. It’s messy and there’s nowhere to stand, I was constantly darting around the place looking for somewhere safe that I could avoid crap under my feet. I managed to get thrown back into a tiger cage on our first attempt. Such a noobish mistake that I haven’t done before /shame in front of pugs. But we got him down after only a few pulls, I was still looking for somewhere to stand right up until he died. I went back to my standard Nature’s Vigil talent for this fight but I think I might play around with Dream of Cenarius for it as well. There were period of high damage where I had to focus on healing – when I was in the stands or when people stood too long in fire etc – but there were also periods where everyone was healed up and the damage was light.

The loss

I mentioned we’ve been having trouble mustering up 20 lately and that’s about to get much worse. One of our tanks has decided to unsub from wow; he’s not having much fun apparently. He may have told the officers a while ago but the first a lot of us heard about it was last night when he said it was his last night in wow. We also lost our balance druid, who decided raiding isn’t for him for some reason… I have no idea what this is going to mean. While the guild is recruiting we can’t reliably get 20 now, let alone with 2 main raiders leaving and not being able to do mythic progression makes being in Highmaul pretty pointless. I guess it’ll be a case of seeing how it goes over the next couple of raid nights.

Springrain Stave – Is this the matching one?

Z received a new Springrain item in her salvaged treasure today, the Springrain Stave.

springrain stave 1 springrain stave

It’s a lot closer match to this set than the Springrain Staff I posted about in this set. I don’t think I’ll personally use this staff but it was interesting to see it pop out of the crate today.

Springrain set from the Salvage Hut

Since upgrading Z’s salvage yard to level 3, I’ve slowly been accumulating pieces of the Springrain Transmog set. This is a transmog set solely for druids.

I ‘ve been really interested to see what this set looks like; I didn’t want to spoil the surprise and check it out on wowhead before I collected all the pieces. I finally got the last piece tonight, which was the chestpiece and it really pulled the whole set together.

Springgrain 3

 Springgrain 1 Springgrain 2


The outfit is quite nice, I’m not really sure if I like the staff with the set, the colours don’t really match that well I think. What I really love is the shoulders, the iridescent black/green/purple feathers are just beautiful.

My shaman has a level 2 trading post in her garrison so I might upgrade it to level 3 and start collecting the shaman set to see what I think of it.

Merry Christmas and a few random things

Merry Christmas All.Hopefully you all had a great Christmas in and out of Wow. I was really excited to find a For the Horde T-shirt and a Sylvanas Figurine under the tree for me on Christmas day. I’ve wanted a Warcraft T-shirt for ages. I wore it around the house all day Christmas day but can’t wait to go out and about in it.

For the Horde Shirt

Inside the game I’ve also managed to collect a few nice little presents. Great Father Winter brought a few new toys with him this year so I took a few toons to Orgrimmar and Ironforge to open pressies and was lucky enough to pick up all the different types of lounge cushions which look pretty cool. They don’t have a shared cooldown so you can drop a few of them at once and have a lounge party where ever you are.

Lounge chairs

I also owe Luxy a big thank you. Since I read about the Soulare of Andorhal giving you a toy, I’ve been trying to recruit him from the Inn with no luck until Luxy mentioned that she had him in his garrison and was happy to invite anyone who wanted to get the toy. When you emote /tired at him, you receive a Wayfarer’s Bonfire.


I was so excited to finally get a Sky bo pet today. I had logged onto my bf’s account to borrow one of his toons so I could fly a low toon of mine around and as I was passing through Ashran on my way to Undercity I noticed a Blingtron 5000 up. I can’t resist collecting his presents and was so surprised to see the pet pop out of the bag. The best thing was he  already has a Sky bo so didn’t mind me trading the pet to my toon.

Sky bo


And just a bit of random trivia about pets. I’ve noticed my blossoming ancient pet parading around my garrison in his summer get up and it just occurred to me tonight that it’s US Winter atm so I assumed with the move to Oceanic servers his foliage had changed to match the Oceanic seasons. I excitedly whispered Cinder the news but when she summoned him, he appeared in Winter garb. I summoned mine to check and sure enough he turned up in Winter leaves. I’m not sure why he comes around my garrison in Summer clothes; it’ll be interesting to see if his leaves change when patrolling the garrison as the seasons change.

Double Blossoming Ancient

Double Blossoming Trouble

Scroll of Storytelling

The Feast of Winterveil started today and there are quite a few toys that can be obtained form the Stolen Presents, a daily quest reward which means I’ll be trying to do this daily on a few toons.

After opening up Z’s stolen present today, I noticed something new; a Scroll of Storytelling which alters your perception for a short while.

scroll of storytelling3

Everything looks amazing for the time it’s up.

scroll of storytelling2 scroll of storytelling1

It would be nice if this was a toy though so all my toons could enjoy it. I’m going to have fun with it finding some really pretty spots to use it in.