Blog Challenge – Favourite Legion Questline

Cinder and I have been doing the shared blog challenge for a while now and we both really love coming up with the topics and then seeing what each other wrote about it. It’s always interesting seeing another perspective on the same subject and I’m usually surprised how Cinder and I can interpret something really differently. Different in a good way 🙂 On Friday, Cinder asked how I would feel about opening up our shared blog challenge to a wider audience and make it a shared topic for anyone who would like to take part. I thought it was a great idea and Cinder did amazing deeds for the next few hours and came up with a new website , and art and everything. It was impressive to watch!

If you want to take part and join us weekly in our blog topic, or to suggest an idea there’s info on how to do that here. It would be really awesome if more people come and join us, so if you’re interested and want to write as well, that would be great!  For this week our blog topic is our favourite quest line in Legion. You can go read Cinder’s post here and we’ll be putting up links to any other submissions at our new shared website Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge.

I’m really interested to see if Cinder can stick to just one quest because I know I was having trouble narrowing it down. This expansion, the quests have been on a whole new level, they are so well written and each time I bring an alt into an area and re-do quests, I pick up little nuances that I didn’t see the first time and my favourite changes each time. But after bringing 4 toons through Aszuna I can pretty much say that my all time favourite quest is the one with the nightfallen Runas the Shamed up in northern Azsuna.

Not too far into Azsuna’s storyline you’re introduced to Stellagosa who takes you to see her grandfather, the blue dragon Senegos and he sends you off to find a Nightfallen who has been attacking the dragons. Runas is hostile and will attack you but not long into the fight with him, he starts to come out with some really funny lines.

If you’re paying attention to the words he says to you, you really quickly get a glimpse that this is a special Nightfallen.

His personality shows through in every line that he comes out with. And I really quickly memorised my favourites and will often randomly quote, “off to see my friends, family and loved ones.. to kill them of course”. Just a word of warning, if you do this around your RL friends, family and loved ones and they don’t play wow.. you will get some very concerned looks and difficult questions!

It never fails to make me laugh him being all judgemental and proud of his iron discipline.. right up until “OOH Mana Crystal”… another random quote I tend to use whenever I get distracted by something.

This is one of the most emotion filled quests ever, especially when Runas comes out with lines that make you remember he wasn’t always this mana addicted husk and you realise that he remembers it too.


But to help offset the deep feels, there’s plenty of humor that comes along with hanging around Runas. Like when Senegos gets frustrated by his constant chattiness. It seems like a fairly short quest chain with Runas because it goes off in a different direction for a little bit but then Senegos sends you into Leylight Hollow because a “random” Nightfallen had been seen in there and your interaction with Runas takes a turn for the worse and those emotions come back to bite you really hard. The ending to the questline is really sad and it tears me up each time.  Because you find out really quickly that Runas is dying, but he doesn’t go without tugging on the heartstrings again.


I never like to leave him until he’s finally vanished which can make questing in a group a little awkward, as I stay to keep Runas company right to the end and my party members are usually off to the next quest and trying to understand why I’m crying.

This is my favourite Legion quest for so many reasons, the voice acting is so good and Runas’ personality just shines through. Despite doing hundreds of quests throughout the Broken Isles, this one has had the biggest impact on me and it’s one I think about even outside of the game. I think for the very last toon I bring through, I probably won’t finish this quest line, so in that toon’s reality, Runas can stay alive.

What was your favourite quest? If you want to write/draw/vlog about our topic of the week, please do! you can join in each week at








2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Favourite Legion Questline

  1. oh gosh Z, just reading about it has made me cry again. I also really love Runas and this quest line. This was the moment that I realised that the withered aren’t just these thieving wretches, but people who have been completely screwed over and don’t want to be like this.
    The voice actor for Runas is Jim Cummings, who is AMAZING (as voices so many characters that you already know! )

    This is a wonderful choice of favourite quest, Z!

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