Is ESO about to be inundated with toxicity?

A massive point in ESOs favour, aside from the gameplay, is how lovely as a whole the community is. Each zone has their own chat equivalent to WoWs single trade chat with a very obvious difference, toxicity and trolling are almost non existent in ESO compared  to WoW which is a hot toxic mess. Over the past months I’ve found ESO a lovely atmosphere  to play in.

It’s not the first time I’ve  come across this difference in games before, during my long break in Legion to go play FFXIV I was surprised by how friendly the community was compared to WoW. Its often made me feel the very game design of WoW must inspire and promote the general rudeness that prevails in chat or random dungeons.

Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a change in the tone of zone chats and more posts on the ESO forums of players calling themselves WoW refugees but often with the same mindset of WoW players, making suggestions of how ESO could recreate features from WoW.

The beauty of ESO is it’s  more than just  the gear game that WOW is now about. The quests are so well done with distinct stories as opposed to mindless kill for x item, that it’s a real shame seeing people asking for the fastest way to get to max level on their first toon or ways to min max before even reaching the first milestone in the combat power/champion points level.

Today I read on the forums that Asmongold, a huge WoW streamer is trying out ESO. His streams arent to my taste, aggressive and argumentative in my opinon but he undeniably commands a massive WoW audience and influence. Reading posts his followers have made on the WoW forums generally cements in my mind they belong in what I term the Toxic WoW camp.

I so hope that doesnt mean ESO is about to face an influx of toxicity from a large wave of WoW refugees. The two games have a vastly different feel in community and I dread the thought of ESO being ruined and becoming a cresspit of rude disgruntled people.

Hopefully either the game isn’t to their taste and they leave before spoiling the world or the general niceness rubs off on them.

Interesting times.

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