Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Introversion/Extroversion.. are all Z’s created equal?

7 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Introversion/Extroversion.. are all Z’s created equal?

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  2. I love the different ways of looking at how you are in game compared to real life, and how that translates to different ways people can perceive you. I think you and I get along because in some ways we’re similar in that we’re quiet on our own, but in game we’re more chatty. And also, you haven’t dumped yourself on me! I like that our friendship really did seem to spawn from “you like WoW, I like WoW – we’re friends now!” That part is right, but I’ve *stayed* friends with you cos I think you’re the bees knees 😀

    To be honest, I think the only different between “real life” Z and “online” Z is that online Z ignores her filter 😀 And that’s awesome! I think being online allows you to not worry so much about pleasing other people, so you tend to do more of what you want to do because it’s your time. Does that make sense?

    Also, I think there’s more info about introverts than extroverts because, as the first pic you up says, introverts spend more time thinking about things and extroverts are just out there doing them. hehe 😀


    • hehe, bees knees.. I am so going to go find black and yellow stripy stockings (SEE.. this is what I mean by my odd sense of humor, little things set me off, but seriously though.. I want those stockings)

      Sometimes I wish I could throw that filter away especially as I work with 3 incredibly strong women who are utter extroverts and confident and.. yeah I could go on all day about what I want to be like.

      Like you though I’m trying to channel the online me, more out into the external realm. Not so much the wanting to chat with a million people, because quite frankly I don’t, I really really like my quiet alone time. I see people for 40hours a week, that’s probably enough. But more the being more flexible and less structured and letting my real humour and thoughts show through 🙂

  3. I’m also INFJ-T!

    There’s definitely a difference between me online vs. me in RL. Where I need to “recharge” after being around people for too long, I don’t feel that same way when there’s some amount of space between us, i.e. when I’m interacting with my guild. I feel I portray myself online as more extroverted than I really am, but it also feels like it takes a lot less energy to be extroverted in this space than it does in my day to day.


    • It is interesting about it taking less energy to be extroverted online but it seems to be a relatively common thing, I guess the distance or down time in vent chat or type chat helps create the space. I do find I can spend ages on mumble with my guildies and not feel like I’ve been around people for too long.
      It also helps that generally everyone around me in game, usually has a lot of passion about the game so finding topics to talk about that’s interesting is easy 🙂

  4. INFJ-A but the N, J, and A are all close to 60/40 and could easily swing the other way. Super strong on the I and F though. Like my ideal birthday celebration (or weekend, or evening, or whatever) is staying home with my dogs and playing WoW or watchin the telly, so yeah.

    In game, well .. honestly, I’m not that much different from real life. I’m perfectly happy running around the game by myself doing what I want to do. Raiding took as much energy and focus as going to work, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. It does sometimes depend on which character I’m playing, though. Each one has their own identity and personality.

    • I’m so hearing you on the staying home as a great treat.. though mine is with cats. I’ve learnt the art of playing with one or the other one (I have two) stretched out in my lap, or draped over my hands/arm – always makes them glare at me when I have to hit keys or move my mouse lol.

      I love the idea of each toon having their own personality/identity 🙂

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