A flying achievement

While I’m really glad flying is coming in 6.2 (to be accurate, the achievement that grants it), because well I’m lazy and I like the convenience of flying, I’m also a little saddened it came about after the horrible response on the forums. I’d like to think it’s come about because the developers read the measured calm words of people like Matthew Rossi  and not the frenzied posts that make me wonder why the hell people play this game anyway if all they do is want to skip content. Really the attitude of “I’d do this (insert activity of choice), if only flying” was getting up my nose. No, you bloody wouldn’t, if you really wanted to do something you’d do it regardless.

But anyway, right or wrong, flying is coming and yet still the complaints are there. The most common one I’ve seen is along the lines of there’s too many requirements needed to get flying. Basically I feel it boils down to; “but I wanted to skip content and now you’re making me do it?”. Honestly, why the heck do people play this game if they don’t want to do anything?

Requirement for flying achievement

Loremaster of Draenor

This is so much easier to do than the old world loremaster achievements. You basically get shepherded from major quest line to quest line, many are even marked on your map with an ! and you don’t have to do every quest in the zone, just the ones in the major quest lines. I hit loremaster and still found there were quite a few quests left over to do, unlike old world zones where you quite often were searching for the elusive last quests.

Securing Draenor

This is made much easier now by being able to buy up the missions from the Garrison Quartermaster for 200gr each. While it’s a bunch of killing at the various locations there are things you can loot in each area, or slaves to release or trees to burn which all add to your total progress and make that blue bar fill up. there are only a couple that are really better done in a group, The Pit and Shattrath City namely, but they can be soloed, just don’t pull the whole zone and you should be fine. And it could have been worse – the requirement could have included you to do all the achievements associated with each quest.

100 Treasures

100 is only half of the 200 required for the meta achievement so that’s hardly doing “all the content in order to fly” really, it’s half the content. There are a ton of addons that make doing this achievement easier, Tomtom adds waypoints to your map and Handynotes marks the treasures on your map. Or you can buy a treasure map, once you’ve done loremaster in each zone, that marks the spots, but Handynotes means you can do the two at once.

3 Reputations in Tanaan

Apparently these aren’t going to be the grindfest that is reputation currently so hopefully it’ll be a little more motivating. With the addition of an Ashran portal in your garrison, you really can free up your main hearthstone for ease of getting around the world so fingers crossed there will be an inn near the daily hub and your hearthstone can be set there, negating the need to jump on a flightpath or a ride.

So what is there to be done once you get flying?

If you read certain places you’d be inclined to think you may as well pack up the game until 6.3 because you’ve worked your way through the game and there’s nothing left to do but really you’ve just scratched the surface of the game in order to get flying.

Pet battles – you can fly to each tamer – given that 6.2 is going to introduce a ton of rewards to buy with pet charms , this will be handy .

Quests – Loremaster doesn’t mean you’ve finished all the quests so you can get out there and hunt them down.

Archeology – because apparently this wasn’t able to be done when you didn’t have a flying mount.

Brawlers Guild

Garrison Campaigns

Achievement Hunting

Follower Collecting

Stick Pepe on your head and go kill bosses looking cute/ridiculous depending on your perspective

Collect Toys

and of course you could always AFK in the air above your nominated capital city watching trade chat, rather than sitting on the ground doing the same.

Pretty much if none of the above appeals to you, I would definitely have to ask, why are you playing this game?

I am happy with an achievement, saves me a ton of gold (especially if alts are factored in) that I can spend on a new mount or a pet or a pretty dress.


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