Raiding, and a Gift

It feels like ages since I posted but its only been 16 days. Despite the order of the title, let’s talk about the cool part first. I got a lovely gift, something I thought I probably wouldn’t see in wow.

sylvanas' music box 1

Look, I have singing Banshees!

Thor, who just happens to be the partner of the lovely Cinder and a pretty amazing player in his own right, brought his toon over from Frostmourne to join the Barthilas realm (more on that later) and he let me know that he had brought me a little present as Cinder had mentioned I would really love one. And it was a Sylvanas’ Music Box for my very own. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to head up to Sylvanas’ and let her know I had her music box and I wasn’t giving it back was going to keep it safe for her.

sylvanas' music box 2

 I am so excited about this, this item will be in Z’s bags constantly, no languishing in the bank for this little trinket and I can’t wait for the toy box to implemented in WoD so all my toons can play with it. Being able to play the Lament of the Highborne whenever I want to hear it is pretty neat. If you want to hear it for yourself, I linked the video in this post I wrote about it a while back.

So I mentioned raiding. After I stopped raiding with Well Equipped I’ve been bumping around the world just doing ach’s and a ton of pet battles but the niggling urge to be back in a raid started to rear its head a few weeks ago but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do the grind of progression raiding again.

Then I logged into the guild Cinder is in, I had stuck a few alts in to be able to chat with her and her guild is quite friendly, and I noticed the guild message was looking for a tank and a healer. Cinder is a healer in the raid, so I asked if she would think it ok if I asked to come and heal with her for a bit since they were looking for a healer and I happened to have a raiding druid who didn’t really have a raid and she thought it would be fun.

I talked to the raid leader and he was pretty enthusiastic, mostly I think because they wouldn’t have to start gearing my healer up and then if I left to lose all the gear – I think that’s a constant issue for all raiding guilds – gear a toon and if they leave you have to start over again – but anyway it was all sorted and I’ve done a few raids with them and it’s going pretty well. The guild is quite nice and I didn’t realise how much I missed 10 man raid. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about WoD when Mythic has to be 20 and normal/heroic can be up to 25. I can’t see too many guilds running 10man when they’ll have to find an extra 10 if they want to do the hardmode, so I’m assuming most raids are going to default to the higher end of 20+ even for normal/heroic. But I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, for now I’m just loving the smaller raid size again.

I said Thor brought me the music box from Frostmourne.. this is because Thor came to Barthilas to join the guild too;  since the guild was looking for a tank and he had a raid ready Monk tank not actually raiding at that time.. it turned out to be good timing all round.

I’m pretty excited about the guild now because I know Cinder and Thor from way back on Aman’thul. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned I used to raid with Cinder when we were both Alliance and I’ve done a few runs with Thor coming along and helping out my guild when they were suffering through my bumbling raid leading so to have a friendly guild with new and old friends will be great again.

Rogue time

I was levelling away on my Barthilas rogue, who was made for the sole purpose of gathering up heavy junkboxes for my mage to eventually hand in for Ravenholdt rep in her march towards the Insane title, when I realised that since I planned to take my mage to another realm I would either have to take my rogue with me or figure out another way to pickpocket lockboxes.

I granted my rogue levels from 1 to 60 through RAF which meant I actually had no idea how to play her and while she was really fun I didn’t feel really comfortable on her. Every other toon I’ve granted levels to, thereby skipping the levelling and learning stage, has been for a class I already had played so it wasn’t so new and bewildering. So I decided rather than pay for a realm change for a toon I didn’t really get and didn’t have much feeling for.. I’d make a new one.


I know.. super original on the name…

So I have a brand new level 12 Rogue on Saurfang. She’s found a new home as a Frostwolf and she is actually really cool to play on. I noticed while questing in Eversong Woods my rotation at level 12 in heirlooms looked like this:

Stealth, Sap, Ambush, Loot, Skin… Look for next mob

It was really quite fun. I did do a number of battlegrounds once I hit level 10 and boy are baby druids strong at that level. Made me want a baby one again just to go and moonfire the heck out of people.

Anyway this Zeira is my new project, in between levelling pets and doing archeology, I want to get her up high enough to where she can comfortably pickpocket mobs for the lockboxes.


Navispam IRL – Frostwolves guild meet up

I’m very fortunate to be an honorary member of Frostwolves; I have a few low alts there and when I finally stop procrastinating I’ll have a few of my 90s over there as well. So a few months ago when Navi whispered me asking, if there was a guild meetup in Melbourne would I go, my answer was a resounding yes of course I would love to be there.

The meeting was yesterday at the crown complex in the middle of Melbourne. Normally there is a tram right from my front door to the crown which is fantastic but this weekend it was down due to track maintenance so I trained in. I love going into Melbourne, it wasn’t something I used to do much of,  so I don’t know Melbourne that well,  but since getting an internship with a company in the heart of the city I get to go 3 times a week now.

So I hopped a train and figured I’d be there about 10mins before we were due to meet up but google maps seriously overestimated the time it took to walk from the station to the complex and I got there 30 mins early, which wasn’t good for my nerves. On the train I had texted Navi saying I was getting so excited I could hardly breathe and the wait just made it worse. I kept peering at people wondering if they were also Frostwolves.

Eventually a group of people turned up and I thought I recognised Navi with them. I had seen a photo of her a few months ago from Blizzcon and she had 2 little kiddies with her and I knew she had a little  boy and a girl (my detective skills were working overdrive!). I decided to inch closer and see if I could overhear wow talk. I heard Navi talk and realised this was her so I introduced myself and was so excited to be introduced to people whose names I recognised like Severus, Aza, Morz, Voros and Lushnek. HK was there but I didn’t realise he was also Aimei which was the toon name I knew the most from guild chat. There were a heap of people who turned up too like,  Jazz, Nath, Sabrehawk, Lominari and Dragonray. I didn’t actually realise before hand just how far some people were going to travel – Morz came all the way from W.A for the meetup which was very cool

meet up from navis blog

The photo is taken from Navi’s blog as she has done a cool job of putting in our toon faces. I don’t want to post my photos as some people might want to remain anomonous.

I was really excited to meet Dragonray as she writes over at Azerothian Life and I’ve exchanged blog comments back and forth a fair bit. It was even more exciting to realise she lives in Melbourne too so we’re going to try to organise a meet up over lunch or whatever we can squeeze in during our lunchtime in the city.

It was a great day. At the start I was a little worried I wouldn’t know what to talk to anyone as I don’t know them as well as they know each other but I shouldn’t have worried, a bunch of wow players in one place means there is plenty of things to talk about. I sat between Sev and Morz for ages,  before I snuck off down to talk to Dragon, and they are both really lovely guys to chat to.

I was hoping to try to catch up with Navi again the next morning as they were touring the aquarium but I decided my budget probably wasn’t super flexible enough to stretch that far, downside of being a student with a limited funds I guess. But despite that, I had a fantastic day and I’m so glad I got to meet everyone.

Here is Dragonray‘s and Navi’s write-up of the day. It was a fantastic time and hopefully I’ll be around for the next Frostwolves meet up.

Purple entry for ROYGBIV

After playing around with a purple plate set and getting frustrated with not being able to match items I took a look at what my mage was already transmogged into  and realised she already fitted exactly the purple theme for this month .

Purple is my favourite colour and the dress that my mage is in is one of my favourite robes in the game.The robe comes from the Outland dungeons, there are matching shoulders and a head item for it  but I tend to prefer to make up sets rather than using all matching items.

july  transmog frontal July transmog side


  • H – Brutal Gladiators Silk Cowl
  • S – Vindicator Shoulderpads
  • B – Shadow-cloak of Dalaran
  • C – Hallowed Garments
  • G – Darkbind Fingers
  • W- Girdle of Endemic Anger
  • F – Silent Slippers of Meditation
  • MH – Nightstaff of the Everliving


A little bit of everything

I haven’t been up to anything earthshattering in Azeroth lately. I was the really lucky recipient of a lil’ kt from being one of two winners for June’s ROYGBIV competition from MoMar. Cymre was the other winner but all the outfits were really lovely. I’m working on a purple outfit to match a lovely purple sword I picked up  for July’s entry but I just can’t seem to find the right shoulders or head item to match it.

My druid finally got exalted with the emperor so no more having to kill ordos worshippers for a while. She also has 3000 lesser coins so won’t need to worry about doing any coin farming for a while either.

I’ve been doing a ton of archeology lately. My mage is my digger and she’s working to get the crawling claw from Tol’vir ach. I’ve turned up tons of really cool fun rare items so far but no claw. Most frustrating.

Apart from that I’m tossing up moving some of my main toons over to Saurfang. I’ve already decided to move my mage; I’d like to be in Frostwolves a bit more than just when the urge to level Henrii takes my fancy and my mage is the toon I’m spending my most amount of time on lately. Now I’m not raiding in Well Equipped I’m really over being on a PvP realm and I’d like to be in a friendly guild again. I have moved a few of my toons into Cinders guild on Barth and they are lovely but I’d like to play on a non-pvp realm. Thinking long-term  – I don’t want to be grounded in WoD and on a PvP realm either. So that will happen sooner or later.

Apart from that it’s just lots and lots of pet battles. I have one more pet to go before I have all the celestial tournament pets so that will be another 2 weeks there. I did expend a rather significant amount of my gold onto an ethereal trader companion pet because there was a rather fierce bidding war going on Barth which drove the prices right down. Though I haven’t really decided if I want to keep it or see if it will be re-sellable and maybe turn a bit of a profit. The decision between possibly obtaining gold (which will no doubt be spent on obtaining more pets) or keeping a really cool pet is a little tricky atm.

Well that’s my flying update of how my wow time is spent. What are you guys all up to?


I’ve got my eye on you

I popped onto my druid to do her daily task for Emperor Shao’ho (just over halfway to exalted) and I noticed the little mail icon so I decided to swing by the mail box and see what mail was waiting for me.

I found a very cool darkmoon eye waiting for me. Navi had popped over and kindly gifted me with one. I am so excited about this pet as I’ve been trying to get the darkmoon pet out of the darkmoon faire bag for ages with absolutely no luck. Thanks Navi, he will have a very good home. I’m letting my warlock run around with him for a bit, she thinks he’s a good match for her in theme and colour.

darkmoon eye

I love the colours of this  pet with the warlock’s staff.

Apart from receiving lovely gifts, I’ve been spending most of my time running around the world tracking down rare versions of the wild pets I’ve collected and trying to do as many pandaria tamers a day as possible to hopefully get pet stones in the bag rewards. All for my aim of one day having rare qualities of all my pets. It’s going to be slow though – Warcraft pets has me having 195 green quality pets that need to be upgraded.

I’ve also been spending a ton of wow gold buying up the tot and soo pets that I didn’t have. My warlock is also my auction house alt and her bank balance is going down significantly every time I have a browse of the pets that are listed. Buying them up is just so tempting.

Son of animus

This is one of my favourite pets just for looks alone.

So that just about sums up what I’ve been doing in wow for the past couple of weeks, pets, pets and more pets. Though I’ve also been slowly spending a bit more time on Henrii, my new warrior.

WoWScrnShot_062714_224233He’s my first boy toon and I really want to level him up a bit so I can find a nice transmog for him. It’ll be a bit strange equipping his armor and finding it actually does cover all the parts of him that armor is meant to cover :p.

Snarlys and Chucks all round

I got a lovely whisper from Kamalia from Kamalia et alia a short while ago letting me know that she happened to have a double up of Snarly but no Chuck. So we arranged to meet and trade over our spare pets.


Luckily the trade gave us both all four pets and completed the set of pets from the Outland daily fishing quest.  I will not miss treking out to Shattrath to do the daily fishing quest, though I’m sure to replace it with another.

A big thank you to you Kamalia, I’m glad we both completed our sets :)



Too many Chucks and not enough Snarlys

My mage has been doing the Shattrath daily fishing quests to try to get the four little pets that come from the quest reward. So far I have 3 of the 4; Chuck, Toothy and Muckbreath but no Snarly.

Tonight while doing the daily I managed to collect another Chuck. So I was wondering if anyone out there had a double up of Snarly and wanted to trade him for a Chuck?

If so let me know and maybe we could trade?


I’ve been watching the entries into the ROYGBIV contest, hosted over at MoMar but even though I’ve been thinking about entering and have been making outfits each month, I just haven’t submitted any.

That all changed though when I was running the mage through the Battle for Mt Hyjal raid and the most amazing sword dropped. It was so pretty that I stopped the raid (it’s ok, I was soloing it) while I worked out a transmog based around it. Once I finished I realised I had made an all blue outfit which coincidently is the colour of this month’s content. I decided I should stop putting it off and finally sent my entry in.

This is the outfit that stopped a raid:

June Transmog frontalJune Transmog side

  • head – Enigma Circlet
  • shoulder – Pauldrens of Sufferance
  • back – Mistscape Cloak
  • chest- Rainaments of Divine Authority
  • wrist – not shown
  • hands – Viscous Gladiator’s Silk Handguards
  • waist – Dreadwing Skin Belt
  • legs – not shown
  • feet –  Slippers of Serenity
  • weapon – The Unbreakable Will
  • off-hand – Hortus’ Seal of Brilliance


A usual day in your life/online time; 20 days of blogging

Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time

I’ll write this about my online wow playing time. Now I’m not raiding 3-4 nights each week I tend to jump around on whatever toon takes my fancy and my play time is a lot more unstructured. I do have a few things I try to do daily but I’m not super strict on making sure they get done each day.

Once I log on:

1. Pets -

  • I always do Nishi the battlepet tamer in Valley of the Four Winds, she’s right next to the farm and is guaranteed to put a few levels on a low pet I chose each day. I chose which ever toon I do the first daily cooldown to pop over and battle. My goal is to eventually have all my rare pets to 25, and  then one day to have all my pets at rare quality.
  • I have toons sitting in front of the Winterspring, Stranglethorn Vale and Deadwind Pass tamers – I make sure I do those dailies with a range of new pets for the xp each day.

2. I do a ton of daily cooldowns – not all of them every day but more often than not.

  • Barthilas priest for Imperial silk to make bags. (If I’m feeling really in the mood for tailoring I log over to my Aman’thul tailor and do the same)
  • Barthilas Warlock to plant ore and smelt trillium bars
  • Barthilas Hunter to turn the trillium into living steel (the bars are being set aside for the Warlock to turn into battlepets and mounts)
  •  Barthilas Shaman to make the leatherworking cd so I can  make the new hunter a belt. Once I do this cd will be dropped. This may take a while as I very rarely do this cooldown more than once or twice a week. I tend to forget to do it, poor hunter :(

3. Reputation

  • I run the druid through the path of the Mistweaver timeless isle daily quest. She’s just over revered with the Emperor. I do this quest with a friend so it goes really quickly, usually all done in under 10mins. If I continue to do this quest daily I should be exalted in 65 days. Very unlikely I’ll keep it up daily for another 65 days though.

4. Then it’s playtime, I have a list of things I’m working on so I can always find something to do in wow and often something random takes my fancy.

  • Some nights I’ll head off on old content or dgns to see if I can farm up transmog items.
  • I’m flitting around the world on my hunter collecting up rare pets as I find them.
  • I’m slowly putting levels onto my rogue so she can pickpocket the junkboxes needed for the Insane achievement.
  • I’ll pop into a lfr if I happen to notice that there is a healer bag on offer. I’ve managed to pick up a few mounts and battlepets that way – but its only my Horde Priest that seems to have the luck, any other healer of mine just gets strength flasks I’ve noticed.
  • I realised my mage is only 1 reputation shy of getting the exalted title (40 reps raised to exalted) so she has been working on some  bc reps so she can grab that title and then move onto the next reputation title.

I can’t say that I have many days where I stare at the screen and wonder what I’m going to get up to. There are so much things to do and if all else fails, there’s always more alts to be made. I don’t ever seem to get sick of playing my way through the older zones; they are so lovely and the more lore I learn about and remember the more interesting the zones get.