Not gone, not stopped playing and not stopped blogging, I just thought I’d give you an update of why the blog and my last online bnet status is a little quiet. RL is keeping me pretty busy and stressed atm.

I’m about to move house, I pick up the keys on Thursday. I have 6 weeks of uni left and 2 assessments which have been getting neglected due to househunting and house packing. I’ve been job hunting like crazy which a little bit of luck so far. I’ve progressed along the initial stages of a graduate position I want working in a government department that I would love. I’m not holding my breath too much though, there are still 4 stages of application to go and possibly about 2000 applicants for nowhere near that many positions so if I do get offered a position it will be extremely lucky.

So with all that going on, the most I’ve been able to do lately is log on and do a living steel cooldown and an imperial cloth cooldown. I still have plans to level my hunter and boost her. I’m trying to focus on that just in case blizzard take away that really cool offer of boosting professions with a level 60 too. But any time I have to sit down I think I should probably be researching either long-term unemployment or arranged marriages – the topics of my final two assessments. The last thing I need is a brand new level 90 and unwritten essays.

Off to go and take an inventory of my contents and email off to the removal company. Days like yesterday made me realise we live in a blessed age regarding technology. I was driving around all day, receiving emails from my current landlord with references I needed then forwarded them to the my new landlord, checking directions to the places I needed to go and have google maps then route those directions through my car stereo, receiving more emails that I could just forward on. Blessed in some ways definitely as it was so much easier to stay in contact and be able to have information to places it needed to go almost instantly, busier in some ways too. Anyway I ramble!!

See you online when I can be.

Your first blog post; 20 days of blogging

Day 09 – Your first blog post

My first blog post was over a year ago on the 3rd March 2013 about the Restless Shadeling, a pet that spawns in Deadwind Pass.

I was so nervous about hitting the publish button on my very first post. When I look back at it though it wasn’t a bad post, just not particularly exciting and the picture is so so tiny.

I remember at the time thinking I would only have this as a warcraft blog but over the year my topics have included plenty of posts on other games so while it’s primarily a wow blog I’m often found writing about whatever game takes my fancy at that time.

Who would have thought I’d still be writing regularly about gaming over a year since my first post.

Blizzard to release Blood Elf Druids

In an unprecedented move, going against all lore so far, Blizzard announced that they will indeed cave to gamer pressure and allow blood elf druids.

“We realise that troll form is damn ugly and horde players want pretty druids. Blood elf druids only seems fair, after all alliance have night elfs” was the unconfirmed twitter release.



I wish there were such things as blood elf druids. Happy April Fools Day :)


Casual. Is it a dirty word?

Despite only being 3 bosses away from killing Heroic Garrosh, I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from raiding progression. I’m sure I’ll be jealous as heck when my guild does kill Garry but I just couldn’t face any more of SoO for now. I found I was starting to get cranky at little things that wouldn’t normally affect me and resent the time I would have to be online in the raid which I realised is a pretty big wake up call that my fun down time isn’t being so fun or relaxing at all.

When I mentioned to a few of the other raiders that I was going to stop raiding, I was surprised to hear a couple mention they were thinking about going casual too. Casual to me is a funny term because I’m certainly not thinking about dropping my wow play time – actually not-raiding gives me more time to get through more content because I’m not stuck in one place for 9-12 hours a week but free to go and chase ach’s, pets, levels, transmogs, reputations… the list is endless.  I think I may be one of the few people who feels there is possibly not enough time before the next expansion to get through the list of wow goals.

I’m not sure if I’ll go back to raiding for the rest of this tier, I certainly won’t rule it out because for this entire expansion so far I’ve been focused on raiding and getting to heroic content which I did for ToT and SoO which was really fun at the time so who knows in a while  I might feel like dipping my toes in the raid waters again. But even without raiding I don’t seem to have any shortage of wow goals to keep me busy. I’ve decided to follow wowhead’s guide to beating the celestial tournament and am steadily working my way though levelling the pets they recommend. I have 13 levelled to 25 with another 17 to go.

Eventually thinking about the insane title will progress into actually doing something about it, especially if I get back to levelling my rogue so she can get pick pocketing mobs for the heavy junkboxes needed to bribe my way to one of the reputations I need.

Anyway time to go level a few more pets.

See you in Azeroth

The Liebster Awards x2 – Part 2

I havn’t been super active in keeping up with all my blog reading and posting the last few weeks so I was super honored to find I was mentioned to take part in this by two bloggers; manatidetotem and lf1m heals.  The Libester awards is award given to bloggers by other  bloggers. It’s a great way to connect blogs. Once you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.

Anyway I couldn’t decide on which set to answer, I was going to flip a coin to choose, but both sets of questions are awesome and required a little bit of thinking so I decided to answer both. Because this is going to be a really log post – I’m taking a leaf out of mr and mrs wow’s book and doing it in two parts. This is part 2.

Manatidetotem’s Questions

1. What inspired you to become a blogger?
This is very similar to Lf1m heals so my answer is the same – I really wanted to talk about wow constantly and when I found other wow blogs I decided that it looked really fun and interesting and wanted to add my thoughts out there as well.

2. What was the first character you raided with?  Which raid was it?  Do you still use this character as your main?
It was my mage – and the raid would have been BWL. I don’t use her as my main anymore as I found healing is more my style but I still use this as my go-to grindy character. Arcane Explosion is a fantastic aoe  – so if I’m grinding old dgns for cloth/greens or mobs for clothes I use this toon.

3. If you could instantly be knowledgeable and proficient with any class/spec, what would you pick and why?
Shadow priest – I love dps on a shadow priest and if I could be really good at it, I would probably make this my main. Learning to be a good spriest is on my to-do list.

4. If you could live in any virtual gaming world, which one would you choose?
Azeroth – it’s a simply beautiful world.

5. What would you do if Blizzard shut down WoW permanently?  Would you play another MMO or game?
I would be heartbroken. I have and would play other games but nothing comes close to how I feel about immersing myself in wow.

6. If you could change anything about the class you play in WoW, what would you change and why?
I would give druids a shield – damn those holy pallies and disc priests.

7. If you could pick any job in the gaming industry, what would it be?
I would want to dress npcs in wow.

8. Are there any bloggers out there who you aspire to be like? What is it about them that you love?
This is a tough one. One of the reasons my blog roll is so long is that there are many many bloggers who I love to read what they write. It’s almost impossible to narrow down but these 3 are the ones that I love to see when they have made a new post.

Kamaelia et alia – I can’t get enough of her posts; she writes about her toons in a way I love

.Navi – she posts so regularly and her topics are always really interesting

Tome – I love her sense of humor

9. If you could be in any top-end raiding guild, which one would you pick?
Midwinter – I love the name and I’ve heard that they are really a nice team.

10. What is the oldest screenshot you have in your WoW Screenshots Folder?  What is the story behind it?

very first screenshot
This was taken on 3rd September 2011. I had been playing for about 9 months but I don’t think I had ever taken a screenshot before. The person I’m with in the screenshot was  a guildy who was showing me a place you can get to from a glitch and had to actually explain how I could take a photo of what I saw on-screen.

11. What is your favorite in-game memory of WoW?
I posted about this topic in a previous post so I’m going to chose another memory. It was back when I was very new and questing in 1000 needles on my mage. I happened to see 2 other members from my guild and I was so excited I ran up to them and we started talking to each other in /say. I have no idea what they were doing out there – they were both max level – 85 and I was still levelling but it was really exciting to see someone from my extended wow family out in the world.

Thanks for the mention guys, both sets of questions were very fun to answer. Now for my nominees and questions:

Lexicon of Power

Mon Plays Wow

Daily Frostwolf

Admiring Azeroth


I know it’s not 11 but like Reihyou, – I don’t want to just pick random blogs. For my nominees  – If you’ve already been nominated please don’t feel you have to answer my questions as well.

My questions:

  1. What is your favourite zone in wow?
  2. What is your idea of a perfect day?
  3. If you could be any npc, who would it be and why?
  4. Aside from food, water, and shelter, what one thing could you not go a day without?
  5. Why do you blog?
  6. What would you tell a brand new wow player about the game?
  7. If you could pick any theme for the next expansion what would it be?
  8. What is your favourite mount?
  9. What cheers you up?
  10. Glass half full or half empty?
  11. Whats your favorite thing to do in wow?

The Liebster Awards x2 – Part 1

I havn’t been super active in keeping up with all my blog reading and posting the last few weeks so I was super honored to find I was mentioned to take part in this by two bloggers; manatidetotem and lf1m heals.  The Libester awards is award given to bloggers by other  bloggers. It’s a great way to connect blogs. Once you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.

Anyway I couldn’t decide on which set to answer, I was going to flip a coin to choose, but both sets of questions are awesome and required a little bit of thinking so I decided to answer both. Because this is going to be a really log post – I’m taking a leaf out of mr and mrs wow’s book and doing it in two parts.

First part – Lf1m Heals questions

1. What made you decide to start blogging?

I really wanted to talk about wow constantly and when I found other wow blogs I decided that it looked really fun and interesting and wanted to add my thoughts out there as well.
2. What advice do you have for those wanting to start a WoW/gaming blog?

Read lots of blogs, comment on others blogs, don’t be afraid to write what you like – it’s your blog there is no right or wrong (or boring) thing to write about.
3. What’s the biggest noob mistake you recall making when you first started playing WoW?

Thinking a cave I ventured into was a dungeon and being afraid to loot a chest in there in case I was stealing someone else’s loot.
4. Besides WoW, what do you enjoy doing on your spare time?

Playing other games, knitting (not your grandma’s knitting!), crafting in general and thinking about cooking – I love to cook but I’m not a great cook and I hate cleaning up afterwards so I spend more time thinking about recipes rather than making.
5. What’s your biggest pet peeve in and out of game?

Rudeness – this carries over into gaming and RL.
6. How many years have you been playing MMOs and have you ever quit and why?

Since 2010 – mostly always wow. Never quit though I have taken breaks – usually I play another mmo for a few weeks (gw2, swtor, rift) then come back to wow.
7. If you could meet any fictional game character who would it be and why?

Sylvanas – her strength and determination is amazing.
8. How do you go about picking your character’s names?

Used to be hit the random name generator until I found a combination of letters that looked pleasing then change a few of them. Now I almost exclusively use Zeirah, Talarial or Jezria – Boring I know.
9. Of all your characters, who’s your favorite and why?

This is tricky – you would think that my favourite would be the one I think of as my main – Zeirah the druid – I do so much on her but down to simply vanity reasons – Z’s a troll and really ugly – my favourite is probably my shadow priest Talarial. She’s nearly as strong as Z in dps without anywhere near the ilvl (shows my boomy skills) and she looks great in all transmogs.
10. If you could pick one thing for Blizzard to bring back to the game, what would it be and why?

No daily cap on valor you can get from dgns.
11. What’s the one thing you wish Blizzard would implement in the game that isn’t available yet and why?

Dyes – so that my transmog can be really unique. It would also give either alchemy or inscription another fun thing for their profession.

Next post is the questions from Manatidetotem

Hearthstoning my way to a mount

Seeing so many people in WoW with the hearthsteed or blogging about it made me want to go and have a try so Friday I put a bit of time into playing it against other players. I had tried it on the beta but only in practice and I hadn’t actually got too far into it, only unlocking a warlock deck and the mage one I had to start with.

Warlock I actually preferred over mage, I just liked how it played so I thought I’d try that in my attempts against real people. I won the first two rounds really easily and was about to win the 3rd;  I had a long line of minion cards lined up ready to pound the other player into dust  until I played a card with the text “deals 4 damage to all players” and instantly my entire line of minions blew up and died and my hero took 4 damage as well. I think the other player must have just about fell off their chair laughing at what happened and then went on to beat me throughly. That’s the last time I use that card without being really careful about what I have up and what their health is, I thought it would do 4 damage to all the enemy’s cards.

heathstone 1

But I won again on another match and went and logged into wow to get my mount.

hearthstone 2

As a promotional tool to get people to try out hearthstone that may not have been going to, I think it’s very effective. In my case; I logged into wow, picked up the mount and got the achievement,  logged off again and went straight back to playing cards.

If you win against a player using a deck you don’t have you get a basic deck of that sort. So in this way I unlocked Shaman, Priest and Hunter decks in one afternoon of playing. Out of all the ones I’ve tried so far I think I like priest best. The way I play it (and I could be completely wrong at it); it seems to be a deck that needs a bit of patience. There are a number of rounds where I pass without doing much but then I can put up a card that allows me to draw a card each time a minion is healed and there are heaps of inexpensive  (in points) healing cards so I can go from having nothing on the table to a long line of well healed cards that just keep producing more each time. I quite like it. I think I’ll have to get a bit more confident at what I’m doing and start tying some ranked matches or finally get all the decks unlocked and try arena.

It looks like a game that I could have a lot of fun with if I don’t have time to log into wow for a long session. I just wish I had a tablet so I could play it while away from home. It seems like the perfect time filler for train rides or waiting for appointments or even in between classes at uni where I have free wi-fi and long gaps between classes. hmm I’ll have to download it to my laptop I think.

Anyway if you’re umming or arghing over trying; definitely go try.

The question of Boosting

As everyone who is the slightest bit interested in wow would know, you can pre-order Warlords and pick up your free boosted 90 now. I’ve been thinking about this so haven’t rushed into ordering it yet as I had no idea who I wanted to boost.

After the professions news was released; that if you boost a level 60 toon with learnt professions, those professions would also max out, this made me think a bit harder and I’ve finally decided who I will boost.

I’ve got a level 32 Orc hunter who I’ve really wanted to level so that I could spend her days running around the world with the ultimate aim of owning a pet from every pet family there is along with as many exotics as I’m willing to camp for. But.. she’s stalled on the levelling process. In fact, she was the first toon I actually bought an heirloom weapon for, proving how special she was.. but then I got sick of levelling her. So I think she’s the number one priority to level  to 60 and then boost her on up.

Professions choice… I think I’ll take alchemy so that I can have a flask master alchemist (mage) and make this one a transmute alchemist which might make all the living steel transmutes I’m doing,  for my engineer to make pets with, go a little faster. If alchemists are still responsible for making the rarer metals in warlords; having two won’t go astray then either.

The second profession is a little trickier. I’m leaning towards a production over a gather. Gathering would be handy but I do have a gatherer of each type on this realm already so I probably don’t really need another gather profession and it’s really fast to level and as I have a 90 and a couple of near 90s without professions, they can always be gathering toons if I really need. On the production side; they are generally a pain to level through the sheer amount of mats required so skipping that phase is very very attractive. But what to take? I know I don’t want another tailor, blacksmith, leatherworker or scribe so that leaves the choice down to a jewelcrafter or an engineer.

I’m leaning towards jewelcrafting in a way; In cata you learnt the new patterns by doing a once a day quest for tokens to buy the new patterns and in Mop you had a once a day gem research that gave a chance to learn the new patterns. I’m not sure what path warlords will take but if it’s along the same lines, having 2 jc’s will mean I should be able to learn twice the amount of patterns. However, gem sockets are going to be a lot rarer than now so I might not really have to rush into learning patterns as by the time I get gear with gem sockets, I’ll quite possibly have learnt all there is to learn.

Engineering. I hardly use my engineer now though I can see that she has pretty cool stuff if I actually played my engineer. Mailboxes, blingtrons, gliding capes, rocket boosts, the ability to make cool mounts and pets are pretty good not to mention exploding sheep (wish they scaled with expacs so I could blow things up at 90 with a sheep). And they typically get to make really good helms too. Am I missing anything an engineer can do? I probably am. So I’m thinking it might be good to have but quite possibly not useful as I don’t  use the one I have now. Though that could be linked to the fact my engineer is my warlock who I love for her looks but not for her class and therefore don’t actually play.

Over the next 30 levels I’ll have time to have a think about what profession I want to pair with her alchemy. On the whole it probably doesn’t really matter what I take as I already have one of each sort on my Barthilas toons so it might come down to me flipping a coin and deciding that way.

Any thoughts on what professions you think are going to be useful?

Thank you outfit

I admired Cinders bloodfist transmog the other day and then when I logged into my druid a day later I found she sent me a full set of bloodfist gear to transmog my dk into. What an amazing gift from a great person.

It took me a couple of days to organise the full outfit; all of the off set pieces are from quests I hadn’t done on the dk before.

I’m not that super keen on the bloodfist helm so I found the Khan’aish Helmet matches quite well and I do like  how it looks. There is a quest reward lookalike from Outlands. It’s on a wanted poster in Blade’s Edge Mountain but when I went there I couldn’t get any quests to appear on the board despite doing all the starter quests so I gave in and bought the boe version off the AH.

The sword comes from a quest in Ghostlands which only took a few seconds seeing its a very low-level zone.  That’s one advantage of making a dk; all the sub-55 zones have all the quest rewards waiting for you to come along and quest for them.

bloodfist 3


bloodfist 2

The outfit is a bit skimpier than I would normally dress my toons in, which is partly why I added the ebon doublet shirt under the shirt (and also because it needed a touch of black) but I quite like how this outfit looks so am happy to wear it.

  • head – Khan’aish Helmet
  • shoulder – Bloodfist Epaulets
  • Back – Ice-Crusted Cape
  • chest – Bloodfist Breastplate
  • shirt – bon Filigreed Shirt
  • gloves – Bloodfist Gloves
  • waist – Bloodfist Girdle
  • legs – Bloodfist Legplates
  • feet – Bloodfist Greaves
  • sword – Sin’dorei Warblade

Thank you Cinder for sending me this set; you are super kind :). I love the way my dk looks now.

I have hardly done any plate transmogs and there are such a nice amount of plate items out there. I should play my 2 plate wearers more simply for the chance to dress them up.


Robes of the unmatching

One of my favourite robes in the game is Robes of the Umbral Brute. They drop from Kolgarn in Ulduar but most of the times I’ve seen them drop I’ve always been on a non-cloth class. They dropped a few times during my ulduar runs with my little priest but I didn’t want to need on them as  I don’t really have plans to play her since I already have a 90 priest and it would have been a waste. Today,  I took my 90 priest to Ulduar and the robes dropped for her, first go.

I was very excited and keep trying them on through the rest of the raid and once out, hurried back to the shrine to sit and play with mogit for a bit. And that when I discovered that while the robe is gorgeous, finding items to match the distinctive aqua is actually very tricky.

The robes are a recolour of warlock tier 8 and I wanted to make sure I didn’t match it up with anything to make my priest look like a warlock wantabe, so that meant the shoulders that do really match it…

warlock shoulders

 are too warlocky in my mind.

 I finally came up with a number of combinations but each had issues; they involved current content or content that couldn’t be solo’d easily etc or was going to take a lot of time to get the pattern or mats to craft and I wanted to wear it now.

robe 1robe 2robe 6

A few combinations I tried. I might go track down the staff on the left and the middle shoulders and belt; I do like those pieces a lot.

I finally came up with a combination that uses mostly gear I already have and 2 seemingly quickly achievable pieces. Shoes that drop from Aucheni  crypts on normals so can be farmed easily and a staff that has 4 different versions of the same colour so finding one version of it shouldn’t be too hard.

The shoes dropped on my 4th run through the dungeon and I went onto to looking for the staff. And that’s where I ran into trouble.

The four versions:

1. Totemic Staff. Quest reward in hellfire. I havent quested much in hellfire on the priest so that should be easy to do. But when I got there I found  the quest was removed in Cataclysm along with the associated staff reward. Drat. Onto staff B.

2. Aucheni Staff. Hmm its can be bought with gold from the Aldors.. you just need rep. Drat. my priest hasn’t even been introduced to the Aldor yet and being a blood elf, they can’t stand her  – making her start out at unfriendly. Staff C time

3. Magus Staff. it’s a green boe and it’s not on the Auction house.. running out of options here…

4. Staff of the Arcane Path. It’s a mage only quest reward..double drat

I decided that no matter what I’ll go ahead and make the transmog with the pieces I had and use whatever staff is in my bank that suits it the most and that’s when I discovered… I had an unequipped Magus Staff tucked away in my void storage!!

robe 4

robe 3 robe 5

  • Head – Heroes’ circlet of faith
  • Shoulders – Icor Dripping Shoulderpads (soo lfr priest tier is the same colourway)
  • Chest – Robe of the Umbral Brute
  • Hands – Heavy Linen Gloves
  • Waist – Belt of the Broken Pact
  • Staff – Magus Staff

Maybe these robes aren’t so unmatching after all.