Naga Hatchlings

I came across these little Naga babies towards the end of the Goblin starting zone.

Naga Hatchlings

These would make a fantastic pet to have. I wonder if they could ever make it into the game.

Have you seen any animals/items in game that would make a great pet.


On Wings of Nether and a surprising quest

One of the achievements I wanted to get through before Warlords goes live was to get exalted with the Netherwing faction so that I could buy up the Netherwing Drakes.Despite me being incredibly slow to actually obtain these mounts, these are definitely one of my favourite models and they come in lovely colours and I’ve been meaning to get around to owning them for ages.

Today I finally finished the dailies down there and hit exalted with them. Before rushing off to buy up all the drakes though, I realised a new quest had come available on one of the daily quest givers.

It was the quest Bow to the Highlord which lead to Lord Illidan Stormrage and had a nice little RP event with it. It started with the Overlord Mor’ghor who was quite impressed with me and decided I should become a Highlord of the Dragonmaw Clan. He even went so far as to call  Illidan down to meet me.

Netherwing 3

Illidan however, wasn’t quite as pleased when he exposed me for the imposter that I was.

netherwing 5

And I had to be  whisked away to safety in Shattrath by the dragon Yarzill, who until right before the quest had been disguised as a Goblin daily quest giver.

netherwing 4

Once back in Shattrath you can talk to all the different Netherwing Drakes, and one will volunteer to come with you on your adventures.  I chose Onyxien, then it was straight back down to Netherwing ledge to buy up the remaining 5 different colour drakes.Netherwing 2

The quest at the end of hitting exalted was fantastic to see, I’m really glad I stopped to see what quest had become available as it was really easy to overlook.

If you’re exalted and you’ve never completed the quest (you can buy the mounts without doing the quest), definitely go down and finish it off. netherwing 6



Sexy Troll and druid healing at a first glance

Sexy troll


Ok, so I might have been a bit hasty and over reacted about the ugliness of troll because I cannot get over how much I love how Z looks now. Her new model shows off her independence and fierce spirit while still remaining girly enough for me to find her really pretty. I love her defined muscles in her arms and shoulders. It was quite strange though to see her health at 89k, that’s so incredibly tiny.

It was a normal raid night for us tonight so we headed into SoO for everyone to have a look at their new class changes. I was pretty impressed with druid healing at the first glance. On the surface I didn’t immediately really notice too much of a difference in healing pre-patch and post-patch though a few things were immediately apparent. Such as, having to only manage 1 stack of lifebloom over 3 is a real plus.

I did miss the lack of symbiosis as I have got really spoilt having a moving tranq by macroing tranquillity to spirit walkers grace and constantly symbing a shaman. But on the other hand, not having to check if both links of the spell were unbroken was quite a nice change.

At the moment it appears that haste and mastery are pretty even so I decided to change out the mastery gems I had in my gear with more haste gems as my healing style favours basically blanketing the raid in rejuvs and trying to keep efflo and lifebloom up 100% of the time. These spells perform slightly better with haste. Though, with the changes to SoTF I was trying to work in a lot more healing touches and regrowths than I’d normally use so that might mean I lean towards more Mastery. It’s something I’ll have to keep an eye on it and play around a bit with.

 I did notice that my Thok trinket did crap all healing tonight so I’ll have to see what I have in my bank; over at EJ they recommend trying out the multistrike (nazgrim) or seigecrafter’s trinks instead. I’m pretty sure I have a Nazgrim trinket in my bags so I might dust that off.

With the crazy mana regen we have the moment, the loss of innervate wasn’t noticed. This might be something I miss once we get back to levelling and I’m healing dgns as an undergeared healer with undergeared tanks. That’s something to worry about as we get there. For now it means I can spam heals and move my mushroom whenever the fancy takes me.

The downside though – I really noticed the difference in AOE healing. Pre-patch with instant cast wild growths, the ability to bloom my mushrooms and topped up with a genesis spam I felt in a really good place to AOE heal and put out some bursty heals if needed. Now with mushroom bloom gone and Wild Growth on a cool down and a cast time, I feel a bit underpowered. I think I need to get more in the habit of trying to set up rolling rejuvs in the raid so I can have a genesis ready when the damage comes in.

Apart from that, to be totally honest, my druid felt pretty much like she was pre-patch. Even with the long cast time on on Wild Growth we still have our instant casts rejuvs and with the tier bonus that grants up to 5 stacks of sage mender giving an instant cast Healing touch, there’s a lot of powerful healing that can be cast on the move if needed.

I do like the way that glyph of rejuv and glyph of healing touch work together. Rejuv allows you to cast faster healing touches if you have 3x rejuvs on targets. Each healing touch  cast reduces the cool down time of nature’s swiftness and if it is macro’d to healing touch — gives you an instant cast healing touch every time it’s off cooldown. Really really nice synergy between these three spells.

At a first glance, I can say that my druid feels really familiar and comfortable to be playing with a pretty nice healing style. Hopefully, as the expac continues druids will stay in a great place.

Balance however…

I dropped into that spec to do my dailies for the Shado-pan..

Shado pan ach

yay! Finally

Hmm all I can say is it’s going to take me a while to get my  head around those changes. It feels almost like playing a new spec, especially as I wasn’t that familar with boomy in the first place.

A watched launcher updates slowly.

It reminds me of that saying a watched pot never boils, I’m staring at my launcher willing it to update faster because I really want to see 6.0 live before I have to wake up the junior gamers and start my busy day.

I think the thing I’m most excited about is the toybox. It offers both the chance to clear out my bags, access items on all my toons that only 1 or 2 have been lucky enough to find and a challenge in hunting down all the items to fill in the blank spots all in one go.

Looking back at my progress over the course of MoP now that WoD is just around the corner and I’m pretty happy with where I am. My to-do list is still there but I think if I’m perfectly honest, even if I don’t complete a single thing on the list I’m actually pretty content. There were a ton of things I didn’t complete, even knowing that they were going away forever still couldn’t motivate me enough to get up to the temple of doom, aka Proving Grounds. Maybe I’ll have more motivation to see it through in WoD. There might be a twinge of regret in a few months that there is a title I can’t get, because I do like my titles, but in reality there’s a ton of things I can’ t get in the game and there’s a ton of things I can do. I know which I’d prefer to be dwelling on.

I stirred Z to brush off her boomy set the other day and cleared through to rank 8 of Brawler’s guild but to be perfectly honest the pain to pleasure ratio was not tipped in the favour of continuing through rank 9 and 10 even with the lure of the mount at 10 so that’s something that remained unfinished and so be it. It didn’t factor in my existence for months so I can’t be overly unhappy about something going away that I didn’t try in the first place.

The cloak going away, I’m still in two minds about this one. I do wonder why they are taking it away, perhaps there is some post somewhere explaining the reasoning but I’ve missed it. But since I’ve got it on my main and an alt I’m not overly fussed as well. I do have a very dedicated friend in wow who has got the cloak on all his 10 90s but me, well I’m just lazy and two was good enough.

Ok, gotta fly, the launcher is updated. See you on the flip side of pretty toons, tons of bag space and a flaming red portal.






Quest RNG is driving me batty

I’m on the very last quest to get the title of Shado-Master. I only need to do 9 more quests with companions; 5 quests for Taoshi and 4 for Yalia.

Shadopan dailies

But… the quest RNG is not in my favour, 3 days in a row now I’ve dutifully trotted down to the Shado-pan garrison and 3 days in a row Master Snowdrift offers me the quest to go kill the yangoul. Neither Taoshi or Yalia are companion options for that set of quests. Most frustrating. I think Master Snowdrift has a sick and twisted sense of humor. Payback for months of ignoring him until I realised I wanted this achievement maybe.

shadowpan dailies 2

Btw if you want to track your progress on this quest; this is a great macro to tell you how many quests per companion you have left.

/run local a=7298 print(format("\124cffFFFF00TODO for %s\124r",GetAchievementLink(a)))for i=1,GetAchievementNumCriteria(a)do local d,_,c,x,y=GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(a,i)if not c then print(format("%s %d/%d",d,x,y))end end

Edit – trotted down there for 4 days now. I’m going to keep a count of how many days this dude strings me out for.

I have

Rather lopsided Minecraft cake, but at least it was yummy


It’s the birthday of one of the junior gamers in this house today and as he is going through a bit of a Minecraft obsession (me too actually) I thought I’d make a cake for him.

It was a bit messy (Actually it was a lot messy) but he loved it and thats the main thing. I cooked two cakes, 1 for the base and 1 to cut up for the blocks but ended up not using that much of the 2nd one so I cur it  into square cupcakes to look like blocks. We’ll be eating cupcakes for ages I think.

Luckily he’s still young enough to not be overly critical of the rather lopsided blocks and just loved the thought of a Minecraft cake.


Gender issues raised by Blizzard, again.

There is fairly little that will make me take to my soapbox in a knee jerk reaction to something I see, but when I do you can bet it’s probably got something to do with gender issues.

I’m not one to use or throw around the term feminist often because personally I think there is too much emphasis placed on definitions and unfortunately often it creates a negative stigma and can create too much focus on female aspect of the gender divide when it should be discussing equality for both sexes but I do hold very strong views surrounding gender issues. I firmly believe that in public forums there needs to be equality especially in views expressed from people or companies that are in a very prominent public position.

So when a company like blizzard, which has already gaffed and highlighted their attitude towards gender inequality issues recently by referring to the upcoming expansion as a “boys trip”, goes and posts, on a public forum, something like this:


They’re your brothers, they’re your guild! What are your fondest memories of them? 

I tend to see red.  This is not a person posting a photo of their toon and their guild, this is a public entity asking you to celebrate your fellow players… except they have managed to exclude a significant number of that player base by yet again only showing male toons.

Not only does this annoy me as a female playing predominately female toons, it annoys me as there are a ton of males who play females toons. Take a look around the shrine next time you’re there I’ll guarantee you’ll see just as many female toons as you do males, not every one of them will have a female’s hand on the keyboard. So why in the hell, Blizzard do you not show  or acknowledge female toons more?

With statistics floating around the web stating that female player base is as high as 48% across gaming genres and platforms, completely ignoring a portion of your player base is a pretty ignorant and rude tactic to take. Add to that, by not showing representations of female toons Blizzard is now choosing to ignore the percentage of the male player base that chooses to play a female avatar as well.

I just simply do not get why a company, that can surely see a significant amount of their players are either female or prefers to play a female representation, time and time again choses  not to portray the female representation of the game.

Supreme Transmog

I rarely make transmog outfits for Zeirah using a shirt and pants but I’ve had the supreme leggings in my bank for a while now and I really do like them so I figured it was time to actually make an outfit for them rather than hording them away.

Purple Druid 2

Purple Druid 1


  • H -
  • S-
  • C-
  • H-
  • W-
  • L-
  • Staff -

Origianlly I made this as a boomy set but I realised that I like it so much I wanted to actually see it so re-transmogged it onto my healing gear instead.


Challenge Modes completed

It was pointed out to me  last night (/wave Navi) that my blog has been a little quiet lately and I realised that despite me still screenshotting everything and writing posts in my head and filling up my drafts folder, I haven’t actually been getting around to posting them. Which is a shame really because I have been scurrying around Azeroth being relatively productive as we count down the weeks to Warlords coming out so I should chat about my adventures.

What I’m really happy about is, getting challenge modes done on my druid before they are removed. I went along as part of my Deadline guild group; our composition was  Dk Tank (Zugs), Warlock (Necro), Ele Shamn (Cinder) and Hunter (Thor) and my Resto druid.  I’ve held off doing cm’s for ages because I really didn’t think I wanted to suffer through the grind but It wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be though there were quite a few wipes as we got our head around some of the mechanics. Doing the dungeons with a group of people who I had fun with made even the wipes enjoyable.

CM 3


Completing the challenge modes on Bronze gives you  the title of “the Undaunted”.  Silver allows you to choose 1 of 4 Phoenix Mounts.

I chose the Emerald Phoenix as my reward but I’m really looking forward to patch 6.0 which will automatically grant me all the other 4 as chosing was really really hard. All of the mounts are pretty.

CM 2

Gold times give you a full set of transmog items. The druid set is quite pretty. I do love the aqua tones that has been used.

 CM 1


Gold also rewards you with a teleport to the dungeons you have completed. This is so handy; the portal to Mogu’shan Palace is basically just like a second hearth and makes getting to and from Pandaria much easier if your hearth’s on CD. I do hope that I’ll get to keep the teleport spells when we go into Warlords.  I am really glad this was something I finally completed especially as I won’t be able to go back and do it. If you’re thinking about it, definately give it a try.