Supreme Transmog

I rarely make transmog outfits for Zeirah using a shirt and pants but I’ve had the supreme leggings in my bank for a while now and I really do like them so I figured it was time to actually make an outfit for them rather than hording them away.

Purple Druid 2

Purple Druid 1


  • H -
  • S-
  • C-
  • H-
  • W-
  • L-
  • Staff -

Origianlly I made this as a boomy set but I realised that I like it so much I wanted to actually see it so re-transmogged it onto my healing gear instead.


Challenge Modes completed

It was pointed out to me  last night (/wave Navi) that my blog has been a little quiet lately and I realised that despite me still screenshotting everything and writing posts in my head and filling up my drafts folder, I haven’t actually been getting around to posting them. Which is a shame really because I have been scurrying around Azeroth being relatively productive as we count down the weeks to Warlords coming out so I should chat about my adventures.

What I’m really happy about is, getting challenge modes done on my druid before they are removed. I went along as part of my Deadline guild group; our composition was  Dk Tank (Zugs), Warlock (Necro), Ele Shamn (Cinder) and Hunter (Thor) and my Resto druid.  I’ve held off doing cm’s for ages because I really didn’t think I wanted to suffer through the grind but It wasn’t anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be though there were quite a few wipes as we got our head around some of the mechanics. Doing the dungeons with a group of people who I had fun with made even the wipes enjoyable.

CM 3


Completing the challenge modes on Bronze gives you  the title of “the Undaunted”.  Silver allows you to choose 1 of 4 Phoenix Mounts.

I chose the Emerald Phoenix as my reward but I’m really looking forward to patch 6.0 which will automatically grant me all the other 4 as chosing was really really hard. All of the mounts are pretty.

CM 2

Gold times give you a full set of transmog items. The druid set is quite pretty. I do love the aqua tones that has been used.

 CM 1


Gold also rewards you with a teleport to the dungeons you have completed. This is so handy; the portal to Mogu’shan Palace is basically just like a second hearth and makes getting to and from Pandaria much easier if your hearth’s on CD. I do hope that I’ll get to keep the teleport spells when we go into Warlords.  I am really glad this was something I finally completed especially as I won’t be able to go back and do it. If you’re thinking about it, definately give it a try.




Thinking to Warlords

Now we have a date it makes things feel incredibly more concrete and November seems both far away and much closer than I would like all in one go.

While I’m super excited about Warlords coming I feel like there is so much I want to do in WoW before it releases yet paradoxically, I don’t actually feel like playing enough to start churning through my to-do list. Before you think I’m on the bandwagon of negativity about wow that is around a bit, I’ll assure you I’m not. I think I’ve just been so caught up in real life stuff that anything else is sort of going by the way side. So lets talk about that for a bit.. skip down a bit if you just want wow chatter.

I finally finished my bachelors with very good marks to find that just having that piece of paper isn’t really enough to help me get into a job.. well not into the job I want. Ultimately, and we’re talking a long way out like a 10 year plan or so,  I’d like to be a researcher/policy advisor in the government. Everyone in the industry I’ve talked to has said its doable, I just need to get in at the bottom and work my way along.. sounds reasonable. But getting in at the bottom is pretty damn tricky. Factor in that I took a fair while off work to be the carer of 2 juniors and then 3 years of study means  my qualifications, while pretty solid, are also pretty out of date. Added to the fact that government jobs are highly sought after and I’m just not standing out on paper enough to get a recruiters interest.

So given all that I made the decision to continue with uni and do a honours year in politics (part time though because I really want to be back in work so I get 2 years to finish it in, without having to attend uni face to face that much) I figured that my marks are really high, I’m super interested in the subject and if I want to be a researcher some day, a whole year of just research and then a 15 000 word thesis is probably going to be useful.

I also managed to pick up a part time job as an administrator for a transport company. It’s 3 days a week (going to be 4 shortly) , which means I can still study around it and I’m getting some recent experience which should be good.

But it’s also meaning I’m doing a bit of soul searching and navel gazing, not all of it positive. It does make me wonder why I busted my butt through 3 years of study to basically end up with a part time job that you don’t need a degree for, then I waver and think I’m pretty lucky to get anything given that all I have is a piece of paper and practical qualifications nearly 10 years old.   What if this is all I can amount to, is the darkest thoughts that go through my head when I’m staring at the ceiling at 3am some nights.  My experiences over the past few months has at least given me the direction I want to take for my thesis. In all my classes the ones I’ve been most interested and motivated in are the ones concerning social welfare policies, so my thesis will be on long term unemployment.. and yep it’s going to need a bit more thinking on what part of that I want to look at, that’s all I’ve got at the moment.

But I’m still not out of the habit of spending all my time either job seeking, emailing companies or writing essays so when I do finally get time to sit down I tend to automatically start looking for jobs and getting on wow is pretty much the last thing I feel like doing though I do keep mulling over the fact that each day I don’t log on is one day closer to Warlords and I’m still not through my list of things to do. So maybe I need to back off and realise that a survival job is better than no job and just go with it for a few months,

On the plus side though I do love the job. I am kept amazingly busy which makes the day fly, I get to talk to clients all day long, my goodness my phone and email never stop – I never would have thought a bus company would be so busy, so so many schools wanting a bus to take their students on excursions or people wanting to charter a bus to run up to a winery for the weekend. So I talk to the clients, schedule their transport needs, make sure the buses are where they are meant to be etc  I have the cutest desk and printer and computer and what’s pretty cool  –   I get to wear a suit to work every day ( I love dressing up in suits and have missed it for so long.. I have all the suits I wore before the munchkins came along, good suits never go out of style!) but… but it drives me crazy because I’m sure I should be doing better than what I am. (boy, does that sound too whingy?)

So now onto the wow chatter because I did promise it way up there at the start (anyone make it this far with me?)

WoW Chatter

I am such a list maker and then I don’t follow them through so I keep thinking of all the things I want to do before Warlords hits then I try to rein myself in and keep it manageable.

This is what I had on my list I put under the goals tab ages ago.

  • Farm the dinosaur bones for the Bone White Raptor Mount
  • Do Pandaria archeology Achs
  • Clean out toon and guild banks

So now that I actually have a time line to work towards how am I going with that:

- the dino bones – probably not going to happen. I’m thinking I should just come back at 100 and burn through it all then

- Pandaria Archeology – actually this is nearly done. I was doing nothing but archeology for ages for 2 reasons – the ach’s and to try to get the crawling claw. I have now managed to get 2 of almost every pandaria rare boa which is great for alts I might level but I still haven’t seen the claw in my journal.. in fact I’m onto my second scarab rare toy from Tol’vir so that has made my enthusiasm wane a little

- clean out toon and guild banks – definitely not going to happen. I decided with the changes Blizz are making to storage this will be something that happens after Warlords hits.

So what else do I want to add to the list:

- try to get some more Pandaria ach’s done. At the moment the one I’m working on is looking for all the rares and treasures hidden around Pandaria.

- I would like my dk to be lvl 90. She is still at 82 and I would like to take one more toon through Pandaria before it just becomes one more zone to level through on my way to 100.

- I want to get the Sha’tari skyguard to exalted on my mage, she’s not far off and that would be one less old world reputation to grind

I think I should try to keep it at that small amount of goals and just see how I end up going.

Are you kidding me?

I am speechless, utterly speechless and not in a good way

trolls02 trolls04

I have looked at every single new model and thought wow they look amazing, so I was expecting really good things for trolls.

I am not impressed at all. Maybe the model will grow on me, or perhaps it will look better in 3d but at the moment I can’t say I like the look at all. And what the heck is up with the bottom right troll head? She looks odd


#10 Years10 Questions

 Alternative Chat is asking ex and current wow players about their time in Azeroth. I’ve been thinking about these questions since I saw her blog post a few days ago and figured I would stop procrastinating and actually write the answers.
1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?
I basically started because I was a bit bored of all the games I had. I had ignored the existence of World of warcraft for a long time because I refused to play an online game. However, something made me buy it one day.. ok I’ll be honest, the battlechest was on sale for a ridiculously low price and came with free game time so I figured I had nothing to lose.
From the moment I started playing I was hooked, I think even if WoW were a single player I’d still be in love with the game.
2. What was the first ever character you rolled?
A human mage who I still play quite regularly though she has undergone a few transformations in her life including name, faction and server.
I chose a mage because I always tend to gravitate towards casters and the mage seemed a natural choice. However now, with all my alts, I still only have 1 mage.
I find them a bit squishy and after levelling a number of alts from all the other classes, I am actually surprised at how I ever managed to persevere with levelling her to 85 (now 90).
3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?
When I installed the game, I only installed the vanilla expac so I didn’t have access to all the races there we can make now. In particular;  I didn’t have access to Blood Elfs. Which meant out of all the classes that were available the only two that really appealed were human or night elf; and at the start the elfs seemed a bit intimidating so I rolled a human and since I was a solo player at the start – I knew no one IRL that played Wow – all my friends who were interested in WoW were those I met in the first guild I joined and amazingly the majority of those players only had Alliance toons as well so I  pretty much played Alliance exclusively for the first couple of years just so I could stay with the friends I had made.
I think though had I had the option of playing a blood elf from the start I probably would have been horde. Now days I play horde exclusively though I do have a couple of max level alliance characters, they just don’t get any play time.
4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?
 The most memorable moment would be probably when I realised just how open to exploring this world can be. I realised about the time that I jumped on the Deeprun Tram from Stormwind to Ironforge as a lowbie that if I chose to, I could set off and explore the world in any way I chose (well almost) as long as I was  prepared for deaths along the way; like the time when I took my  low mage into a zone for lvl 70s – my first experience of Karazhan/Deadwind Pass when I strayed out Duskwood.
5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?
Lore and NPC stories. I think the main thing that makes this game so enjoyable and that I can’t find in other games I play (which is why I keep coming back to wow) is the depth of the back stories behind pretty much everyone I come across. It’s the stories that will see me do things like pop down to Shattrath just to check out the interaction between Cho and Granny Smith or venture into old content dungeons just to see the NPCs that live there.
6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?
Dalaran. Pre-MOP every single one of my toons would have their hearth set to Dalaran from the minute I could find a friendly mage to portal me up there or an online guildy to  use their Have Group, Will Travel. I just find Dalaran so relaxing and beautiful and convenient. It’s full of amazing little characters like Windle the Gnome who will shine your shoes and Rohnin is often found striding the streets in order to do his speech and tricks with the sky. I still pause to listen to his “Citizens of Dalaran” proclamation whenever I hear it.
Post-MOP: though the majority of my toons now have their hearthstones bound to the Shrine, Dalaran is still my city of choice for Auction House duties or visiting trainers.
Oh and Karazhan, I spent a very long time visiting that castle to eventually get my hands on Midnight, now I go back just to see the place. I absolutely love that castle with its hidden rooms and mazes. If Iever have to make the decision to log out and not log back in again, it would be a very difficult choice over leaving them in Dalran or Karazhan.
7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?
My two longest played toons are my mage and druid. My druid main has a /played time of 103 days and my mage is at 92 days.
I would say it’s been continuous. I’ve never unsubbed my main account (I’ve had a couple of accounts for RAF and one of them has 3 lvl 90s on it which I probably will re-sub one day) and though I’ve taken time off to go play other games I don’t think a week has gone past without me logging in for some reason or another.
8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?
I wish I did, it would probably stop me having to go back and re-do the quest on so many toons in order to actually understand a zone. I usually start out with the best of intentions and read quest text but I find if I’m questing for a while I end up just reading the objective and running off to try to get as many quests done. Then I’ll turn around and wonder why exactly did that NPC send me off to gather fluff for him and renew my vow to actually read quest text next time.
9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?
One. I went through a phase where wow became everything to me to the exclusion of an offline life. It had pretty significant consequences IRL. Now while I love Azeroth as much as I ever did, I’m trying really hard to make sure I actually have that balance between my online and offline worlds that I didn’t have for a while.
10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?
I’ve managed to find quite a few very close friends that have crossed the lines from online friend to offline friend and my love for Azeroth has seen me reschedule many events so I can be online and of course I blog which means I’m thinking about wow a lot.

Raiding with Deadline

The new guild is going along quite well, I’ve found that I enjoy being in a sociable guild again more than I realised. Raiding is going quite well, since I’ve joined they’ve downed two more heroic bosses bringing the guild total up to 8/14 so that is quite exciting seeing them come along.

It’s also restored my confidence in my healing, I have a bit of an advantage in that my gear level is quite a bit higher than the other healers so my figures automatically are going to look better, but that boost and the fact I’m starting to play my class properly again rather than in the really lacklustre way, I was because I wasn’t really enthused with the raiding environment, means I feel like a proper healer again.

I had a few lazy habits as a resto druid that I had slipped into, such as not keeping 90%+ uptime on lifebloom or harmony (BIG BIG no-no – that should really be at 100%) which really affected my heals. And an unwillingness to actually pop my mushrooms – preferring instead to keep them up all the time also decreased my effective healing. So this is the few things I changed with pretty spectacular results for healing figures:

- I set up a tell me when to send out an audio alert when Lifebloom drops off. It shouts ‘Aww Crap’ at me if I don’t refresh it and it falls off. This alone has taken my uptime on Lifebloom from around 60-70% to consistently over 90%.

- I’ve started to pop my mushrooms a lot. I saw a tip recently that mentioned you should blow them when your legendary cloak procs as the amount of heals to the raid then is just ridiculous high. And it is.

- I retook Nature’s Vigil and put it on a keybind I can regularly use easily, instead of the static int boost from Heart of the Wild which I had been running for a while. I also found that I had put Genesis, a spell I never touched, accidently on a keybind  I hit a lot (I redid some keybinds) and and it feels like it provides more healing and doesn’t oom me so I decided to leave it there and use it when I feel like the raid needs a quick boost.

I’ve been trying to ignore the beta talk about resto druids in case I hear anything that scares the crap out of me, like a 30 sec cd on mushroom placements, because at the moment I’m really enjoying being back on my druid.

I’m still a terrible boomy but having a good store of coins set aside for bonus rolls has seen me manage to gather up an almost a full set of raid ready feral gear so I might change my second spec over and have a bit of a play being a kitty for a while.

That is when I get a chance to get on, atm between my internship, starting honours with the increased assessment workload that comes with it and still furiously job hunting (the odds must be on my side one day, one of the million resumes I send out must be attractive to someone..right?) means that there is definitely not as much downtime for playing any game as much as I’d like.

My thumbs are not used to this

I decided to try out something entirely different for me and give Tomb Raider on the x-box one a try. I can’t say I’ve ever been into console games a lot, I can’t actually remember the last time I played one but I really liked Tomb Raider when I played it way, way back.


tomb raider

big big changes!  photos borrowed from here and here

The game is so fun but I find it really hard to play for 2 reasons.

1. My thumbs seem to have no control over themselves. I was watching a seasoned console gamer play and his thumbs move at a million miles a minute.. mine not so fast. Which makes my reaction time way way slow which usually means I tend to die a lot when I have to move the left stick fast or switch buttons. I also don’t seem to be able to operate the left stick (walking actions) and right stick (camera actions) at the same time, so I end up staring at the sky or directly at my feet being hit on by some enemy I can’t find.

2. I get so so apprehensive when I’m trying to work towards somewhere that I know enemies are. I have to keep telling myself to relax and if I die then the game’s autosave feature will kick in and I won’t have to start from ages ago but still I creep up and around corners and my heart moves into my throat because I get all caught up in the suspense and nervousness.

Hopefully as I play on, I’ll get 1. better with my thumbs and 2. stop getting all worried about dying and can maybe play the game faster than snails pace.

Raiding, and a Gift

It feels like ages since I posted but its only been 16 days. Despite the order of the title, let’s talk about the cool part first. I got a lovely gift, something I thought I probably wouldn’t see in wow.

sylvanas' music box 1

Look, I have singing Banshees!

Thor, who just happens to be the partner of the lovely Cinder and a pretty amazing player in his own right, brought his toon over from Frostmourne to join the Barthilas realm (more on that later) and he let me know that he had brought me a little present as Cinder had mentioned I would really love one. And it was a Sylvanas’ Music Box for my very own. I was gobsmacked and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to head up to Sylvanas’ and let her know I had her music box and I wasn’t giving it back was going to keep it safe for her.

sylvanas' music box 2

 I am so excited about this, this item will be in Z’s bags constantly, no languishing in the bank for this little trinket and I can’t wait for the toy box to implemented in WoD so all my toons can play with it. Being able to play the Lament of the Highborne whenever I want to hear it is pretty neat. If you want to hear it for yourself, I linked the video in this post I wrote about it a while back.

So I mentioned raiding. After I stopped raiding with Well Equipped I’ve been bumping around the world just doing ach’s and a ton of pet battles but the niggling urge to be back in a raid started to rear its head a few weeks ago but I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do the grind of progression raiding again.

Then I logged into the guild Cinder is in, I had stuck a few alts in to be able to chat with her and her guild is quite friendly, and I noticed the guild message was looking for a tank and a healer. Cinder is a healer in the raid, so I asked if she would think it ok if I asked to come and heal with her for a bit since they were looking for a healer and I happened to have a raiding druid who didn’t really have a raid and she thought it would be fun.

I talked to the raid leader and he was pretty enthusiastic, mostly I think because they wouldn’t have to start gearing my healer up and then if I left to lose all the gear – I think that’s a constant issue for all raiding guilds – gear a toon and if they leave you have to start over again – but anyway it was all sorted and I’ve done a few raids with them and it’s going pretty well. The guild is quite nice and I didn’t realise how much I missed 10 man raid. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about WoD when Mythic has to be 20 and normal/heroic can be up to 25. I can’t see too many guilds running 10man when they’ll have to find an extra 10 if they want to do the hardmode, so I’m assuming most raids are going to default to the higher end of 20+ even for normal/heroic. But I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, for now I’m just loving the smaller raid size again.

I said Thor brought me the music box from Frostmourne.. this is because Thor came to Barthilas to join the guild too;  since the guild was looking for a tank and he had a raid ready Monk tank not actually raiding at that time.. it turned out to be good timing all round.

I’m pretty excited about the guild now because I know Cinder and Thor from way back on Aman’thul. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned I used to raid with Cinder when we were both Alliance and I’ve done a few runs with Thor coming along and helping out my guild when they were suffering through my bumbling raid leading so to have a friendly guild with new and old friends will be great again.

Rogue time

I was levelling away on my Barthilas rogue, who was made for the sole purpose of gathering up heavy junkboxes for my mage to eventually hand in for Ravenholdt rep in her march towards the Insane title, when I realised that since I planned to take my mage to another realm I would either have to take my rogue with me or figure out another way to pickpocket lockboxes.

I granted my rogue levels from 1 to 60 through RAF which meant I actually had no idea how to play her and while she was really fun I didn’t feel really comfortable on her. Every other toon I’ve granted levels to, thereby skipping the levelling and learning stage, has been for a class I already had played so it wasn’t so new and bewildering. So I decided rather than pay for a realm change for a toon I didn’t really get and didn’t have much feeling for.. I’d make a new one.


I know.. super original on the name…

So I have a brand new level 12 Rogue on Saurfang. She’s found a new home as a Frostwolf and she is actually really cool to play on. I noticed while questing in Eversong Woods my rotation at level 12 in heirlooms looked like this:

Stealth, Sap, Ambush, Loot, Skin… Look for next mob

It was really quite fun. I did do a number of battlegrounds once I hit level 10 and boy are baby druids strong at that level. Made me want a baby one again just to go and moonfire the heck out of people.

Anyway this Zeira is my new project, in between levelling pets and doing archeology, I want to get her up high enough to where she can comfortably pickpocket mobs for the lockboxes.